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6 bands or artists you have seen
at 20:54 31 Mar 2020

But one is a lie. Spot the lie. (Just had this off a friend's FB. As I suspect will some others on here, given his rather obsessive association with ITFC)

1. Salt N Peppa
2. BB King
3. The Shadows
4. David "Honeyboy" Edwards
5. Howard Keel
6. Eric Clapton
Some excellent virus / science v politics analysis
at 13:23 31 Mar 2020

From one of the finest youtube opponents of woo and bollox.

No wine left.
at 18:10 28 Mar 2020

I can cope without being able to buy hummus and balsamic vinegar. I can cope without chipotles, though thankfully we have a decent supply.

But the wine is all gone. And I have persuaded myself that despite it being Saturday night, it would be wrong to go out to the shop for the second time in two days (they are limiting sales of wine so I couldnt stock up). I had almost convinced myself what the heck, when todays death figures came out.

We are now drinking 4 year old home made cider. I do miss the apple trees at out old house- this was the last vintage before we moved. Could plant some here, but it would be years and years before we got a decent crop for Cider.

I would like some sympathy please.

Whilst I wait for that, I am off to Amazon to see if they still have any home brew in stock. Remain a bit puzzled as to whether we are still supposed to be ordering things online or should stop....
Whilst I accept there are more important things to worry about
at 15:02 24 Mar 2020

In efforts not to be a stockpiling git, we have failed to stock up on beer and wine.

There is a single bottle of red in the house.

After a long day with us all at home- how the hell do we get through the evenings?!!
should we be completely avoiding all shops where possible now?
at 10:29 23 Mar 2020

Was going to get grow bags and such but now thinking better of it.

How about online stuff? Surely deliveries are a major potential source of infection from packaging and contact with drivers who are visiting loads of homes and handling lots of packages?
2 things
at 20:28 21 Mar 2020

1- a facebook "aquaintance" (mother of a young musician I have shared a stage with on occasion) has posted a "share this if you agree council tax should be suspended for three months due to uncertain teims... Seems cynical... Agree?

2- I am tempted to head out tomorrow to a timber / wood work place and buy some wood for various projects. Its a shop with lots of space. thats not irresponsible is it?
south west folks... frome/ shepton
at 23:02 20 Mar 2020

Thai kitchen in frome. Doing takeaway. Booking collection slots so only 1 person in restaurant at once. Pre payment so non contact. Really well thought out and safe. No ordinary takeaway. Finest thai restaurant I have ever been to. By a distance. Support the places we want to still be here after the shytestorm has passed.
virtual open mic
at 10:22 17 Mar 2020

One sees virtual gigs being done on Facebook. Is there any easy way to do similar but with multiple consecutive participants in different places?
Who has amassed the most bog roll??
at 17:47 14 Mar 2020

Was in Argos yesterday- and saw a delivery of Ebay Collection point stuff. Someone had seemingly found and ordered (on ebay) 6x9 packs of Andrex...

My outings so far today resulted in a complete failure to secure any flour in Tesco- which was also completely out of Baked Beans, Pitta Bread, Chinese starter snacks, toilet roll, and very very low on large sections of the freezer section. Loads of fresh fruit and veg though.
Timing is the theme of the day
at 19:39 12 Mar 2020

Is it a good time

(1) to get the virus- whilst services are far from oveerwhelmed?
(2) Start a stocks and shares ISA given the state of the markets?
anyone knowledgeable about physio?
at 10:41 10 Mar 2020

Have a knackered ankle. Not sure physio knows what he's doing. Yanked it around. Kept looking at diagrams on wiki. Applied a tens machine. Talked of bones not being in alignment. Told me to moisturise the area to improve blood flow. Am I right to smell the whiff of quackery?
I appear to have a jinxed car
at 17:35 6 Mar 2020

Obviously I don't believe in such things, but since I got my Mazda in 2016 or so it has been hit three times- on each occasion whilst I was stationary. In my previous 20+ years of driving- never been hit.... Annoying.

This one was a fairly young girl- who is now asking if I will go and get a quote and do things outside of insurance. I feel quite sorry for her- its clearly going to be painful either way for her, but especially if she goes through insurance. That said we are both under a legal obligation to report in any event, so organising payment outside of insurance probably wont protect her from premium hikes anyway.

I'm not very inclined to agree- I want it done properly at no hassle to me and really dont want the bother of going around and getting quotes etc and then having to drop the thing off somewhere and get back hom or to work to pick up another car, when an insurance company will send round an assessor, collect the car etc and just sort it.

Being a softy though, I remain undecided at this point. Will wait until tomorrow at least to see if my somewhat sore back is just a fleeting thing, or if I wake up with pain and stiffness.
Folks in the Chltenham/ Gloucester area: fine fingerstyle blues and jazz guitar
at 22:49 26 Feb 2020

A niche performance- but if anyone appreciates such things, John is an excellent player and teacher.
Out of idle interest- what do old programmes sell for these days?
at 21:27 25 Feb 2020

I have never really been one for programme collecting or buying (though I am annoyed to have lost my collection of TWTDs- especially the ones I wrote in...).

However, I came across a pile of old programmes at Yoxford antiques centre last weekend and managed to buy one from the week of my birth- which was a nice thing to have. I will frame it I think.

My patience has run out- some analysis
at 21:52 11 Feb 2020

This was a game where, given recent results, 3 points was a priority.

We went into it with injuries meaning that our wing backs were defensively minded rather than creative attacking players. That is not the manager's fault- and I do not think it inherently wrong to stick with the formation and improvise accordingly. However- we needed to recognise that 2 defensive wingbacks and 3 centre backs meant that a genuinely defensive midfielder would mean we had a very conservative lineup. Even with that recognition- the lineup was not obviously hopeless.

However, it was utterly apparent, within 30 minutes, that we were creating nothing. We dominated possession throughout but made no chances. It was congested, turgid and slow. It should have been obvious that a change was needed, and that there was no necessity for a defensive player in front of a back 3 and two defensive wing backs. There was no room in behind to break- and no creativity or ability to beat a man to break down a packed defence.

Despite that- no changes were made until very late on. When the changes were made- the first was a like for like- Keane for Norwood. Keane did okay- but there was nothing about the change that had any prospect of changing the game or addressing the obvious problem. The second substitution was baffling- Sears as a wing back? Offered nothing and was far too late to effect the game in any meaningful sense.

The system and players meant that our attacking options and spare men were the wide centre backs- and the defensive wing backs. Great as a surprise breaking option. Not ever likely to succeed in breaking down a packed defence. A 532 can work that way if the wing backs are an attacking threat. Given the players available- we needed to ensure an attacking threat came from elsewhere but persisted with a defensive midfielder, covering 3 centre backs and 2 defensive wing backs- leaving a frustrated Downes, and utterly ineffective Huws puffing around to little effect in front of the Wimbledon defence.

The failure to change things and recognise the very very obvious problems was unforgiveable and myopic by Lambert. Dozzell could have supplied some creativity from Skuse's position- and there was no necessity for defensive muscle in front of a back 3, with an opposition with no ambition to get beyond half way. Mizouni and Dobra could have been included to try to provide a spark in these types of games- not part of the squad.

No pace, no width, no creativity- and not a thing done to try to change that throughout 90 minutes. Utterly ridiculous.
Long time since I have been to PR
at 22:04 6 Feb 2020

Kids have never been.

Despite my better judgment, we are going to the Oxford game. I was always a NS ST holder. Sat in Cobbold for the ressies, and Churchmans (post rebuild) during the NS rebuild.

Where is a good atmospheric spot with a good view these days. Was leaning towards the front of upper cobbold. But. 30. Fecking. Quid. Just. For. Me....
How many ponts has norris cost us?
at 18:06 1 Feb 2020

He's not very good is he?
Three month record....
at 17:51 1 Feb 2020

Its useful sometimes to actually look at how things have gone over a period- not just in rough "x points in Y matches" form but having the facts laid in front of us.

Over the last 3 months in the league
Beat Rochdale 1-0
Drew 2-2 with Blackpool
Drew 0-0 with Wycombe
Drew 1-1 with Coventry
Lost 2-1 to Bristol R
Lost 1-0 to Pompey
Drew 0-0 with Gillingham
Lost 5-3 to Lincoln
Drew 1-1 with Wycombe
Beat Accrington 4-1
Drew 0-0 with Oxford
Beat Tranmere 2-1
Beat Lincoln 1-0
Lost 1-0 to Rotheram
Lost 4-1 to Peterborough

4 wins in 3 months (14 games / one third of a season) 5 Defeats. 5 draws
17 goals in that time. Just over 1 a game.

4 wins in three fecking months. Seriously.

[Post edited 1 Feb 17:54]
A fine video
at 16:32 31 Jan 2020

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