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ITFC Academy Friends Scheme
at 09:27 24 Apr 2014

Is anyone in this on here?

I have been from the start, I go and watch the academy a lot and don't mind paying - I look at it as a few quid entrance fee for when I watch them....

When you sign up, you are told you will be receiving the following:
"“Friends” will be listed in the Match-day Programme, Academy Website and also receive small Academy Association gifts for signing up, EG Silicone band & car sticker. You will also receive the Academy Monthly Newsletter via email"

I have received the first couple of Academy Monthly Newsletters, but they have now stopped? Has anyone else received these, or have they just stopped for everyone.

If they have stopped it's pretty disappointing, and pretty lazy. There are features in every matchday programme that could be recycled on these, but when people are giving up £5/£10 a month, then they should get what they've been promised.
Burnley only lost 5 games all season...
at 08:56 24 Apr 2014

...what an unbelievable job Sean Dyche has done.

Any chance of us making that 6 defeats on Saturday?!
Play off percentages according to SportsClubStats....
at 08:51 23 Apr 2014

Derby - 100%
QPR - 100%
Wigan - 98%
Reading - 46%
Brighton - 32%
Forest - 12%
ITFC - 6%
Blackburn - 4%
Bournemouth - 1%
Watford - <1%

Fair to say it's looking pretty unlikely......
What a job Brendan Rodgers has done
at 19:18 20 Apr 2014

Stating the obvious I know but it's great to see a team of young English players playing with great technique, pace and tempo. Puts to shame all these 'not creating good enough players' rubbish and shows it's opportunities they need.

I think it'll be the greatest managerial achievement in PL era if they win the league.
Looks like the 'printing error' excuse has been dropped by the club.... (n/t)
at 12:06 17 Apr 2014

This is laughably desperate....
at 09:49 17 Apr 2014

Journo is a verified BBC reporter, not just a fake agent or anything....
Southampton season tickets.....
at 12:41 15 Apr 2014

Mate just e-mailed me details of their new season tickets for next year, and does make you worry about how expensive Premiership football could be if we were ever to make it:

For those who can't be bothered to look at the link, a renewed ST behind the goal is £628 (£33 per game), and that is the cheapest adult season ticket not in a family stand (£541)
Watford game will be streamed next week...
at 11:23 13 Apr 2014

Footy League Show said last night that we are the main game next week so it will be shown live in Scandinavia etc and available on a dodgy stream
Norwich's relegation chances...
at 10:07 10 Apr 2014

According to SportsClubStats, Norwich currently have a 31.5% chance of going down...

After their Saturday game, the outcomes will effect it like this:

Win - it drops to 5.6%
Draw - it drops to 25.8%
Lose - it rises to 52.7%!

Also, that doesn't take into account who fixtures are against, (i.e. it assumes Norwich are just as likely to beat Liverpool as Liverpool are to beat Norwich) - if they lose, they are hugely likely to go down.

And we all remember what happened last time they had a must win game at Craven Cottage...!

U21s won 2-1
at 15:59 7 Apr 2014

Darren McQueen scoring both goals,

I watched last half hour and spoke to a few guys there - Veseli head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch playing centre midfield, we were the better side and deserved the win.
U21s 1-0 down... (n/t)
at 14:32 7 Apr 2014

I don't think Planet Blue twitter feed gets sarcasm....
at 13:10 7 Apr 2014

Have just retweeted this:

One potentially bit of exciting news re the Adidas kits...
at 13:00 7 Apr 2014 that they might be able to release better quality retro shirts from 78 and 81 with the 3 stripes on them. As all our most iconic kits were Adidas this could be good.
Sports Club Stats...
at 08:51 7 Apr 2014

Play off update:

We now have an 8% of reaching the play offs.

Someone on Twitter has come up with the following...

If we win 4 and draw 2 of our last 6 games we have a 50% chance of making it
W5 L1 is 80%
W5 D1 is 85%
W6 is 97%

It really is sh1t or bust time - but must be seen as hugely unlikely now, looking at the runs of form we need to stand even a 50% chance.
Supporter's Trust calls for ITFC to cancel any automatic opting in....
at 15:58 4 Apr 2014

...and revert to season ticket holders needing to specifically opt in to the Academy Friends scheme:
Sorry seems to be the hardest word.... (n/t)
at 12:16 4 Apr 2014

Spineless comments by Liz Edwards...
at 09:28 4 Apr 2014

How deep is she and the Supporters Club in the clubs pocket?! very disappointing to not even put the fans view across - which to a man is very critical of the club.

Is there anywhere ST holders can opt out of membership of the Supporters Club because they don't represent me in any way?

Elizabeth Edwards, chairman of the Ipswich Town Supporters’ Club, said: “It is a great shame that this issue has taken focus away from the great work that the Academy is doing to help to secure the future of our club.

“Fan surveys (and a huge petition) demonstrated support for the investment to achieve Cat 1 Academy status, and many fans have already chosen to show that support financially.

“Surely there is no issue with all season-ticket holders being given every opportunity to support and make a real difference – though of course some will feel that this could have been achieved in a different way.”
I think these 2 tweets show up the 'printing error' for what it really was
at 21:50 3 Apr 2014

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