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Daren Eadie "this is one of the worst Ipswich sides I've seen"
at 13:18 25 Feb 2017

at times this season perhaps he has been right but since the loan signings have come in, we have got back to the ways which got us in the play-offs a few seasons ago

If Norwich go into the Derby with that kind of attitude, we'll win and win well
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So how much money will League One Wigan be selling Bogle
at 18:56 8 Feb 2017

for in the summer?

If he has a decent second half of the season, they could easily earn a tidy sum of profit for a few months performance
Look East Watch
at 19:01 6 Feb 2017

No other football occured around the rest of the region but if it did you can see it on the Look East website, top reporting!

20 seconds on Alistair Cook, a few minutes on Norwich's improvement, a brief mention of MK Dons and that was it
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The Huddersfield defender just did a Chambers
at 14:02 5 Feb 2017

swearing to the Sky reporter

It's fair to say that no fecks were given when the Sky Reporter apologised
Great finish to the Yorkshire derby
at 13:52 5 Feb 2017

Absolute scenes
One of the reasons for our downfall over the last 18 months
at 12:38 5 Feb 2017

has been a lack of physicality and battling throughout he side imho

We have got a more technically proficient squad but in terms of hardness and battling strength, we have become quite soft. Perhaps we've lost some leaders too?

Any way I think for the first time in a while, MM has put together a balanced team who were tougher, more physical and had some extra leadership

That was more what want to be seeing from Town going forward. I just hope Evans is prepared to bring these players in for next season.

The challenge ultimately is to have a better half of the season with these new players so we can kick on next season.
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Are we likely to sign Taylor, Diagouraga and Huws
at 11:45 5 Feb 2017

permanently in the summer?

All three are a step up on what we have had, they always talk about gelling but these guys have come in and slotted in beautifully
Best performance for ages, still perplexed
at 18:31 4 Feb 2017

how Reading are where they are in the league

They must have a lot more than they showed today!
Reading were appalling in the away game
at 13:26 4 Feb 2017

they are presumably way better than that team they had then

They looked like a side destined for lower midtable against us. It seemed to sum up the appalling refereeing we were having at that time in the season

It certainly halted any small momentum we had at the time and we have plumetted ever since really

What is the plan at the moment
at 21:18 1 Feb 2017

because it all feels a bit Paul Jewellesque at the end

Short term signings to paper over the cracks, failure to land major players and it sounds like MM is essentially a caretaker here until the end of the season

We have seen it all before under Evans whether it was Magilton, Keane, Jewell or McCarthy.

We seem to be making the same mistakes again and again. Who are the decision makers behind the scenes who don't seem to learn from their mistakes?

The real mystery seems to be why on earth did we not strengthen the team when we were in the playoff hunt?

If Evans doesn't trust McCarthy with real cash, why is he still here?
It would be interesting to see what Bent's view
at 23:51 31 Jan 2017

of Ipswich would be now

He looked as embarrassed as the fans did
Worst home performance of the season
at 22:20 31 Jan 2017

we are in a real mess

I can't see how MM is going to turn this around, February looks pretty bleak
FAO Phil RE: Transfers
at 17:04 31 Jan 2017

do you know who we were are after or are you simply told we are working on two deals?

If you do know, are we likely to be excited or underwhelmed with the names involved?
Any signings likely Phil? (n/t)
at 13:47 31 Jan 2017

Chambo on his way to Forest
at 12:53 31 Jan 2017

I had a feeling one of him or Berra were off

Good luck to him!
Please can we get a Blue Ribbon signing today and bring us some
at 06:40 31 Jan 2017


Whether it is Ward, Hugill or another player off the radar

I know you can pay over the odds at this time but having them bedded down for next season would be useful

I'm happy with our current signings but some extra quality wouldn't go amiss
The Derby fan's comments are amusing on Harry's story
at 00:06 31 Jan 2017

it was a few seasons ago where was it Bryson remained on the pitch after putting two or three serious challenges each which could have yielded a red card

They're just as physical as we were with a very cynical edge to it which made them particularly detestable

You always had half the team whinging at every decision that didn't go their way

I suspect if you look at the fair play table under MM and McClaren, Town were way below Derby

Yet we're physical ones :p

It's amazing how you can frame history to suit your own agenda
Are the Tories being deliberately incompetent on the world stage
at 08:38 30 Jan 2017

so that the public turn against them? If Theresa can't stand up to Trump, what chance does she have when negotiating with Europe

They have finally given Labour a narrative against them. The Tories seem to be burying their head in the sand on Trump in the search for a deal at all costs.

This ban is a disgrace but don't worry everybody, Mo Farah can still travel to the US, phew I'm glad that's sorted.

We can't negotiate with a man with these kinds of politics, he will trample all over us.

I liken May's visit to Neville Chamberlain's with Germany, she is a total and utter coward

We need strong leadership, we maybe the only country America listens to and we have totally ignored this completely nuts policy he has implemented.

But perhaps they are deliberately turning the public against them so we think twice about Brexit?

I can see a vote of no confidence and an election

The Tories seem to have united the country against Trump through their total weakness and they don't seem to see it

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