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FAO Phil: Are Town likely to sign any other players
at 18:02 28 Jan 2015

or are we happy with what we've got now and going to see how the season pans out?

The player everyone is hoping will come good is Cameron 'four year deal' Stewart, his pace on the counter could make a world of difference imho
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So we're 1 point off the top
at 23:53 27 Jan 2015

after a 'dip' in form and people are starting to panic, oh dear!
Why the trophydodgers* have reduced our allocation
at 18:20 27 Jan 2015

1) They want less trouble
2) They want to sell more tickets to Nodge fans, this is their biggest game of the season
3) They don't want to be outsung
4) They're ripping us off and feel for £50, we'll still sell 2000 tickets rip off or not

Is that about fair?

Whilst the Participants would like us to believe that Carrow Road is basically on par with Fenerbache for raucous atmosphere, the truth is their stewards and their police don't want the extra hassle of a decent Ipswich Town away following

*trophydodgers - as copyrighted by Señor Mullet
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Hughton used that same stand off tactic for Nodge
at 22:35 25 Jan 2015

When they got humped by Man City :p

I wish they'd stood off us like that!
Back in the day, weren't Cambridge our main rivals rather than Norwich?
at 21:39 23 Jan 2015

Norwich took presidence as we went up the Leagues with them I believe
Rise of the new age Football Clubs
at 14:03 23 Jan 2015

Bournemouth, Brighton, Wigan, Hull any others?

EDIT: QPR or is that harsh on their past, they're certainly a very different club from what they once were?

Clubs from decent sized Towns or Cities with no footballing pedigree or history but with heavy investment they've bridged the financial/infrastructal gap vacated by a historic lack of Premiership investment in the quest for turning a League One sized club into a club chasing the mid-table Premiership dream?

They're smaller versions of Chelski and Man City really

I don't think many can be considered actual 'sleeping giants' but they've certainly made the football league considerably more competitive for the more established bigger medium sized clubs like Forest, Derby, Leicester, Wolves, Sheffield United etc etc

There probably around 30 - 40 clubs with Premiership ambitions and it's a cut throat world below that top 20 postions, one which more often than most have failed to break out of
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Radio One's Big Weekend in Norwich
at 13:17 23 Jan 2015

has anyone mentioned this?

Just what the Norwich Propaganda machine must have been dreaming of, they'll add this to their list of 'achievements'

Airports, Cathedrals, Big Weekends :p

Norwich will be the talk of the nation, let's be honest, that's all they really want, to be respected by the rest of the country?

Whether Norwich should be the focus of Radio 1 when far more deprived areas in the East such as Tendring should be given attention is another issue for the BBC I suspect
MM knows how important Murphy is to us
at 08:41 22 Jan 2015

and that's exactly why he appears to be looking at another striker to take the strain off him

We have a nice variaty of strikers now

Murphy is our number 9
McGoldrick is our number 10, Sears is seen as his alternative and looks a different type of player but that in itself is useful, it gives us more versatility
Hunt looks like a fox in the box

You can see why we need an industrious athlete who imposes themselves on the oppo defence. A player who can hold the ball up the pitch and push the oppo back by running the channels and occupying the opposition centre backs
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Hughton reckons Brighton have the best facilities in England
at 22:35 21 Jan 2015

outside the really big clubs

Some serious money must have been spent on those!
Once of those nights
at 21:42 21 Jan 2015

it's football, it happens

I suspect the under-par performance is as much down to fixture congestion as it would be down to complacency

The disappointment of a 3-2 defeat to the Banner Fearers under the lights is more down to the missed opportunity not to go top :(

Oh well it happens, I'm sure the Budgies will pipe up after this one
Come on Town, 4 minutes! (n/t)
at 21:35 21 Jan 2015

At times like this, this is when Kevin Bru flourishes
at 21:25 21 Jan 2015

when the game gets stretched, he becomes lethal

The same applies to the Bish!
Yes Sears, come on Town, let's rally boys! (n/t)
at 21:22 21 Jan 2015

Sounds like MM is giving it a go
at 21:14 21 Jan 2015

the next move will probably be Parr to right back or even the left wing? :p
is this the same Teixera who had an awesome game
at 21:06 21 Jan 2015

against us for Barnsley a few seasons ago?

EDIT: Nope it's a Liverpool prodigy
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The next goal in this game is so crucial
at 20:56 21 Jan 2015

we have to get it and early!
Bugger bugger bugger - complacency creeping in
at 20:35 21 Jan 2015

or just a result of a congested fixture list?
Feck I've missed the 2nd goal
at 20:30 21 Jan 2015

it does sound like one of those nights you get under the lights

They're bang up for it :(
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