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Starmer politicising a family member in hospital. Very cheap.
at 07:52 27 Jan 2020

Comes onto the Today programme to discuss his campaign and starts with this

"What a wonderful job the NHS are doing looking after our family member"......

His tone of voice was so fake. Within a second of him finishing his cheap statement he was full on.

Poor form, very poor form.

In De-Nile...
at 18:16 26 Jan 2020

Dear old Red Len still in de-nile......No hope for them if that's the attitude.....
Here it is........some love for us.
at 08:11 22 Jan 2020

No doubt some will, once more call this a waste of money.
Now there's an idea.....
at 19:52 18 Jan 2020

Now there's an idea.......break the rules.....automatic relegation....
Will never happen in the BS world that is football.
FD's interview
at 17:39 18 Jan 2020

No media training, just as it is.

Love it.
Hey look at me I'm Paul Lambert...
at 11:32 17 Jan 2020

Is there ever an interview where he doesn't talk about his own career?

Paul, we know. Let it go.

And you think this country is knackered!
at 15:22 15 Jan 2020

At least we're not Russia....

Aussie fire piece on the BBC.
at 16:50 14 Jan 2020

Not saying that climate change isn't a factor at all.....Just thought this piece was worth sharing.
Becky wrong-daily has a memory problem.
at 17:50 12 Jan 2020

In today's ST she's been opened up as a person with such a bad memory it can only mean she is fibbing.......

Claim; She claimed she was a solicitor working for the NHS defending it against privatisation
Former colleague and Partner at the said law firm: She worked for a private commercial law firm in an administrative role checking contracts, some relating to the NHS. She never defended the NHS in any capacity.

Claim: I was a solicitor working for the NHS for 10 years
Fact from Law Society: At the time of her claim she had been registered for 6 1/2 years

Claim: I used to sit at the top of the stairs at home and see my Dad come home from the docks after giving out redundancy notices. She also claimed to have seen her father give out said notices.
Reality: She was 2 and her father worked at a different site.

Oh dear.

Growth lights - veg
at 13:33 9 Jan 2020

Prompted by SB's post regarding veg yesterday, I'm going to get a growth light kit this year. Want more and earlier. Last year's harvest was OK but couldn't get germination right so lost out on a fair amount.

Not for weed before you ask.

Does anyone use one? If so what do you recommend? Budget £100

Thanks in advance.

What a great policy with many more to come
at 15:19 8 Jan 2020

Goold old Johnny Mercer. Am looking forward to loads more love to come from this Government.

Having said that, Labour would have given it for free I know so once more the Tories are ripping us off! (that last sentence was humor for those challenged in that area)
Dozzel for judge
at 16:35 1 Jan 2020

Holy for jorris
Clearly they found the secret BDSM room!!!!
at 18:27 27 Dec 2019

only with w wipe clean finish.......
Conditioning and over diagnosing are making a fragile footballer
at 07:59 27 Dec 2019

When you compare Sir Bobby's teams and the current squad you may lean to the view that the current players have so many diagnostic tools put upon them that they will always have an injury. As such they will never get the games in to become fully conditioned.

You are always injured, it's just the severity that changes.

How many of SBR's squad would have had minor surgeries due to a small issue and been out for weeks?

I do feel that diagnostics can really be a double edged sword here. Controversial I know but..........

I'm talking about serious conditioning over time to harden the body and mind.
Toto coming off - sent off or subbed
at 14:32 26 Dec 2019

Toto coming off - sent off or subbed

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Oh no, what a cheek to deface such an image of godliness.
at 17:00 23 Dec 2019

I was surprised it's only been 7 vandal attacks since Oct, not more.
[Post edited 23 Dec 2019 17:06]
Christmas cheese haul.
at 13:58 23 Dec 2019

We're in Anglesey this year so it's Welsh all the way.

Snowdonia cheese company Black Bomber, Red Devil, Red Storm
Perl Las Blue
Perl Wen Brie

Whats on your cheese board?
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