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Cheese thread- does this go in football? Should do really give its core TWTD
at 17:38 29 Nov 2017

subject matter...

What do we think of these Raclette grill things which appear to have become mildly trendy amongst certain demographics...

Saw one in Lidl today and was immediately drawn to the idea of an excuse for lots of melted cheese....
The Ashes on BT Sport
at 18:08 21 Nov 2017

What a crock.

No way I can watch any of it without a BT Broadband subscription. Ridiculous. They are well on the way to destroying the support base, especially amongst younger people, for cricket, for short term financial gain.

At least when stuff is on Sky I can use the Now TV service and pay for the bits and pieces Im interested in as and when.
how hard is it to Tile a floor?
at 12:08 21 Nov 2017

Kitchen being done. Tiler has let us down... Tiles are stone so maybe a problem for me to cut.
Nice initiative from Yeovil Town
at 18:50 16 Nov 2017

Offering free 1 hour training sessions with first team squad member(s) to charter standard clubs in the County, with a brief stadium tour afterwards.

My U10s are going to be buzzing.

Do ITFC do anything of that sort?
Why, when talking about football, do otherwise moderately literate people
at 09:08 5 Nov 2017

insist on saying that someone "done well"?
Post Derby Haiku thread.
at 14:32 22 Oct 2017

Away you go...
1st half was better than I have seen from us for some time
at 14:03 22 Oct 2017

Not great, but decent and I think we were the better team.

After the goal, we reverted to type and were largely poor. Stopped winning the second balls and offered very little.

The attacking subs were way too late. McGoldrick had a poor game imo- though he was largely having to play as a battering ram which isnt his game. Lack of any pace was very apparent throughout the team.

Better than before
Painful lack of guile and speed
Same result again
at 16:23 15 Oct 2017

The original Blade Runner is set in 2019. So the Tyrell Corporation have just two years to move from producing fancy crisps to replicants.
Excel nerds...
at 00:03 24 Aug 2017

The wife has a question for the twtd intelligentsia.... I don't claim to understand it.

"I need help doing a count of customers based on a conditional formatting. I.e. how many customers are in the 'yellow' cells in a column. I've tried =CountCcolor(x:y,z) but the result comes back as zero. I ran the module on the VBA. There is Zutool but I'm not sure I can install at work.

There was a background colour but I need the conditional formatting to say where the info is coming from.

Any ideas please?

PC / Gaming nerds...
at 16:56 6 Aug 2017

I think its about time I upgraded my rig- but haven't done anything of that sort for a good few years now and am somewhat out of touch.

I've often found that the builds suggested in PC Gamer magazine have been useful- but currently their bidget build is real bargain basement, and then the mid range one massively more expensive. Im wondering if there is some sensible middle ground... Their budget suggestions are a Pentium G4560 for £50 with a 4gb GTX 1050 for £135. Their mid range is a Ryzen 5 for £150 (fair enough perhaps) coupled with a GTX 1070 8GB for £350...

I have a Phenom 2- X4 955 processor which still is pretty decent for its age, but probably ought to go. If thats the case, then I am looking at the whole rig rather than just chucking in a new GPU.

Any thoughts / insights?
Is a hot tub chavvy?
at 21:45 2 Jul 2017

Bbc4 now. American epic.
at 22:43 28 May 2017

Lovely stuff.
Is there a game associated with these Sainsburys Lego cards?
at 19:44 23 May 2017

My daughter has a stack of them, and they have numebrs and symbols suggestive of some sort of deck building game. But Ive not seen any rules...
Trump on Manchester bomb
at 10:48 23 May 2017

The man is an embarrassing fool. I'd accuse him of dumbing down a highly complex and emotive issue but it's not deliberate. It's just his level.

Apparently the bomber(s) are 'losers'. And he won't call them monsters because 'they'd think it was a great name'.

I despair.
I tunes hipsters
at 18:41 20 May 2017

Ive come across an musician who's music interests me. Her album appears only to be available on itunes, which I refuse to sully my pc with.

It seems that to get it I will have to break that rule.

If I do, do I get proper access to the music and the ability to download and use it without itunes? I could then install long enough to get it and then remove it...
this 20 - 1 salary ratio proposed by labour
at 09:28 12 May 2017

Does it apply to football? If not why not. If so then the impact would be enormous. Tea lady at old Trafford would need to be on 15k a week...
So... which tv antiques enthusiast took his kids to dick and dom live
at 21:35 16 Apr 2017

this afternoon. And had the privilege of reserved seats near the front without queuing? And had his boy go up on stage for a game during which he appeared close to tears?
Spoiling for a fight with Russia
at 07:34 7 Apr 2017

That was the line used by many to discredit Hillary Clinton. And here we have trumpywumpy launching 59 missiles at Russia's ally...
Congratulations to Johanna Konta
at 19:55 1 Apr 2017

I know she's not quite properly English, but still. A real top end tennis player in the ladies section has been a long time coming.

The Expanse- Netflix
at 23:04 29 Mar 2017

I heard of it for the first time via a podcast on the way to work this morning.

Watched two episodes. So far, its magnificent. The first and only proper nearly 'hard' SF (by which I mean, realistic, scientific intelligent stuff) that I have seen on screen. Proper physics, proper ideas and beautifully shot.

Long may it continue.
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