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A central midfelder with a goal in them, who'd thunk it? :p
at 16:58 21 Mar 2015

Richie Chaplow, what a find!
Varney is an offside goal specialist :p (n/t)
at 15:10 21 Mar 2015

Didn't the Drum and Monkey have this on
at 14:58 21 Mar 2015

I'm guessing there are?

Bournemouth showing how average Boro can be
at 13:55 21 Mar 2015

they're doing to them what we did earlier in the season

They're a very different side when they get a lead though in fairness to them
A performance just like Tuesday against Watford will mean only one thing
at 21:12 20 Mar 2015

a loss :p
On the subject of John Wark
at 13:27 17 Mar 2015

I know there's no modern equivalent as such

But to me he sounds like a hybrid of Gerrard and Lampard, is that fair?

Deep lying midfielder who arrives late in the box with deadly results, probably defensively superior to Gerrard mind you?
In the current climate, who would you replace MM with?
at 10:19 15 Mar 2015

I'm not for one minute suggesting we should but who would be the likely alternatives who would actually take us forward?

Harry Redknapp (goodbye FFP)
Mark Warburton (goodbye defending)
Uwe Rosler
Carl Robinson
Steve Cotterill (similarly pragmatic to Mick but more defensive)
Paul Tisdale
Billy Davies (goodbye playing fair)

I'm sure there are others, any names people would throw into the hat?

Phil Parkinson seems to do alright tactically with Bradford

Are there any legends worth a punt on?

Terry Butcher
Tony Mowbray
Paul Marriner
Matt Holland
Fabian Wilnis
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One of several things need to happen now
at 15:53 14 Mar 2015

McCarthy and Connor need a serious discussion about how they can take the side forward, this result is another disappointing defeat in a disappointing 2015.

They need a frank conversation with Evans as to how they can take us forward for the rest of the season. If we miss out on a play-off place it's a huge c0ck up because whether we have spent money or not, we've made a lot of mistakes since the turn of the year and they've not only cost an automatic spot but even a play-off chance and that is a monumental balls up when you look at our position in January.

They also need to start thinking about next season and should the worst happen, how we can build a side next season to push for an automatic spot.

Evans needs to back McCarthy simple!

A younger more experienced Marcus Evans would have sacked McCarthy for this run, however I think he's learnt from the Magilton debacle at least I hope he has!

There are no better managers out there than McCarthy available, not who play a similar brand of football albeit with more tactical nous :p

The better one's out there are in the Premiership - Pullis, Allardyce, Pardew and at the very top Mr Mourinho himself. Their teams are all about organisation and work rate with a bit of quality rolled in. Mourinho is the tactical supremo, I suspect if you put him in charge of a small club he'd still get them to Premiership mid-table.

Unless there is a young prodigy out there who can be the next great manager, McCarthy is our best bet and we need to back him.

I think we have a solid squad in place but need some quality added to it so in the final hurdle we can win the big moments in games which you need for a play-off scenario.

I don't think we quite have it this season but please bookmark this post so you can lob it back at me when we win the play-off final :p

Onwards and upwards, come on you Blues!
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Mings Berra/Smith Chambers (proper right back)
at 15:02 14 Mar 2015

everyone has been saying it for months, McCarthy however is too stubborn!

While we're at it, get Tabb off corners, he suffers from Leadbitter syndrome

Put Chaplow in the middle next to Tabb, if you want to play Skuse, play him at right back!
Ipswich ballsing up promotion is nothing new, we've been doing it ever since our
at 14:46 14 Mar 2015

first Premiership relegation

We as fans do deserve better but hey that's just how it it, we are Ipswich. We're addicted to pain and suffering, that's why we support you :)

It makes the more successful moments all the more satisfying when they do eventually come again
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That result has been result has been coming for months
at 14:30 14 Mar 2015

Pretty much a how to guide in how to beat us

Four soft goals, all avoidable

Get a lead, play on the counter, expose our slow centre backs

MM failing to make subs early enough or taking enough risks
If Labour don't win a majority in the next election it's a victory for Tory Spin
at 17:42 10 Mar 2015

and propaganda

The level of spin in this election makes Alistair Campbell look like an amateur, watch this video and see what I mean

Don't believe it could be this contrived?

I'll throw you some classic examples of where the Tories have used these methods

Immigration - Cameron claimed he would cut immigration to the tens of thousands but it's actually gone up. They barracked the Labour Party for immigration going up but now they claim it's gone up due to a successful economy. That's exactly why it went up under Labour, 10 years of economic boom!

The Leadership Debates - At the last election, Cameron was all for them. Now he's using just about every excuse in the book to avoid them. Despite what he has been claiming in the media, his spin doctor has been tasked with preventing the TV Debates ever happening and is doing a cracking job of it!

Given the low turn out we get for elections, I'm all for the TV debates. It's a rare case of politics in Britain actually engaging with Joe Public.

The NHS - The Tories said there would be no top down reshuffle of the NHS but feck they did it any way. If you've been watching Look East (god help you) over the last five years, you'd think the NHS is about to implode.

We're all in this together - Mmmmmmm really, what about the criminals who caused this financial crisis, why have we not gone after them? In actual fact we've pardoned a vast sum of them. I believe we've jailed the fewest number of these people in any major democracy?


In the age of information where people are better informed than ever before, this breed of politics needs to go

A more mature brand of politics needs to come in, there's a reason for this disconnect and it's because the people rightly don't believe a thing these politicians say

Will it happen?

Probably not but following the Leadership Debacle, I'd like to see Social Media systematically destroy the Tories credibility with the young

The young need to be more engaged with politics, I feel they lose out because they are not the people who decide the election and in fact vote in such few numbers that governments can attack them knowing full well they will get away with it.

UKIP's rise is directly linked to the older generations, who are naturally more xenophobic, they grew up in a time with less immigration, not understanding immigrants because they were not brought up with them.

It's no coincidence that UKIP do considerably better in areas where there is little immigration :p

The Tories have deliberately tried to butter up the baby boom generation with cheap incentives for a Tory vote and it's a wise move in fairness. They are the generation who vote more than anyone else. Why?

Because they are the generation who have thrived most out of how Britain has developed, it's future generations who will not have it so good.

This next election really concerns me, I dread to think what the next five years will be like for the young if the Tories get another term in office.

The Tories want to bring back the work house, demonising all young people who can't find work as scroungers when in reality it's miles from the truth. It's quite simple, it boils down to experience, something the young rarely have.

Say what you like about Labour, they will do their best to help the more vulnerable sections of society. They may not be perfect but morally they are always the better choice.

All the Tories do is private more parts of the state to line the pockets of their rich friends.

There will come a time when there's nothing left to sell off :p
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James McClean
at 15:15 8 Mar 2015

I've been a big fan for a while, I'd love it if we got him

Incidentally I think Sears is the pacey striker we needed also

Quality players in this League, who'd add a bit more quality by bournemouthblue 13 Dec 17:32
to the very well built side MM has made? James McClean at Wigan is player who I think would really improve us, very expensive though I suspect :( There must be a few very good players out there though, the one thing I'd add to this side is a pacey winger with some end product and a pacey striker who runs the channels and makes a nuisance of themselves. That would more or less be it though!

Ipswich finally showing some intent in the transfer market
at 11:52 8 Mar 2015

trying to get Knockhaert, getting in Wood (who will come good)
Now links to James McClean who's a top class player at this level

Chaplow who looks a very good find

Varney who is a solid pro, personally I don't think he has much of a future here once McGoldrick is back but who knows

Any way, we seem to be moving albeit a month later than we should have done for quality players and I'm all for it

Even if we fail to go up this season, these are the calibre of players we need to be signing if we want to get promoted next season.

Is this the moment where Evans backs the experienced McCarthy as he backed the inexperienced Magilton?
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without Murphy's goals we'd be 15th
at 00:26 8 Mar 2015

cheers Claridge :p

The pundit equivalent of saying if only my auntie had bollocks she'd be my uncle :p

If Barcelona didn't have Messi I suspect they'd be a little less good too :)

Having now watched the highlights I'm doubly angry we didn't bury them today, if we finish below them I'll be very disappointed

They're a good footballing side when you allow them to play, their midfield looks good as does Andre Gray, however that defence looks League One quality!

I didn't notice the wall thing they did on the Pritchard free kick, I'm in the SBRU

They seem to use a lot of cutting edge tactics and forget to do some of the simpler things right

Eddie Howe is a similar football hipster, I fear AFC Bournemouth will be a far stiffer prospect than them mind you. They'll be far better going forward and far less generous at the back!
[Post edited 8 Mar 0:32]
Credit to Warburton
at 23:32 7 Mar 2015

he's a seriously good manager to have a side with such a flimsy defence competing not just for a play-off place but actually even an automatic spot

When we gave them space to play and they used the width of the pitch they looked a very capable footballing side. They really made use of that extra man in the midfield and we were being played off the park. At the time I was thinking we've got to get a striker out wide and stop them down the wings.

They scored and you could see it coming

What did McCarthy do after their goal? Put Sears out wide when defending, I'm afraid it was a bit too late Mick!

All the faffing about nonsense at the back get's them into a whole world of trouble, it's fine for Barcelona who can pick a very capable footballing back five (including the keeper) but for a defence who frankly looked League One standard it's bonkers

Play the elaborate football in the final third, keep it simple closer to your own goal

I'm not sure why I'm giving them advice :p

Eddie Howe favours a similar approach although I suspect they're considerably better at doing it than Brentford
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Players being played out of position
at 20:45 7 Mar 2015

when McCarthy first came in, he went back to putting round pegs in round holes

However he's recently gone all a bit Roy Keane on us

Chambo who he persists on playing right back despite being the closest thing to a ball playing centre back we've got, steady enough defensively but exposed against quicker wingers and very limited going forward

Having a pairing of Smith and Berra worked when they were chipping in with a handy goals tally, however they haven't scored for some time now and their limited abilities on the ball puts us under pressure and forces us into hoofing the ball down the pitch far too often.

Playing Chaplow and Bishop, out of position on the right when we have the much maligned and under rated Anderson or the (according to training ground reports) pacey Connolly warming the bench.

Chaplow and Bishop will have a far greater effect on our play from the centre of the park

I suppose Parr is being played out of position as well but...
Is looking better and better on the left wing
Positives from today
at 19:24 7 Mar 2015

Jonathan Parr and Mings linking up down the left
(MM has realised we're a bit exposed when Mings pushes up the pitch so Parr drops back into left back which immediately balances the defence again)

Chaplow's corners

Chaplow's general play, I'd far rather see him playing in the centre of midfield mind you

The fact Brentford's defence is terrible, if they finish in the play-offs above us I'll be very disappointed

Bishop is back
[Post edited 7 Mar 19:25]
with McGoldrick out, McCarthy needs an alternative to 442
at 19:13 7 Mar 2015

it works with McGoldrick because he drops deep and links the play up with Murphy and the wingers

We've changed the way we play now, having Murphy and Sears playing the classical big man little man combo and for that to be truly effective you have to have a more dynamic central midfield pairing

Both the two midfielders need to be good on the ball and able to get up and down the pitch, Skuse simply can't do that. He's too immobile and limited on the ball. This is a real problem.

It's made worse by having two very limited centre backs paired together and another centre back playing right back

The reason we hoof the ball is because Skuse, Smith, Chambers and Berra when pressurised don't have the technical ability or agility to work a ball along the ground, it's too high a risk and thus they have to take the easier option of launching the ball down the pitch.
Our biggest problem against sides like that
at 17:49 7 Mar 2015

will always be Chambers and Skuse

I'd far rather have Chaplow next to Tabb, he's a far superior footballer on the deck, can pick a pass and will actually get forward when required, Skuse is very limited and not particularly mobile. Skuse is fine when against another midfield four but lacks the athleticism to deal with a midfield five.

Look at the chance Chaplow got in the first half, Skuse would never have got into that position

Chambers is solid enough but offers little going forward, get's exposed by quicker wingers and drastically reduces our ability to retain the ball.
[Post edited 7 Mar 17:53]
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