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Swansea get Cat 1 Status....
at 08:33 3 Jul 2015

...despite not having passed an audit!

"Although the club is continuing to work towards securing full Category One status, the Premier League has promoted the Swans to the higher level ahead of their forthcoming audit at the end of the year."

Phil - any idea how they get this and we don't, and potential to get a comment from Milne/Milts to see why we aren't getting similar treatment?
James Vaughan
at 07:54 2 Jul 2015

Been racking my brains for potential Murphy replacements and he seem to fit the bill - only stain on his record is an unsucessful spell at Scum.

Big, quick, strong and is a decent goalscorer - 31 goals in 72(8) appearances for Huddersfield. That is across 3 seasons though and he has had a few injuries.

Turns 27 in a few weeks, but is a good age, one year left on his deal so would probably require a 7 figure fee, but would be a very good addition I think.

Fits the bill for what we are after, anyone else have any suggestions?
Burger Review - Dray Yard Smokehouse, Norwich
at 18:07 1 Jul 2015

As recommended by Lord Lucan. And I have to concur it was bloody delicious.

Photo below of burger and menu, in hindsight I wouldn't have had the double patty as it was a bit too much with that.

The pulled pork was unbeleivable, so tasty and tender...and while the brisket was dry it just crumbled apart and was very moist with it, a real strange sensation but one that was really good.

Chips were decent, as were the Sweet Potato Fries Mrs itfcjoe had - and they have a juicy BBQ sauce on the table which was as nice a BBQ sauce as I can remember having.

Starter was Buffalo Wings (Hot), really nice but not really a Buffalo Sauce - I probably should have gone Extra Hot with those as the kick wasn't quite up to what I wanted. very tasty though.

EDIT - Click on tweet/photos to see them larger
[Post edited 1 Jul 18:08]
Where have Infinidi's threads gone?
at 15:56 1 Jul 2015

The way he is shouted down so vociferously and rudely, but yet seemingly punished for that is surely not in the boards T's & C's?
TV games announced at 12pm today....
at 09:51 30 Jun 2015

....get that Brentford game to the Sunday so I can go!
Linked with Scott Allan in Scottish press
at 09:19 28 Jun 2015

Both Old Firm apparently in for him too, highly rated
I almost feel that the club are in a state of shock...
at 07:16 26 Jun 2015

....they slapped this massive price tag on Mings to keep him here and Bournemouth have stumped up with it in full straight away and we aren't even in July yet!

Bournemouth's recruitment over the last few years has been excellent, reminds me very much of Burley's time here - decent fees paid for lower league players who were perfect for what we needed (Johnson, Holland, McGreal, J.Wright etc) and then taking those players to the next level with coaching.

The fee is a lot of money, but we paid that for Hermann when we went up who effectively became our left back - best of luck to Mings at Bournemouth, I think it's a great move for him. A manager that plays the right way to bring him on technically to go alongside what McCarthy has taught him defensively.
Can we afford Gio now? (n/t)
at 17:29 25 Jun 2015

Hopefully it's the Dyer money all over again...
at 16:46 25 Jun 2015 sell potential to buy players currently good enough to get us out of the Championship.

This will free things up for McCarthy now for fees if he wants to go that way or wages if he chooses to stick with what has worked.

Excellent deal for us, and a really good move for Tyrone - best of luck to him.
Tommy Robinson interview
at 18:24 22 Jun 2015

These podcasts by Matt Forde are a decent series of listens, and there is an interview this week with Tommy Robinson, formerly of EDL

Some interesting stuff about him, and his views on Islamists as opposed to Muslims, and how it all went wrong.

Well worth a listen, if you have an open mind (and a pinch of salt), will see if anything ever comes of his book
500 beer challenge
at 12:08 19 Jun 2015

I'm planning to drink 500 different beers in a calendar year - anyone fancy joining me in attempting a challenge?

I think an app like Untappd will be a must to keep track of it - seems a tough ask but should be achievable...
Best programmes currently on TV
at 11:13 19 Jun 2015

In no particular order...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Last week tonight with John Oliver
The Goldbergs
Silicon Valley

The UK really needs to step it's game up
4 away games I wanted to go to....
at 10:18 17 Jun 2015 have visited every ground in Championship (alongside the other ones I'll do...)

Brentford - same day as sister's wedding
Bolton and Hull - midweek night games
Huddersfield - a Saturday at 3pm!

It hasn't worked out that well has it?!
Stevenage at home... (n/t)
at 10:01 16 Jun 2015

Excellent Stephen Hunt podcast interview...
at 08:01 16 Jun 2015

....on the very good An Irishman Abroad.

Only issue is it was recorded before the play offs so there is still hope - but interesting take on the mental strength of the squad.

No moaners, no whingers, everyone focused, no one even beginning to talk about holidays etc etc
Do departments at the Council talk to each other?
at 10:16 15 Jun 2015

I've had a letter to confirm why my property is empty, and what my plans are with it......they could have spoken to the planning team at the council, or looked at the public records of planning applications to have found this info out within 30 seconds.

Instead they waste time and money sending me a letter, waste my time filling it in and starting a TWTD thread, and then waste their time dealing with the letter.

So inefficient because so little communication.
This is brilliant...
at 16:16 12 Jun 2015

Glimmer of hope re academy status
at 08:49 12 Jun 2015

Bolton look to be downgrading their academy from Cat 1 to Cat 2 to save money

This article states that:

"Ipswich Town – who lobbied strongly for inclusion as a Category One club a few years ago – are tipped to re-apply and potentially take Bolton’s place.

Although perhaps some solace can be taken from the Suffolk club, who remained in Category Two this last few years and have continued to produce some excellent young players."

I really, really hope this happens - Evans is funding academy at Cat 1 levels without getting the big grant, if this stops happening (which it will at some point if we don't go up to 1) then this would potentially be awful, loss of jobs and facilities, unable for boys to go away to tournaments that has been happening etc.
Shagging at work in the office
at 15:12 11 Jun 2015

Anyone ever done this?!

I've had to get someone to sort out a callout where damage has been caused by this.....
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