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Tent Alexander-Arnold
at 21:30 3 Jun 2024

Could do a job for Ipswich I think alongside Morsy.
at 13:33 3 Jun 2024

[Post edited 3 Jun 14:29]
I love Omari
at 21:58 30 Apr 2024

First responder for Burns’ cramping up.

Giving Hladky some tips before he went off.

The kids about 20 and on loan but looks like he cares so much. Quality player too. What a guy he is.
Travis for Morsy?
at 21:28 14 Feb 2024

Seems the ref has remembered he’s got cards with him!
Has Spring sprung?
at 15:06 12 Feb 2024

Tell me it has.

Glorious weather today.
Well that was a tough 45 minutes
at 20:47 22 Jan 2024

I guess that’s what playing the best team in the league away looks like.

1 way traffic.

But still in the game. A few fresh legs and you never know.
Wes Burns
at 21:03 29 Nov 2023

Is destroying them on the right.

Really enjoyed the first goal
Is it just me
at 19:18 5 Nov 2023

Or do the highlights of our game at Birmingham yesterday already look like they could be 30 years old.
I know it’s all eyes on Saturday
at 19:31 26 Oct 2023

But thinking ahead to Fulham, do we think Tuanzebe might feature? I can’t make the game owing to work commitments, but it could be quite interesting in terms of the line up.

Donacien Tuanzebe Edmundson Clarke
Taylor Ball
Jackson Harness Hutchinson

Something like that looks quite nice and still rests the more regular starters. Also got Humphreys and Aluko who might get some minutes. Guess to a degree depends on who starts Saturday and who is earmarked to start at Birmingham.
Heck of a game of rugby
at 22:07 14 Oct 2023

Pretty pleased to see NZ win. For a nation that’s never got past a World Cup 1/4 final Ireland don’t half believe their own hype a bit much.

Dancing around on the pitch to the Cranberries after winning your opening group game looks a bit silly now.
What’s your favourite Season, and why?
at 07:54 30 Aug 2023

As we approach the end of Summer and into Autumn I’m sat here contemplating my favourite season. For me it’s a toss up between Spring and Autumn, I love the changing of the seasons and Spring signals an end of winter, longer days and higher temps. I love seeing and hearing the wildlife going about their business and the vegetation changing.

I really don’t like winter, too dark, too cold, too much rain. Although Christmas is a nice time to slow down, so at least there’s that.
For those watching
at 21:28 29 Aug 2023

How is Williams getting on after his unfortunate start?
Still to leave?
at 11:29 24 Aug 2023

- Leigh almost certainly if / when Williams signs on the dotted line

- Edwards likely? Not sure what the latest is with him but I wouldn't think it's dependent on someone coming in given we have Chaplin, Burns, Broadhead, Hutchinson, Harness all ahead of him. Perhaps waiting for the right offer.

- Ladapo if we bring in another forward?

- Evans. Don't actually think he'll go in this window but he's one I would be happy enough to see move on. He's got a lot of traffic ahead of him and I would include Humphreys in that.

- Baggott on loan maybe? Humphreys too?

I think it's going to be a busy week, at least 2/3 in and 3/4 out I would say.
India's moon mission
at 13:23 23 Aug 2023

Would be the first mission to successfully land at the south pole of the Moon, due to land soon.

Looks fake to me.
Child friendly eatery for Saturday lunch time
at 13:37 22 Aug 2023

In Ipswich. Any suggestions?

Before anyone says it, I'm familiar with google. Wondered if there's anywhere anyone recommends.
I’m quite serious about having a player recommendation
at 16:06 21 Aug 2023

Is it appropriate to message the club, or is it not really the done thing? I appreciate we have a scouting network and this isn’t football manager but I thought I should make Ipswich aware of him if there’s a sensible route to doing so
Anyone on the 09:10 out of Ipswich tomorrow?
at 10:58 18 Aug 2023

Bit early for my liking but gives a bit of time for a mooch around the capital / pubs I suppose.

I'm a bit past it for train beers at breakfast nowadays so my tactic will be a coffee and snack from Costa. We won't be coming up for air at Liverpool Street as that won't end well, but instead head straight onto the tube to Notting Hill Gate. First pint in hand at 11am, pub crawl towards Loftus Road.

Proper. COYB

When did people stop saying 'colour'
at 09:31 18 Aug 2023

And default to 'colourway'? Hear it everywhere now, what's wrong with saying 'colour'?

Connor Wickham
at 13:10 16 Aug 2023

Still without a club. Wonder where he'll end up this season, my guess is Wrexham or Colchester.
All together now
at 12:46 16 Aug 2023

3 Lionesses on a shirt...
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