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C-19 source piece. Sunday Times
at 11:19 6 Jul 2020

Interesting longish read.

Seemed to lead us to think that a centre of virology in Wuhan had a virus from 2010/12 which was all but C-19 and then said it wasn't.

Do I recall Trump saying it came from a lab in Wuhan?
The article was really interesting. Cave bats, dead miners, super secret facilities without any means of checking, samples bought back.

I'd like to hear more but it's left a little plume of smoke over bats and old copper mines.
Test team selection....
at 14:09 4 Jul 2020

I'm not liking that top 4.

Rory Burns, Dom Sibley, Zak Crawley and Joe Denly.....Yawn.....Get Dan Lawrence at 5 and Pope and 4.

Dom Bess in as the spinner.
Obvious that Wood and Woakes will miss out.
Appaulled by one's own.
at 13:45 4 Jul 2020

Am a member of a few veteran type fv groups. Mainly linked to my old units and Corps.

In one group, Ex-Army or something like that, someone posted a video of a black chap gobbing off to a group of white blokes. He got his head bashed about. Nothing particularly edifying for either party in the video.

What hurt me was the comments. I'm not going to repeat as I don't want to be any way linked but......
I did report it and left the group.

It's sad and shameful that a bunch of Phil Mitchell lookeelikeees, and that was pretty much the demographic, are out there and spouting off in the name of 'veterans'.

Happy to share good and bad and this is utterly shameful.

Context before someone disappears into the kuiper belt........These are only my 'own' in that they are veterans. Nowt else links me to those utter morons. Let's just make that clear. Sorry Herbivore to ruin that one for you.
[Post edited 4 Jul 13:47]
House of Lords recommend no gambling sponsors on kits....
at 14:51 2 Jul 2020

Don't Rooney's wages get paid by a gambling firm?
Might calm things down a bit.
What will get us first?
at 10:45 2 Jul 2020

What will get us first?

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Stupid people. Stupid journalism.
at 09:43 2 Jul 2020

This is funny.
There has to be a boundary and, given time we could all have smart and clever ways of marking it. It's been done in a hurry due to the circumstances.

Why not just accept it and get on with life. No, the local news outlet wants to fill space and drives around making ripples when the Gov wants people to be sensible and relaxed.

At last some proper live sport!
at 14:16 1 Jul 2020

Should have added, 'proper' in the context it's not Prem kiss ball. I watched a bit of the Brighton game last night. Shaw got booked for touching a Brighton player who went down, shot, and revived himself in a nanosecond.
Football is so far up it's own backside with this
[Post edited 1 Jul 14:19]
Great article from Billy Gibbons.
at 09:57 1 Jul 2020

He could write volumes for the wonderful career he's had.

One for the growers.....Tomatillo....have you?
at 16:54 29 Jun 2020

Does anyone grow them?

I started last year and wow! They are wonderful. It's that little bit of authenticity in a salsa or Mexican food.

So easy to grow and you only need three plants for a supply all year round.
I made the mistake of not labelling my seed trays and have got around 10 all starting to bear fruit. I feel the neighbours will be getting some freebies.

I would recommend them. We don't have a greenhouse as our house is still being built, so can tell you they are great outside in the wind and rain.
Can't wait to get them into my greenhouse for next year.

Online coffee recommendations
at 12:35 23 Jun 2020

I'm bored with the same old from the supermarkets and am looking to branch out.

We used to get a few kilos shipped over from Thailand, friend in situ, but they trebled their prices so that made it uneconomical.

I've looked at a few and even with a veterans discount, often 20%, it's still £6 per 250g.
Is that the going rate or am I missing something?

Recommendations welcome.

Peace and love.
David Luiz. Is there a more over rated player?
at 09:03 19 Jun 2020

Cannot believe he has had the stellar career he has enjoyed.
Walks like a duck.
Plays like a headless chicken.
Capable of stunning things but........

Why it's not always good for the Gov to simply splash the cash
at 09:55 18 Jun 2020

Poor, very poor indeed.
Elite players struggling is very similar to veterans
at 13:04 16 May 2020

When you look at both they are incredibly similar.

Both live in bubbles with much changed rules and behaviours from civvies.
Forget money.
When they are called upon to perform, bang they are there.
Constant training and pressure to deliver - for different reasons I know but so much it as stake when they have to be on it.

The careers are similar length
You can be finished in a split second - happened to me in Bosnia.
Spat out and left alone in a strange world with people who don't understand you and you sure as hell don't know what they are talking about!

Many veterans end up drunk, under a bridge, or at worse a statistic.

PFA, Gordon Taylor, you know the old man getting paid a sick amount, should do so much more.

Former footballers need a rehab centre like we've got in the military so they can be among kin. Help for Hero's has Tedworth House, an amazing facility where you can go for courses, rehab, love, and kinship.

Footballers and elite athletes need the same.
CNN have added Greta to a covid panel as expert
at 16:17 14 May 2020

Of course. She's an expert on climate change at 17 after bunking off loads of school.

Whatever next!
In the words of Spike Milligan......
at 13:30 6 May 2020

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time, which is just long enough to be president of the United States. "

For those who love Chambers. This is why he can not be allowed to stay
at 19:17 4 May 2020

His recent piece stating we still have something to play for and could get into the play-offs highlights the reason I've been showing him the door for a long time.

He simply has no intellect on the game or life. Sorry but all he does is spout jingoistic bunkum designed to make you feel good until you realise there is nothing behind it.

He is the biggest bag of wind since an even bigger one.

At no point during his time at the club has he shown any kind of intellect. Nothing to tell me, the fan, he can think behind the soundbite.

He has to be let go at the end of his contract. He adds nothing, in fact he detracts more than he adds.

Fist pumps and cliches. Really? Vacuous at best.
Relegation and promotion
at 08:59 4 May 2020

Nothing I've seen yet comes close to making sense if they play more fixtures.
All I can see is the lawyers prepping argument as to why their client should not have been relegated or had promotion withheld.

I'd finish it now and let it be. Third place is promoted to save the playoffs.

Incredible Pink Floyd Echoes cover from Rodrigo y Gabriela
at 09:07 2 May 2020

As always, these guitarists produce something utterly incredible.

It's 19 mins long but do find the time as it is something to behold.

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