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Loan watch from the highlights
at 22:26 3 Oct 2015

Yorwerth - caught out for first goal by a through ball. Great header was tipped onto post for equaliser.

Clarke - couldn't see him as camera angle at Fratton Park looks as though it's at ground level in front of dugouts
Anyone off to Wembley tomorrow? (n/t)
at 18:42 3 Oct 2015

What do we expect from a Yorkshireman..... (n/t)
at 17:37 3 Oct 2015

2 goals for Jack Marriott again today
at 16:30 3 Oct 2015

2 starts, 7 sub appearances, 6 goals.
Sort it out Mick
at 15:41 3 Oct 2015

Too many players out of form, or not up to how we want to be playing. The line between loyalty and stubbornness has been crossed and something needs to change.

Gerken - not good enough
Chambers - not a good enough right back as we try and play better football, he can't f*cking pass the ball
Berra - Big errors on an almost weekly basis leading to goals
Skuse and Douglas - just aren't working as a pairing at all
Maitland-Niles - made a good start but looks an impact player for me
Murphy - Looking laboured and keeping players who are in form and scoring out of the side

Players need to be dropped if they aren't performing, too many players are automatic choices at the moment and not worthy of it.
Luckily Blackburn are better than their 18th position...
at 15:18 3 Oct 2015

....and 1 win all season or this would be looking like another poor result.
Monday NFL thread
at 08:08 28 Sep 2015

I wonder if that Dallas fan is so confident any more, without Romo and Dez they are buggared for a few weeks, as good as that O Line is you need a QB.

I didn't see the 9ers game, but saw Kaep's 2 early Pick 6's, how on earth the Vikings lost to them in Week 1 I'll never know - good win for Vikes against Chargers, Rivers was abused and beaten up as Stafford was last week - battle of 2 top D's at Denver next week in the late game which should be a good game.

Seahawks in first half struggled against what is a poor Bears side, they don't look the same side this year, not running the ball well at all.

Dolphins were everyone's big tips this year, and look terrible - anyone going to see them at Wembley next week?
Disappointing for me last night
at 11:25 24 Sep 2015

When the teams were announced it really knocked the stuffing out of me, I understand rotating the squad around but you still need to put an XI out that can compete....the addition of Chambers, Skuse and Smith/Berra to that team would've given it a much stronger spine and given us more of a chance to stay in the game a bit longer.

When we took McG and Murph off at 60 minutes, rather than Bru, Parr or Tabb who are making their way back from injury or have had no football this season that was just throwing the towel in, and confirmation it was just a training exercise for Mick rather than a game he wanted to win.

I probably would have gone anyway, and hope that most would but personally think that this quote is wrong for the fans that spent probably at least £100 each to travel:
“I said at Doncaster that I’d play the same team and then we were drawn with Manchester United and I said I might have to rethink it,” he added. “But that was never going to be the case, I was always going to play the same lads."

If he was always going to play the total reserves then why not stick to that message?

EDIT - I think all the players did us proud though, and couldn't fault anyone out there - so wouldn't criticise them in anyway.
[Post edited 24 Sep 11:26]
Anyone getting a bus from Portman Road today? Car Park?
at 08:02 23 Sep 2015

Assuming the car park will remain open on it for those parking there? Sure it did when I got bus to Donny all those years ago!
Is there more to Cameron and this pig?
at 11:19 21 Sep 2015

I mean, was it all one way loving or was there an ulterior motive in bedding a pig?
Can't say I disagree with this
at 12:46 19 Sep 2015

Do people not need to take responsibility for their own choices and actions in Corbyn's plans?
With the way we play, I really think we are being held back by...
at 08:32 19 Sep 2015

...Chambers and Douglas in their positions currently.

We like to play quite directly, when we get on the ball we like to get it forward quickly and incisively to catch the opposition before they are set. However these 2 are too poor on the ball in the oppositions half, constantly panicking when under no pressure and losing any momentum and chance to attack quickly.

From full back, the difference between Kundsen and Chambers distribution is stark, JK can flight and control the ball to give our attacking players a chance of doing something with it, this just isn't the case on the right where it's hit forward with no control or thought.

If I could be bothered I'd watch back last nights game and see from how many short throw ins we still have the ball 5 seconds later....Chambo to Skuse, back to Chambo, turned round the corner to no one.

For me the tough one is who should play as CB - I think Smith is a better CB now, but Chambo is an excellent captain....
I heard Bishop has picked up another injury in training...
at 08:19 19 Sep 2015 ex player said it was his hamstring.

Guess we'll find out on Monday or Weds if that is the case
Poor old Dean Gerken...
at 14:17 18 Sep 2015

....keeps a clean sheet against Leeds, doing nothing wrong in the process but the readers of TWTD in the player rating section have awarded him a paltry 5.86/10 for his performance.

Almost as if people have rated him badly because they don't like him?!
Corbyn not singing the anthem
at 07:57 16 Sep 2015

How does something like this become a thing? If he doesn't want to sing it be it because he is a republican, atheist or both then up to him - as long as he doesn't disrespect it in the process.

This is the sort of reason why politics in this country has gone down the sh1tter, no focus on anything real and just looking at superficial stuff that has no importance.
If Giles Coke can't get a start ahead of Jonathan Douglas...
at 08:22 15 Sep 2015

....tonight, then there was no real point in signing him considering that Bru, Bishop and Hyam are all injured.
RIP Brian Close
at 11:08 14 Sep 2015

Fitting that Yorkshire won the CC at Lords and England the Ashes this summer
Well that was f**king awful....!
at 11:15 12 Sep 2015

A few thoughts on it....

While defensively we were shocking, it's the midfield balance that is causing this and it is all wrong. I'm yet to be impressed with Douglas, and the combination of him and Skuse is not good against any team with a bit of quality in the middle.

They both kept getting caught ahead of the ball, Douglas use of the ball is so poor when pushing forward, and he is so loose with it, anytime he makes any forward impetus we end up being suceptible to a counter attack.

Reading were a decent side, but their pace on the break showed how sluggish that midfield pairing is.

Pitman and McGoldrick are not a pairing, they both drop too deep which means that we can't stretch their defence and the game becomes compressed and laboured when we attack, they are an either/or pair of players.

Whilst Gerken should have come for that 3rd, with a ball bouncing in the box Skuse needs to put his foot through it and ask questions later, we always defend safety first with Smith and Berra, and it normally serves us well - that was poor from him.

Chambers has had a really poor season so far, both at right back and centre back - needs to up his game significantly.

I think we miss Hyam's energy and bite in the middle alongside Skuse, whilst people say it diidn't work going forwards, now we have 4 out and out attackers playing alongside our 6, we need those 2 sitting.

In Hyam's 16 games last year we kept 4 clean sheets, the same amount we've kept in the 30 since he's been injured. If we are to play 4 attackers, we need 2 sitters who don't get ahead of the ball, not Douglas running around like a slow headless chicken.
Piece on development of English youth players...
at 14:17 9 Sep 2015

...focussing most specifically on Chelsea and City, and their faults.

I think it's a really good and well thought out piece
U21 player thoughts...
at 08:18 8 Sep 2015

Crowe - Did what he had to do well, came and claimed/punched crosses away, kicking good. No chance with goals.

Parr - Not a particularly good performance and didn't stand out - looked as though he'd been instructed to ease through the game to get minutes under his belt.

Piotr - Strong and a couple of good challenges, still looks a little sluggish at times when strikers buzzing around him

Yorwerth - Won every header, and defended very well, but let himself down with the handball....he's just a bit too committed and rash at times, looked like he was almost bundling Crowe out way to make the save on my only view of it!

Kenlock - Really good first half, great feet and defended well. Lost the ball sloppily a few times in second half and worked really hard to try and win it back but wouldn't get that opportunity against first team players

Toure - Not overly involved, but did ok when he was. Similar to parr really as just looked a minute gathering exercise.

Benyu - Sideways passing and switching of play was good, but a bit sloppy when trying to pass the ball forwards. Looks to be lacking a bit of confidence and I'd give him a couple of U18 games when McDonnell is back in the squad.

Dozzell - Super range of passing is the first half and just eased through the game, didn't get on the ball in second half and got a bit niggly committing a few fouls. Tired towards the end in a midfield 2 as to be expected at 16.

Henshall - Same as always, doesn't have a trick and only tries to beat a man for pace on the outside before flashing a cross of for a goal kick. Wonder where he is going to drop to as he's just not up to much.

McLoughlin - Nice footballer, but doesn't really have the physicality to go from youth footballer to senior footballer so is in no mans land really.

Alabi - Beast mode at that level, chases everything down and bullies defenders all game. Good on the ball and holds it up well. Tired towards the end but was ploughing a loan furrow up top and got through a lot of work.

MotM was Alabi for me, kudos to Dozzell for his first half performance and Yorwerth ruined a good day with a silly red card.
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