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John McGreal, John McGreal - OOH
at 14:21 4 May 2016

New Colchester manager....
Leicester - just incredible
at 08:48 3 May 2016

Coming at this as a 30 year old, who started watching Ipswich in the 2nd half of the 91/92 season, in reality football did start for me in it's difficult to compare across eras.

But the only team that won the league and was (is now?) seen as a fairytale is Blackburn, who at the time were a total moneybags side, who were spending at a level more consistent with Abramovich's Chelsea in comparative terms......this is just something else.

And whilst I appreciate that us winning league in first season up was fantastic, and Forest under Cloughy too - but not being alive and looking back in the history books around those times there were different sides in the top 3 every season so can't have been as unexpected as this? Someone like Spurs winning the league would have been unexpected, but this is just something else.

When you look at their squad too, and the core of it that played in the Championship it really makes you so jealous of their supporters, I know a couple that have supported them from when we were kids for whatever reason - what a journey they have been on. Being pretty sure it will never happen to me is pretty depressing!

Is it the sign of things to come? I don't think so - the elite will rise back to the top by outspending me this was just a perfect storm.

Congratulations to all involved at Leicester, you've provided some real joy to English football!
Ben Morris called up from standby for England U17s for the Euros
at 11:38 2 May 2016

Joins Andre Dozzell - fantastic achievement for the academy.
Jack Marriott - Luton Town
at 10:03 2 May 2016

Top goalscorer
Player of the Season
Players Player of the Season
Internet Player of the Season
Young Player of the Season
Bobbers Travel Away Player of the Season.

Am still gutted that he didn't get an opportunity here.

NFL International Series - tickets for sale
at 13:12 25 Apr 2016

Due to Mrs itfcjoe being due to give birth bang in the middle of the 2016 International Series I have tickets for sale for the following 2 games:

Jacksonville Jaguars v Inidanapolis Colts - 2nd October @ Wembley - £90 for the pair

LA Rams v New York Giants - 23rd October at Twickenham - £100 for the pair

I think the tickets work out just shy of face value once the fees are included, or may be just over but you are talking a couple of quid either way.

Seats are in the lower middle upper tier but basically on the half way line and give a really good view at Wembley - the Twickenham ones are similar but I've not sat in them previously so can't say for definite.

If anyone wants any further info just let me know, think both games are sold out though.
Just missed a deer by a few inches at 70mph on the A14....
at 21:03 23 Apr 2016 was absolutely massive, nearly as tall as my truck and its antlers must have been 3 foot long too.

Scary to think what could've happened if I hit it.
Line of Duty!
at 22:08 21 Apr 2016

Wow - not sure I can wait a whole week for the next one.

Any TV reviewers on here with a preview copy I can have?!
Sounds as though Martin O'Neill will be off to Forest in the summer....
at 08:45 21 Apr 2016

....wonder if Mick will want the Ireland job again if that is the case?
Just had an e-mail from the club....
at 10:11 20 Apr 2016

We were very disappointed that we were unable to stage The Portman Cup last season, this was in part due to late confirmation of Play-off semi-final dates. We have worked hard to avoid similar difficulties this season

I think the Mick in v Mick out debate.....
at 07:26 20 Apr 2016 now very heavily influenced by those who go to PR regularly and those who don't for whatever reason.

Those who don't maybe look at the bigger picture a bit more with regards to fact we are probably still over performing in reality......I think those who do go to PR regularly are finding it increasingly difficult to look past the awful football on display week after week.

We've just had a run of 4 home games against sides we beat away from home, who are all at the bottom of the league - 9-10 points was a minimum if we wanted to stay in contention......and it took is until injury time if the 4th game to score a meaningful goal. And we've barely tested the keeper in any game. It's totally unacceptable.
Aston Villa back in meltdown
at 16:30 18 Apr 2016

Mervyn King and David Bernstein have resigned saying positions untenable.

Not sure whether this will have any bearing later down the line for Mick if he is a candidate for job.

I'll be happy to see them appoint someone ASAP, whoever it is, just so it can be put to bed for ITFC (or means we need a new manager...!)
I wasn't at the game, but.......
at 17:14 16 Apr 2016

Listened to the second half and sounded like we did ok, if anyone was going to win it I think it would have been Wednesday.

Fantastic for Andre to score, especially as sounds like he wasn't that involved other than that - what a moment and what a start to what will hopefully be a long and succesful career.

Feeney sounded like he is what we have been missing, pace and directness on the break.

Bart sounded like he had another great game.

Didzy got through 90 minutes, can't wait to see him back at Portman Road and playing.

I'll be interested to hear thoughts of fans in ground re Pitman's spat with Knudsen at the end. pitman often goes a bit OTT when moaning at teammates, this one sounds as though it was well OTT and not good to a young player.

A shame that the point doesn't really mean anything due to our recent poor form. Onwards to next season....
Think me and my mates dodged a bullet here....
at 20:43 15 Apr 2016

....this girl was a couple of years below us at school. Fortunately no one ever went there!
Street food Friday at Arcade Street tonight...
at 15:49 8 Apr 2016

....I think it is Philly Cheese Steaks and I am drooling over it already.

Anyone else heading down?
Does Mick's style wear the team out in the first half of the season?
at 14:18 8 Apr 2016

Mentally and are the stats using the FA Cup 3rd round game as mid point of the season:

2013/14 - 36 points in 24 games before - 1.5ppg
- 32 points in 22 games after - 1.45ppg

2014/15 - 47 points in 24 games before - 1.96ppg
- 31 points in 22 games after - 1.41ppg

2015/16 - 41 points in 25 games before - 1.64ppg
- 19 points in 15 games after - 1.27ppg

Before - 1.70ppg
After - 1.39ppg

Last year it looked as though we were physically and mentally shot after Xmas, and whilst we didn't scale the heights of first of the season this year things have declined massively again.

Is it lack of rotation of key players, or mainstays picking up injuries from over playing, or something else?

Douglas here for another year....
at 12:38 8 Apr 2016

Not only do his performances make him deserve to be dropped, the fact that by playing him he has now triggered another season here make it even worse.

If ever there was an argument for leaving a player on 29 appearances (assuming it was 30 that triggered it) then an aging 33 year old who has been, on the whole, poor should be it.
Wonder if this is someone we may be looking at?
at 08:31 8 Apr 2016

Mick watches Southend often , admittedly most likely because we are so far from anywhere else....!
The Night Manager
at 11:05 7 Apr 2016

Have not seen a thread on this, but if anyone hasn't watched it they need to.

As you'd expect from a high budget BBC (plus US channel AMC) production of a Le Carre novel it is brilliantly done.

Hugh Laurie steals the show as an absolute b*stard, but The Night Manager himself plays the role so well.

The Golden Lion is shut
at 17:27 6 Apr 2016

Sad day for the town centre, whilst I don't go in there very often any more - had some great times there from 16-21
i don't think I've ever really liked Mick.
at 12:34 6 Apr 2016

And that is not to say he has done a great job, he really has. But I just don't take to his philosophy on football and his feigned gruff Yorkshireman as honest as the day is long rubbish. He's clearly a very good politician.

But, he has done a brilliant job here - he has taken us from relegation certainties under a shambolic owner into a situation where everyone now thinks that Evans and Milne are doing well (broadly) rather than the Evans/Clegg partnership that was becoming a laughing stock - most of that is down to Mick.

I'd be happy in many ways if Mick were to get the Villa job - I don't want it to end ugly for him here as he doesn't deserve that, but that is where I think things are going to go. If the home form doesn't pick up in next 3 games, the style of football especially then there will be some serious moaning and questioning from the crowd - and season tickets sales are sure to drop quite a bit.

He is, by a distance, the best manager we've had since Joe, but I still just don't really like him.

I'd fear any appointment made by Evans, that is what is stopping me from nailing my colours to the #MickOut mast, that and the respect I have for the job he has done here.
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