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Midlands based blues....
at 13:27 1 Dec 2016

...I know there are a few of you in here.

Town's U18s face Nottingham Forest at the City Ground in the FA Youth Cup next Tuesday - 7pm kick off.

Any support I'm sure would be appreciated - get along if you can
Worst age to be a town fan?
at 11:11 1 Dec 2016

Just watching the Reuser video on that over thread.....and heard this in the commentary:

"And that's surely it now, Joe Royle and Manchester City are surely down. Ipswich still on course for the Champions League."

That was on my 16th birthday, by the time I turned 17 and passed my driving test which allowed me to go to loads of away games we had been relegated - and not been back since.

Obviously I got to see the Burley years, and watched us win at Wembley, which the younger generation had - but I was so close to my formative football/boozing years being brilliant; but in reality they have been pretty poor!

Was good when I was at uni and we were pressing for promotion, but since I've been working full time and had a bit of disposable to follow us around we've been stuck in this God forsaken division.

Now I've had a kid and disposal income is taking a beating, we'll no doubt go back up to really rub it in!
Nottingham Forest FAYC roll call...
at 09:06 1 Dec 2016

Think I'm going to make the trip to see the kids, bit sad I know but hopefully will be a good game
NFL thread.....
at 09:50 29 Nov 2016

With the season well past the halfway point how are people feeling about their teams play off chances?

I struggle to see the Vikings making the play offs now, realistically we are going to be 6-6 come Friday morning despite home advantage, if the Lions beat the Saints then it is game over.

Our O-Line issues have got worse, and whilst injuries have played a key part it is difficult to not blame the front office who have taken just 2 O-Line in the last 10 drafts on days 1 and 2. There has been some succes with late round interior guys, but our only 2 consistent tackles have been Matt Kalil (1-4) and Phil Loadholt (2-54).

And Kalil hasn't been great, but shows how big a difference there is between a top 5 pick who is struggling compared to a 4th round pick that just isn't, and won't ever be, very good.

Our Injured Reserve currently has, all on the offensive side of the ball, previous first rounders:
1-1 Jake Long - T
1-4 Matt Kalil - T
1-6 Andre Smith - T
1-7 Adrian Peterson - RB
1-32 Teddy Bridgewater - QB
And Guard Mike Harris who was our best O-Lineman last year.

Admittedly Long and Smith were free agent signings that hadn't done much for us, but Long in his 2nd game already looked better than what we have there, and showed the difference between the guys who get picked early and those who get picked late.

And no 1st rounder next year......

I don't know if anyone saw the Lions game, but the O gameplan is so unadventurous, I watched the game back and Bradford got the ball out so quickly that he only threw it past the sticks 4 times all game out of his nearly 40 attempts.

Can't see us making the play offs, especially with the Lions having the head-to-head advantage, imagine we'll finish 9-7 which won't be enough for a wild card either
Kindle books...
at 08:59 29 Nov 2016

Do you reckon there will be a time when Amazon make all books you've purchased from them available for your Kindle like they have done music?

Would make things a hell of a lot easier, but guess there are a few major reasons as to why it hasn't happened
Finally giving the opposition something to think about
at 19:52 26 Nov 2016

NIce to see the opposition at 352 and us not stick round pegs in square holes to match up, and great to see us go for the throat when we were winning rather than sit back.

I still don't think Douglas is close to being any answer, but Skuse was streets ahead of what he has been this season - and best to not to have the flexible Sears option on the pitch as stopped us from shifting it around!
[Post edited 26 Nov 19:52]
Skuglas starting, Reg up top (n/t)
at 13:27 26 Nov 2016

Norwich food recommendations - baby friendly (n/t)
at 10:07 25 Nov 2016

Wigan away on the last Saturday before the Xmas break....
at 09:11 23 Nov 2016

...can't imagine we'll take many to that one!
Naming a couple of houses in a new development?
at 10:28 22 Nov 2016

Anyone ever done it? Or got any idea for themes.

Any things to avoid etc?
[Post edited 22 Nov 10:28]
U23s game sounded a stonker....
at 15:21 21 Nov 2016

1-0 down, 2-1 up, 3-2 down and won it 4-3 in the last minute.

Good to see the lads starting to get some results at that level, hard to make a case for any to kick on when we were losing week in-week out at that level.

They may be development teams, but they still need to win more than they lose
Saturday was exactly the sort of performance I feared when....
at 09:34 21 Nov 2016

....we sold Murphy and did't replace him.

I talked extensively about needing someone to lead the line, and how we don't have it unless Best can come in and perform above all expectations. Where was he on Saturday? Injured or not in the 18?

We had McGoldrick on the half way line, Sears out wide and no one up front occupying their central defenders, acting as a focal point to play off.

When Murphy wasn't replaced, I said it has instantly become a transitional season - we weren't going for promotion any more with the business done at the end of the transfer window.

By agreeing the Murphy deal and not getting anyone in, Mick basically prepared his P45.
Checkatrade Trophy - What an absolute farce
at 10:21 17 Nov 2016

Not sure if anyone has been following this, but the CEO of the Football League (EFL) pushed through this ridiculous proposal to allow Premiership teams U23 teams to play in what was the Football League Trophy.

The first issue is that, after clearly no research, none of the big clubs wanted to play in it - Man City, Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd....the only 'big' team in it are Chelsea, and they only agreed to go into the tournament if their fixtures were re-arranged to suit their schedule, which the EFL bent over and did.

This meant that there are teams like Blackburn in the competition and out of the 16 academies in this, 6 come for the Championship. The rules state that these clubs are allowed to play 6 U21 players with 5 over age players.

The teams in League 1 and 2 are not allowed to make many changes from their league game, or are fined - so you get the ridiculous situation where teams will take their GK off after 2 minutes to get around the rules put in place (

Attendances have been shocking, various teams have recorded their lowest ever attendances, and the games have been played in front of a few hundred people.

The rumblings of discontent have been ongoing for some time, former MK Dons manager Karl Robinson heavily criticised it - speaking on behalf of a club who put a lot of time and money into their youth development, they are no longer able to use this competition to try and develop their own youngsters.

But yesterday, the EFL took the biscuit, by fining the clubs for their conduct in the competiotion - most notably Luton who came out with a strongly worded club statement

When you look at the detail of their statement, it shows how big a farce it is - they made a number of changes for their game against WBA U21s and included 7 players from their academy - WBA included Jonas Olsson (a 33 year old Swede), Boaz Myhill (34), Craig Gardner (29) and Callum McManaman (25)........they beat this WBA side and were fined for picking a team that didn't include enough senior players?!

The last paragraph of Luton's statement sums things up perfectly, how can Shaun harvey who is supposed to represent his members as the CEO of the EFL be standing for this? And because he is, how he is fit to lead this organisation - he should be ousted from his job as quickly as he can.

“That is clearly disingenuous and by fining us this amount the EFL is effectively saying that promoting young talent is only acceptable if they’re with an EPPP1 club, and they are depriving their own member clubs’ young players access to first-team football.”

How along until MarcusEvansReborn is here.....
at 22:24 16 Nov 2016 defend ITFC's ticket prices and criticise the BBCs survey?

Adam Webster out for 3 weeks...
at 14:59 10 Nov 2016

...guess that gives Emmanuel another chance to impress
Buster the Boxer
at 13:02 10 Nov 2016

Just went to John Lewis, and after the launch of the advert there are loads of these on sale.

£15 for a Teddy which is probably a tad on the expensive side but about what I expected....I bought one as little boys first Xmas and am a mug....

But there are signs up saying that customer's are limited to 5 each. I assume people buy these to sell, but how much are they being sold for to make this worthwhile? Even at £25 for the buying, selling, posting etc it doesn't seem worth it? Or am I just frivolous in not wanting all that hassle for £5?
The age of idiocy and intolerance.
at 07:18 9 Nov 2016

I'm glad I'm a straight, white bloke at the moment.
People that put inspirational quotes on FB.....
at 11:14 8 Nov 2016

....when they have nothing to shout about? I don't get it.

Had this one today by someone:
Some of you are not going to like this post, some will hate it, but it's the truth, opinions of others is so common but... We are all born differently with different upbringings, experiences & privileges. Some people are born with great genetics, rich families & have everything in the world... Some have nothing. We cannot choose where we come from, the only choice we have is how we are going to live OUR life. The fat person can easily become ripped. The poor man can easily become wealthy. When I say easily, i mean it is very possible with the RIGHT MINDSET. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, self-pity is for losers & no one truly cares what you are feeling, especially if your not successful. Take control of your life & realise you are where you are because of YOU. You have the power to change your life story RIGHT NOW... Become the person you was always suppose to be... Thoughts for today stay true

Some I agree with, some I don't....but this bloke is in his mid 30s and works in the yard of a builders merchant. That's not to criticise the job, as think that is a nobbish thing to do - but if you were reading that on someone's status you'd expect them to be a big success in their career.
[Post edited 8 Nov 11:15]
Potential wind fall for ITFC if Cressy plays a competitive game...
at 21:11 7 Nov 2016

...just been called up
Election campaigning in the US....
at 08:33 7 Nov 2016

....a bit different to here!

I was watching the NFL yesterday on GamePass, which gives me US TV for it, and some of the adverts are ridiculous (putting aside the ones for erectile dysfunction....)

Hilary campaign has ones about Trump showing him mocking disabled reporters etc. And then there was about a 5 minute one for Trump with an actress playing Hilary, and just laying into her, Obama, Bill C, etc showing grainy footage of them meeting with other world leaders and then going on about how they met the Chinese and now all work goes to the Chinese, Hilary at Bilderberg group meetings etc

There's even less dignity and respect than shown here, it's really quite disgraceful to watch the way they frame the message , and how much bias and clearly lying they are allowed to put on these adverts.

From the Trump one, you can see why he is popular - it's a message that will ring home with lots of people....but the reailty is so far away from the message that it is scary.
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