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Still amazes me all this isn’t talked about more...
at 21:58 17 Apr 2021

(Click, thread)

We’ve barely pulled on a thread of the whole thing in terms of public accountability.
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Go on Kier!
at 12:40 16 Apr 2021

Can we start calling him unelectable yet?!
Norwood's Twitter has been hacked...
at 16:42 12 Apr 2021

...by one of those FB types who has "Yummy Mummy" as a job title and "School of Life" as their education.

Add a few Minions there while you're at it.

Responses are quite funny.
I note Tom Doesn’t mention where his local is...
at 21:04 8 Apr 2021

But it’s certainly not a pop up food market.

One assumes his local is probably in Cambridgeshire.
Can we have more Goth-orientated Planet Blue merchandise?
at 18:48 8 Apr 2021

I mean, who the f**ck wears dark navy blue anyway?!
"A UK-based CEO is set to be appointed soon."
at 11:17 7 Apr 2021

How do I apply?
at 16:22 5 Apr 2021

I honestly can’t think of a thing to tweak other than a rocket up the arse.

First game I’ve watched in a month, remember why now.
But Corbyn
at 11:26 5 Apr 2021


In all honesty they never were too interested in embracing a membership surge...
at 18:56 2 Apr 2021

All hail Sir Keith though.
Russian Military moving about the Ukraine border today.
at 22:48 31 Mar 2021

Genuine threat or just d1ck waving?
Responding to clients/customers...
at 16:50 31 Mar 2021

I am working on a project at the minute that is dependant on a third party executing some quick tasks that would take a couple of hours. Over the last 2 weeks I've followed up once and the client twice, yet not even an acknowledgement response.

Does anyone here operate like this in terms of just leaving things unchecked for so long? How do you sleep at night, seriously!? I'd be constantly bricking it on both personal and professional perceptions.
Qanon was a deflection misinfo campaign pt.482835
at 00:11 31 Mar 2021

On a similar note of PinwoodBlueBoy’s new w@nking room...
at 14:45 28 Mar 2021

I feel very much the same on the disinterested level.

I was tiling the bathroom floor yesterday and didn’t realise until half time. And even then I carried on with the floor and occasionally checked my phone. I didn’t check the full time result until 6pm.

I didn’t know it was possible for me to lose this much interest. Until Evans goes it’s hard to care, and that takeover failure cements another disappointing blow.

I think we’re now at the tipping point of ITFC being largely sh1te and underperforming for the majority of my supporting lifetime. Dread to think how those who missed the late 90s/early 00s feel.

Crap. Just utter crap. Can we start looking at the last 12 years as a whole and say enough is enough? Most supporters of other clubs would have stormed the pitch by now.
Seaspiracy on Netflix
at 23:29 25 Mar 2021

Obvious why I should promote it.

Worth a watch if you’ve ever wondered why I’ve said in the past sustainable labels are green washed b0llocks and the best way to eat sustainably is to give up animal products altogether.

It’s all marketing baby.

Also Sea Shepherd are badass.

What do teenagers do around Ipswich these days?
at 20:20 23 Mar 2021

Or well at least when COVID's passed?

My daughter has been stuck indoors with me and my partner since she moved here in December, and although we're an UTTER JOY to be around I think it's healthy for her to have a social life beyond us when we're allowed to.

Also doesn't help she's learned from a young age a general dislike and distrust in people and doesn't like socialising, alas that's a blessing and a curse I can say from personal experience. It's a battle as my fatherly responsibility swings between totally relating to the mental health aspect but also being fully aware of how the real world works.

Not a plea of SOMEONE PLEASE BEFRIEND MY DAUGHTER because she'd kill me hahaha.

But I know outside of the DIRTY GRUNGER scene all sorts of music and social things go on I'm too old and out-of-touch to attend, it would be nice to encourage her to go off and build her own life here. Wondering if there are any directions I can push her for things she might like to check out.
[Post edited 23 Mar 20:21]
Some points of note for those who defend the police or assume they're saints...
at 20:16 22 Mar 2021

Some of these links may be worth a read if the distain towards collective authority seems to have came from no where or is unjust in anyone's eyes.

The covered up Westminster paedophile dossier

The Hillborough Disaster cover up

The SpyCops scandal

The false imprisonment of the Guildford Four/Maguire Seven

Ian Tomlinson's Death

And directly relevant to recent events...

Continual unfair targeting via racial profiling

The murder of Sarah Everard

An organisation involved in continual cover-ups and "do as we say, not as we do" applications to the law/justice for decades.

Yes, not all police etc, but I'd argue good cops tend not to last long when they open their mouths, hence ACAB being a relevant catch-all phrase.

Really the responsibility is on the collective public to demand justice is not evaded and power is not abused when safeguards fail, which may or may not result in civil disobedience. That includes giving whistle blowers in every walk of live full protection against the state.

Food for thought, the more you know, etc.

*Not an extensive list, just things that I am aware of and could cite off the back of my mind.
[Post edited 22 Mar 20:16]
Pompey commentary is awful...
at 14:15 20 Mar 2021

“Am I biased?”

Yes, yes you are.
Anyone fancy flying some TOM HUNT IS A **** flags in their garden?
at 10:32 20 Mar 2021

He LOVES it.

Also, state of the reply. Won’t debate the point, just says he’s entitled to think what he wants to to a PoC. Yet he’ll continue to deny systematic racism exists.

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At least we have Labour’s savior at the wheel...
at 17:25 17 Mar 2021

Oh wait.

People need to stop being impressed by men with nice haircuts in suits.
Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House Of Fun (Comedy recommendation)
at 11:05 16 Mar 2021

Anyone else watched this? It's on the Netflicks.

Watched S1 lastnight and I don't think I've laughed so long and hard in ages.
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