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Well that was sady predictable....
at 17:09 22 Oct 2016

....and the worrying thing is with Bruce starting to get a tune out of Villa, and 3 sides coming down with parachute payments and effectively limitless money to spend it does make you wonder how we'll ever get out of this league!

Frustrating to concede so early today, but sounds like it made little difference and we were comprehensively beaten by a far better side - and when you look at the squads there is no real shame in that

Thoughts on last night...
at 10:02 19 Oct 2016 no particular order.

Whilst we were a bit more open at the back, we created many more chances - if someone like Bru had more of an eye for goal we could have been out of sight. The games are a much better watch like this, and against sides like Burton, and Rotherham in a few weeks, we should have enough about us to beat them in a game like this as have much more quality.

Tom Lawrence was excellent, a clear MotM for me, his touch and the way he runs with the ball is great to watch.

Teddy Bishop was a bit disappointing, his 2 biggest contributions were great tackles which isn't what you want from a number 10. He seems much more comfortable driving from a deeper role.

It is a big concern that Skuse and a back 4 that doesn't have any real particular intent can't be a more solid unit, should he really need Douglas alongside him for us to be solid?

Knudsen had a poor game, both on and off the ball.

I was impressed with Best, but he needs to be a bit more selfish in front of goal, could've pulled the trigger a number of times.

Delighted for Sears.
In the last calendar year, we've had 10 (ten!) 0-0 draws....
at 09:52 18 Oct 2016

.....I assume that is a club record
Promising comeback from McGoldrick
at 19:44 17 Oct 2016

The subs sum Mick up for me....
at 17:02 15 Oct 2016

On top against a Blackburn side that sounds really poor, and rather than try and win the game by getting Bishop or Williams on for Skuse or Douglas, we stick them out wide as round pegs in square holes.

He just doesn't have it in him to take a risk and try and win a game. If we are still trying to aim for the top 6, we aren't goping to draw our way there.

You'd think Mick hasn't realised that it is now 3 points for a win.
Blackburn's first clean sheet of the season...
at 16:54 15 Oct 2016

...was it ever in any doubt.
No such thing as a bad away point....
at 16:51 15 Oct 2016

Would've taken that before we got off the bus...

And the most boring side in the division drifts further away from any relevance

Blackburn are rubbish, and we aren't any better.
[Post edited 15 Oct 16:53]
Short to Chambers.....
at 16:09 15 Oct 2016

.....Chambers hoofs it.....poorly
Straight to Evans

The first thing I heard when I got back in car after filling up with petrol.
Team today...
at 11:16 15 Oct 2016's going to be the below isn't it?




Ched Evans on a free?
at 15:25 14 Oct 2016

Personally wouldn't do it due to the fact it will still bring bad publicity (and don't think he is even on a free.....!), but now he is not guilty should he be considered an option?
Another fine day for the banks, RBS this time
at 14:03 11 Oct 2016

Destroying businesses to make their figures look better so they can get their bonuses.

Just so much greed, and so little conscience. It's all just so deliberate and people should be punished for the heartache and anguish they put people through.

[Post edited 11 Oct 14:10]
Bryan Klug - change of role....
at 20:17 10 Oct 2016

Almost reads as though he is stepping back in a way? Sure that isn't the case and is a way of doing less admin which he doesn't enjoy and more coaching but he is going from 'Academy Manager' to 'Head of Coaching and Player Development' which surely gives less overall responsibility.

The website says that this is a promotion, but don't really see how? Hopefully nothing to worry about though as we've seen over the years how vital Klug is to the academy.
Ratings out of 10 for managers.....
at 14:40 3 Oct 2016

....staring with Burley. Hinted at on the other thread.

Burley - 9
Royle - 8
Jim (pre-takeover) - 7
Jim (post-takeover) - 5
Keane - 3
Jewell - 1
Mick - 8*

Judging on state they inherited club in, left club in, transfer dealings, use of the academy, success on the pitch, and anything else you can think of.

*If Mick were to leave today and be judged on spell up until this point.
Apparently there was only 12k in the ground for the Brighton game
at 10:54 3 Oct 2016

Counting the season ticket holders and other ticket holders who didn't turn it up took it to 15,200

That is from a pretty impeccable source, but via someone, no reason not to believe it when you looked around and just knowing how many people I know who lived locally that didn't bother to go - let alone those who needed to travel.
Di Matteo sacked.....
at 09:10 3 Oct 2016

If we could end up with some compo for Mick it would work out well for all considered.

He would walk away at a time when things are starting to turn against him and his very good overall job is being forgotten about

We get a chance to start things over with a new manager

Villa get a manager that would deal with their situation very well.

But think it will be Bruce....
How good a run are we going to need to get on?
at 08:33 3 Oct 2016

We seem to be trying to tick over until McG and Williams are back but how far adrift are we going to be away from the play offs when they are back and fully firing (assuming they have normal recoveries which is a big leap when you look at their histories)

Because it feels like we are waiting for a player to come back to change the style of play and build for next season bar an unbelievable run when he is a only a loan player and won't be here anyway.

Stuart Watson bang on the money again....
at 08:21 3 Oct 2016

Respect works both ways – Mick McCarthy is losing the backing of some of his most ardent sympathisers

No goals, no entertainment and seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. Ipswich Town’s famously patient fans are reaching the end of their tether.

There are clubs with a similar glorious history whose supporter base seems to carry delusions of grandeur and a sense of entitlement. That’s not the case at Portman Road. So when the atmosphere turned sour during and after Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Huddersfield you know things have got bad.

A late shot on target was greeted by ironic cheers. The full-time whistle sparked boos and chants of “what a load of rubbish”.

Worryingly, as falling attendances show, plenty more have simply quietly turned their backs and walked away in a state of apathy. Fifteen years in the Championship and going nowhere fast. Everything about the club feels soporific and stale.

Just three goals have been scored from open play in more than 1,000 minutes of action, while Town have failed to score a first half goal in 29 of their 35 games this calender year. The latter statistic perfectly sums up Mick McCarthy’s safety-first approach. The shackles are never loosened, let alone removed.

A lack of transfer budget and key injuries at key times means the Yorkshireman has undoubtedly been fighting with one hand behind his back most of the time, but many of his actions and words are beginning to lose the sympathy of his most ardent backers.

Saturday’s post-match comment of “I’m not going to sit here and justify my team selection” was, at best, stubborn, and, at worst, arrogant.

McCarthy bristles at criticism. He feels his past CV and the way he saved Ipswich from relegation before guiding them to their first play-off place in a decade deserves respect. He’s right, but respect works both ways.

Supporters feel they are being treated like idiots when superlatives are attributed to solid but unspectacular performers. They want more of an explanation on undroppable players, negative tactics and square pegs in round holes. Instead questions on the above are met with barely concealed disdain.

This is not an over-reaction to a tough patch. Ipswich have been taking more steps backwards than forwards for at least 18 months now. Realists know it’s not a level playing field in this division, but clubs like Bristol City, Huddersfield and Barnsley are showing more signs of progression and they don’t have vast resources.

Is McCarthy really getting the best out of what he’s got? Is it false hope to expect the injury-prone Jonny Williams and David McGoldrick to be the saviours? One thing’s for sure, we now have two weeks to dwell on all the above.
[Post edited 3 Oct 8:37]
Remember when we couldn't buy a goal in pre season....
at 20:01 2 Oct 2016

.....and it was nothing to worry about?
Luke Chambers is the Mike Brearley of Ipswich Town (n/t)
at 09:19 2 Oct 2016

4 more goals for Leiston yesterday
at 09:12 2 Oct 2016

If only it was a convenient place to get to on a Saturday!
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