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Drove to and through Burnley yesterday
at 21:57 13 Oct 2019

shyte-loads of stunning new houses on top class estates. £50k a pop. 4 beds.

Jobs come free with each purchase.

Boris proposals... predictably lame?
at 15:21 2 Oct 2019

Essentially a border in the Irish sea which was considered a problem previously. Then get around the good friday issue by gaving stormont vote on it and have autonomy to withdraw that would be the stormont which hasnt sat or functioned for a very lengthy period....
Am I a bad parent?
at 20:42 27 Sep 2019

Just spent 15 minutes teaching my 9 year old to pick padlocks...
Right. Have the BBC messed up their website?
at 21:43 3 Sep 2019

Its redirecting to with a horrible new layout with massive pictures to scroll past to find what you want...
how often do package holiday co.s do this?
at 13:36 27 Aug 2019

Flight home changed from 830 pm to 830 am. Same day. So a whole day holiday lost on a 7 day trip.

They have offered to pay for our parking and book seats for us to be together on plane. Supposedly worth 130 quid. A fraction of the cost of 1/7 of the holiday...

Will never use Tui again.
[Post edited 27 Aug 13:39]
A bit of music
at 23:46 21 Aug 2019

I am at home alone tonight. I have enjoyed some very decent Chablis. And cheese on toast (with boutique chillie sauce).

All mitigating factors. But I can't remember the last time I yelled at my screen (like an idiot howling at the moon) with joy and passion at a musical performance as I just did. Bloody stunning.

Cricket issues...
at 10:02 25 Jul 2019

Am I wildly off the mark in beginning to think that Stokes should be tried at 3?

I object to the argument that Root should go there. Lengthy period in the field captaining, followed by immediately being padded up ready to be first in (potentially 2nd ball) is clearly not going to give him thebest chance of success.

Stokes, whilst a big hitter, has increasingly shown (even in the WC) an ability and determination to dig in and scrap out the runs in the early stages of an innings when needed. Could he not do that in a Test?

You could then have
1 Burns
2 Roy
3 Stokes
4 Root
5 Buttler
6 Bairstow
7 Moeen
8 Broad
9 Archer
10 Anderson
11- AN Other (Wood or a dibbly dobbler depending on the pitch. Curranperhaps- in which case at 8 not 11).
Vocation Dirty Pilsener.
at 20:19 20 Jul 2019

Well worth your time and coins....
Sats results.
at 01:22 13 Jul 2019

Lots of information online about how many meet expected standards. Nothing i can find beyond that though. Anyone know what scores are typical as opposed to seriously top end? If 65% hit standard then presumably most of those were some way above it. I'd like to see a distribution graph but can't find one. ...
I have no real interest in Glastonbury-
at 09:32 29 Jun 2019

but it kept me up last night with the noise... So I watched bits.

Dont get "Stormzy" at all. Modern rap music is so uninspired. The rhythms in the lyrics are monotonous and repetitive- and it seemed very hard to make out any of the lyrics.

Just noticed, however, that Wu Tang are playing today. Blimey. Maybe I should have gone.
Lingaard video
at 17:10 20 Jun 2019

Heard about it on the radio. Wondered what shocking nonsense he'd stupidly put on social media.

Got home. Its just some blokes in a hotel suite, saying goodbye room, and swearing a bit. What on earth is the issue?

Bit silly, bit crass, but seriously. We used to have players taping spitroasting girls- and now there is uproar because someone pretended to shag a pillow, with his pants on?
I know it's trite to moan about shirt prices
at 22:09 14 Jun 2019

But this is ridiculous. My daughter is really engaged with the women's world cup, I'm encouraging it. Watching with her, buying the Wallcharts etc.

Thought I'd buy her a shirt. small kids shirt FIFTY FECKING QUID. Shorts are nearly as much again.

The FA are such a bunch of twots.
England have been poor throughout
at 21:20 6 Jun 2019

Barely kept the ball outside of their own defensive third.

Chased shadows.
For the select few TWTD blues and guitar nerds
at 22:29 5 Jun 2019

I spent last weekend at the Red Rooster festival near Thetford. I ate, drank, laughed and listened. Would prefer something a bit more blues leaning but it was good. I was aware of a guitarist called Todd Albright but had not seen him previously. He specialises in 12 string 20s and 30s music- Leadbelly, Willie McTell etc. His guitar just sounded F'in awesome. Just. Wow.

Little interview here which really shows off the guitar in question which is pretty unique.

Such a massive, pianistic sound. Need one! I already have a 6 string by the same luthier but I fear I am going to spend the next six months selling stuff or trying to justify the expense to myself and the wife....

[Post edited 5 Jun 22:30]
Paul Darrow has died
at 17:51 3 Jun 2019

And a little part of me along with him.

Staying with us required a degree of stupidity he could no longer manage. (reference for the proper nerds)
Yoghurt knitting
at 23:34 19 May 2019

What's the most yoghurt knitty environment you have ever experienced?

I went to an extraordinary open mic tonight. 2nd act played 12 minutes straight of what could best be described as improvised avant garde folk noodling.

Next a very pretty lady in huge pantaloon trousers and shawls played sophisticated jazz folk chords with songs she had written inspired by the words of a Sufi poet.

After that a bloke in flip flops played self penned Dylanesque songs accompanied by a friend who played a traditional Armenian double reeded instrument.

He went on to say that he would be pleased to offer energy to the open mic project before explaining he had been arrested today and assaulted by a policeman with'inhumane energy' and swearing a lot. Turns out he was done for driving his van without insurance because he couldn't afford it. No excuse. .. seriously. ... He then sang about 'the land'. Before his mate did a folk song on an African instrument with metal pingy things and a lacquered shell of some sort.

Oh. I forgot the elderly couple who played very sophisticated instrumentals on guitar and mandolin inspired by places they have visited around the world and the animals they saw there.
[Post edited 19 May 23:45]
The FA Cup appears to be dead
at 18:36 18 May 2019

Not taken seriously by the big clubs, or even the lower prem clubs, but still a complete non contest come the final. Very sad to see.

The FA and PL have allowed money to detroy the game in so many ways.
Red Rooster festival in Suffolk and nerdery
at 21:12 9 May 2019

Anyone going? Anyone know any of the acts?!

Is it too nerdish to work through the lineup via youtube creating a spreadsheet of which ones seem most interesting?
Home theatre
at 12:23 18 Apr 2019

We use a smart tv in living room for netflux anazon etc and still have a dvd too. I have a rarely used old surround sound system with optical and coax inputs.

Thinking about a projector for the basement and moving the surround stuff down there for films and streaming with sound that wont disturb the kids upstairs at night.

Issue is how do i get streams through the projector. I could use my laptop but i dont think it has optical or coax audio out so i wouldnt get the 5.1 sound. It does have hdmi.

Does one get a roku or something? Do they deal with 5.1? What solutions do the folks of twtd employ...?
B0llocks to the football- Anyone been to Red Rooster festival?
at 16:51 30 Mar 2019

Near Thetford. Trying to persuade the family to go, but have 2 nos out of 3 so far so am toying with the idea of running solo...
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