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Gone electric
at 07:19 12 Sep 2019

Just ordered our new run around.....BMW i3.
Get it in two weeks.

Anyone here have a pure electric car? Be happy for some tips.....
I could say....
at 18:49 4 Sep 2019

....Calm down dear....'s going to be OK....

and a few other cliches.

It looks like the Head of the BoE is changing his 'fear' tune.

P.S: I don't think no deal is a good idea btw.
As good as when McGarth stepped on a ball.....
at 11:17 20 Aug 2019

Sad to see the injury. He ought to wear a neck guard. I do on all my lids and rarely bat without a lid.

Is this our chance to draw level!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, Headingly is so darn flat these days I think it will be meat and drink for pace and turn.

Archer and Leach V Cummins and Lyon.
How much would you pay?
at 13:31 13 Aug 2019

Saw this and thought....How much would you pay for me NOT to post a picture of my nipple?

(Could be a right money spinner!)
The supposed budget for more players...
at 13:24 13 Aug 2019

ME stated there is a budget for two or three but we've not heard anything.

Any good rumours?

I'd like to get a decent CB in to replace Chambers. He was found out a long while back but somehow keeps in the frame with rhetoric and those stupid fist pumps.
at 08:06 13 Aug 2019

When Obama said that we would be 'at the back of the queue' for a trade deal it was such an empty statement.

Whilst I'm no fan of the current leadership, this does rather make Barrack look a bit silly.

"The fashion in the European Union when the people vote the wrong way from the way that the elites want to go is to make the peasants vote again and again until they get it right," he (John Bolton) said.

Of course they will play hard ball, but getting a trade deal done bit by bit is a great boost.
Will ME's hand be forced by PL's recent public utterances?
at 12:28 5 Aug 2019

I'm not sure what PL is aiming to do by alienating ME over transfers.

It's never going to end well.

Is he trying to embarrass ME into spending? I think the exact opposite will happen. ME will now either dig his heels in or admit he is wrong and spend.

Either way, I don't think PL's recent utterances bode well.
Perfect weather for cricket
at 08:09 25 Jul 2019

chuffed to get an all day game today. 1130 start.
I wish it were Lords but hey ho.

39c have some of that.
Cost of everything
at 08:14 23 Jul 2019

Who will take Bale?
It seems, according to the BBC, he want's £parity with the highest paid in the world.

Let me think......'Because I'm worth it'........'I need the money to pay my hair and beard stylist'.

Not sure who'll take him if he doesn't take a tidy pay cut.

He's a quality player but....
The mother of invention
at 07:55 19 Jul 2019

With the current injuries we may find out something new.

Skuse may be the man to slot into a back 3.
The loanee may be the wing back we need.

We've a good central midfield pool.

Up top we have Jackson, Norwood,


Necessity is the mother of invention.
A good example of karma
at 10:17 18 Jul 2019

Left my wallet at a cricket ground on Sunday.
It was the Army ground at Tidworth. It dropped out of my bag by my car.

It arrived today in the post. Sent by a service person (they didn't scrub out all their rank on the old envelope)

That's lovely. It is obvious I'm an injured veteran because of my Veteran Oyster card (only given to the broken ones).

That's awesome Karma. I shall now be paying it back for a while.....Who wants some love.
Interesting read
at 11:50 17 Jul 2019

He might just be a wrong'un or he may need some professional support to understand him and how his mind works.

I'd hope it's the later. It would be great to see football become 'safer' for those with different mental health needs.
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