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Is this actually pathetic?
at 13:34 1 Dec 2019

Or is it, in reality, an indication that childishness continues to lurk in the corners of most decent people- which is a good thing?

at least we got clarity on nuses last night qt
at 08:38 29 Nov 2019

I thought maybe the cons had been saying that they were losing x number each year and therefore adding 50k had to include stopping that to add 50k to the total. But expressing it very badly.

But no. It was very clearly put. 50k more than there would otherwise have been in 10 years but for the proposed measures. So it has indeed been a wilfully and cynically dishonest claim.
Credit to the Man City women's team
at 18:00 24 Nov 2019

The time and effort they spent after the match to make sure everyone waiting got signatrues and pictures was excellent.

The match itself (Bristol City v Man City) was pleasant enough, but the reduced physicality and speed is very notable as against the semi-pro non league fayre I routinely watch. Movement and angles were impressive and the passing ethos very much apparent.

Jill Scott was impressive- probably the only one there physically quick and robust enough, with sharp movement and feet to really stand out. She would do okay in a men's game, at a reasonable level I suspect.

Daughter has photos and signatures from her heroines so all good.
party leader bigotry?
at 13:46 20 Nov 2019

Whilst it is reasonable to continue to criticise one leader on anti semitism issues, it seems right to note and discuss his opponent's extraordinary history of overtly discriminatory comments.

Boris is a man who referred, in print, to gay friends of peter mandelson as 'tank topped bumboys'. Who has made the assertion that women are inherently fickle. And who talks of muslim women in burkgas as looking like pillar boxes.

Most people are aware of that last one. But how about the other two?
Mundane UK Travel advice...
at 18:48 10 Nov 2019

At the back end of this week, I am trekking from the South West up to Pocklington in Yorkshire, for a lovely weekend of guitar related tomfoolery.

I have decided it is stupid to start a 4h 15m journey on Friday morning as the event starts at 1pm (and I need to check in first). I would therefore have to battle Bristol motorway rush hour traffic adding at least an hour and making for a very early start on a day which is supposed to be relaxed and fun.

So- I thought I'd stop in Brum and visit a couple of places- stay overnight for a Balti and then travel up int he morning. However, I have left it late, and even the Hagley Road Premier Inn is £76. So I was wondering if there was somewhere on route people would recommend as a nice stop - either somewhere lovely to stay but keenly priced (ideally with a pool!) or somewhere that is fun for a bloke on his own to potter round, or have a drink etc before returning to hotel.

Ill probably end up paying the £76 but en route, I could stop at Bromsgrove, Nottingham, Derby or even further north- and still make my planned stops in Brum to visit things.

Any clever ideas?
My fridge died
at 19:38 3 Nov 2019

It felt quite new but we think its probably about 9 years old now. Fridges used to live forever. Is this normal now?

Anyone ever bothered repairing one or does the price usually end up being pointless?
[Post edited 3 Nov 19:42]
I like this...
at 19:28 2 Nov 2019

I have amde the point in th past, that Cameron pursued civil partnership despite its obvious tension with a lot of grass roots conservative support.

But Boris...

On a slightly related bitter note- why are Mears group
at 21:24 23 Oct 2019

sponsoring a football team?

They provide social care and housing.

For god's sake change something....
at 21:04 23 Oct 2019

We are sleepwalking into a 3 or 4 nil
Just me- or has ifollow been updated in some way...
at 13:16 19 Oct 2019

Don't seem to be able to buy a pass for today :-(
re-watching second series of The Trip
at 22:48 15 Oct 2019

This time, I am watching it without being three sheets to the wind.

Vastly better when you can appreciate the gentle subtlety of it all. Very very fine.
Drove to and through Burnley yesterday
at 21:57 13 Oct 2019

shyte-loads of stunning new houses on top class estates. £50k a pop. 4 beds.

Jobs come free with each purchase.

Boris proposals... predictably lame?
at 15:21 2 Oct 2019

Essentially a border in the Irish sea which was considered a problem previously. Then get around the good friday issue by gaving stormont vote on it and have autonomy to withdraw that would be the stormont which hasnt sat or functioned for a very lengthy period....
Am I a bad parent?
at 20:42 27 Sep 2019

Just spent 15 minutes teaching my 9 year old to pick padlocks...
Right. Have the BBC messed up their website?
at 21:43 3 Sep 2019

Its redirecting to with a horrible new layout with massive pictures to scroll past to find what you want...
how often do package holiday co.s do this?
at 13:36 27 Aug 2019

Flight home changed from 830 pm to 830 am. Same day. So a whole day holiday lost on a 7 day trip.

They have offered to pay for our parking and book seats for us to be together on plane. Supposedly worth 130 quid. A fraction of the cost of 1/7 of the holiday...

Will never use Tui again.
[Post edited 27 Aug 13:39]
A bit of music
at 23:46 21 Aug 2019

I am at home alone tonight. I have enjoyed some very decent Chablis. And cheese on toast (with boutique chillie sauce).

All mitigating factors. But I can't remember the last time I yelled at my screen (like an idiot howling at the moon) with joy and passion at a musical performance as I just did. Bloody stunning.

Cricket issues...
at 10:02 25 Jul 2019

Am I wildly off the mark in beginning to think that Stokes should be tried at 3?

I object to the argument that Root should go there. Lengthy period in the field captaining, followed by immediately being padded up ready to be first in (potentially 2nd ball) is clearly not going to give him thebest chance of success.

Stokes, whilst a big hitter, has increasingly shown (even in the WC) an ability and determination to dig in and scrap out the runs in the early stages of an innings when needed. Could he not do that in a Test?

You could then have
1 Burns
2 Roy
3 Stokes
4 Root
5 Buttler
6 Bairstow
7 Moeen
8 Broad
9 Archer
10 Anderson
11- AN Other (Wood or a dibbly dobbler depending on the pitch. Curranperhaps- in which case at 8 not 11).
Vocation Dirty Pilsener.
at 20:19 20 Jul 2019

Well worth your time and coins....
Sats results.
at 01:22 13 Jul 2019

Lots of information online about how many meet expected standards. Nothing i can find beyond that though. Anyone know what scores are typical as opposed to seriously top end? If 65% hit standard then presumably most of those were some way above it. I'd like to see a distribution graph but can't find one. ...
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