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Equal pay arguement
at 08:57 14 Nov 2019

Interesting topic.

I don't want to see what everyone else is on at my work. It will cause rifts and back stabbing.
Whilst there is discretion and we trust our CEO, he is a proper leader btw, the apple cart is very stable.

If you open this can of worms you'll simply cause infighting.

Open book pay does work in certain places. Army, Government, Civil service, typically Public sector roles.
People have different motivations in that sector.

When you move into different sectors, including charities which is were I now work, it gets political and potentially naughty.

I do feel that pay should be gender neutral. I find paying men more on a gender basis abhorrent.
To buy or not to buy....
at 19:05 12 Nov 2019

tonight's stream.

am I going to blow £10 on a bunch of reserves or spend it on a small portion of foie gras......

Danny Rowe
at 19:38 5 Nov 2019

Has he got something I've missed?

Get me Huws, Georgio, Dozzer.......

Can't think of a worse prize.....
at 11:48 5 Nov 2019
Gomes injury.
at 19:36 3 Nov 2019

I don't have Sky.

What happened?
How do you sole a problem like
at 17:22 3 Nov 2019

.....two dimensional debate?

There are so many interesting views shared here. Loads of mis-understanding of positions.
A lack of instant response and chance to really put across a point.

Also a lack of learning opportunities.

How do you solve it?

Maybe a fans Forum based on politics. We could meet quarterly, room above a pub, share ideas, thoughts, and love.

I'd love that. There are lots of people here whom I'd love to debate and learn from.
How long?
at 12:56 1 Nov 2019

"Jack Lankester’s had a back problem, that’s going to take probably from now until the end of the season."

That is a very long time for a stress fracture. I've had a number of major back surgeries and I've been back playing cricket within 4 months. OK not at pro level but a pretty decent level.
I've also had stress fractures in my shins, which squaddie hasn't! And that was quick as well.

Must be a lot more behind that. I understand strength training, compound lifting, is key to prevent injuries but still.....
Keogh sacked.....and doesn't he look old.
at 06:58 31 Oct 2019

The other two got a fine but Keogh got the bus.
No doubt he'll appeal as he's lost >£1m
Interesting polling on the BBC
at 13:12 29 Oct 2019

Lots if interesting data there.

The last graphic shows just how deep the divide is.
What do huws and Keane think...
at 13:22 20 Oct 2019

When roe and dobra come on ahead of them.

Dobra is doing OK but. Judge and Nolan?
Ross Brawn on 'time'...Football and ME can learn.
at 08:23 20 Oct 2019

Listening to Ross Brawn's book 'Total Competition'

He says that whenever he moved to a new F1 team he rarely took more than 1 or 2 people with him.
His strategy was for a three year period to win.
Year 1 - use what you have, learn and develop
Year 2 - his car, first year of moving to be competitive
Year 3 - Win.

He'd give existing team members that first year to allow him to learn about them. Not the other way around.

The money is F1 is strong and teams typically do give people time.

I was thinking about Jack Ross at Sunderland.
Naturally there are exceptions, Hurst is one. But, how much due diligence to team owners do? Hurst's plans should have twigged concern with ME. Did he get an external Headhunter in to offer thoughts as to how how style and ideas would effect a very tight and 'together' group?

If anything, I'll recommend the book. It's a fascniating and learning read.
Junker rules out extension.
at 14:31 17 Oct 2019

Looks like it's Boris's deal or No Deal.

That should focus their minds tomorrow.
Parkinson a step-up?
at 10:48 17 Oct 2019

Not sure he's really an improvement.
What are they expecting?

I feel another year or two in L1 for them.
They said the warning sign was too small....
at 16:52 16 Oct 2019

I'd say her intellect was sadly smaller.
Who in their right mind would stick their head out of a train like that!

How on earth can you blame the rail company for such a stupid and random act.
Dozzell's best position and system?
at 07:30 11 Oct 2019

Clearly he fits well into the young England's team and the way they play.

I've not seen him much so can't comment on how to get the best out of him.

What is his best position and system? Seems like we a either wasting his talent.....
Look at what you could have won.
at 09:55 9 Oct 2019

The surprising part was that the man himself didn't commission it....however, I am sure he was on the phone to the Swedish FA telling them.....
Interesting read.
at 14:34 8 Oct 2019
Rohit Sharma......what a wonderful player.
at 18:16 5 Oct 2019

Doesn't get out of shape.
Proper shots.
Hit's more sixes than pretty much everyone else.

Class. Utter class.
He's getting up there in my book. Not quite Dravid yet - that is the best of the best alongside Boycott...
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