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Def transfer info
at 13:38 20 Mar 2019

Pretty good source as well.
Big boots to fill.
at 08:27 18 Mar 2019

Talking to a friend at cricket this week about Woolfy.
He is a Swindon season ticket holder.

He and his friend's think he is very, very good. Should easily slot in a L1 level next season.

I may go to a Swindon game and check him out form myself.
Good news yesterday....
at 09:24 15 Mar 2019

My tickets for the first day of the Ashes at Lords arrived....

Question is, do I take Mrs H or my eldest (proper cricketer?).....
Some really good news about next season...
at 10:40 12 Mar 2019

Andre Nel...what a character to have at the County Ground.
Can't wait.
New book.......
at 12:05 1 Mar 2019

Dangerous Hero.

About what really lies behind the public face of Corbyn.

Am on the audiobook and it's very interesting indeed.
How can we frame our potential relegation?
at 08:03 27 Feb 2019

If us leaving the EU is Brexit...

How can we paraphrase Ipswich (potentially) leaving the Champ after a long stay?

I'm struggling to find a witty answer...Help!
Lamberts behaviour on Sunday
at 17:27 11 Feb 2019

Have to say it was poor.

His reason was that one of the opps staff was entering the ITFC technical area. Really?

That's not good enough for me. He has to rise above any goading. He deserves a touchline bad.

Has he come out and apologised for his poor behaviour. Has he accepted responsibility for his actions yet?
Old, inherited, and vintage
at 12:52 3 Feb 2019

I'm bored with the circular football agruements. I've accepted we are pretty much toast but hold a candle for redemption.

A few questions to lighten the day.

Whats the oldest bit of clothing you;
1) bought new and still wear
2) Inherited and wear
3) You bought used and wear

Mine are;
1)A Gap shirt I bought 30 years ago. Dull check but looks great.

2)My dad's watch. Given to him on his 21st. He passed away 7 hears ago.

3) Two things. A fedora I bought from the vintage hat chap at Spitalfields and a DJ from the 1960's from a mate I served with and who's dad was in the SIS. It was worn at quite a few SIS gatherings. Quite some history.
6 Music new line-up.
at 10:35 1 Feb 2019


LL, MAH, both should be pushed to the weekends.

We need McConie, Radcliffe, Huey.
Every morning is just full of club music now. Not good. Not one guitar to be heard.
[Post edited 1 Feb 10:35]
Was Lambert in the running in the summer?
at 19:22 20 Jan 2019

Can't recall either way. Pleased we've got him now.

Kind of wish he was now........but hindsight is a powerful pair of bino's.

How many games will we play this season until we are mathematically safe?
at 19:05 10 Jan 2019

How many games will we play this season until we are mathematically safe?

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Lambert has great ideas and I hope the team can respond
at 19:03 10 Jan 2019

Am loving the way he handles the media and has begun to reconnect the various tentacles of the fans and club.

I really do believe him when he says that when the team 'turn' they will be awesome.

I really don't think we will go down. There are enough '6 pointers' for us to drag ourselves to safety.
Another Town victory
at 10:16 5 Jan 2019

Today's Sausage sandwich game.

As a fellow winner, beat Man Utd, its an omen.
Show love, share a recipe
at 09:06 18 Dec 2018

Here is one.

BBQ sauce.

It's a mix of Jamie Oliver cowboy chilli and James Martin's sauce for ribs.

Stokes chipolte ketchup. 1/4 bottle
Star Anise, three
Fried onions - half brown, half normal colour, 4 onions
Chipolte chilli - to taste, not powder
Toasted cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon. To toast them just use a dry pan on a high heat. Keep them moving. When you smell the kernel toasting that's it.
4 shots of Jack Daniels
Half a mug of strong (proper) black coffee - not instant!
smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon
splash light soy sauce
two/three table spoons dark brown sugar. Needs to be the dark variety to get the high molasses content.

All in a saucepan. No need to boil.
Melt the sugar and lightly simmer for 10/15 minutes.

Run through a sieve.

Sit back and back in glory.

Can be served hot, cold, the next day.

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