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Anyone else read a letter from British YPG fighters on last week's attack?
at 09:27 26 Mar 2017

Raises some very interesting points. I wonder if they got a response from the hate groups, racists and scumbags making a career off the back of these sorts of things?
My damaged package: another reason to get rid of the Monarchy
at 16:54 23 Mar 2017

Got a late birthday present through the post earlier this week. Amazon package (Sorry Harry and other bibliofloggers) in a plastic bag from Liz's lettercarriers.

Sorry, your delivery is damaged it says on it. Not just damaged when I open up the plastic, but completely open. A book is missing but a DVD is still in there. I know a book is missing because there's a receipt in there saying there should be a book and the DVD there. There clearly isn't.

Regardless, I go on their website. Can't find a single button, link or clue for this. Ring them up. Can't through after 5pm, what with this being the 1980's clearly.

Get through today "Oh yeah, sorry, it is really difficult to find on our website I'd not bother. We don't really have a proper category for this as you got some of the stuff but not all of it. Just fill in a form from the local post office and send off all the packaging and we'll investigate". Great, so I have to wait until the weekend to queue up to get a form, and then they might look into it.

I'll probably get something back eventually. But didn't we overthrow communism to avoid this sort of nonsense? Surely I could email them photos and the amazon reference numbers, Amazon could get some employee they work to death and pay no tax or whatever to do so, to confirm this and they just sort it out within an hour or so?

Is it me? Or of all the first world problems there are, this should be simpler.
Watson'st half page seems very cynical to me
at 15:45 19 Mar 2017

"Here are the stark facts. Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at Cardiff City saw the gap to the Championship drop zone cut to just five points with eight games to play. " All well and good. Well stagnant and sh1t, but the English language is a fickle beast.

Then this next bit "Town are, without doubt, the most out-of-form side in that pack having claimed just 14 points from a possible 42 since the turn of the year. Rock-bottom Rotherham aside, no-one in the bottom half has won fewer games in their last 10 outings. "

We're 18th in the form table. Birmingham, Wigan and Barnsley all sit below us alongside a couple of playoff hopefuls. Forest are on equal points from the last six and a place above us. We also play many of the bottom seven with points on our side and already on the board.

You'd have to do some serious statistical analysis of the upcoming fixtures and likely outcomes to turn that into a credible fact, or just put it down to fortune telling to suit an argument. Especially in a league where Brizzle tonked Huddersfield this week.

With that and the bit about ST prices, I can't help but feel he's exploiting the disquiet and fears of fans to put that together. It's a shame, as the EADT have form for this sort of thing and seem to be back to taking the same easy route again.

This relegation talk needs some perspective. We're a month away, and a few games from it being a likelihood. At present it's theoretically possible still surely?
Hodgson turns the scum down
at 19:22 16 Mar 2017

They are an odd deluded lot
Disability horror stories on public transport
at 17:14 14 Mar 2017

Just discovered this long read from a couple of weeks ago. It's thoroughly depressing and I suspect news to most people that a lot of this still goes on so frequently.

Pretty disgusting that companies are seemingly hamstrung by people scared of policy over common sense.
We wonder if the thunder, is ever really gonna begin
at 20:03 11 Mar 2017

Home and away for Mick today, a first visit to his beloved Oakwell without his beloved mentor and the lack of security seemed to tell. A trio of changes but little difference in the starting XI again. Bart was again the trusted palms behind five defensive fingers of Kenlock, Knudsen, Berra, Chambers and Spence. A midfield of Skuse, Diagouraga and Huws had the soft jazzy ensemble of Lawrence and Didsy somewhere up ahead.
Town started brightly and a quick switch on the left from McGoldrick picked out Spence making moves down the right flank. An early corner won and buried well wide off the head of Berra got Town hopes up early on.

In a game where neither side had much to play for there was precious little football at times. However, Town’s effort was rewarded with the excitement of winning corners, from which we hoped to gain the edge.

The blues had an impressive 742 in the away end and clearly relished the only voices being heard for much of the first half being theirs. When Barnsley had their chances of note between Town’s pattern of set pieces and stop-start possession it did little to engage the home fans.

One time loan target Armstrong used his head but not his brain to put a tantalising cross out of play when a certain chance to hit the target if not score went begging. It wasn’t even the first of many misfires that suggested McCarthy dodged a bullet there. Bart already smothering one effort and letting a missed cross sail a little close to the goal into touch in the opening passages.

While Barnsley seemed to have a solid 4-4-2 that attacked in streaking runs, it was Ipswich that looked more comfortable on the front foot. Kenlock had a challenge in the impressive Yiadom at right-back who was far better attacking than defending. Ahead of him was Watkins who was a big and physical threat often shackled with the help of Knudsen.

When the home side switched wide options, and allowed Hammill to torment in slow motion and showboating, you felt that his crosses were harder to bear than his Hollywood blockbusters way away from Bart.

It was in fact the left foot of Knudsen who would let fly from half to half and find McGoldrick or Lawrence in the channel that yielded much of Town’s best threat in the first half. His long passes were much preferable to the layoffs to young Kenlock outside, causing Scowen in midfield to scurry back and cover for Yiadom as any of Town’s attack cut in and tried to force something.

A brilliant timed tackle from the causal looking right back thwarted Lawrence in one such attack, while a rare Huws incision was cut out by the mobilised centrebacks for yet another corner. It was in the industry not the end-product; you felt Town might make a breakthrough.

Skuse had the best chance of the half for a Suffolk celebration. McGoldrick collected a Chambers header which went out towards the opposite corner from which it’s assist came. Wheeling, and arcing around Red threats of dispossession he turned back on goal and unleashed a fierce shot. The parry was thrust upon our No.8 in an instant and he either shot poorly or was the reason for a smothered ricochet that the relieved Davies collected.

If headers and flicks had sometimes seen impressive moments of keep-going rather than keep ball from either side, then flattening of the contest coincided with the shape of the central three. The individual instincts and mobility of Huws, Skuse and Diagouraga often meant Barnsley had any of our men surrounded with the ball. If it wasn’t for the close control of McGoldrick, you sense we might have lost more than just the end to end sense of a team struggling well beyond the scope of this match alone.

In one passage of play Lawrence caught Yiadom late and left him flattened, Huws soon after was lucky not to get a deserved booking for chopping at the heels of the man who breezed past him, Diagouraga then slid in recklessly in a heated five minutes that saw the Reds reflecting on the reputation rather than reality of Mick’s side coming to the fore.
When Skuse received one for a necessary but cynical challenge close to the edge of the box, you watched the preceding pinball build up past our players as if they were little more than cones and prepared to see the worst when Cole and Hammill finally collided.

It was clear if McCarthy had a plan today it wasn’t coming together. The returning Yorkshireman on the touchline must had recoiled, as the one on loan in midfield was charging around all afternoon like a war elephant. But instead of trampling the hordes assembled ahead of him, he looked clumsy, belligerent and wasteful with the ball. Ultimately producing play more suited to the circus.

When half time came, you sensed a change was needed. Barnsley had carved out numerous moves, and more chances if Town arguably had started better and should have made more of the better opportunities afforded them.

It took maybe seven minutes to see that today was Diagouraga’s day. It took that many into the second half to see it end and Grant Ward replace him. Barnsley had clearly smelled the weaknesses of a team coming to them in such disrepair and began to push on the fixture and fitting together more pointed attacks.

It took several free kicks as soft as our underbelly to make Mick and us squirm. When the Tykes ran at us, we reached for our loose balls and cowered on the back foot, failing to find our stride. Barely minutes after our first change, it was Watkins who changed the game. From a refreshingly promising Town attack the ball slid across goal ahead of Chambers who did so a second or two too late. A quick counter from the pass of James and Watkins was away.

Outnumbered 2 to 1 he rode his luck and shook off the odds to work not just into our half, but the heart of our defence and ram the ball past Bart and deep into our goalmouth for the lead. It’s hard to judge the ones Mick missed out on in a single game, but if Marley might not fix every little thing at Ipswich, still he’d be all right.

A few minutes more and Kenlock would sneak off the field as he happened to be almost stood next Mick when the ball went out. On leapt Sears, and Town completely changed shape if not much else. Finally, four at the back came back, the Danish Baresi went to left back and Freddie and Lawrence were the two outer prongs of an attacking fork. McGoldrick still hadn’t formalised his move into midfield, despite having most of the game there.

As the game progressed Town seemed not to. The miscontrols that punctuated more coherent passages of play saw the away fans turn a little. When we finally produced a shot, the chant triumphing it followed. Things started to look black amongst even the bluest of views, as Town seemed to be conspiring in being beaten all too easily.

Playing for the victory despite being behind, Sears and the impressive Ward especially, found joy moving the ball deep into the corners of the Barnsley end but rarely did they find a cross to muster. Skuse nodded down for Dids to drive directly at goal, previously Lawrence had the sting taken out of a similar effort from the opposite side by a defensive deflection into the Keepers’ arms.

If we looked better at all, the stumbling that blighted our movement and aided a decent home side meant a sickener looked likely. When sub Williams flicked the ball back into play on the byline he scampered forward with the kind of run that looked destined to seal the game. Hammill had the whole of our universe shaking at his mercy, yet seemed not to know it. It was one of a few times Bart ended up grasping the ball, thankfully and with little problem.

As the game closed out and with it the dreams of just treading water, Mick again sent out his strikers to warm up. For the first time in what seems an age Pitman emerged with little of the game left. His reception lifting proceedings above the tepid they had lapsed into.

It wouldn’t take long for the poacher to join the hunt. Linking neatly with those around him, Huws who he had replaced left a small gap perfect for McGoldrick to make his own. The striker had sometimes been forced to chase down the keeper and now could sit on halfway and dictate the full force of Town’s attacks.

With much of Town’s success coming down the left, the imposing figure of Spence sat alone on the right as an option used once to great effect with a cross field switch by Knudsen. However, when the telling moment came, it’d be from Town’s left flank.

A simple free kick in the dying moments saw Bart launch the ball at everyone with everything we had. Falling to Pitman on the outskirts, he seemed languid as he grounded the onrushing defender with a drop of the shoulder. A sweeping cut across the box saw red spilling and spattering. At the back post came in Tom Lawrence to stab home almost on the line. It was the Blues who would crown an ultimately poor performance with a point.

The excitement and relief of that 93rd minute seemed to last an eternity. The sense of joy and sight of Jonas head first in amongst the celebrating fans as others raised hands and thanks, lingering. Terry shook the hand of Pitman heartily, knowingly. Chambers waited to until last to follow suit and salute the standing ovation ahead of them.

But in an afternoon where it was hard to see the artistry in Mick’s team, his old guard looking like they’d been in and on the field too long, what does another draw do? What does this point prove?
at 15:56 11 Mar 2017

Kenlock is the bright spark, he's making mistakes but progress too. Just nothing in midfield beyond skuse and rare huws attacks early on. Diagouraga looks terrible today costing us big time.

Really open game and both sides could've scored. Feels like may without the weather.
Two tickets face value
at 08:07 11 Mar 2017

Due to illness people have dropped out. Meet at ground if you want them pm me.

Sitters do one.

I don't think Mick can last until Forest
at 21:53 7 Mar 2017

The perceived improvement hasn't been that exactly has it? When a team comes to us on that sort of run, you have to manage more than this. Even a shock defeat or unfortunate equaliser would stop the suffocating feeling. There's little we can do now either without a loan window.

It's strange to think how far both teams have come/slid since we met in August. That was a 0-0 that embodied two teams with a bit of spirit and endeavour cancelling each other out. Webster was just starting to show what he could do as well the odd error and we gave each other a contest.

If we had lost a handful last month to win one more (especially the scum game) would morale be any lower? I think it's easy to say it would, but it's no better is it?

I'm still not sure what Mick is trying to achieve with this system. I know I'm biased against three at the back but I can only think it's been to play as many of the kids/returning to fitness members of the squad as possible. Each week the selection seems to emphasis a softly softly approach to that end.

That goes for the Keiffer Moore experimentation too. He may as well chuck Rowe in as soon as possible and just pray it makes something click.

Lawrence McGoldrick should have yielded something by now too shouldn't it? We can't seriously miss Huws that much can we? I thought he was poor at Carrow Rd by his standards but to add an injury to the mix now.

If we continue not beating or getting beaten it simply places Mick in further disregard. It's pretty obvious we've stemmed the tailspin and even giving away a point to these lot doesn't really put us in any more danger. It'll just be limping through to the end without the expected pull away into midtable.

Evans is also stuck. How does he show willing without advertising to the world his intention to spend and then being held to ransom? Fans won't come back until they see the door at Portman Rd swinging off it's hinges this summer.

There's not a manager out there I fancy to do anything but keep us bobbing along right now. Mick can't do much more without money, and maybe he just doesn't have the fight left in him? I fear we're in real danger of Evans slowly pushing us under and staying there long term.

McCarthy is essentially keeping the show running, and no one really wants to watch it keep going any more. You have to think back behind the curtain everything is now at a complete standstill and no one knows where to take the next step or how.
Team! THREE changes innit
at 18:45 7 Mar 2017

TEAM Lawrence back
at 14:01 4 Mar 2017

This man deserves more love
at 15:36 26 Feb 2017

Cos he fooking loved today innit
Mediocre derby so far isn't it? And that suits us not them
at 12:54 26 Feb 2017

That penalty is going to define this match isn't it? How can that possibly happen in this day and age? Shameful really.

Think the big positives are Berra's admittedly difficult job on Jerome and the way we're constricting them at every line. Skuse and McG are turning possession over regularly it's just frustrating Ward and Huws aren't on the ball more when we do. The good bits they've done have seen the next man closed down too often.

Bit worrying at that first corner and the way in which there seems to be a communication block at the back. Bart needs to shout doesn't he? Knudsen has looked all action and all over the place in both senses. Would have been cruel to see him score an OG like that.

Kenlock looks to be learning and soaking it up like a sponge. Quietly impressing me, showing what a downgrade Murphy is on Redmond thus far.

Thought the ref was weak not just with the penalty but failing to book Howson who is their dirtiest player too. Pinto's foul throws every time are irritating too. All that talk of us relying on a loanee seems a tad ironic given Dijks is their standout and hurting Spence.

Feels like we need to be a bit braver, it's costing us at the back in terms of them escaping with a run and we're stalling a direct attack and letting them get back time and again. A little mistake from them will be coming I reckon, hope we can pounce on it.

That 15 minute clap backfired too didn't it? Kudos to whoever pointed out their Div 3 stint on the commentary. Tinpot.
Team today
at 11:00 26 Feb 2017

Budgies look like this

[Post edited 26 Feb 11:09]
Today's programme
at 10:44 26 Feb 2017

Kieffer Moore giving 2 tickets away
at 20:56 25 Feb 2017

Get on this those close enough to go.

Hope he scores tomorrow. Twice.
"You'll always be scum"
at 13:30 25 Feb 2017

Just under 24 hours to go! #PrideOfEastAnglia #SlapTheScum #Ncfc

Rarely is it appropriate. But that one just seems made for it.

#slapthescum Darren? Would love to see him try, given he once threw a hissyfit in a bar when someone asked him for his autograph then ripped it up in front of him.

Always been a nasty little bottler who did nothing at every big club he went to.

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