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Right- I've just got back
at 17:31 22 Sep 2018

from playing 45 minutes at right back and getting absolutely slaughtered...

Caught the result on the radio in the car- which was deflating.

Get back to the pc and it appears that PH once again simply dropped Donacien after a perfectly decent performance, and played someone else not particularly suited to the role in his place.

Whilst it may not be the fundamental reason for failure to win, its just baffling. How can players follow a manager who appears to apply so little reason or fairness to picking the side?
Bully's Bawdy Blues Friday
at 21:12 21 Sep 2018

First installment in a series of between 1 and several. Depending.

I'm toying with the idea of getting back to recording music and one idea is a small collection of genuinely filthy old blues tunes. They make me smile, and there's some fun to be had opening people's eyes to the fact that modern music was not the genesis of "parental advisory" lyrics.

Query, though, whether this is just too much for modern tastes and standards?

May I commend to tbe board's twitter users:
at 20:56 19 Sep 2018


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What worries me: Has Hurst lost courage of his convictions?
at 17:18 15 Sep 2018

The team which we saw in the early games, showed promise, kept the opposition away from our goal save for some errors and set pieces, and looked to be heading in a good direction.

We have to give that time to develop and settle together.

The team today though featured huge changes from what looked promising, both in players and style / approach. Donacien, Nsiala, Harrison Chalobah and Edun (and jackson) all missing. Loan players put in their place, and a more pragmatic approach. Its not surprising that a team doesnt gel, if its totally changed.

That is either a change in approach, or the players have lost confidence to the extent they can no longer do what they were starting to do in the early games.

I think it is the former- judging by the selection. The quick feet and intelligent movement was exemplified by Edun in the earlier games and now he cant get a game ahead of the woeful trio we had in the middle today. Baffling.
Wish me luck...
at 21:53 31 Aug 2018

Two big games this weekend. Tomorrow, I attempt to play a full 90 minute competitive 11 aside for the first time in about 8 years. At 15 stone and in mid 40s.

I must be fecking stupid and/or love football more than is healthy.
Comment from my Norwich / Paulton Rovers supporting friend this afternoon
at 18:49 27 Aug 2018

"You'll win next week. No problem. Farke doesn't know what he's doing."
[Post edited 27 Aug 18:49]
One of the biggest problems this club and PH is facing
at 08:25 15 Aug 2018

Is its increasing fickle and ridiculous support.

Building a new team with a totally new approach and tactics takes time. Not just weeks, but months or even years of fine tuning and adjustment, developing patterns of play, an ethos and understanding and building the right group of players to make it work.

The most worrying thing, right now, is not that the team has not instantly become a promotion chasing outfit, but that the supporters will get on the players' and manager's backs, will endlessly talk the team down on here and elsewhere, will groan and huff and puff at matches and will scupper the project before it has even a chance. It has begun already, and has a serious prospect of becoming self fulfilling.

Malan and Jennings- plainly still not good enough. Need to look elsewhere. nt (n/t)
at 12:38 3 Aug 2018

So much for supporting grass roots- the FA really depress me.
at 16:05 2 Aug 2018

It is bloody difficult to run a small village club. The admin burden on a couple of people, who also end up painting the white lines, fund raising, coaching, managing, spending weekends and evenings on courses etc, is just painful and they do nothing to make it simpler or easier.

This season, apparently we need to add every single player we have not only with the usual tedious physical copies of signed forms, by the end of August (i.e. before kids are back from holidays and actually re-start training) but also add them all onto the clunky and hopelessly user-iunfriendly FA system. Just for good measure, all the previous club info setup on that system under "mini" football has to be arbitrarily changed to the "youth" football tab this year, despite not changing age groups. So it will all need re- entering.

My U10s manager needs to do a coaching course, but it got extended to 3 cojnsecutive weekends (with evenings in between), which just isnt practical for a working family man. Not possible to do it in chunks- has to be consecutive. He tried to get on the other courses he needs and they are block booked by the local big sports clubs who just churn 6 or 7 older teenagers through the courses each term (not content with hoovering up all the best players form the smaller clubs).

Add to this the need to have the club formally affiliated with the local FA by the end of June, but the utter failure to deal with requests by our welfar officer for verification of his documents- meaning his CRC has not yet been renewed, preventing affiliation taking place. They appear not to be remotely interested in helping or making things easier, or suggesting how we can sort things out from the difficult situation we are now in. I suspect we face being unable to take part in the league this season, at least initially, as a result.

I intend ot make this my last season. It has absolutely nothing to do with the coaching and managing, and everything to do with the admin and bureaucracy. And then they wonder why the UK has so many fewer qualified grass roots coaches than other succesful nations.

Must have posted this before but just enjoyed it with my son- who recognised
at 20:51 15 Jul 2018

the odd bit...

Only for proper B-Boys and fly-girls.

anyone run a summertime car?
at 22:30 1 Jul 2018

Getting way too jealous of people with soft tops. Tempted by a cheap old mx5 for the summer months. Shouldn't cost too much. Should it? Worthwhile?
Wetherspoons idiocy...
at 11:50 13 Jun 2018

According to bbc they are replacing champagne with English and aussie sparkling wine and German or Belgian beer with cheap English brews in anticipation of brexit.

There's a reason people choose those products... many are better than uk equivalents...
Any craft beer bar recommendations around Soho, Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury areas...?
at 18:16 4 Jun 2018

OMG the Kit...
at 19:37 29 May 2018

That is truly horrific.

Perhaps largely the logo causing it.

But. Good. grief.
Surely thats it for Stoneman?
at 12:50 26 May 2018

Just not equipped for test cricket.
Brilliant Trump- you utter utter moron
at 18:39 24 May 2018

By some fluke, you manage to get an inkling of progress wiht NK. Then you pi55 it all away, with the help of your ridiculous VP, and return to willy waving.

The man isnt just an idiot, he's an extremely dangerous narcissistic, sociopathic idiot.
Why can't (or won't) British brewers make decent cold beer?
at 19:32 19 May 2018

Wife bought me some blue moon which I am very partial to. Found it in cans for the first time. As soon as I saw the cans I was concerned. Checked the small print. ...

And sure enough, yet another fine foreign cold beer now being manufactured in Burton on trent in some massive pisswater vat farm.

Ruined. Tastes like a competent but soulless facsimile of the original. Beer for people who want to get drunk in a Wetherspoons rather than fur people who like good beer.

The scorn shown for lager drinkers arises from this awful bland rubbish we are fed by one or two large uk factories (refuse to call them breweries) churning out homogenous slop under the licensed names of decent beers.

So many of these beers we see are now brewed in Burton or Newcastle rather than being the product we think we are getting. It's dishonest. blue moon is supposed to be a craft beer. ...
[Post edited 19 May 19:34]
pun lovers: fat related team names...
at 21:49 4 May 2018

Ie real ale Madrid. Monster munchin gladbach.
A sad day for my U10s team- just venting really...
at 15:45 29 Apr 2018

I took on the village kids team a few years ago now- when the guy who'd run the club for years packed it in (his own boy having reached adult football). My son started in the previous guys team, and was then an under 7 playing int he U8s team I took over. I ran some under 10s for a year simultaneously though that petered out a year later when we needed more numbers to move up an age group.

Position now is that the old U8s team is playing U10s and has a separate manager (I now do the new Under 8s for whom my daughter plays). This season we had a squad of 10 (7 aside) 4 of whom were U10s (including my son) and the rest of whom were really U9s playing up a year. A few more have now joined (friends of the younger ones) and we have a squad of about 14, only 4 of whom are really U10s.

So... we now have to decide what team to enter next year. Do they all move up to U11s? Or stay U10s, meaning the 4 older ones can no longer play?

Its looking like the latter.
[Post edited 29 Apr 16:01]
anyone knowledgeable about underfloor heating?
at 22:37 28 Apr 2018

We've been having kitchen floor tiled and boarded. Heating wasn't really warming up tonight so I checked and pumped up the pressure which was low... all sorts of funny noises followed by water dripping through the garage ceiling beneath the kitchen. Tiler has clearly damaged the heating. Could it be repaired? If so, from underneath or are we looking at ripping up the kitchen tiles and floor...

Currently deciding whether to give the bloke a chance to speak with his insurers , go to ours, or just engage a heating engineer and claim the cost afterwards...
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