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How many games will we play this season until we are mathematically safe?
at 19:05 10 Jan 2019

How many games will we play this season until we are mathematically safe?

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Lambert has great ideas and I hope the team can respond
at 19:03 10 Jan 2019

Am loving the way he handles the media and has begun to reconnect the various tentacles of the fans and club.

I really do believe him when he says that when the team 'turn' they will be awesome.

I really don't think we will go down. There are enough '6 pointers' for us to drag ourselves to safety.
Another Town victory
at 10:16 5 Jan 2019

Today's Sausage sandwich game.

As a fellow winner, beat Man Utd, its an omen.
Show love, share a recipe
at 09:06 18 Dec 2018

Here is one.

BBQ sauce.

It's a mix of Jamie Oliver cowboy chilli and James Martin's sauce for ribs.

Stokes chipolte ketchup. 1/4 bottle
Star Anise, three
Fried onions - half brown, half normal colour, 4 onions
Chipolte chilli - to taste, not powder
Toasted cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon. To toast them just use a dry pan on a high heat. Keep them moving. When you smell the kernel toasting that's it.
4 shots of Jack Daniels
Half a mug of strong (proper) black coffee - not instant!
smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon
splash light soy sauce
two/three table spoons dark brown sugar. Needs to be the dark variety to get the high molasses content.

All in a saucepan. No need to boil.
Melt the sugar and lightly simmer for 10/15 minutes.

Run through a sieve.

Sit back and back in glory.

Can be served hot, cold, the next day.

Guitarists of TWTD
at 08:18 6 Dec 2018

I've always been nailed on analogue amp.
My main is a Cornell made by Dennis in Southend.

Problem is that I can't get 'that tone' at home.

A mate has an Axe FX II (don't know the exact model, assume it's top of the range, he's minted) for sale. Fully loaded with some awesome patches.
He upgraded to the new III.
He tells me that he plays so much better. Straight into cans, powered speakers, or an amp via the effects loop (my Cornell has no such fripperies)

Has anyone got one and can offer some thoughts?

P.S: This thread intends to be free of talk of the following 1) veganism 2) Politics.

[Post edited 6 Dec 2018 8:20]
Roasted by a vegan.....
at 16:14 3 Dec 2018

This has to be the insult of the year.

A family friend is a vegan, cool, he's a lovely guy and has great food ideas. No worries there.

He posted a link to a film promoting that diet on FB, again nothing to worry about.
A friend of his, and one whom would turn out to be rather angry and militant, posted some barbed spiteful toot about meat eaters being the great satan....blah, blah, blah.

I pointed out that typically a polite and reasoned debate as to global warming would not put it all down to us.

At that point she lost the plot.

So, I am now a 'bringer of holocaust'.
Check that out. Eating meat makes me a bringer of holocaust.

Anyone got any other top insults?
Would you go to Mars?
at 14:50 23 Nov 2018

Would you go to Mars?

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Former loanees as managers
at 11:13 13 Nov 2018

Swindon. Richie Wellens with Noel Hunt as his side kick.

What a game.
at 20:43 10 Nov 2018

ME will have learned a lot from MM, PH, and now he is getting an idea of what it's like to have a proper manager.

If he backs PL in Jan and then again next summer I'm looking at the play-offs no doubt.

How much would you be happy to pay on a pcm basis fee for an ad free TWTD?
at 18:01 9 Nov 2018

How much would you be happy to pay on a pcm basis fee for an ad free TWTD?

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Phil. Ads, ads, and me being grumpy
at 17:59 9 Nov 2018

Is there a way of paying for TWTD so we don't get any of these ads?
On my phone it's constantly flickering and my laptop is always fluttering.

I'd happily pay a small fee to have an ad free version.
Of course some may be happy to have the ads so have a free one too.

I've been pretty annoyed about the ads for a while but respect that you need to get paid. I agree of course.

I'm happy to pay £5pcm or something nominal for a clean TWTD........
Awesome customer service from the ticket office
at 16:05 9 Nov 2018

Sometimes it's easy only to post the negative.

Just had a cracking response from them in bonkers quick time.
I sent an email and they called me within 5 minutes to remedy my question, polite, easy, and first class.

Happy to share some love on a Friday afternoon.
Was Lambert interview in the summer?
at 14:03 8 Nov 2018

If not, then why not!
The man has management skills to burn.

It does seem odd that Evans went with what now has been proven to be a super high risk project in PH.
More Reading tickets on sale now
at 12:38 1 Nov 2018

Now I've got mine, I thought I'd share it. What a totally selfish prig! I know......
I don't bet but.
at 12:31 31 Oct 2018

I've just put a sneaky £5 on us winning on Saturday.

I got 3/1.
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