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Cook out - on tactics alone
at 18:15 4 Dec 2021

Let's ignore his awful record last season, as some tend to anyway.

Let's also ignore the quality of player at his disposal because that alone should be enough to get him sacked right now, but of course half our fanbase get starry eyed whenever a manager says roughly the right things, or anyone from the club for that matter. I remember when things got tough against Evans a couple years ago so he spouted a load of clich├ęs and the likes of Dollers lapped them up.

Lets also ignore the clear inability to motivate players and man manage the squad, ensuring the likes of Pigott feel involved and are sharp when called on for an inevitable dry spell for Bonne.

Lets look at the core fundamental basics that we arent seeing tactically or at least not consistently.

I'm not going to bemoan the long ball approach that creeps in every game as that's a result rather than a cause.

What I fail to understand is what on earth our triggers for pressing are beyond Bonne working hard up front and occasionally a couple behind deciding to join in - there's no organisation or consistency to this basic and its outstanding.

When we lose the ball - half the time it looks like we want to play with a low block instead of high press here which is fine if not a little negative for the league we are in. Other times our midfield will chase singularly and leave a gaping hole between our midfield and centre backs. We've been lucky that the quality in the number 10 position in this league is generally dreadful as the gap is consistently far too big.

When we decide we are going to defend with a low block then the basic fundamental is to revert into defensive shape ASAP - we don't even do this!

We are basically playing a "We have a better squad of players so tactics are irrelevant" model and its enough against the bottom sides (generally speaking) but not the above average sides (generally speaking).

Cook is adding absolutely nothing to us on the pitch. You could send this group of players out without a manager and essentially achieve the same.

There's far more wrong if you want to go more in depth but we are talking about very basic shape during transitions of losing winning and having the ball.

I may have mentioned this before but, Cook Out.
So Cooks criticisms of his whole new squad
at 23:24 14 Sep 2021

Is incredibly similar to the ones he levelled at the squad he inherited.

Its almost as if, as some of us were saying, it wasn't all the players fault last season.
League One Giants - Talksport
at 14:04 26 Jul 2021

Ignorantly missing out us of course, but nevertheless:
Gibbs Gone
at 09:57 23 Jul 2021

I'll be honest due to not hearing much about it I was really crossing my fingers it wasn't happening and he was going to stay.

Still can't believe the club let one of our best young prospects leave without much of a fight, but hopefully compensation will help us short term at the very least.
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