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Would you prefer to be top
at 10:35 26 Jan 2020

of the league and out of the cups, or would you rather be in Coventry's position, two games in hand, if they win both they go top and still in the FA cup?
League 1 is insane, it is impossible to predict who will be the top 6 at the end of season. There are eight serious contenders, not sure Wycombe will last the pace, but no idea who else will fail to make it, perhaps it depends on which Peterborough players come and go this week.
Coventry are having an incredible season considering their circumstances, but the games are going to come thick and fast in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see if they have the stamina to last the pace.
Portsmouth and Oxford are also both still involved in the cup, it has to be a distraction at this crucial time of the season.
I am happy to see Town top of the league and out of the cups this season, automatic promotion is rightly our only focus.
After reading numerous threads
at 18:49 1 Jan 2020

following the game today, it looks as though every player, perhaps with the exception of Downes, shouldn't be playing for Town again.
Time for a reality check, we really don't have a collection of decent players, after last season why would anyone expect us to finish top of the league ahead of Rotherham?
People moaned about Nsiala after the Boxing day match, I don't see how he is any worse than Chambers and that's the problem, we have too many players who are technically very poor.
Imagine if we get lucky and achieve promotion, how difficult would we find life back in the Championship? A look at the table shows Luton and Barnsley at the bottom and Charlton dropping fast. We would need major investment just to survive and that isn't likely to happen unless Marcus goes against everything he has done in the last six or seven years.
It's a tough love nowadays following the Town, but I don't see a quick fix, I think I will have to start meditation classes.
Harry Billinge
at 18:34 8 Nov 2019

Did anyone watch him on BBC news this morning? A real gent and a true hero. Listening to him was so emotional and so inspiring, politicians take note.
Why do pop stars, film stars and sports stars get MBE, OBE and Knighthood awards, yet real life hero's in all walks of life often get ignored or taken for granted?
Cricket final tomorrow
at 18:44 13 Jul 2019

C4 given the chance to show it live and advertising it as "live coverage of every ball".
Just the small matter of them having to show live coverage of the F1 British GP , starting with the build up from 1.15pm and concluding with a review afterwards. Cricket coverage resumes at 4.15pm.
There's going to be a lot of live play missed at Lords in those three hours. I guess it shows why cricket needs it's own channel, free to air tv can't spare the air time to show a whole one day cricket match, yet alone a whole world cup, or even an Ashes series.
After reading Phil's match report
at 19:23 6 Jul 2019

I made the mistake of reading the comments underneath. Wow there are a couple of strange characters over there, one of them seems obsessed with typing # SNOWFLAKE and between them, they are going to start a revolution.
All this because we didn't win the first pre season game of the season, I must remember to stop reading once the match report has finished.
Donacien, does Lambert
at 10:32 23 Jun 2019

play him, or get rid?
Could be a useful defender for us at this level, no idea what happened between him and Lambert at Villa, but that was a while ago. If we sell him, are we likely to get a better player for the money, to replace him?
I guess we will find out in the next few weeks.
Question for the betting types
at 09:41 16 Jun 2019

What odds should I be looking for when I place a bet on Town finishing above Nodge in the Championship in 2020/21 ?
Time to be positive, look forward and believe that karma has to let us Town fans enjoy better times, starting this season.
Super teams tv programme
at 13:50 18 May 2019

Anyone remember it? I was talking to family this morning and I have vague memories of going to Welwyn Garden City, (I think), to watch Ipswich take on Everton at various events.

Nothing involving football that I can remember, but I know there was a rowing event amongst others.

I was probably a young teenager, so I guess it was late seventies, or early eighties. Probably a spin off from Superstars that was big around then.
Ipswich top of the league
at 13:04 14 May 2019

Never thought I would see the Witches top of the pile in the Premier league again. Great win last night away to Peterborough.

Lets hope this is the start of a long awaited upturn in fortunes for our sporting teams.
How much would you pay to watch Town
at 16:47 8 May 2019

in a Champions league final, or an F A cup final?

Tickets for Champions league final are £60, £155, £400 and £550

Tickets for F A cup final are: £43, £70, £115 and £145

Given that there are people on here upset that they won't be getting a 10% discount on their £230 - £400 season tickets, I wondered how much people would be prepared to pay to watch Town if they had got to a major cup final this year. (Yes I know it is light years away.)

For me, I was lucky enough to watch Town lift the F A cup at Wembley and the UEFA cup in Amsterdam. Prices then were affordable, but I would happily give up my holiday to watch Town in another cup final.
F A cup should be renamed
at 21:16 28 Jan 2019

The Farcical Cup. Games played at various times from Friday through to Monday evening. Clubs mostly not fielding anything like a full strength side, but the random use of VAR is the biggest farce.

How can it be okay to use it in some ties, but not in others? It is like saying some ties don't need referee's assistants.

The F A have ruined the cup, at least Town have the right idea, get out of it ASAP.
Random vinyl album choice
at 21:16 12 Nov 2018

This evening I am listening to Elvis Costello, "Armed Forces". I remember buying this way back in 79, it is still quality listening and the music is as fresh today as it was all those years ago.
I went to see him twice at the Gaumont , a brilliant musician, he was on stage for well over 90 minutes.

Great memories and a great time to live in and around Ipswich, Top football team, top speedway team and great live music most weeks.
If you could bring back
at 18:49 27 Oct 2018

one ex town player, still playing league football, who would you pick to help us out of our predicament?

I would go for Daryl Murphy, he can hold the ball up, score goals, run the channels and he is a huge presence at set pieces, both attacking and defending the ball.
I can't wait until Friday
at 10:43 7 Aug 2018

Then there will be an end to all these blubbering posts, wondering why we haven't got up to date news as it happens on new signings.
Some people are getting way too worked up on here, worrying about missing out on players who until a couple of weeks ago, they had no idea even excised.
at 20:08 24 Jul 2018

Meanwhile that lot up the road
at 12:37 7 May 2018

Are getting quite upset because Maddison was injured yesterday and it is feared that it could be the old "ACL" injury. This would not only stop them cashing in on him in the summer, it would also mean he would be unable to play for them for most of next season, if not longer. A bit of a double whammy.
The Sir Bobby bridge cleaning.
at 17:59 9 Apr 2018

As discussed on Radio Suffolk this morning. Lots of ideas about how to get it cleaned before the 40th anniversary of the F.A cup win. There was one classic answer from a woman who thought the football club should get involved.......... If I was listening to it live, I would have loved to have asked if they could first clean up the Sir Bobby stand, before moving onto the rest of the stadium.
Tony Pulis must be loving life at the moment
at 09:04 11 Mar 2018

All three of his former clubs in the relegation places of the premier league and a fair chance that he will get Boro into the playoffs , with a chance of promotion.
Has this site been taken over by WOTB?
at 21:55 21 Feb 2018

Why are people so obsessed about Norwich on here?
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