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How much a bunch of b*stards are the current ruling class
at 10:39 22 Oct 2020

when they can make even Nigel “Nazi Propaganda” Farage look like a compassionate human being?

Jesus wept, we collectively as a nation have sunk so low.
Oh fun, Tom Hunt is now spewing out anti-Semitic Nazi-born conspiracy theories
at 14:07 21 Oct 2020


Speaking in the Commons debate on Black History Month, Mr Hunt also criticised some leadership figures of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement for “straying into cultural Marxism”.

Think he knows what Cultural Marxism means?


Cultural Marxism generally refers to one of two things:
First — extremely rarely in popular discourse — "cultural Marxism" (lower C, upper M) refers to a strain of critique of popular culture by the Frankfurt School, framing such culture as being imposed by a capitalist culture industry and consumed passively by the masses.
Second — in common usage in the wild — "Cultural Marxism" (both uppercase) is a common snarl word used to paint anyone with progressive tendencies as a secret Communist. The term alludes to a conspiracy theory in which sinister left-wingers have infiltrated media, academia, and science, and are engaged in a decades-long plot to undermine Western culture. Some variants of the conspiracy allege that basically all of modern social liberalism is, in fact, a Communist front group.
This conspiracy theory hinges on the idea that the Frankfurt School wasn't just an arcane strain of academic criticism.[note 1] Instead, the Frankfurt School was behind an ongoing Marxist plot to destroy the capitalist West from within, spreading its tentacles throughout academia and indoctrinating students to hate patriotism and freedom. Thus, rock'n'roll, 1960s counterculture, the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, homosexuality,[3] modern feminism, and, in general, all the "decay" in the West since the 1950s are allegedly products of the Frankfurt School.[4] It's also the work of the Jews.[5][6]
The conspiracist usage originated in Nazi Germany, where Kulturbolschewismus ("Cultural Bolshevism") was used to abuse political opponents. In particular, Jews purportedly were secretly orchestrating the spread of Communism (Jewish BolshevismWikipedia) as well as promoting sexual & gender permissiveness ("sexual Bolshevism").[7]
If anyone rants about "Cultural Marxists taking over culture!", feel free to remind them that they're spouting literal Nazi propaganda updated for the modern era.

What a lovely local MP we have.
Don't mind the massive homeless problem in Ipswich...
at 13:17 20 Oct 2020



Glad he's focusing on the important issues.
2020 Tweet of the Year award may be in for me...
at 01:57 14 Oct 2020

Although there has been too much to keep up with this year.

Qanon, the most interesting thing about it for me is...
at 12:44 13 Oct 2020

...who is doing it and why?


The realist in me says it’s a mix of those already down a rabbit hole of fringe conspiracy linking a lot of stuff together with 2020 goings on among the normies, many of which are confused and vulnerable RN. No biggie.

But the real question is who is behind the original messages? Both Qanon and the former Pizzagate are heavily tied into the idea that it’s all Democrats up to the evils and claiming the saviour is the Republican bloke who has more evidence of child rape and criminal dealings pinned his name than your average mob boss.

Jim Watkins is heavily suggested, is the motivation just a God complex case of sociopathy or is there wider motivations behind it? https://www.insider.com/who-is-q-why-people-think-jim-watkins-qanon-8chan-2020-1

I’ve seen claims it’s a bit of a Psyops misinformation campaign being pushed by those caught up in the Epstein links (which I’m still sure is a massive smoking gun for some very big figure take downs). That’s the best theory I could back at this point but again, without evidence I cannot doubt it seems far fetched.

Perhaps I’m just too keen for a James Bond like ending?!
[Post edited 13 Oct 12:46]
I thought I'd be disappointed but f*cking hell, IDLES!
at 14:52 12 Oct 2020

Album of the year so far for me. Hook it to my veins, been on a loop.

The singles alone were a bit "meh" but the whole thing comes together as a hell of a record. I was starting to worry they'd go a bit of the way of Slaves (who I struggled with anyway) and get a bit silly/lame, but Ultra Mono has levelled up massively.

Lyrically it's clever, sarcastic (which I love, if anyone's guessed by my love of Single Mothers) and it's brilliant to hear borderline Anarcho themes more in the mainstream music space. There's no compromise.

Highlight song for me is Reigns. Chorus has been in my head for days, utter earworm and oddly sounds like a singalong Slipknot would write.

Sorry, I'm rambling as I can't really get into words how f*cking good this record is. I'm pleasantly surprised to be this blown away by a band at this level of hype, usually they've become "meh" or watered down by now from past experience.

I'll shut up, keyboard diarrhoea at this point, just listen to it!
Oh Trumpy Trump, never go on Twitter when you’re drugged off your face...
at 23:32 8 Oct 2020

Well, more drugged than normal anyway.



Also, remember Buzzfeed when it was articles made of GIFs? Now they do better investigative anti-establishment journalism than the BBC.

2020, hook it to my veins maaaan. It’s terrifyingly entertaining.
Massive green energy overhaul and 5% mortgages?!
at 13:06 6 Oct 2020

Wow, I’ll give Johnson and co a rare thumb up on that. Been way overdue. TBH I don’t think the current model is sustainable for both society and their need for votes in 4 years time.

Also, political point scoring you just wanna bash the Tories etc.
Permafrost and climate change
at 00:17 6 Oct 2020


Great piece of interactive content. Awful news though mind you.

I feel like people are having these discussions more recently though which is good.
at 10:45 4 Oct 2020

No Hogwarts for you, just the Gulag in a few year’s time.
The joys of Poland and its ongoing hate crimes against LBGTQ
at 15:35 3 Oct 2020


The growing trend of right wing governments and these kind of “protests” being acceptable in public continues to terrify me.

It seems these parties just tack onto the one issue they can nationally exploit in majority underground opinion and run misinformation campaigns.

See also; UK and immigration.
Cambridge Analytica
at 22:46 28 Sep 2020

Back in the spotlight. Where to start?

Then this tonight...


The foundations are crumbling.
bEiNg VeGaN iS tOo dIfFiCuLt aNd ExPeNsIvE pt. 28174
at 22:15 26 Sep 2020

I just made 6 “chicken breast” sized lumps of Seitan. First time ever making it from scratch. Took about 10 minutes to prep, 30 minutes of steaming (see also, setting a timer and p1ssing off to play PS4) and job done.

Total cost, less than a quid.
Who’s been talking to teachers about me?!
at 21:20 22 Sep 2020

Own up!
Band shirt nerds thread!?
at 22:29 20 Sep 2020

Leading on from BB’s thread about them.

Let’s say these categories...

- Currently own.
- Oldest you still own.
- Wish you still had.
- Never had but wish you did.
- Once owned and regret wearing it massively.
- What you might buy next.

For me...

Current has to be my Single Mothers dreamcatcher which is ICONIC.

Oldest is my NOFX one, had it since I was 15 (now 33) and still fits. I’ve dyed it grey though and it’s full of holes.

Wish I still had my Raging Speedhorn one for the back print mainly. Got a fun story about that one and some religious neighbours over the road. It got ripped sadly and I chucked it.

One tee I wish I had but didn’t get was the this Single Mothers long sleeve in white with black print. Hope they do a rerun soon.

Deffo owned some awful Nu Metal band tees in my early teens. Korn and Fear Factory spring to mind *shudders*

On my list next I’m not too sure as I’m trying not to spend money ATM but I’m tempted so hard to splash out on the ‘Kill Your Masters’ Run The Jewels tee. The flower print is sick but STEEP cost.

[Post edited 20 Sep 22:30]
The Social Dilemma on Netflix...
at 15:01 18 Sep 2020

Well worth a watch.

Be warned, it will truly show you how ill equipped we are to handle a connected world, how tech companies control our lives/the world and that we really need to take action by pushing governments to regulate these businesses. We are YEARS behind.

Also, on a less depressing note, watch Close Enough, very jarring and relatable if you are in your early 30s!
Potentially n00b Brexit question...
at 13:06 14 Sep 2020

...but what does a resignation do beyond remove the individual from the firing line?

Surely Cummings just gets rid of another obstacle and sticks someone else in the role who will sell their soul for short term and brown nosed political gain? Surely eventually no one gets what they want (bar those who gain from destroying Britain) if those pushing back on the Brexit fiasco throw the towel in?
[Post edited 14 Sep 13:07]
It’s weird seeing us back properly...
at 14:47 13 Sep 2020

...and playing a proper season campaign game. A small slice of twisted normality in a world that won’t go back to whatever “normal” was.

I thought Freddie, Drinan and Chambers were all excellent today and we played with intent rather than farting about. Also a clean sheet with Toto playing?! What a time to be alive.
Just wait until these idiot’s numbers swell...
at 14:00 13 Sep 2020

Our loons will become more mobilised than you’d think. The crossover mixing of the right wing from all angles, continued radicalisation via social media campaigns from both overseas/within and dodgy money secretive businesses working with our government to fund it.

Don’t say you weren’t warned...

Edited for accidentally clicking “football” section.
[Post edited 13 Sep 14:01]
Trump now abusing DOJ and US taxpayers to fix the legal system for him
at 14:13 9 Sep 2020

In innocent man wouldn’t go this far to stop giving evidence.

Remember, the law is only for plebs and those who fight to bring power to justice are who we should be building statues of.
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