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Very frustrating when you look at the Burnley Brighton
at 15:30 22 Nov 2015

game and see that neither side are particularly special

The difference is very much their back four's and goalkeepers who are miles ahead of ours

You really hope MM would have sorted it out by now, I fear he'll fall onto his best defence through injuries rather than logic :(

At least he's got the attack going again
Three points of the play-offs
at 17:21 21 Nov 2015

more like 3 and half with our inferior goal difference

We have conceded way too many goals!
Why do some England fans dress as Crusaders?
at 19:09 17 Nov 2015

There's some pretty dark history to the Crusades, surprised it's not been banned?
Saturday's 'good performance'
at 14:15 3 Nov 2015

From a defensive point of view yes, we look more stable at the back and it's probably no coincidence that has happened with Parr's return. He's our best full back without question, why he has been omitted when we've been conceding a shed full of goals I don't know.

Going forward though we look pretty toothless and it's no surprise we've had such a meagre goals tally in the last 10 games, that's despite having a pretty decent set of attacking players on paper.

MM would rightly point out that you can build from the back though, if you're conceding less you don't have to be so good going forward. As an ex-defender, he will always see it that way I suppose.

Hopefully things will click going forward, even if it's a deflection off Murph's ass, one will hopefully bring many. You often need a lift even if it's against a poor team and Bolton offer that possibility. I remember when it was us who used to give a foot up to struggling teams, now it's Bolton's turn COYB!
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Things could be worse
at 15:58 1 Nov 2015

imagine being a Pompey fan watching Southampton versus Bournemouth in the Premier League whilst you languish in League Two

It would be akin to us being in League Two whilst Nodge play Colchester in the top league :p
Good saves or not, a game is across 90 minutes
at 16:59 24 Oct 2015

the back four is more settled with Bart behind them
Jonny Parr
at 16:33 24 Oct 2015

horrendously underused this season

MM owes him an apology!
An overlapping full back
at 16:08 24 Oct 2015

who'd thunk it!
Forest's Right Winger
at 15:13 24 Oct 2015

I watched Forest against Brizzle the other week and whilst Forest looked pants, their right winger who I think has played in the Champions League looked handy

There's some talent in that side but perhaps they're a bit light upfront?
It's not just this season it's 2015
at 22:01 20 Oct 2015

in general

In fact I suspect, ever since we've had this settled back four :p
No goal from open play in 7 games
at 21:15 20 Oct 2015

The phone in is going to be fun (n/t)
at 21:04 20 Oct 2015

Can Town retain the ball better in a 451?
at 20:00 20 Oct 2015

We will see!
We really are pants at the moment
at 17:43 17 Oct 2015

how do you solve this problem

For me we have a decent squad on paper but it desperately needs freshening up

I'm really hoping Bru, Bishop and Hyam return and turn our season around
Oar had concussion
at 17:35 17 Oct 2015

played pretty well considering :p
So what's the consensus
at 15:14 4 Oct 2015

on our current lull in form?

For me it's very disappointing we haven't built on last season but it's certainly a position which can be rectified quite quickly given our attacking personnel

I fear it maybe more through luck than judgement with players returning from injury etc

There does seem to be some blind loyalty placed on individuals throughout the team though, the balance really is messed up and it goes against everything MM instilled when he first came in, putting round pegs in round holes etc

The defence however is a big problem and has been all the way through 2015 imho, it almost cost us a play-off place and it's certainly contributed to our mid-table obscurity we are currently enjoying

We've been Paul Jewellesque in recent weeks, I never thought I'd be saying that under Mick McCarthy!
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Charlotte Church Political Campaigner
at 22:40 1 Oct 2015

Question Time has changed
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