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Wetherspoons idiocy...
at 11:50 13 Jun 2018

According to bbc they are replacing champagne with English and aussie sparkling wine and German or Belgian beer with cheap English brews in anticipation of brexit.

There's a reason people choose those products... many are better than uk equivalents...
Any craft beer bar recommendations around Soho, Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury areas...?
at 18:16 4 Jun 2018

OMG the Kit...
at 19:37 29 May 2018

That is truly horrific.

Perhaps largely the logo causing it.

But. Good. grief.
Surely thats it for Stoneman?
at 12:50 26 May 2018

Just not equipped for test cricket.
Brilliant Trump- you utter utter moron
at 18:39 24 May 2018

By some fluke, you manage to get an inkling of progress wiht NK. Then you pi55 it all away, with the help of your ridiculous VP, and return to willy waving.

The man isnt just an idiot, he's an extremely dangerous narcissistic, sociopathic idiot.
Why can't (or won't) British brewers make decent cold beer?
at 19:32 19 May 2018

Wife bought me some blue moon which I am very partial to. Found it in cans for the first time. As soon as I saw the cans I was concerned. Checked the small print. ...

And sure enough, yet another fine foreign cold beer now being manufactured in Burton on trent in some massive pisswater vat farm.

Ruined. Tastes like a competent but soulless facsimile of the original. Beer for people who want to get drunk in a Wetherspoons rather than fur people who like good beer.

The scorn shown for lager drinkers arises from this awful bland rubbish we are fed by one or two large uk factories (refuse to call them breweries) churning out homogenous slop under the licensed names of decent beers.

So many of these beers we see are now brewed in Burton or Newcastle rather than being the product we think we are getting. It's dishonest. blue moon is supposed to be a craft beer. ...
[Post edited 19 May 19:34]
pun lovers: fat related team names...
at 21:49 4 May 2018

Ie real ale Madrid. Monster munchin gladbach.
A sad day for my U10s team- just venting really...
at 15:45 29 Apr 2018

I took on the village kids team a few years ago now- when the guy who'd run the club for years packed it in (his own boy having reached adult football). My son started in the previous guys team, and was then an under 7 playing int he U8s team I took over. I ran some under 10s for a year simultaneously though that petered out a year later when we needed more numbers to move up an age group.

Position now is that the old U8s team is playing U10s and has a separate manager (I now do the new Under 8s for whom my daughter plays). This season we had a squad of 10 (7 aside) 4 of whom were U10s (including my son) and the rest of whom were really U9s playing up a year. A few more have now joined (friends of the younger ones) and we have a squad of about 14, only 4 of whom are really U10s.

So... we now have to decide what team to enter next year. Do they all move up to U11s? Or stay U10s, meaning the 4 older ones can no longer play?

Its looking like the latter.
[Post edited 29 Apr 16:01]
anyone knowledgeable about underfloor heating?
at 22:37 28 Apr 2018

We've been having kitchen floor tiled and boarded. Heating wasn't really warming up tonight so I checked and pumped up the pressure which was low... all sorts of funny noises followed by water dripping through the garage ceiling beneath the kitchen. Tiler has clearly damaged the heating. Could it be repaired? If so, from underneath or are we looking at ripping up the kitchen tiles and floor...

Currently deciding whether to give the bloke a chance to speak with his insurers , go to ours, or just engage a heating engineer and claim the cost afterwards...
Good to see some attacking play rewarded... But today I was at Yeovil
at 18:44 28 Apr 2018

with a group of 30 U10s and parents. Hats off to Yeovil for offering us the tickets, and to sorting things out when we had two extra siblings turn up.

I got to see Omar Sowunmi, formally of this parish, get sent off as a result of a dishonest Mansfield no.9, and Paul Digby, also formerly of this parish, looking solid enough at the back for Mansfield.
London hotels...
at 18:53 17 Apr 2018

Anyone suggest one that is genuinely decent, clean and nice feeling, and not a box room, and vaguely central for a night away, but less than £250!?
Whether he was wrong or right- MM has been thoroughly unrpofessional at times
at 08:03 11 Apr 2018

He has been paid a lot of money. His job, in return for that money, is to pursue the best interests of the club and the team.

When he tells fans that if they sing a players name he is less likely to bring them on, he knows full well he is creating bad feeling and a schism. When he tells fans to F off- likewise. When he repeatedly takes potshots at supporters in press conferences, he is exacerbating and contributing to bad feeling about the club, distancing the fans from management, team and club. It has a deleterious effect on the team, atmoshphere, gates and so on. Encouraging that further with the "them and us" type actions simply reinforces that.

Whether his comments over time are right or wrong. Whether they have some good substance and are accurate or not (and I agree some probably were), to do these things and to encourage more and more bad feeling rather than keeping his own counsel was unprofessional and plainly damaging to the club and prospects of the team- potentially going forwards as well as his tenure.

Then he puts the ciing on the cake. Instead of leaving in a dignified normal way, he makes it about himself, with a petulant press conference walkout which gets him all over the back pages. All damaging to club and team cohesion and feeling. Unprofessional. He coudl have gone out on a victory, with the players feeling good about it, but instead he diverts the attention and creates more bad feeling. Its almost as if he wants the players to share in his disgruntlement- which clearly has potential to effect their feelings about staying with the club.

"blunt honesty" is no excuse for it, anymore than its an excuse for agressive or rude people to say "Im just someone who tells it like it is".
[Post edited 11 Apr 8:05]
Looks like it may all be a bit premature... Brace yourselves...
at 09:17 1 Apr 2018
Satisfaction is a good job, which takes time and effort, with one's own hands...
at 19:09 24 Mar 2018

(insert innuendo here).

I have just pretty much finished the restoration of a 1930s acoustic guitar which had been virtually vandalised by a repair person and was then sold to me as a project by a friend for the princely sum of £100. I've made a new bridge and saddle. Repaired the neck and constructed a new dovetail joint. Been on a day long course at a fine boutique guitar maker's workshop to learn to do good fretwork (wonderful way to spend a day). Today I have got the whole thing together, set it up, adjusted things and it plays nicely, sounds fantastic and looks pretty cute too.

Feels lovely.

at 18:00 11 Mar 2018

Spent hours. Bloody hours. hourshourshourshourshours. Making a new bridge for a guitar Im restoring. Been working on it for several weeks on and off.

Just routed out the slot in the middle of it. Didn't double check the depth measurement. Cut all the way through. Its now useless except as a template to make another on.

I dont suppose anyone cares at all- but I needed to vent.

Ive just discovered warburtons toaster pockets
at 18:42 22 Feb 2018

Little squares of bread that open up to be stuffed with cheese etc and then shoved in the toaster. Cheese toastie in 2 minutes.

Having also discovered, a while back, you can cook potato waffles in the toaster too- its now almost a full meal.

Anything else toastable?
Bully's Brummie trip review
at 19:53 17 Feb 2018

Half term trip with family, back to old University stomping grounds.

1. Black country living museum- 8/10. Excellent place, with rebuilt and original buildings, houses, school, engineering kit, workshops etc as well as a "mine" to experience. Volunteer actors well informed and excited about their subjects. 30s chip shop- still frying and making a very fine lunch. 30s pub. Fantastic.

2. Dudley Canal tunnels trip- 8/10 again. Fantastic atmospheric trip through history and some beautiful old caves and caverns.

3. Akrams Balti - Pershore road- 7/10. Fine table naans. Good "brown sweet" style balti curry (non brummies probably wont even know what I mean by that bu its good). Fine offie opposite for supplies.

4. Cadbury World- disappointing and poor value for money really. 5/10.
nice story about the Pope here
at 13:43 25 Jan 2018

I'm confused though. The serpent told the truth didn't it
bbc website inanity
at 13:36 25 Jan 2018

Just me? Or does the dumbing down continue apace? A public service public funded service which is rammed with inane celeb gossip and click bait.

Today on the front page:

My wife doesn't shower anymore

Demi lovato to offer therapy to fans

Baker offs nadiya hits back at Twitter troll

What do you do if you think you've been cursed

5 artists rumoured to release albums in 2018

What Britney needs to know about Scarborough

Can you match the model to the pop star parent?

Brendan cole on strictly romances

Shouldn't this stuff be the preserve of commercial sites and magazines...?
A brief diversion from the misery- non league ITFC connections
at 14:40 7 Jan 2018

During the last fortnight I have had the pleasure of seeing Gavin Williams playing for Merthyr against Frome Town.

He did the second half and appears to be involved in coaching now. Still has quick feet and was fairly instrumental in changing the game. Played up front, more or less.

Then yesterday I watched Asmir Begovic's younger brother in goal for Paulton Rovers. made a couple of decent saves, but really can't kick. Seems to be a thing with academy keepers- they seem to be so firmly coached to look for the short balls out to play a passing game from the back, that they lack some of the basic ability to give it a good clog from a backpass...

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