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So can anyone guess who the trialists are from this picture?
at 22:22 22 Jul 2014

EDIT: Okay I've totally missed the thread beneath this :p

EDIT: guess the triallist game. with pictures and now names too by rosseden 22 Jul 22:10
so they posted a picture. let the guessing begin...... to make it larger click here click the little arrow top right of the picture and itll enlarge left to right (courtesy of Old Git and Shelsfan) Byron Lawrence Michael Crowe Kévin Brú Matt Clarke Ryan Robinson (no.5) Dylan Connolly (no.7) Adam McDonnell(no.4) Joe Robinson Leroy Lita Ben Wyatt Achille Campion

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Given her usual popularity
at 19:00 13 Jul 2014

I'm amazed some TWTDers haven't been raving about Ellie in Uniform, perhaps they're still finishing themselves off? :p
Jimmy Anderson - Hero
at 12:06 12 Jul 2014

What a legend!
Cameron Stewart - blimey well I didn't see that one coming
at 13:34 1 Jul 2014

credit to ITFC for keeping that one under wraps

It wasn't long ago someone was saying we needed a player like him on here, I can remember saying he looked a bit headless to me

It should be an interesting one, he certainly fits into the young and hungry category
If Algeria knew what to do with that final
at 23:35 30 Jun 2014

ball they'd be the best side in the World, pace too burn

The Goalkeeper looks top class, as does their left back!
Does anyone else close the homepage now
at 17:04 22 Jun 2014

because of the world cup videos you simply can't stop?

Given the usual number of complaints we get from TWTDers about trivial things, I'm amazed there hasn't be any moaning about the videos on the TWTD homepage
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Ironic statement of the day
at 19:01 20 Jun 2014

Robbie Savage suggesting Costa Rica aren't that good, when they're a better International side than he has ever played in :p
Italy aren't actually that good, who knew?
at 19:00 20 Jun 2014

That first game really was a balls up on our part, they're not a particularly good side and Costa Rica have exposed them for what they are, slightly less average than ourselves.

At the moment there's a very real chance of England finishing bottom with no points at all!
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So how has the Italy game panned out?
at 17:58 20 Jun 2014

Personally don't I think this Italy side aren't all that special, I wouldn't be surprised to see Costa Rica upset them here
What tonight really showed
at 23:33 19 Jun 2014

was how well Costa Rica played in the first game and secondly how costly that loss to Italy was, when England saw the group they probably had Italy and Costa Rica down as the most winnable games, tackling the Copa America Champions in South America was always going to be a tall order.

It's easy to be despondent after these two narrow defeats, whilst we're almost certainly going out of this World Cup too early, there is at least promise for the future.

There's no doubt offensively we're going to be far more of a handful in the coming years, that much is clear. The problem looks like it may be our defence, which I suppose ironically used to be our undoubted strength.
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Disappointingly predictable
at 21:55 19 Jun 2014

we've been done by two experienced teams, obviously there's promise in the side but it's a real kick in teeth to be out within the first two games essentially.

It's time to put Gerrard and Rooney out to graze now I'd suggest, time to start looking forward to the next tournament and building for that.
Uruguay are better with Suarez in the team! Who knew?
at 20:55 19 Jun 2014

In all seriousness though, they've done their homework here, they've pressed us and been hard in the tackle, we've not been given a lot of space to play.

In contrast we're standing off and giving the likes of Suarez and Cavani too much space, typified by their goal. They've worked a lot harder than Italy did and they've nullified the majority of our attacking threat, we need a serious improvement in the second half, the longer it goes on like this, the more desperate and wasteful we'll get!
Bladdy lucky Italians
at 00:56 15 Jun 2014

second best for the majority of the second half, we conceded two very poor goals

There's excellent promise for the future with this line up though
You're not allowed to touch the keeper in the 6 yard box
at 00:45 13 Jun 2014

what absolute nonsense!

Other countries have this rule but we don't have it in the English leagues do we? An utterly puzzling rule given keepers are generally the biggest player on the field

Why were FIFA rolling out the goal line technology on a goal which hit the back of the net also, very puzzling. It was if they were to keen show how much of a nonsense they thought the technology actually was.
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TWTD Question of the day
at 20:02 9 Jun 2014

and these usually are quite hilarious

However I'll throw it out on the board for board entertainment purposes :)

I have friend who fancies me, the downside is her dad used to be in the SAS, has anyone encountered similar potential problems with your partner's parents?
World Cup Brush up
at 22:00 2 Jun 2014

anybody watching it, there's some footage of Ipswich on there
Who's voted for the Jack Willbye goal then?
at 22:09 29 May 2014

Currently winning by a landslide at the moment
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