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My work is running collectively 200 miles next week for Solving Kid's Cancer by callis 19 May 9:07
Ipswich to Amsterdam, but in the office on a treadmill. All the inf
21121126 May 16:33
by TLA
BBQ at my place, 10th June by McCarthyEra 5 May 8:44
Morning all 3rd annual BBQ for Town fans at my place in North Glos
20414525 May 18:55
by McCarthyEra
Buy Mühren and Thijssen Book Game Changers From TWTD by PhilTWTD 23 Feb 21:05
Copies of Game Changers, the new book about story of Blues legends Arn
25903714 Apr 20:08
by Superfrans
Another reason to support Jezza - policies all football fans will love by Dolly2.0 27 May 14:52
712927 May 16:31
by factual_blue
Interesting! by BergholtBru 27 May 7:07
2169727 May 16:29
by callis
Our best starting 11 as it stands by muccletonjoe 27 May 16:07
Bart Chambers smith webster Ward kenlock hyam rowe nydam Sears mc
26127 May 16:29
by 12th_Man
FA Cup Final!!! by factual_blue 27 May 11:46
What time is It's A Knockout FA Cup FInal Special on?
1739327 May 16:28
by BlueBadger
Worst bands that are/have been taken seriously [ 2 3 4 5 ] by feelingblue 26 May 16:31
King Crimson Mothers of Invention Captain Beefheart
103264927 May 16:28
by Blue_Order
Good to see our nation getting more politically engaged and causing a 2 day poll by callis 27 May 16:25
Tommy Robinson by noggin 27 May 15:53
I can't do links but News coming from America of a double murder on a
417827 May 16:14
by BlueBadger
Fallon on C4 by homer_123 27 May 7:01
422127 May 16:11
by gordon
Could Theresa May Have Blown It? by Kievthegreat 26 May 0:51
Lead is down to 5% in yougov poll (only a single poll ATM and nothing
25127627 May 16:06
by bluejake78
Katie Hopkins has been canned by LBC [ 2 ] by Superfrans 26 May 10:46
...or, left my mutual agreement. Cue certain Tories on here sugg
46130227 May 15:57
by The_Romford_Blue
Is Mick giving youngsters enough game time? [ 2 3 4 ] by itfcjoe 25 May 12:59
I hear all this talk about Mick not giving youngsters a chance, and it
82389827 May 15:56
by itfcjoe
Farke....n..... ell by ArnieM 27 May 14:32
214527 May 15:54
by connorscontract
I fancy a horse tomorrow (today technically) by The_Romford_Blue 27 May 4:00
If anyone is interested, I quite fancy a horse running at York and hav
2061727 May 15:54
by The_Romford_Blue
It's time for Cup Final Swap Shop by factual_blue 27 May 15:13
I have one 2016-17 ITFC season ticket to swap for Bugatti Veyron or si
28127 May 15:52
by factual_blue
Cricket: England 292/5 by Steve_M 27 May 14:35
Three overs to go. Been good but SA should make more of this than the
26627 May 15:46
by connorscontract
Porn getting in the way... by TIB 27 May 15:37
Of Harry's summer transfer business at Brum [rolleyes] https://www
111727 May 15:43
by The_Romford_Blue
Beautiful Day ! [ 2 ] by Benters 27 May 9:10
What a beautiful day in my lovely country garden. Ive cut both my l
2951127 May 15:18
by peterleeblue
FA Cup final tomorrow...does anyone care? [ 2 ] by brazil1981 26 May 19:51
Doubt I'll even watch, is it it just me getting old? Quite sad really,
31102927 May 15:14
by sticklegs
Investments.........Now I don't really understand this Bitcoin thing but by Lord_Lucan 27 May 10:45
I just heard on the radio that in 2010 Bitcoin had a US exchange rate
534327 May 15:01
Exciting but tad scary too! by Ryorry 27 May 14:30
Continuous lightning (as in a flash every second) and ongoing drumroll
310827 May 14:58
by Bluebell
What's the nearest ITFC related thing to you right now? [ 2 ] by Dolly2.0 26 May 21:47
I'm sat in my attic wearing the black Eon away shirt, behind me hangin
3179627 May 14:55
by Bluebell
Scum taking yet another gamble? by ArnieM 26 May 22:49
24132527 May 14:50
by Steve_M
Hate crime 'doubles' after incident by Gromheort 27 May 12:45
Shame to see people falling into the trap and reacting how the terrori
929327 May 14:42
by BlueBadger
Well this is already a memorable day [ 2 ] by giant_ullaa 27 May 10:13
I've already managed to seriously insult a friends wife *and have open
37119127 May 14:33
by Bluebell
Cup final day by J2BLUE 27 May 14:16
It's the big one. The one we've all been waiting for. Should be a bril
Danny Baker [ 2 ] by Deano69 26 May 14:24
Was a time a function last night where Danny Baker was the after dinne
35202627 May 12:54
by Deano69
Thunder in IP5 (n/t) by Vic 27 May 10:29
1533327 May 12:28
by Binner
Wet and dry vac things by jeera 26 May 20:17
For cars. It's something that'll get used once in a blue moon so d
1342227 May 11:58
by jeera
Jeremy has a new friend.... by ElderGrizzly 27 May 9:45 He'd probably prefer
1333727 May 11:20
by connorscontract
New policy launch on redistribution of PL TV money by ElderGrizzly 27 May 11:09 All ve
216627 May 11:18
by ElderGrizzly
Heh - this is brilliant by The_Romford_Blue 27 May 7:59
And to be fair, punishing a group based on the actions of one person u
326227 May 10:59
by Sarge
New low for The Mail. by noggin 26 May 14:54
Blaming the Manchester bombing on Ariana Grande's revealing stage outf
1072127 May 10:43
by bluemurder
Egyptians now bombing Libya by ElderGrizzly 26 May 20:54
In retaliation to the attack on the Coptic Christians Well that wi
758927 May 10:36
by noggin
PPI claims by azuremerlangus 27 May 10:28
Apart from £0.00 has anybody managed to get lower than my £21.32?
316127 May 10:36
by azuremerlangus
Virtual pub anyone? by Steve_M 26 May 16:05
As I'm waiting on a few things before I can go to a real one still, th
2257327 May 10:03
by hoppy
Radio DJs by King_of_Portman_Rd 26 May 16:37
Plenty of commuters on here. I want to know your least favored Radio D
1154127 May 9:54
by feelingblue
Good speech by Corbyn re: terrorism. [ 2 3 ] by Darth_Koont 26 May 13:09
The foreign policy aspect will grab the headlines but that's just part
61205627 May 9:46
by Coastalblue

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