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Are we moving into an era of crap kits?
at 17:19 22 May 2016

just like the mid-90s

It seems to be trendy among the big companies at the moment

What is this England kit about?
Are Walsall likely to be raided now
at 22:01 19 May 2016

Some talented players in there?
Offside goal - ouch!
at 21:16 18 May 2016

The officials have ignored about 5 handballs and now ignored an offside :p

At least they're consistent?
Sevilla like a hoof don't they
at 19:56 18 May 2016

who'd pay to see that?
Surely Derby will be transfer embargoed next season?
at 22:14 17 May 2016

Unless Hughes goes for big cash
Hull fans trolling the Derby players
at 21:49 17 May 2016

I know they're not the most charming opposition but harsh you have to say
[Post edited 17 May 22:10]
Sheffield Wednesday looking like they will
at 20:07 16 May 2016

concede from every attack

Oh dear! If you were a Wednesday fan you'd be tearing your hair out

What a powder puff opening 20
[Post edited 16 May 20:08]
Are there spare seats at the Amex tonight
at 19:35 16 May 2016

surely not?
A young alternative to Murphy
at 18:08 15 May 2016

There has been much talk of a young up and coming targetman coming in to support our strike force and in the long run succeed Murph

(not that MM necessarily agrees with this)

Not knowing the lower leagues particularly well, who is about, anyone decent, who would you sign?
[Post edited 15 May 18:09]
Old Trafford Evacuated
at 15:49 15 May 2016

Match abandoned, what the deuce is going on there?
Do I spy Carlos Edwards playing right back for Millwall?
at 12:26 15 May 2016

Farewell Boleyn
at 23:30 10 May 2016

Wham have gone to school on this, fair play to them

I can't but help thinking that Portman Road would not be afforded similar coverage despite having a similar history and argably a better one?

Though we've been far poorer in the Premiership era
Goals against tally in the last three seasons - 54, 54, 51
at 15:43 8 May 2016

Very consistent, still a little too high if we have higher ambitions mind you

The top teams will concede a goal a game or less at this level?

I'm little surprised we'd conceded less goals this season, have we just conceded more bad goals?

I can only assume the slightly better goals against tally is down to Bart's heroics?
[Post edited 8 May 15:44]
So the King Richard curse was lifted
at 22:15 3 May 2016

and who should be Leicester's sponsor in their season of glory? King Power!

The player who's been through it all with them? Andy King

You can't make it up
Rohan Ince
at 16:46 21 Apr 2016

Radio Suffolk reckoned we should be looking at him in the summer, what were people's thoughts of him the other night. any good?

Like a younger version of Skuse I guess?
Side Note: Alex Neil doesn't think that was a 3 - 0 game
at 17:28 16 Apr 2016

he's quite right, it probably should have been 4 or 5? :p

Will we be playing the Budgies next season?
West Ham Man U
at 19:02 13 Apr 2016

kicking off at 7:00

So who is positive about next season?
at 18:21 10 Apr 2016

It really depends how much MM is backed and whether MM is our manager I suppose

We can start planning for next season now

Personally I'd like to see more athleticism in our side, back to front

We certainly need a quality central midfielder coming in, possibly another big strong striker to compete with Murphy

And a winger

In terms of the defence I wonder if any of Kenlock, Clarke, Yorwerth, Polish Pete or Emmanuel can step up?
[Post edited 10 Apr 18:22]
Positives from yesterday?
at 12:12 10 Apr 2016

Knudsen, showed a lot more when the chips were down
Sears actually played through the middle
And McGoldrick showing how important he is to our game, we really need him fit next season

Side note: Brentford fans singing you're getting sacked in the morning? Do they realise we back our managers :p

Also when the 18k crowd was announced, you only came to see Brentford

Erm... not really, that's a lower crowd than Charlton and Rotherham, if anything they're avoiding Brentford :p
Freak result - Awful Brentford side!
at 17:40 9 Apr 2016

they must be laughing all the way home

Our side from last year would have blown this Brentford side out of the water, defensively shambolic. I've never seen a team play such an open game against 10 men. We could and should have got another goal but it was one of those days where everything went their way besides that awful injury :p

The referee may as well have sent Hyam off for that foul, I think once he knew the severity of the injury, he was always going to look for a red when Hyam committed another foul. I couldn't see the second foul from where I was but there seemed to be little in it?

Either way, the red card along with the foul leading up to their first goal aided and abetted the result.

I think if we had got to half time with 11 men, we'd have won that game.

It was just one of those games you get at the end of the season. I wouldn't read too much into it.
[Post edited 9 Apr 17:41]
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