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World Cup Squad......
at 11:28 21 May 2019

Dawson in?

You must be joking. He is not good enough for International cricket.
Should have left Willey in.
JC gets a pat on the back from those lovely people....
at 09:44 17 May 2019

Red sauce, Brown sauce, or no sauce at all..TWTD Sausage Sandwich game.....
at 19:58 8 May 2019

Are you...Red sauce, Brown sauce, or no sauce at all.....

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[Post edited 9 May 8:08]
Kids bike advice
at 11:27 6 May 2019

So our boy has outgrown his Wiggins Macron.

Before we buy another has anyone here bought a frog or isla bike for their kids?
We want a good resale value. The Wiggins will give us back 50% of it's purchase price which makes it a great bike.

I've seen Hoy, Cube, Orbea (looks best online).

Any real time experience will be welcome.

Thanks all.
Sat outside the bosses office in a line.
at 11:25 6 May 2019

Do you think they are all sat on chairs in the corridor waiting their turn?

I'll plump for playing ping pong in the canteen at Playford Road waiting.

Most know in their hearts.....some are worried......some are not worthy........some are optimistic.
This system.
at 17:19 24 Apr 2019

Both MM and PL have used it to awful effect.
It may work with class players but we've not got that.

Why do they persist?

News blackout
at 08:28 24 Apr 2019

Does anyone know why the news channels have completely ignored the veterans protests?

It does seem rather odd. Not a D Notice but darn similar!
This is cool....
at 14:37 10 Apr 2019

Love this from Broad
at 11:49 9 Apr 2019

Just a polite reminder to the skipper that he's ready for the season ahead.....
Is this evidence of life or has someone just farted?
at 09:44 4 Apr 2019

If 6 parts per billion is a 'spike' how many parts per billion would be in a fart?

Maybe the martians had lentils with a topping of chick peas for supper.
The rover farted but didn't want to fess-up. 'Not me' he shouted to no-one in particular, quickly sending a fake news report back to NASA to cover up his trumping.

Who knows.....
No Deal.....
at 11:01 29 Mar 2019

Mervyn King on this morning's Today program put together a really interesting case for No Deal.

Take out the words 'crashing' and 'we're all doomed' and he talks sense. He was the Gov og the BoE FGS!

If the EU won't open the deal then we get an extension for 6 months and plan more for no deal.
He says that much of the work has been done.
He also accepts some short term minor shocks but points out a number of credible metrics as to how the economy has performed against Osbourne, Carney et all's prediction of recession and doom.

I'm a Lever, dead right, but am not for burning the house down. I do think he's got a lot of good points but doubt he will get much airtime as the media is bias to Remain (light tough paper)..........

I'm sure many will jump all over this but it's come from a highly regarded source AND HE LOVES CRICKET!!!! Can't be bad.......

Oh, it's a lovely sunny day in Wilts. All happy.

TWTD immortalised in clothing....
at 07:43 29 Mar 2019

Would would ever have thought it......Just doing some shopping and found this.
Have to say there are some pretty cool 80's casual t-shirts there....

Def transfer info
at 13:38 20 Mar 2019

Pretty good source as well.
Big boots to fill.
at 08:27 18 Mar 2019

Talking to a friend at cricket this week about Woolfy.
He is a Swindon season ticket holder.

He and his friend's think he is very, very good. Should easily slot in a L1 level next season.

I may go to a Swindon game and check him out form myself.
Good news yesterday....
at 09:24 15 Mar 2019

My tickets for the first day of the Ashes at Lords arrived....

Question is, do I take Mrs H or my eldest (proper cricketer?).....
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