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This sounds absolutely shocking
at 16:17 21 Jan 2017

What an awful week
Is it time to drop Berra?
at 15:58 19 Jan 2017

Digby and Chambers looked a good combo
The tactical mistakes of last night were staggering
at 17:59 18 Jan 2017

surely a manager of MM's experience could see things weren't working?

Skuglas picked to stifle a Conference side

No runners around Leon Best making his job virtually impossible

Sticking with a 352 against a side who are strong down the flanks

No changes until late in the game, even when it was clear the team talk had done nothing

Leaving Kevin Bru on the bench when we needed some creativity and mobility in the middle of the park

There are smaller things which are equally worrying. Why do we only appear to have one throw in routine for Knudsen's throw ins?

I've heard people suggesting last night wasn't MM's fault. It was every bit MM's fault, he picked an unbalanced side and couldn't be bothered to change it. We got everything we deserved with our negative anti-football approach.
A big game for Digby tonight
at 19:22 17 Jan 2017

against a physical front pairing
was that Tyrone Mings getting run all over the shop by Millwall? (n/t)
at 22:48 7 Jan 2017

Cracking Darts final going on
at 20:56 2 Jan 2017

Power Darts!
How is manager of this experience
at 18:26 2 Jan 2017

making mistakes like this?

This is ultimately why he is where he us, he can build solid and organised teams but he seems to lack both versatility and the ability to grab a game by the scruff of the neck

He'd rather grab a point and get on with the next game, it's such a boring and negative outlook

The difference between him and someone like Pullis who has gone further with a similar approach is tactical awareness
One step forward, two steps back
at 16:48 2 Jan 2017

sounds like we have been as charitable at the back as QPR were at Portman Road
Evolving the spine of this team
at 14:27 1 Jan 2017

Murphy has gone

Skuse, Berra and Chambers are all over 30. They aren't going to get any better? Berra maybe off in the summer

So in have come Webster, Ward potentially also with a few youngsters growing into their roles

Along with a decent keeper in Bart behind them?

You can see what MM is trying to do, whether he is the long term answer is a different question
If Chambo were to leave
at 11:22 1 Jan 2017

who would be captain?

In terms of effect on the pitch I'd probably give it to McGoldrick but his injury record may make you think twice

Skuse plays week in week out, it's too early for Webster

Bart would perhaps be the other option?
[Post edited 1 Jan 11:25]
How have we not made a signing yet?!?!?!?
at 00:28 1 Jan 2017

Happy New Year TWTD - here's to a far better footballing year!
Tom Lawrence
at 10:35 31 Dec 2016

would you sign him if you could?

He's not quite the finished articles but has the potential to be very decent. I can't see him getting in the Leicester side with the players they have.
Best home performance since Barnsley?
at 22:46 30 Dec 2016

We actually passed the ball, far more positivity and MM even got the subs right

Brizzle in the first half made us look as good as we made Fulham look on Monday
Will tonight rank up there with the West Brom 10k
at 18:08 30 Dec 2016

a lot of fans seem to be avoiding this one, partly because of the fog and partly because of the rubbish performances of this season
Has the economic crisis been played down historically or
at 14:51 28 Dec 2016

will we begin to refer to it as the Great Depression II in 50 years time for example?

It's clearly an economically historic event which we are yet to realise the true significance of it truth be told

I know we were poor yesterday but credit to Fulham
at 09:11 27 Dec 2016

that is a very decent side they are assembling there

If they don't go up with that side in the next season or two it could be a long way back from them.

I always think you have have a two to three season window to get back into the Premiership before it starts getting a lot harder to get back up.

Bolton for example got themselves into a similar position only to balls it up and look at where they are now!

Fulham kept the ball brilliantly, seemed to have bags of energy and ability on the ball. They actually looked more dangerous on the counter than in open play but were always a threat.

For all their domination, it took a decent free kick and a set piece to beat us. The amount of guilt edged chances they fluffed in the second half was quite astounding.

When we did actually have more of a game plan, we did threaten to cause them problems but we remain so disjointed in attack that we couldn't make the pressure pay. They must be a little leaky at the back given their current position?

They look about the best footballing side we have played since Bournemouth in recent years?
If MM were to go, who would you replace him with?
at 19:48 26 Dec 2016

I'm not convinced he will go by the way but I'd be interested to hear what the Town fans views are
That music at the end - hinting at Alan Pardew
at 17:37 26 Dec 2016

they wouldn't would they?
Merry Xmas TWTD
at 15:09 25 Dec 2016

I hope everyone is having a good one, let's hope Town enjoy it in moderation so they're ready for a decent Fulham side tomorrow

sounding like changes are needed
at 16:10 17 Dec 2016

will MM act quickly for once?
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