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Mings and Smith on the subs bench
at 18:33 21 Feb 2015

for Tuesday?

What has Stephen Hunt done wrong by the way, he seems to have been cast out to dry in recent weeks?

I do wonder when MM will consider the 433 against also
We're just not quite good enough for the top two
at 18:21 21 Feb 2015

it's going to be another set of play-offs and probably against the bl00dy Budgies :(

Reading are clearly in a false position, how many strikers did they have on the pitch. I counted four? All very good players at this level too!

They're probably the best counter attacking side we've seen at FPR this season, the goal they got was disappointing and it then meant they could sit back on the lead and look to pick us off on the counter which on another they probably would have done.

I thought we huffed and puffed, worked hard and on another would have taken one of our half chances but it was not to be.

Things to ponder really, listening to Radio Suffolk people seem to want a playmaker but the real area we're lacking is the wings imho. That is particularly where a distinct lack of quality is coming from, I think the centre of the park is alright, particularly with the way MM sets up his sides.

I think MM knows this too, he's clearly lost faith in Hunt and Anderson, the fact we're playing Bishop and Parr on the wings tells you everything you need to know.

He's also recruited Connolly, has brought Stewart back to the bench today and currently has a former West Ham Academy prospect (also a winger) on trial.
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This will sound like a totally insane idea because it is
at 12:26 21 Feb 2015

but would there be an feasibility in a large Stadium being built in the East of England

As equidistant as possible between Ipswich, Norwich and Cambridge to host international sport and events

So if we ever have a World Cup be it Rugby, Football and Cricket etc, our sports teams all support this Stadium rather than putting themselves forward. It's clear we'll never get World Cup games because of Fifa's 44k requirement on Stadium capacity, Portman Road has recently lost out to places like Milton Keynes to host Rugby World Cup games also

Perhaps even an NFL franchise if they broaden out into the UK and even a T20 franchise if England go down the IPL/Big Bash model

I certainly think the Eastern Region is stronger together as a brand rather than individual cities like Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge etc
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As February 22nd quickly approaches
at 18:09 16 Feb 2015

we seem to be linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry going :p

We're clearly looking at players, word gets out whether it's from agents, other clubs etc

I'd be disappointed if we end up with Richie Chaplow having been linked with Rudy Austin but who knows what may happen

It appears a backup striker and another holding midfielder are the positions we're keen to strengthen
I suspect a lot of away fans moan about FPR
at 17:57 15 Feb 2015

nowadays with the modern innovations in stadium design.

I sat in the away end for the England Croatia game and it's very very spartan. I suspect away fans judge Portman Road on that section rather than the rest of ground in general.

There are plans to put another blue building in the corner between the Cobbald and SAR Stand when we're promoted to the Premiership, giving away fans better facilities, that alone will improve their experience no doubts.

In the long term the Cobbald will be redeveloped and that itself will improve away opinions of FPR also.
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Bladdy Boro and Derby going out of the FA Cup
at 17:40 15 Feb 2015

it would have been a nice strain on their squads if they were to have carried on in the competition

At least Derby have started picking up injuries!
Football Style Snobbery
at 16:32 15 Feb 2015

Direct/long ball football - Evil
Passing/tiki taka football - Angelic

You only have to see Louis Van Gaal's flounce following Allardyce's suggestion Man U played a long ball style to see how nonsensical the while thing is

A honest tactician would simply acknowledge that launching the ball to Fellaini ended up getting them a point but no, he went off on one about how West Ham play more 'ugly' than Man U

I suspect Allardyce was laughing himself to sleep after that outburst

It's funny teams are moaning about our style in this league nowadays, in the past we're just the sort of side we'd lose to under the likes of Burley and Royle. In fact, just the sort of side we'd be pipped to the automatic slots on season on season. I'm sure we'd have been moaning about these sort of sides when we used to be the best passing side in this division too.

After so many play-off c0ck ups historically, hopefully footballing karma will be kind to us this time around

Every sport has this snobbery in it, in Cricket, hitting across the line of the ball is considered 'agricultural' and unsophisticated

In Rugby teams who rely on kicking rather than tries are seen as anti-proper Rugby. I can remember a bitter Welsh mate telling me all this kicking under Sir Jonny is just not Rugby :)
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Bolton have always seemed to have had little pedigree
at 23:51 14 Feb 2015

in producing youth players but that Clough lad looks useful!
Soft Goals
at 17:35 14 Feb 2015

Soft goals do seem to be creeping into our game in recent weeks, time for a shake up at the back?

I think either Smith or Berra need a rest, they must have played virtually every game!

Off the top of my head (particularly poor ones) - Southampton away, Derby at home, Rotherham away x2, Sheffield Wednesday at home and now Fulham away

Have I missed any?
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FAO Stattos: 21 goals and it's only February - Top Effort Murph
at 15:49 14 Feb 2015

what is the all time record season total for an Ipswich player in the second tier out of interest?
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Great start Town! (n/t)
at 15:07 14 Feb 2015

We boat where we want, we boat where we waannnt
at 13:51 14 Feb 2015

we are Ipswich, we boat where we want!

If this isn't sung today, I will be disappointed #itfcBoatParty

The Cricket World Cup
at 22:33 13 Feb 2015

one thing which particularly knarks me whenever there's an ICC Tournament on TV, is the fact the graphics are about 5 years out of date

I presume the coverage is by Indian Broadcasters, hence why the graphics simply aren't on the same level as Sky's offerings in the UK or Channel 9 in Australia
FFP Question - Legal Claims
at 14:40 13 Feb 2015

following legal battles against FFP from the clubs most likely to fail it. The rules have been rewritten to some extent so that they are not as tough as originally planned (what a mess).

Have there been any counter claims against the League from clubs on the other end of the coin, who followed it to the letter and feel by following the rules, their club has been rendered less competitive?

I know I'd be miffed if I were a club who followed it, only to find clubs not following them benefited from doing so .
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The old Punk Bluey
at 18:29 12 Feb 2015

has anyone got a picture of him, he was way cooler than the current offering?
Stephen Hunt suddenly out of favour
at 13:18 9 Feb 2015

why has MM stopped playing him in recent games, particularly when we've been screaming out for some width down the left?

It wasn't so long ago he was the go to guy, has he 'not been doing it in training'?
I hope this boy Connolly is good
at 22:43 7 Feb 2015

because we're crying out for a flying winger who can get a goal or three
Crystal Palace had a similar collapse
at 17:04 7 Feb 2015

in their promotion season, hopefully we're just going through a phase
Changes needed
at 16:54 7 Feb 2015

MM and TC need to get their heads down and sort this side out as they did after the derby day defeat
Well this 'easy' run of games has gone well
at 16:42 7 Feb 2015

oh dear, play-offs it is then :(

We needed maximum points from February if we had aspirations of an automatic place, can't see it happening now

Damn this lot for giving us hope!
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