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Can't help thinking I would be more confident with Broad as 1st change...
at 11:32 10 Jul 2020

Additional height and skill, and one hell of a record. Especially in these conditions where there ought to be some movement available off the pitch at least.

Archer has a lot to live up to.
don't trust Google et al....
at 21:53 5 Jul 2020

I have every privacy setting I can find set. I watched a car enthusiast video on YouTube this afternoon. The maker had a sponsorship and did a little promotion for an electric razor thing. For use on man bits... pretty specialised and a bit random but what the heck. If he can make few quid from the promotion it's fine by me.

This evening my spam email contains an ad from the very same company. I struggle with the idea that is coincidence...
My god- the absurdity of the changes to handball...
at 18:37 2 Jul 2020

Player is fouled, running into the box, falls, has the ball smashed against his arm at two inches range by a defender, ball ricochets away and Kane puts it in.

Disallowed for accidental handball. And all because some fans and pundits were too stupid to understand the old rule, or the concept of a referee having to make a judgment rather than a decision being binary and definitive.

Anyone know how to view tonight's game online?
at 20:35 30 Jun 2020

The Mrs has the telly...
Amazon football...
at 21:03 29 Jun 2020

Crowd noise is awful. Very high in the mix, very artificial, very variable for no obvious reason- and totally incongruous with the shouts and instructions they have mixed in at the same level. Any way of turning it off?!!!
It appears that social distancing is dead
at 08:42 20 Jun 2020

BBC reporting that the review on 2m rule will be done in a couple of days. All the papers reporting that it will be reduced. Clearly briefed.

Schools back in September- impossible without reduction.

They have made the decision and are simlpy trying to claw together some supportive expert opinion to justify it. Shouldnt it be the other way round?
English wine
at 21:08 19 Jun 2020

Still crap isn't it?

I am familiar with the concept that south east england is at a similar latitude to champagne and chablis, and that it is on the same geological layer with similar chalky soils etc.

I am familiar with the frequently asserted opinion that English wine has come on hugely and is underrated. Also, the received wisdom that you pay for the champagne name, when the cheap stuff really isnt even as good as good english stuff.

But every time I shell out reasonable cash on an English fizz (and I have spent anywhere between £15 and £35) I have been disappointed. An £18 bottle of Nicholas Fuillate champers is invariably better.
Poor show from Ryan Fraser
at 09:33 19 Jun 2020

A club that backed and developed him- facing a relegation fight, and he doesnt fancy playing.

Wouldn't want him alongside me in the trenches...
Salisbury poisonings on BBC
at 21:50 15 Jun 2020

Is it just me, or should we, as a nation... as the public... and as viewers, be kicking up a big fuss on this increasing trend of making dramas of contemporary happenings?

Seems to me to be massively distasteful and objectionable, to make a drama about things that have happened (and massively impacted on) the lives of people who are still around.

See also- dramas about the royals, Who wants to be a millionaire, and many others, which I am struggling to bring to mind at the moment. It feels utterly wrong to dramatise other people's lives without their say so. To put words in their mouths, and to put a programme ont he telly that puts their own lives right in their faces as viewers, with seemingly no concern as to whether they will be impacted by it.

Post pandemic trips
at 18:21 15 Jun 2020

No summer hols to speak of this year. Allowing for money to be spent on things like the patio, and pizza ovens and maybe log burners.

However, it has got me thinking about what I really need to do travel wise before I get too old, and that I should really start prioritising some money accordingly.

Wife wants to do NY again. Fine by me- preferably post-Trump though.

I have talked for years about doing a deep south trip. Into New orleans, up the River (preferably in a proper American car without a roof), stopping on the way, trip to the shack up in, and the Clarksdale for the Juke Joint festival. Would be cool to get a little gig or something there- I have a friend who has played there a few times and knows people and places around Mississippi. Might be able to wangle something.

Then I think it has to be Japan. I want to see Japanese gardens and Bonsai, Mount Fuji ,the crazy chaos of Tokyo.

A return to the Maldives will probably need to wait until the kids have left home...

Anyone have must-do trips, and re-focussed on them during this period of being restricted?

Allardyce. What a bitter, hypocritical, pathetic little man he is...
at 09:25 12 Jun 2020

On TS this morning- talking about peterborough and the supposed unfairness of the PPG ending. He said that they just had to get over it and get on with it.

Like he had to when "Barry Knight, the worst referee in history, stitched us up"

Over it and moved on then Fatsam?

Still bleating dishonestly about it 20 years on- despite the decisions in question being pretty much unquestionably correct.
EU rules on cookies etc
at 20:45 11 Jun 2020

I endorse them thoroughly- but am equally sick to death of having to click through various warnigns and agree various things every time I click a link.

Importantly- "strictly necessary" cookies, arent bloody necessary are they?
Slow and staged re-opening
at 17:22 9 Jun 2020

This apparently involves re-opening retail before we have had a chance to see the impact of the previous relaxations- which will take at least a fortnight to filter through into figures.
Credit to builders everywhere
at 15:19 7 Jun 2020

Bloody hard work trying to knock up a block wall.

And clearly harder than it looks, going by the manner in which the blocks dont seem to be sticking properly in place.

Something very simple I suspect- not mixing the mortar enough, not wetting the blocks, too wet, too dry... Lots of things to do differently when I try again. What i do know is I am knackered and wont be trying again for a day or two!
Hmmm Tyrone...
at 09:24 1 Jun 2020

You are right- the restart is financially driven. And it is questionable (but not dissimilar to vast majority of other places of work) that the players are the last to be consulted.

The reason it is financially driven though, is that clubs need to pay their enormous outgoings. Which are primarily players' wages. Its not as if most clubs are making big profits, once player costs are included.
Chilli Con Carne
at 19:19 30 May 2020

I make a damned fine chilli. Whether mixed bean chilli, typical minced beef chilli, or a smoky one made from minced beef and diced steak, simmered over coals in a closed barbecue for 4 or 5 hours. Amongst other thigns we use smoked paprika, cumin seeds, worcester sauce, chipotles, ancho grande, beef stock, cocoa powder, beer - depending on the recipe.

Sometimes, however, I crave a good old simple canteen style chilli- of the type you get at school, or in a baked potato shop, or at some simple cafe. Preferably smothering chips or baked potato. In many many years of cooking various types of chilli- I have never succeeded in replicating that very distinctive style. We must be missing something very obvious. Any ideas?

And whilst you are at it, any other connosieurs with recipes and secret ingredients for the more sophisticated efforts?
Home cinema seating...
at 20:43 29 May 2020

I have fancied a lazyboy chair for 20 years. They are overpriced and you pay for the name.

I suspect there are some really good, less well known, similar ideas out there. Anyone got a good un? Or an ideal pair of 2 seater leathery sofas? Or indeed, good cinema/ gaming beanbags for the kids?
Broadly speaking he has done quite well
at 17:40 25 May 2020

Calm and reasoned.

He is fundamentally wrong to say he was within the rules because they say that with small children compliance may not be possible. His situation did not make compliance impossible. he is disingenuously conflating a rule noting that sometimes compliance is impossible, with permission to use your judgement

I do not buy the bit about his home being targeted. Nothing changed there and he is trying to cash in on yesterday's footage by claiming that it was already happening.

The barnard castle account lacks all credibility. You don't drive with dodgy eyesight. If he had an issue driving to London the wife could have taken over.

The second visit is problematic as I suggested yesterday in the absence of more evidence. Time will tell on whether there is more but I rather expected it to come this morning if it existed.

The purported inability of either Cummings our boris to recall their conversation about the trip is enormously convenient.
back from the garden centre. people have stopped bothering
at 11:12 25 May 2020

Marked difference to this time last week.

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