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Is Mick giving youngsters enough game time?
at 12:59 25 May 2017

I hear all this talk about Mick not giving youngsters a chance, and it seems too many posters aren't looking at the league as a whole. So I have tried to....

All stats are minutes on the pitch in the league only, and all ages are at today's date

U20 players
Barnsley - 6,750 minutes (5,063 by loanees)
Nottingham Forest - 5,185 minutes
Bristol City - 3,844 minutes (3,425 by loanees)
Birmingham - 3,680 minutes (1,007 by loanees)
Huddersfield - 3,513 minutes (2,310 by loanees)
Ipswich - 3,399 minutes

So only 5 clubs have players U20 getting more game time than at Portman Road, and only 1 club (Forest) has more game time given to U20 players that aren't on loan at the club.

Players aged 21-22
Preston North End - 8,412 minutes (682 by loanees)
Forest - 8,129 minutes (1,649 by loanees)
Reading - 6,811 minutes
Leeds - 5,854 minutes (1,284 by loanees)
Ipswich - 5,465 minutes (295 by loanees)

So only 4 teams have given more minutes to 21 and 22 year olds, and if you take loan players out of it we move to 4th

Overall - all players U22
Forest - 13,314 minutes (1,649 by loanees)
Barnsley - 10,573 minutes (7,201 by loanees)
Ipswich - 8,864 minutes (295 by loanees)

So overall only 2 clubs are given youngsters more game time than us, and 1 of them is mostly using loanees.

The reality is that Notingham Forest are the only side who are getting more minutes out of young players than we are at all ages, when you take out loan players - other than them we are right up there in every category.

For the purpose of this exercise our young players are Dozzell, Emmanuel, Kenlock, Bishop (U20) and Grant, Digby, Webster and Ward (U22) - so a mixture of academy products and signings, but most importantly nearly all of them are tied down for at tleast the next couple of years.

Mick has many faults, but the stats show it is unfair to accuse him of not giving youngsters game time.

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Old classic football shirts...
at 12:20 24 May 2017

....not as in really old - but last 20 years or so.

Started buying a few on eBay to wear when out running - got myself a Greece national team, Olympiakos and Ajax shirt this week, ideally I like them with a name and number of a random player on the back.

Anybody else suitably weird?

Also like to keep my eye on ITFC ones, some people try and sell some rubbish for top whack - shirts personalised to themselves being main example! One bloke wants £25 plus P&P for a terrible old Punch away kit with his name on the back and describes it as 'Very rare', which i suppose is true.....
Berra signs for Hearts - no surprise there
at 15:50 23 May 2017

Baltic Cruise
at 12:53 19 May 2017

Anyone done one before - recently booked one but isn't until next September.

Southampton to St Petersburg with lots of stops in between,
Nasty Party, Evil, taking pride in f*cking over the poor and needy....
at 13:31 18 May 2017

...and countless other examples.

Until the hard left drops this pathetic talk then they are not going to win over the floating voters.

All it does is further put up the shields for those who have or do vote Tory. The Tories want the best for the country but just have a different way of going about achieving that.
London Calling....
at 14:22 17 May 2017

Time sheet app
at 10:05 17 May 2017

Anyone use one of these? Looking to bring something in for our guys as sick of not getting enough info about where they are which makes my job difficult.

I don't particularly want to track them, but seems that is the only way - I really just want something where they send their hours and what jobs they've been one each day by app rather than texts which are always forgotten come the end of the week
Marley Watkins set to sign for scum
at 09:11 16 May 2017
Little Boy Blue
at 09:03 16 May 2017

Anyone watch the finale last night?

Thought it was a really good series, really well done - feel so sad for the parents, especially when you see the conduct of the boys and their parents.
Free transfer signings by Summer
at 15:14 12 May 2017





Considering we aren't a team that looks to pay fees, this is where our under investment is really catching up - we just aren't bringing in good players on freebies any more - we either aren't competing on wages or there isn't the quality in the market (which means our recruitment model needs updating)
Got to love Mick...
at 14:31 12 May 2017

EDIT - The whole interview is really good, and well worth watching
[Post edited 12 May 15:05]
Squad as it stands...
at 11:53 10 May 2017 per how I usually do it - only those with 5 league starts included here.

GK - Bart, Gerken

RB - Emmanuel
LB - Knudsen, Kenlock
CB - Chambers, Webster, Smith

CM - Skuse, Bishop, Dozzell, Hyam

W - Ward, Rowe*

ST - Sears, McG, Moore*

*Less than 5 starts but seemingly clear part of 1st team squad

To get us up to 2 players per position we need
RB - Spence?
CB - Taylor?
W - Another couple
ST - Another striker, in reality we need 2 more

And on top of that you can see where we need more quality - full back, centre mid and potentially a replacement for Bart
Tom Adeyemi
at 12:22 9 May 2017

Ex-scum but always looked decent, bright lad too - scored the winner against us for Rotherham
Get Mogga in
at 10:49 8 May 2017

Would be a good replacement in our current model, was so unlucky not to keep Blackburn up after the job he did there.
Conduct of cycling community....
at 08:31 8 May 2017

Came across this at the weekend, because the company involved are also on the contractor list for a company we do a lot of work for so have had meetings with a few of their top guys and vaguely know them:

A bloke driving one of their vans, drives like an absolute @rse and nearly (deliberately in my view) knocks a cyclist over.

This is picked up by Jeremy Vine on Twitter who @'s the companies Twitter account.

Their Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus account are hit with a deluge of abuse. People go on to their website find their client lists, send e-mails, tweets, etc to all their clients telling them to stop using them. Wishing death on people and going absolutely miles OTT - they had over 150 1* reviews given to them on Google.

Social media accounts get taken down, and people go on about them putting their head in the sand and that they should be taking action - I assume they think this company has a big PR team used to dealing with things like this?!

A couple of days later the accounts are back up and the director comes out and says that they have spoken to driver, and he has been sacked and they will be arranging for drivers to go on a driver awareness course or similar and 99% of people seem happy with this.

Described as a grovelling apology in the Sun (

As someone who has a company with vans driving round with our name plastered on the side it worries me, as much as you can try and get message across you can't physically drive everyones car and this bullying mentality from cyclists once something like this happens can be hugely damaging - there was something that happened with an Aussie last year and the community seeks to bring down his business.

I get that there is an imbalance between cyclists and car drivers, and that more probably needs to be done to protect the cyclists - but this conduct is just so massively OTT, and the people doing it must not care about the consequences of their actions and what they could ultimately lead to.
I'd hate to think how some people would react....
at 17:49 7 May 2017

....if we were close to going down, or even went down, or had an owner who was a proper shambles.

This season has been poor, and whilst I think Mick should go, we go again in August.
Restaurant recommendation for Sunday...
at 14:54 5 May 2017 cater for children (5, 2 and 6 months old) as well as 6 adults.

We normally just do something safe like Oyster Reach as my sister is a bit fussy and lives in Stutton - but wouldn't mind doing something else this time for a change.

As stated, needs to be family friendly and not a carvery for about 4pm feed - located on east side of Ipswich, or towards Manningtree way at a push
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