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Getting Williams back...
at 16:55 26 Mar 2015

....great news - I wonder how much we were stirred into life by him potentially going to our rivals though - as that would have been a real blow.

Hope this means 433 is here to stay as our squad is now (even more!) setup for this!
U21s at St Andrews tonight for any Brummie based Blues
at 15:03 23 Mar 2015

£4 to get in, likely to be a young team
What a brilliant day yesterday
at 10:04 22 Mar 2015

Lots of beers and a good sing song in the pub prior to the game, a great atmosphere and then that fantastic last minute winner.

Get across to Wembley afterwards and my room has been upgraded to an executive room, and then out for a really decent TGI Fridays before a few more beers then bed!

Off to Wembley shortly, come on JET!
McCarthy to Sunderland?
at 13:40 16 Mar 2015
McCarthy - Too loyal, a blind spot, or out of ideas? (n/t)
at 18:55 14 Mar 2015

What is McCarthy doing at the moment?
at 14:37 14 Mar 2015

2015 been absolutely woeful.

A defence with 3 centre halfs in is only going to be ok when you are keeping clean sheets, We aren't and it looks like it will take a miracle to do so.

Too many out of form players are seemingly undroppable.

Outswinging corners.....f**k me, try something different, mix it up.

We actually played decent in the first half but if you keep playing out of form players they will keep making basic errors.

We look like a Roy Keane side, players out of position, setting up to draw, making basic errors and just playing percentage football, scared to make mistakes.
RIP Terry Pratchett
at 15:16 12 Mar 2015

Just 66.
UK Mail/O2 - useless.
at 14:18 12 Mar 2015

New phone being delivered today between the needlessly specific times of 11:42 and 12:42.....

Still not here so I phone them and it has been delivered to my office and signed for by a Mr Baker. Who Mr Baker is, and where he is hiding in the office when I have been the only person here all day I do not know.

Now a query raised against it, will I ever get my new phone?!
Holloway sacked
at 09:08 10 Mar 2015

Not surprising really
1-0, Chris Wood (n/t)
at 13:41 9 Mar 2015

My thoughts on yesterday
at 14:25 8 Mar 2015

We played better and looked more balanced, still not great but created enough chances to win comfortably and should've done.

Jay Tabb was excellent, unsure why he's been heavily criticised this year as think he's been one of our better players

I understood crowd not being happy with Sears going off, but the booing was well over the top in duration it went on for.

The distribution and control of Chambers, Smith and Berra is dreadful. Fine to have two stoppers in your defence but 3 is one too many

I liked Chaplow's aggression, we've been missing that without Hyam

Brentford good side to watch, genuine width and all players so comfortable in ball, their 21 was quality

Ref was useless, let their defenders get away with so much holding and shirt pulling before giving fouls the wrong way

Good riddance to bad rubbish (n/t)
at 15:38 6 Mar 2015

Watford away sold out
at 16:22 5 Mar 2015

Amongst some of the negativity, great to see everyone is still getting behind the boys in good numbers.

If only some of the stay aways came to more home games
Our best runs under Mick seem to be when he is forced...
at 10:15 5 Mar 2015

...into making a few changes after a poor run of form. It's usually happened 4 or 5 games into the season where he made sweeping changes and we've kicked on.

Hopefully last night will be the trigger for him to change the shape and personnel and get us on a good run again. If we throw away the play offs now then it'll be a disaster really.
McCarthy 'offended'
at 08:13 5 Mar 2015

"Varney is a former Leeds player and will have been desperate to do well against his old club, particularly with their fans giving him a hard time, but McCarthy says that didn’t come into his thinking when selecting his team: “Not at all and I wouldn’t take anybody being in my ear.

“I’m slightly, no I’m very disappointed and offended that you might even think I’d be influenced by a player in my earhole to play. They’ll play if they warrant playing and I thought he did.”"

I can't find the quotes but hasn't he previously said he likes to give players a start against an old team as they are more up for it? Sounds like he was rattled and lashing out at journo's last night
Anyone been to Tokyo?
at 12:39 4 Mar 2015

Can do return flights (via Rome) for £280 here:

Is it an expensive city? While the flights aren't great at that price for a week out there could be a decent break with Mrs itfcjoe
Players Points Per Start...
at 10:53 4 Mar 2015

...just received this in an e-mail from Chris Rand/Cherry Hinton Blue.

For players who have started between 8 and 24 games this season:

Stephen Hunt (8 starts) - average 2.75 points
Jonathan Parr (16 starts) - 2.19
Teddy Bishop (15 starts) - 2.07
Bartosz Bialkowski (20 starts) - 1.95
Paul Anderson (19 starts) - 1.84
David McGoldrick (24 starts) - 1.79
Jay Tabb (23 starts) - 1.74
Dean Gerken (14 starts) - 1.5
Luke Hyam (14 starts) - 1.5
Kevin Bru (15 starts) - 1.47
Conor Sammon (8 starts) - 1.38

Hunty's record is incredible - 8 starts, 7 wins and a draw. Didn't see that coming!

The difference between starting Bishop opposed to Bru/Hyam is seemingly vast too.

Also, bring back Jonny Parr!
Were there any positives yesterday?
at 08:06 2 Mar 2015

Defence is supposedly solid - but we now let in at least one soft goal a game. 1 clean sheet in the last 10 games, in that drab Wigan game.

Midfield is totally anonymous

Attack - Murphy doesn't look close to being over the broken nose, 3 well below standard games in a row, Luke Varney looks like he is going to add nothing.

We need to make 3 or 4 changes to personnel, style and system as Mick has done a couple of times in his reign, in the hope it kick starts a winning run, otherwise we won't make the top 6.

On another note, and everyone on here will know I am a huge fan of youth players here in the system - but how on earth is Kundai Benyu getting on the bench ahead of Cameron Stewart yesterday. There is clearly a huge issue with Stewart.
I think Tommy Smith has a new lodger...
at 15:33 27 Feb 2015

...White Range Rover with Registration of WOO* D*E is parked in his driveway.
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