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With Boris nailed on to be PM are they now running down the clock?
at 18:28 20 Jun 2019

Will also be interesting another Remainer against a leaver
Now that Labour are a full on Remain and second referendum will that affect
at 08:44 20 Jun 2019

their vote?
Will this make the Brexit Party stronger in the North?

On LBC this morning a couple of callers all stated that they will look to vote elsewhere.
I see Chuka has chucked the towel in again
at 11:37 14 Jun 2019

Surely he must ask for a by election now to confirm if they want him standing as a Labour / TIG / Change / LIb or whatever way the wind blows, must be very confusing for everyone concerned.
How have the Libs accepted him into their party with his previous political leaning?
Oh that's right they are another party that don't stick to their principles.
UK wage growth faster than expected.
at 12:50 11 Jun 2019

Wage growth beat market and economist expectations in the three months to April.

Pay rose by 3.4% compared with a year ago. After taking inflation into account, wage growth was 1.4%, official figures show.

The unemployment rate remained at 3.8%, and has not been lower since the October to December 1974 period, the Office for National Statistics said.

The employment rate for women was 72%, the highest on record.

This is after changes to the state pension age leading to fewer women retiring between the ages of 60 and 65.

Matt Hughes, deputy head of labour market statistics at the ONS, said: "With employment growth among women coming from full-timers, the overall gap between men and women in hours worked is now the lowest ever - women now average about three-quarters of men's weekly hours, compared with around two-thirds 25 years ago."

And PwC chief economist John Hawksworth said it was "interesting" that female employment rose by 60,000 compared with the previous quarter, while male employment fell by 27,000.

"This is consistent with a longer-term trend towards a narrowing gender employment gap.

"Male employment is still higher at around 80%, but this is well below its historical highs of over 90% back in the 1970s."

Tej Parikh, chief economist at the Institute of Directors, said: "The buoyant labour market is still going strong for the UK economy, even as it weathers widespread political uncertainty."

Finally some great news!
June 6th, not long to wait. (n/t)
at 08:57 28 May 2019

If the EU elections was a vote for remain why
at 08:18 28 May 2019

The turnout was only 37% and was the ideal time for the Remoaners showing they meant business and wanted to Remain.
However that was 50% below the turnout when we voted to Leave.
This just adds to the fact that the nation wants us to Leave and get behind our Nigel.
How will Spucey, Badger, Koont and the others going to spin the results if?
at 14:17 25 May 2019

Just suppose the BREXIT Party romp home and Chukka and Sourface party does not get a seat.

1; they can't say we have not voted to Leave everything the EU stands for.
2; they can't say the Brexiteers were not informed and are just thick.

looking forward to what they will say this time.
Will the Change UK party be the shortest lived political group ever?
at 18:01 24 May 2019

When BOJO becomes Prime minister he might call for a GE which would mean Sourface, Chukka and the rest will lose their seats.

I would stay up all night just to see their faces when they lose.
Well done Remoaners
at 17:30 22 May 2019

We can't bail out British Steel because of the EU, 25000 jobs lost on you
Footers & Spruce
at 09:23 23 Apr 2019

How do I post a picture in here of where I sat please?
Great News - they are not only happy with shutting the centre of London down
at 17:47 18 Apr 2019

They are going to close Heathrow, they really mean business.
Worth a watch whatever side of the Brexit debate you are on.
at 09:10 31 Mar 2019

:19 Chancellor Merkel had just given a speech about the upcoming European Council summit in Brussels.
0:26 Valerian is a herb that helps you fall asleep.
1:18 In February 2016 (4 months before the Brexit referendum) David Cameron went to the EU looking for concessions regarding Britain's relationship with the EU, he got little in return.
3:33 The 1963 Élysée Treaty established stronger links between France and Germany. The 2019 Aachen Treaty was intended as a renewal / deepening of this treaty.
4:07 Qualified voting in the EU: decisions need a yes vote from 55% of the 28 members AND 65% of the population.
5:27 Barnier said this in 2016, according to French magazine Le Point.
6:07 The AfD's position is that first the EU needs to be reformed, only if those reforms are not possible should Germany leave.
6:26 This part about Britain sounds a bit odd (like a non-sequitur) in German too, but that's what she said. She may have phrased it like this becasue she used "include" in the previous sentence when listing the reforms the EU needs.
[Post edited 31 Mar 9:14]
Who was it on here that said people who voted Brexit are too old to protest?
at 08:05 30 Mar 2019

look how just one of them have stopped the eurostar trains leaving london.
[Post edited 30 Mar 8:06]
Credit where Credit is due, well done the 'EU'
at 08:17 27 Mar 2019

From 2022 all new cars will be fitted with limiters so that you cannot break the speed limit.
That will save so many lives and cut down the insurance costs.
More Yellow vest unrest with increased level of violence yet
at 17:47 24 Mar 2019

How come this is not being reported by the news channels in this country yet a poorly attended march in london gets loads of coverage?
Makes you think they don't want the population in this country to realise how the citizens of France are also having problems with the rich elite who think they know better than the people that voted them in.
Very strange indeed.
Caroline Flint what a decent Labour MP
at 17:15 21 Mar 2019

Great interview just now on LBC.
What is the point in only a short, three month extension?
at 08:54 20 Mar 2019

It will keep everyone on here from the remain side wanting to score points against the now suffering Brexiteers.
It will just add a longer disappointment time for the remainers while they keep clutching at straws for any small glimpse of getting a losers vote or ending Brexit in its tracks.
Zed, I know you love your opinion polls, have you seen the one in the Telegraph?
at 12:03 19 Mar 2019

Looks like we are in for a bumpy ride if Brexit is not delivered.
To help find it, it is a COMRES one.
Really confused now - Zed said they would push for a 2nd Referendum
at 18:00 14 Mar 2019

As it was agreed in their party conference, i said at the time Corbyn would not allow it.
i was shouted down by several saying that Corbyn would back one, how come they have just rejected the vote to have one?
Great News - Well done Teresa
at 22:12 11 Mar 2019

looks like she has pulled it off, maybe we will get BREXIT after all.

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