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ITFC to lose on Saturday no doubt
at 09:59 19 Apr 2015

We arent going to do it the easy way are we?!
Play off dates
at 09:18 18 Apr 2015

Littl confused by story on main page - if we don't face Norwich does that mean 3rd v 6th will be Friday followed by Friday?

Or do the ties switch between first and second leg?
Sir Bobby's legacy....
at 11:35 16 Apr 2015

A quirky statistic from Wednesday's Champions League quarter-finals is that all four managers once played in the same Barcelona team. Barca coach Luis Enrique , PSG manager Laurent Blanc , Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola and Porto coach Julen Lopetegui were all on the books at the Nou Camp during the 1996-97 season, when Bobby Robson was manager of the Catalan club.

All four started the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Atletico Madrid at the start of the 1996-97 season. Barca lost the leg 3-1 but won the trophy courtesy of a 5-2 victory in the first leg.

Also in that side was Albert Ferrer (former Cordoba coach), Sergi Barjuan (Almeria boss), Abelardo Fernandez (Sporting Gijon coach), Hristo Stoichkov (ex-Celta Vigo and Bulgaria coach) and Juan Antonio Pizzi (former Valencia manager).

As an added bonus, Robson's assistant during that time was none other than current Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.
Pop up ad from Spin Genie
at 09:15 16 Apr 2015

Anyone else getting this - click a link on here and it just takes over your whole screen with no way to shut it down other than reload page?

Happened 2 times to me today now
Cole Skuse i'view in corporate area after the game....
at 09:31 15 Apr 2015

He went into dugout to find the kitman and masseuse....masseuse asks him every time he's having his 'rub' if today there is "any chance"..

He always told all the other players he wouldn't celebrate if he ever scored....but totally lost composure.....said when he got into the dugout he thought "Oh sh*t, I'm on a yellow" and then panicked he'd get sent off and would never live it down!

Fine margins that can define a season
at 09:14 15 Apr 2015

Ref totally bottles sending Fabio off, in perhaps one of the most obvious red cards you'll see, given he could easily have been booked beforehand too.

Cardiff manager recognises Fabio has totally lost his head so makes the wise decision to withdraw him and bring on Noone.

Noone (who shouldn't be on the pitch) roasts Mings and puts ball on a plate for Gunnarson - who fortunately pokes it wide.

One awful bit of refereeing could easily have cost us 2 points - because we won it is forgotten about in the main.

On a separate note how the ref booked Skuse for a little tug on a shirt but decided not to book Whittingham who scythed down Sears when breaking away is absolutely beyond me - an awful refereeing performance.
Goal difference really is rubbish isn't it
at 09:38 14 Apr 2015

I think the head to head between the 2 teams is such a better way to decide things - regardless of whether we are on right or wrong side of it come the end of the season.

There's too many games that are anomolies, Bournemouth stuffing Birmingham by 8 goals makes a massive difference clearly - but is an 8-0 agaainst a side in disarray better than a 2-0 win over direct rivals?

What do other people think is the fairest way to decided between two teams on level points?
Right to buy extension - a bit desperate from the Tories
at 09:06 14 Apr 2015

I'm not a fan of the policy as it is - makes social housing more in demand, and more sought after if this will happen. Punishes those that can't afford to rent but are at the bottom of the Q for social housing so are forced to.
U21s are 1-0 up at Bristol City
at 15:00 13 Apr 2015

Jack Marriott with the goal.

Since the implementation of EPPP while at ITFC Jack's record is

U18s - 12 starts, 2 sub appearances - 16 goals
U21s - 17 starts, 4 sub appearances - 15 goals

A real shame he was never given a chance here, think time was right after his successful (first) loan spell with Woking - the ship seems to have sailed for him now.
Since 17th January at Millwall
at 08:20 13 Apr 2015

Daryl Murphy: 16 starts - 6 goals
Freddie Sears: 10 starts (7 sub appearances) - 7 goals

That's an unbeleivably impressive start for Sears at this level, and fortunate really as Murphy has been nowhere near as prolific as his purple patch pre Xmas.
Kevin Bru was 3rd in player of the year vote, how?!
at 14:16 12 Apr 2015

Ahead of Skuse, Bishop, Mings, Sears and a whole host of players who have made much more contributions!
Worrying performance yesterday
at 13:49 12 Apr 2015

While I agree points were most important thing, I think yesterday was a real opportunity to try and play ourselves into some form ahead of the run in.

As it was we still defended sloppily and looked very disjointed in the second half, 4 games left and we'll need to play a lot better in all of them.
Paul Taylor
at 13:54 8 Apr 2015

According to the FA documents, he was released by Ipswich on the 18th January, is this correct as has been reported as a loan deal?

Follow January link from here:
2014 v 2015
at 08:42 7 Apr 2015

Played 24 - Points 47 - PPG 1.96 (2nd)
Failed to score - 3 times in 24 games (and 2 of those were in August)
Clean sheets - 9 in 24 games

Played 17 - Points 21 - PPG 1.24 (14th)
Failed to score - 5 times in 17 games
Clean Sheets - 3 in 17 games

So, we need to win at Molineux....
at 19:12 6 Apr 2015

Always found that to be a bit of a bogey ground - can only remember us winning there once when DJ Campbell grabbed a couple. What is our record there over last decade or so?
Only listened on the radio but that sounded dreadful....
at 17:25 6 Apr 2015

...mistake after mistake and sounds as though 2-1 flattered us. You'd hope we'd have been able to take advantage of the extra rest day between games but sounded like we were the flat ones.

Depending on Wolves result in game taking place now, we may need to win 4 of last 5 to get into the play offs.

Positives - 1 point over Easter hasn't killed our season like last year
Mick has been pretty unlucky really
at 09:00 6 Apr 2015

Season 1 - brought in to save us from relegation, normally need about 50 points to do so and that year it takes 55!

Season 2 - settles us in upper mid table

Season 3 - Play off challenge, normally takes 75 points to get there comfortably and we are going to easily get there and it's still probably a toss up as to whether we will make it!

If he goes for automatic promotion if we don't go up this year we'll probably need to get 100 points!
[Post edited 6 Apr 9:00]
Phone help
at 18:01 4 Apr 2015

Is anyone on Vodafone? I can't get it to work.

I dropped my phone down bog last night and it is in repair shop, a mate has kindly lent me a iPhone 4s with a PAYG Vodafone sim card.

I've restored it from an old back up of mine (am an O2 business customer) but nothing is really working on it - I can make calls out but anyone that calls in just gets a dead tone, it won't send messages, the internet only works if on's basically just a landline for me!

I've had a hunt around on vodafone website and tried calling their helpline but can't get through to a person to speak to - it's just a dead end of recorded messages. Is the support just this sh*t if you are a PAYG customer?
I am Mr Popular today...
at 11:53 4 Apr 2015

Am currently living at my parents with my wife while my house is sorted....

Mrs was out with me last night, I decided to go home with her but then bumped into a couple of mates so sent her off to taxi on her tod and said I'd be back later.

About an hour later, my Dad is smashed so rather than take him home I also send him off in a taxi and stay out.

I get in very late, having earlier in the night managed to drop my new iPhone down the bog and totally (seemingly) f**k it so manage to spill rice all over the kitchen trying to sort it to stick in airing cupboard.

Mrs has to work this morning and I was supposed to give her a lift but obviously can't as had only been in a matter of hours, so I've c0cked up her plans for after work.

I then remember my car got a puncture yesterday and is parked at Hadleigh Tyre so I need to collect that. I'd arranged for a mate to bring a spare phone around but can't get hold of him - luckily when I get a lift to his he hadn't have only royally p155ed off my Mum, Dad and Wife - could have been my best mate too!
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