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UPDATE ON OLIVER... [ 2 ] by hoppy 23 Mar 13:14
In amongst all the moaning/despondency and general disappointment with
36131723 Mar 22:07
by chrisswailes
Buy Mühren and Thijssen Book Game Changers From TWTD by PhilTWTD 23 Feb 21:05
Copies of Game Changers, the new book about story of Blues legends Arn
19358217 Mar 15:37
by Lord_Lucan
Dreadlocks....................Fear of canal holidays!!!! by ericclacton 23 Mar 20:29
1622823 Mar 22:08
by hoppy
Someone has just made a good point by textbackup 23 Mar 18:27
Give Newcastle 7000 tickets (they'll fill it) at £30 a shot... that's
2398123 Mar 22:03
by PhilTWTD
Red Nose Twtd team by bluelagos 23 Mar 19:28
Just spoke with Hoppy....we have space if we can pull a team together.
522023 Mar 22:02
by witchdoctor
This debate programme on sky news about yesterday's events by The_Romford_Blue 23 Mar 20:26
Is excellent 4 women and a host debating what happened yesterday
720723 Mar 22:02
Events such a yesterday really show you what morons people can be on Facebook [ 2 3 4 ] by The_Romford_Blue 23 Mar 15:33
The number of EDL and Britain first stuff I've seen being shared from
77186123 Mar 22:00
by Ryorry
Jaime Peters by ThatMuhrenCross 23 Mar 14:30
With Scotland playing Canada yesterday, I half expected to check the t
1796023 Mar 21:57
by bournemouthblue
Portsmouth Takeover by itfcpaul 23 Mar 18:11
How is it that clubs such as Portsmouth seem such an attractive purcha
641523 Mar 21:47
by bournemouthblue
State funeral for murdered Policeman [ 2 ] by Archer4721 23 Mar 18:01
48131223 Mar 21:38
by witchdoctor
Favourite away pub? [ 2 ] by clive_baker 23 Mar 17:24
Not away day in general, but specific pub. My vote goes to the Ant
2773723 Mar 21:36
by Reuser_is_God
How do i cancel my...................... by Nazemariner 23 Mar 15:37
membership of this website? I am adamant that is has contributed to
757023 Mar 20:46
by gainsboroughblue
Johnnie Vaughan - Radio X by artsbossbeard 23 Mar 9:25
I'm a big 6 Music fan, however, I do find myself tuning in from 4pm mo
1772723 Mar 20:43
by Dubtractor
The sad reality is [ 2 3 4 5 ] by Archer4721 22 Mar 18:40
in times like these it really does bring out all the nobheads https
101423023 Mar 20:26
by noggin
Oh dear... This is embarrassing. by yorkshireblue 22 Mar 21:54 Imagine being so angry about losing a game you set
1295823 Mar 20:25
by MJallday
Under 30? [ 2 ] by factual_blue 23 Mar 17:58
Aint life a bitch.
2658823 Mar 20:11
it doesn't really matter and I know it's how some people choose to cope [ 2 ] by Illinoisblue 22 Mar 18:32
but the prayforlondon hashtag and other trite graphics (no surrender a
50203923 Mar 20:01
by Ryorry
Laura Kuennsberg by BanksterDebtSlave 23 Mar 18:23
Short......staccato sentences.....the hint........of a best report of
432823 Mar 19:41
by BlueBadger
Peter Hook at UEA waterfront in December by imsureazzure 23 Mar 18:35
Playing Joy Division and New Order Substance albums.
818923 Mar 19:00
by Lord_Lucan
Colour Printer options Managed Plans by Grief 23 Mar 16:51
Anyone who may handle printer procurement for their company, i know th
713623 Mar 18:55
by EJP
£10 for a Season Ticket is ridiculous. by usm 23 Mar 11:39
What is it, 40p a game or something. Crazy. Its no surprise its bein
21132323 Mar 18:53
by sticklegs
Bombscare outside our office in Shoreditch today... by Keaneish 23 Mar 16:45
Suspect package was reported 10 feet away from our office entrance. Th
1349623 Mar 18:49
by BanksterDebtSlave
Proposed protest against wrong target [ 2 ] by warkthisway 23 Mar 13:37
No I won't be joining the Evans out protests on April 1st- his only fa
44136223 Mar 18:24
by itfcjoe
I am being serious here but I don't think we could achieve a full house for a [ 2 ] by Lord_Lucan 23 Mar 14:30
game even if it was free to get in, I genuinely don't, such is the lac
3498323 Mar 18:21
by SomethingBlue
Coverage of these attacks is far to much [ 2 ] by flashblue 23 Mar 12:01
TV and print editors need to be spoken about this in no uncertain term
38121523 Mar 18:16
by Dolly2.0
My damaged package: another reason to get rid of the Monarchy by Mullet 23 Mar 16:54
Got a late birthday present through the post earlier this week. Amazon
323523 Mar 18:09
by gerard1947
The ST fiasco by hype313 23 Mar 16:21
Not wanting to tear the proverbial out of it. But for me it's quite si
1358323 Mar 17:54
by monty_radio
Can anyone recommend an alternative to for domains? by giant_ullaa 23 Mar 16:49
They're refusing to take my money, the tosspots.
614723 Mar 17:41
by Lord_Lucan
Long Melford [ 2 ] by itfcjoe 23 Mar 15:08
Never been there before (except when I was about 8) and drove through
2678623 Mar 17:30
by hoppy
Trump to ban anybody from Kent from entering the USA (n/t) by factual_blue 23 Mar 17:12
210223 Mar 17:20
by factual_blue
Someone on 5 live has just said that we should bring the death penalty back for [ 2 ] by Lord_Lucan 23 Mar 12:10
terror attacks WTF? Hardly a deterrent for a suicide attack.
36108023 Mar 17:13
by Libero
West London Blues / Brentford Griffin news by Lord_Lucan 23 Mar 16:58
Not sure if anyone is near there but I visited The Griffin in November
220023 Mar 17:12
by Lord_Lucan
McLoughlin Joins Bromley on Loan by NewsTWTD 23 Mar 17:10
Quick question by hype313 23 Mar 12:57
Why does it take pharmacy dispensers an age to put a packet of tablets
730023 Mar 16:46
by shady
Anyone had a burger from Gonzos in Norwich? (n/t) by Lord_Lucan 23 Mar 16:33
Germany England [ 2 ] by Samuelowen88 22 Mar 19:22
I assume Germany have a national stadium? So how come the game tonight
31122823 Mar 16:16
by TractorWood
Apparently it's National Puppy Day! [ 2 ] by Ryorry 23 Mar 12:49 https://tw
3170323 Mar 16:04
by hoppy
Huddersfield ST [ 2 3 ] by yorkshireblue 23 Mar 9:05
Their 2016/17 season ST prices have been rightly applauded. They have
63214723 Mar 16:03
by Steve_M
Katie Hopkins is trending [ 2 ] by hype313 23 Mar 12:38
I dread to think what that gobsh1te has had to say.
29115423 Mar 15:45
by WeWereZombies
Funge's email to club [ 2 3 4 ] by AdmiralFunge 21 Mar 20:25
Read it if you want. Rip it to bits, too. I'm pretty easy. Dear Mr
91600523 Mar 15:19
by Swansea_Blue

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