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anyone watching colwho? (n/t)
at 18:02 22 Jun 2020

You aren't going to like this
at 07:02 18 Jun 2020

but had a dream "they" were in the FA cup final, and 10k fans per team were allowed to attend.....
troy deeney
at 13:50 15 Jun 2020

just reading a bit from him about footballers coming out as gay...... if I were a player, and gay, I think i'd seriously consider coming out now. get it over and done with while no fans are in the stadium to take the piss..... then next season probably very limited numbers of fans again for a while.

but as im not a player, or gay, I guess that's easier said than done.

Edwards got a contract extension didn’t he?
at 20:55 14 Jun 2020

Sure I read he did
As a player he's too good for us
at 12:49 4 Jun 2020

and will be gone before too long. but i'd happily see KVY as our captain going into next season. Speaks fantastically and on the pitch from what I've seen of him he leads by example.
Who will be the first club
at 06:28 28 May 2020

to play a player that tested positive for covid-19 then?

see that scandal coming a mile off, manager asking the doctor to turn a blind eye as they need the points.

I'll go for Villa
20 years ago I was down PR getting on a coach to WEMBURLEY
at 08:09 25 May 2020

The rest is history...

Dancing on the roundabout by blockbusters on the return to ipswich, walked in front door about 1am

What a day

that PO game - 20 years ago
at 10:21 17 May 2020

can remember that entire day like it was yesterday, anyone else able to relive it?

woke up early that day, a 14 year old me had school, but there would be zero focus and attention on anything else but the game.
jumped on my bike, up to Chantry i went.... remember seeing a postie at the top shops in a town shirt, few blue armys were shouted back and forth.
day passed and flew home down aster road hill on my bike talking about the game with my mate.

got in and parents had seemingly sacked off anything productive that day as remember seeing empty beer cans on the kitchen worktop, bbq was on, normal dinner was sacked off.

the replica top, fresh from wash (after wearing it the sunday at the reebok) went on, and the family walked down to the westgate ward social club. was still pretty early but started filling up with the regulars - everyone positive as hell and I remember still there with my shandy absolutely bricking it.

then set off to the ground, ensuring I walked over all the double drains for luck, warm summer evening and it seemed everyone in Ipswich was out that evening, sounds stupid but defiantly something in the air that night.

then came the game, the highs and lows will never be repeated in a single game of football for me. remember being surrounded by the regular faces in cobbold lower, and remember their faces when boltons goals went in, when ours went in, the stewards helping us (kids) back over the advertising boards after the goals when we "accidently" ended up going over.....

then the Reuser moment, tears thinking about it, time stood still, seeing the north stand erupt, absolute carnage.

then the final whistle. I was sat/stood with family, ranging from 7 year old cousin to parents and uncle/auntie, the stand emptied and everyone was on that pitch..... nobody knew where anyone was but nobody cared. we knew we'd be safe - I think, or wasn't that even a consideration?!

did I sleep that night, did I bolloks!

Up the town
great deal this
at 06:54 14 May 2020

only 50 quid to own this shirt, worn by the legend that is leon best..... and im guessing this could be from THAT game away at Lincoln..... jesus Christ, fight me for it
Who's re-newed for next season then?
at 15:57 7 May 2020

reports saying a significant number had, and I think one even suggested most of the 8000 current DD scheme users had.

personally don't believe that to be completely true, as most of the ST holders I know haven't done so, but if the club wish to sound positive in a strange time then fair play
ST DD question
at 00:13 23 Apr 2020

do we still have May's payment to make for the current season, or was the final one April?

Meaning May's will be for season 20/21? I cant remember when we started paying for 19/20 season

just the scum left now.....
at 20:40 14 Apr 2020

Bournemouth overturn furlough decision.....

Pre booked Holidays for later in the year
at 05:42 23 Mar 2020

i'm sure many of us already have these booked, paid for, in the process of paying for..... what are you currently doing about yours?

We have 2 more payments left on our holiday to Gran Canaria - late July. Personally I don't see it going ahead, so i'm thinking cancel the DD and swallow the two payments already made.
wife says to carry on the booking as Tui might offer to move it for another date etc, we do have yearly travel insurance, but I can see them having a get out in there somewhere.

in the grand scheme of things its really very low on the list of things to worry about I know, but just wondering what other TWTDers were in the same boat as I
Mortgage holidays
at 05:04 20 Mar 2020

Got a text about this earlier today from barclays, very fortunate that i'll continue to be paid through all this, so having a break from mortgage isn't something we will need to have.
however, just for ease do you think the mortgage companies will just blanket stop them all, or you'll be able to opt in or out?
My thinking is if everyone that can continue to pay, does so, then the strain isn't as huge as if everyone does it.
On the flip side if they do stop them all that means we'll have a decent chunk of money spare each month that could help family and friends that wont be getting any income.
Things I’ve learnt in last week
at 16:38 15 Mar 2020

People are proper selfish thick cnts
People will use any situation to argue about politics
People are proper selfish thick cnts
ST renewals
at 22:54 14 Mar 2020

Added to the 36643 others things clubs need to think about.

Clapped them off HAHAHAHA
at 11:00 8 Mar 2020

wet wiping at its finest
At half time
at 23:52 3 Mar 2020

Fleetwood subs were going through strict drills, keep ball, mini training session if you will.

our lot, will Norris was kicking it to them to control and smack back at him.

Joey Barton might be a lot of things, but he wouldn't touch such a poisonous club as us. his goals and ambitions were clear to hear on the radio before the game, wont stand for a single thing other than 100% - imagine judge in his team, he'd be off in mins, same goes for keane and the other wastes of space we have.
ive never seen a club with so many players
at 23:03 3 Mar 2020

unable to cross a ball
Chances KVY suffers a set back in next few weeks
at 21:18 13 Feb 2020


See these things coming a mile off with this club
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