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Home theatre
at 12:23 18 Apr 2019

We use a smart tv in living room for netflux anazon etc and still have a dvd too. I have a rarely used old surround sound system with optical and coax inputs.

Thinking about a projector for the basement and moving the surround stuff down there for films and streaming with sound that wont disturb the kids upstairs at night.

Issue is how do i get streams through the projector. I could use my laptop but i dont think it has optical or coax audio out so i wouldnt get the 5.1 sound. It does have hdmi.

Does one get a roku or something? Do they deal with 5.1? What solutions do the folks of twtd employ...?
B0llocks to the football- Anyone been to Red Rooster festival?
at 16:51 30 Mar 2019

Near Thetford. Trying to persuade the family to go, but have 2 nos out of 3 so far so am toying with the idea of running solo...
Is this one of the most stupid things to be said by an MP ever?
at 22:49 26 Mar 2019

I know there's an awful lot of strong competition but seriously...
[Post edited 26 Mar 23:06]
Why is a supposedly good quality broadhsheet giving this charlatan publicity?
at 11:07 23 Mar 2019

Isn't it time we grew up and grew out of this sort of nonsense?

Time to prosecute mediums and psychics for fraud as well.
More kids football whining
at 23:32 17 Mar 2019

FA not to blame this time.

Am I being a whiny old git?

Played an U9s game in our cup competition today. We are 4th of 6 in our group. Should be equal third really- but we had a mad 10 minutes against a lower side last time out. We were playing the side top of our group. They drew with the joint top side and their other results in the group of 6 have been 9-3, 11-1, 11-2.

Opposition manager was telling his team at half time that it was "embarrassing" that they were only 4-2 up (as overheard by my daughter). He went on to order his keeper to come up and play as sweeper in OUR HALF in the third quarter (that stopped after we very nearly caught them on the break for 4-3). Thought that was hugely disrespectful to a team with no subs, and 2 under 8s playing their socks off and matching them, despite their obvious belief that they were at another level to us.

At the end I jokingly said "hey- give us player x back (one of our best players switched to them last summer) and we'll draw with you next time". Their Manager's response was: "I wouldn't go that far..." and he then turned his back on me and walked off.

U9s FFS. Get a grip.
at 07:47 13 Mar 2019

From where I was there was as clear a penalty as could be towards the end of the first half. Bristol defender virtually caught it with both hands. Was I imagining things?
Only seen highlights but...
at 20:27 2 Mar 2019

Kenlock created our goal.

Chambers appears very very very easy to get in behind.

Nsiala's mistake was painful- but not surprising from someone lacking regular games.
iplayer. stewart lee series3 ep 1
at 00:11 2 Mar 2019

Go and watch it now. My unpteenth viewing. I'm a bottle of prosecco and a mom perfomance at man v fat 6 aside down... But its a masterpiece...
Fascinating stuff from the Pope
at 12:50 24 Feb 2019

What did the Pope say?
In comparing child sexual abuse with human sacrifice he said:

"I am reminded of the cruel religious practice, once widespread in certain cultures, of sacrificing human beings - frequently children - in pagan rites,"

"The inhumanity of the worldwide phenomenon becomes even more serious and more scandalous in the Church, because it is in contrast with its moral authority and its ethical credibility. "

Am I alone in noting the tension inherent in his comments? Not just the obvious easy stuff about how the church has failed to deal with abuse- but more intriguingly, the fact that the entire religion is based upon the concept that jesus (in human form) sacrificed himself to appease god for humanity's sins. Isn't that, at its heart, essentially the same as sacrificing a human (or animal) to a god to appease it?
[Post edited 24 Feb 12:51]
What do we think of the Talksport cricket coverage?
at 10:29 23 Feb 2019

Its been a while now. Time to settle in, get used to it and for them to knock off the rough edges.

It seems there is a fair bit of bickering going on between TMS folks and Talksport folks. Twitter spats between Agnew and some bloke called Liam Fisher at TS, amongst other things. Which is pretty sad.

I am still irritated by TS getting the coverage. Happily- they have not littered the coverage with ads. However, I dont have a DAB in the car, so cannot listen whilst driving. With Radio 4 I could make use of LW.

In terms of the actual coverage- Mark Nicholas would be well worthy of a spot on TMS. Some of the guests have had some interesting input. But the routine commentary crew seem to be below par. I'd much rather listen to Swanny or Tuffers than Darren Gough- just more entertaining and articulate characters. The Talksport bloke (who's name I forget- but he's not a cricketer) is not the man for ball by ball commentary imo.
[Post edited 23 Feb 10:38]
What do we make of this then?
at 10:50 21 Feb 2019

[Post edited 21 Feb 10:50]
Where should I take the kids in London-
at 19:30 16 Feb 2019

that isnt obvious? Probablly doing the eye, dungeon, bodeans for tea, Hamleys...
Fiddly little PC question...
at 21:54 7 Feb 2019

Cant find an answer via google- awkward to know how to describe / search for it.

I routinely copy stacks of music files to assorted USB sticks for the car. I keep getting problems with odd files coming up as unknown and not connected with their relevant albums. Looking at the metadata, it appears that on about 20% of the albums I copy across, the first track (and only the first track) somehow leaves behind / loses its metadata (namely "album" and "artist") in the copying process. Leaving me the task now of going into each individial first track which shows the problem, and adding the metadata back in...

Any ideas why this happens and how to deal with it?!!
I trust everyone has enjoyed the laughable Norfolk Police tweet? (n/t)
at 18:32 29 Jan 2019

Another brief kids' football rant
at 18:57 24 Jan 2019

Ive been coaching player X for 3 years now About 6 months fun mini football. Then guiding him through his first ever proper games, his first goals, becoming a genuinely decent striker for his age, 2 full seasons for the club, and half of this season.

He has spent more time on the pitch than most.

Since the end of last year, I have not had any response from his parents on whatsapp when organising games, and he hasnt appeared at training. Today, after nearly 4 weeks of radio silence, I get an email from the secretary of another club asking me to send them over the player's "FA FAN number" so they can get him registered.

I sent his mum a message earlier asking if there were any reasons- so we could run the club better going forwards, saying he was welcome back anytime, and asking for return of the shirt as other players are currently making do with old style ones.

It was read at 6.15. Ive not had the courtesy of a reply.

There's fecking gratitude for you. Not paid his subs for the year yet either...

Blues and guitary folks in the South west (or elsewhere...)
at 20:45 20 Jan 2019

My modern day guitar hero is in Bristol on Saturday. Well worth the price of a ticket if you are local. And you might get to meet me :-)

[Post edited 20 Jan 20:46]
It really is silly that lots of people would pay to watch the game today
at 13:21 1 Jan 2019

on a stream if it were available, but are prevented from doing so.

I understand the attempt to protect live attendances on Saturdays but still... It just leads to dodgy streams.
Computer nerd folks... Hardware problem
at 16:25 27 Dec 2018

My son's PC has died. Its one I built about 7 years ago and has been upgraded since.

It whirrs, then shuts off again- prior to any POST process or even any beeps. Have reseated everything- tried with and without ram. The ram light flashes which made me wonder if it was that- but even with no ram, or the sticks swapped one at a time, no difference.

Have reset CMOS and replaced the CMOS battery.

Im guessing its either PSU or its properly knackered. Any thoughts?
End of an era. It seems my daughter rumbled me playing Santa
at 23:37 25 Dec 2018

12.30am. she's told the wife that she saw me delivering the full stocking. Apparently she doesn't want me to know she knows, because she doesn't want to spoil it for me!

9 seems too young for the illusion to be broken­čśĽ
Anyone for a festive game of online Mornington Crescent?
at 10:57 24 Dec 2018

We should do it round robin style but with the Regency Rules. (i.e. This means the Nash Convention allows superseding after parallel moves, and all Terraces and Crescents are wild, unless of course you are in Spoon.)

No consecutive turns by a single player. I'll start:

Chancery lane.

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