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Who's doing Huddersfield then?
at 19:42 18 Jan 2017

Seem to remember the crowd was buoyed by lots of on the day payers last season. Seemed fairly full anyway.

Can't see it being fun this time. Sh1t and now faded little bowl off the track towards Leeds, Town's form all over the place and a growing sense that whether we're cursed or just come to the end people want blood. Has all the makings of a memorable last stand for a manager and few senior players to avoid all out revulsion towards them.

At least they always overdo the pies and sell them off cheap afterwards.

With Webster out too I dunno what else we throw at the starting XI to disrupt it, ebola? I actually thought Digby looked far closer (maybe not yet close enough) to being a first teamer than I expected. Maybe it was the setting and circumstance, but we might see him come into his own if Mick persists with this 3 at the back fad.

I suppose with this and PNE it's a chance to regroup away from the toxicity and angst of Portman Rd. The Bristol and Blackburn goodwill is long gone isn't it? A first look at Moore, given how bad Best was seems likely too I suppose.

This isn't quite like the end days of the last two, but it feels like the end days of Mick because the stakes seem so much higher and therefore the odds so much longer. If he can't pull off a top half finish as cover to limp into next season, he and Milne will have literally nothing to point to in terms of achievement. However much we accept any adversity or not.

Even the youngsters haven't stayed fit long enough to really impact the first team. Bar the 17 year old Dozzell I think they've all missed at least a game due to knocks or more. You'd at least foresee a case of them being held up as some small comfort by the club and signpost to next season, but I can even see that being taken from them.

Could see Mick go completely maverick and chuck a curveball this week or so. Then you know the name on the office door is about to be changed.
Mick grinned didn't he? (n/t)
at 21:57 17 Jan 2017

Dozzell Lawrence Sears
at 21:54 17 Jan 2017

Who takes the other two?

Knudsen to do a Thommo?

Diggers the carboot Koeman?

Well timed there.
[Post edited 17 Jan 21:56]
90 minute spot the ball comp then from the BBC
at 21:14 17 Jan 2017

Who's behind the cameras tonight?
Jonas has dug Berra out more than once now
at 20:33 17 Jan 2017

Between him and Digby we've just kept them out twice now with Christophe looking lost.
Gabby Logan and Trevor Sinclair for the coverage tonight then
at 18:11 17 Jan 2017

As potential pairings go, "meh" innit.

Luckily the mute button was invented for modern TV coverage anyways.
The Moore You Ignore Mick
at 18:44 15 Jan 2017

Day 14 in the TWTD madhouse and all is far from clear. Months of second-rate drama and second-rate football seem to end with a quiet ovation for Mick McCarthy and his men. With his captain coming out in the media to air publicly the wounds of he and his colleagues, another young player is welcomed and warned off it by Mick.
Lawrence: We've opened talks for a permanent move
at 18:23 15 Jan 2017

Well we probably haven't have we? Gotta love good old twitter.

What's he on a week? £30k? £40k? Let alone a £5m+ fee innit. Do these people not do their homework?
at 22:01 14 Jan 2017

Definitely the best cheese. Quince "paste", dollop it on top and stop at the waxy bit. Sorted.
Lewis Price knows the score
at 18:06 14 Jan 2017

Seems he's causing plenty of budgies to cry tonight.
at 17:03 14 Jan 2017

5 goal thriller then? Glad to see us get back into a game and not lose our heads. Worries me to keep hearing both CB's are making mistakes though.

10 points off the drop, 3 points and a Norfolk handful of goals from the scum. 11 points off the PO's with nothing but teams above us to play. Could go very much in our favour with a bit of a run innit.
Sign him up!
at 15:44 14 Jan 2017

We've sorted a striker, might as well chuck it all on the Welshmen innit
Striking options today then
at 10:41 14 Jan 2017

Are we right to assume it's Best and Sears as a partnership?

Seems logical to go that way or will MM put Best straight in up top and have a 3 behind him? They were played together at Ewood Park and had some success in doing that, albeit unfamiliar to each other then maybe today and at home they'd produce more?

I quite like the idea that Best can occupy Mulgrew and hopefully contest a very good battle with him. That leaves Sears with enough pace and energy to exploit the lack of pace through their middle.

You can make a case for either given Lawrence likes to cut in and run at bodies and has been our most successful weapon when others have drawn and occupied opposition to let him do his thing.

Marshall likes to get forward and is more Carlos Edwards than Cafu. You'd hope that plays into Lawrence's hands, Knudsen set him up nicely there last time we played them, and Chambers had lots of success going forwards which makes me hopeful we might see more of the same with better finishing and more opportunities.

I do think this is a game where Andre could make a splash. He should have room to operate on a decent pitch with holes in the midfield. Another Brizzle cameo might be what he needs too.
Kudos Liverpool FC
at 20:44 11 Jan 2017

Not something you often consider when going to a game. One of those bittersweet stories I guess, but worth a read.
He never hit them very often like this at FPR
at 18:42 8 Jan 2017

What an interesting insight into the gap now between the Prem sides and Champ sides. Boro, even with ten man looked at ease.

You can see what a versatile midfielder Leadbitter is even in that clip. If Wednesday have designs on going up there's a long way to go for them. Just look at what happens to a club in the space of a season or two.
Lyle Taylor at Wimbledon
at 09:28 8 Jan 2017

Would hope Mick and the scouts would consider him. Think he could be the right man. 26, 6ft2, clear ability at the lower league level.

I appreciate he might cost anything right now to pry away, but he looks like the type of signing we would be smart to make considering the high-talk of plans and aims lately.

Wouldn't be surprised to see him move soon. I appreciate he didn't look great yesterday against Sutton on the tele though.
MM won't survive that one will he?
at 17:09 7 Jan 2017

Pretty much tops the list of things to slate him for I'd suggest.

What proportion of that is

a) simple errors? Seems a week for them
b) Lawrence goals? Seems a week for them
c) Lincoln being up for it and firing
d) Us being a typical cup team

Worrying to hear Webster and Berra were at fault for each goal. Also worrying that as a team we lack leaders without Chambers and Skuse, I wonder if Berra was default captain more than someone suited for it? Seems a long term problem that has never been solved just gotten more pronounced.

Tommy Smith being forced to publicly admonish his colleagues and the fans as I type on RS, is not a good move either. Seems the players know/feel it's toxic judging by his comments there and sounds like they aren't looking favourably at us either.

Whoever we do/don't buy this month are we now too stagnant for it to make a difference? Seems like we need another or new Lawrence just to regain a bit of feeling between fans and players.

I don't think I heard much from Dozzel until his shot, or Bru. Seems Ward is not a player to inspire when the chips are down much like Sears and Pitman. You wonder how good our kids truly are, especially in these conditions. You also wonder how much difference personalities of certain players such as Tommy, Bishop, Hyam as well as Murphy and Chambers made to picking up those around them.

Feels like MM was only ever going to lose out today, but he's got to feel the ground shrinking around him right now. This tips the WLWL nature of the current lot against him even further. I doubt even defeat would see him sacked, but the longer he stays the worse his standing will be. I don't see what else he'll do but keep us ticking over and walk in the summer.

Massive pressure on Evans to release funds, especially if he wants to keep Mick.

The only silver lining seems to be the small injection of TV cash we might now get from the replay.
Leon Best gone then
at 14:11 7 Jan 2017

Think that's the clearest message from today's squad innit.

Very attacking lineup too from Mick so he obviously feels he wants a lot of goals from the game.
Commentary today - easy Gav!
at 08:41 7 Jan 2017

Anyone know if the BBC Suffolk commentary is available to all licence fee payers or do I need to renew my player subscription (assuming they actually let me this time)?

One time, perfect streaming which I already pay for, or the delayed and broken version I am charged for again. What a choice. Thanks modern football.

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