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For those of a certain age....
at 08:06 25 Sep 2020


What is your criteria?

My immediate thought was which album do I love NOW.....then I thought, No! Which did I have that influenced me most....

A really hard choice.
Frankie was such an important album.
Sade is a siren
Soul to Soul was my first intro into dance music

In the end it was Dire Straits. Money for Nothing. Knopfler's guitar style and vibrato was probably, along with Hendrix and Gilmour, my biggest playing influence.
His use of one note to tell a story. The space in between.

What about you?

Oh, the one album which wasn't on there which is my #1...The Cult, Love.
Why the woke movement and cancel culture is so dangerous.
at 19:59 23 Sep 2020

This poor chap lost everything because of woke nutcases.

He raised genuine concerns about BLM and the woke and cancel culture community swarmed all over him.

Support BLM? Dare anyone criticize the hard left and woke nutters



LED grow lights
at 20:28 17 Sep 2020

Anybody got any recommendations?

I've got a dozen really healthy and potentially heavy cropping chilli plants all starting to produce but will lose the lot if I don't bring them inside.

I've looked on Amazon but don't trust all the chinese bs and crappy products. I've read that the power claims are utter bunkum.

Price is important.

Many thanks.

Great chance for Jackson
at 11:36 11 Sep 2020

Bournemouth no less.

He'll be agitating for that move.

That's FD and KJ gone (in mind for now but in body soon enough).
Who is going to replace them?
at 09:12 11 Sep 2020

Interesting resignation and thoughts from their PR talking head.


XR "peddle messages of doomsday gloom that alienate" and offer "little in the way of positive solutions", she added.

co-founder Roger Hallam's claim that science predicts six billion people will die this century due to climate change - a claim that he made to BBC's HARDtalk.
Ms Lights said: "It's a headline-grabbing assertion - but unfortunately, it's also not true,

peer-group tribal pressure to stick to an outdated mainstream green line".

"peddling the notion that the solution to the climate crisis was to turn back the clock to a simpler time".

I think I mentioned last week that XR wanted us to live in caves. That got me a lot of tap. Well, their former head of PR agrees. Tap away.

A few interesting clips from the BBC piece.

I've said before that I am not a fan of them and how they make their point. THis simply reinforces it.
Essex CCC on Youtube. Grand Prix. England v Aussies T20. Settle in.
at 11:30 6 Sep 2020

A day of fine sport lies ahead.

Middlesex are already 38-4.
A very sad day in motorsport
at 17:06 3 Sep 2020


Sir Frank, what a legend. He'll be sorely missed.
at 16:28 1 Sep 2020

When we do sell FD, what kind of budget would that release?

I've seen the new caps but am not as up to date on how that effects us hence the question.

I think he will go, it's just down to the initial cost to CP.
Working from home Mr and Mrs H.
at 19:23 27 Aug 2020

Now that Mrs H is working from home I have had all my skives busted!

I can't wait for her to at least go to the office a couple of times during the week.
Less gym, less everything!

Have to say my job isn't full on at the best of times so I get a very large amount of slack time. THat was great whilst she was safely in an office....not anymore

Anyone else had a similar experience?
As aggressive as they are, they do make a hash of things
at 07:33 27 Aug 2020


You'd think that they would be better. After all they have been hard at this type of execution fo years.

I think Vlad's GCSE in "Ingestion of toxic substances" would have been a 'Fail'.

In all seriousness, countries do need to do more to isolate Russia.

P.S: Please don't flood the thread with loads of 'dodgy Russian money for BJ' posts. I know. I'm commenting on the threat and how to deal with it.

So, there was a room full of ITFC fans.....
at 18:26 25 Aug 2020

....each had their TWTD username written on a piece of paper in their pocket.

How long before we all realised that we are on the whole a decent group of people. Disagreement is normal. Debate is awesome. Hate is not.

I don't think it would take too long, or too many beers before we all realised that face to face lots of things don't matter nor do they seem so amplified.

England's player of the summer....nicked from the BBC
at 11:39 25 Aug 2020


Stokes. Talk about doing it when there was nobody left in the building.

Norwood. Wrong 'un or PL's system?
at 09:52 24 Aug 2020

PL has clearly stated that JN isn't there as his first choice.
Seems odd.
Also his op was 6 months ago. He should be easily 100% by now.

My thought is that it's PL's system.
Only 1 up top isn't enough at this level. We need two.

Is JN a wrong 'un?
Has he smashed the jaffa cakes during lockdown?

Twitter. Why?
at 10:18 22 Aug 2020

I've never engaged. Always seemed the kind of place were the negative could overpower your good will in a flash.

If anyone cares to offer an opinion, if you do use twitter may I ask why?
What do you learn?
Is it good for interesting information?
Is it the 'playground' it seems to be to my eyes?

I'm genuinely interested in why.

Have a good day.
Skidpan in a Scooby!
at 11:58 19 Aug 2020

Yesterday Mrs H and I a day on the skid pan in the Scooby.

What a lot of fun. She nailed it. Had the back out and getting some impressive skids going.
On the flip side I was all fingers and thumbs. Could get the coordination going which, because of an injury isn't a surprise.

Has anyone had a go?

It's not something to do every week but once in a while......
Essex V Sussex thriller
at 17:32 18 Aug 2020

Live on YouTube right now.

Two wickets in the over.......
It's Ok. All is good in the world.
at 13:18 17 Aug 2020

At least we can watch cricket.
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