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Not sure I'll bother with Norwich away this year
at 18:57 27 Jan 2015

Off the field always by far the least enjoyable away day, no chance to have a couple of hassle free beers, expensive tickets, drive and have to go straight to ground....get train and get marched straight to ground.

I'll be going to most of the other away games for rest of season so may just save my money and watch it on the box with mates.
100 days until I'm 30.....
at 09:03 27 Jan 2015

....hopefully ITFC can just go on a long winning run to confirm promotion by mid-April to allow me to do something for it without fear of play offs getting in the way!
All time favourite footballer?
at 16:39 26 Jan 2015

Got to be Ronaldo for me, and it annoys me that I now have to clarify that I don't mean Cristiano.

Pace, power, goals - the best player I've ever seen on the telly, and I had the privilege of seeing him break the all time WC goal scoring record at the end I was in at Dortmund when Brazil beat Ghana in 2006 (BBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Miroslav Klose for breaking it!)

Such a powerful and fast runner with the ball, just class. A step-over only bettered by Fabian Wilnis in world football.

Il Fenomeno.

Watched 10 minutes of the U21s as was passing before a meeting....
at 14:21 26 Jan 2015

...Ambrose basically playing up front. Bishop wide on the right, presumable to not kicked as much, looks fit.

Semi made a couple of strong challenges but apparently had been muscled of ball a bit before I got there.

Kenny only touched ball once, regulation catch but quick long kick which released Ambrose with great accuracy.

1-0 Ambrose had scored an excellent goal apparently (not sure if that was team move or individual excellence though....

EDIT: And I just have realised I stood in dog sh.t, brilliant.
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Has anyone been to the Arcade Street Tavern yet?
at 10:42 24 Jan 2015

Really good - I'd highly recommend it.
A few thoughts on last night
at 08:50 22 Jan 2015

- First half we were ripped apart defensively, as poor as I've seen us. Down Chambers and Anderson's side if the player wanted to go outside they got outside and got a cross in, if they wanted to come inside then they came inside and had a shot.....was far too easy for them.

Every set piece into our box they looked very dangerous. Every long ball, O'Grady either held up well and brought others in, or got in behind and beat Smith or Berra to it, we just weren't at the races at all.

- Good to see Murphy score, a few games without a goal and he took it brilliantly. He was only player to come out of first half with any real credit - held it up well, looked dangerous, was strong - just had no support

- Skuse looked shot from about half an hour and spent the rest of the game playing on his heels, was a yard behind where he needed to be all game. When your game is about positioning then it's a waste of time him staying out there. Bru was also missing for the first half. I don't think there is enough dynamism in those 2 to play as a pairing in the middle, just don't get the ball back often enough.

- Bishop, and especially Sears, looked really good when on - Sears looks a quality little player and exactly what we needed. Look forward to seeing him kick on here as think he is going to turn out to be an excellent signing.

- Mings looked like he lacked the confidence he has had recently, only went past his man once when he waltzed pass and put a dangerous cross over, lack of form/fitness/confidence? Hopefully it's rectified before Wigan

- I like the Amex, a really decent new ground. The transport links work well enough and all the Brighton fans I spoke to in the pub and on the train to and from game seemed a good bunch.

- I think the illness and injury that has effected the midfield over the last few weeks has really taken it's toll on our fluidity, and shown how Bishop is the key man to get us playing for me. And we missed McGoldrick last night holding it up and turning their team round by keeping the ball facing the goal.
Work done for the day - now off to Brighton
at 14:26 21 Jan 2015

COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!
Spare seat (or 2 at a push) in car for tonight.
at 09:10 21 Jan 2015

Leaving Ipswich (town centre) at 3.30ish, if anyone fancies it let me know.
"Kevin, let's go out for a few beers, and then sign a new contract...
at 15:44 20 Jan 2015

....£500 a week for the next 3 years sound ok?"

"Tu es mon meilleur ami!"

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Paddy Kenny signs on 4 month deal. (n/t)
at 09:50 20 Jan 2015

Going to Brighton now!
at 09:40 20 Jan 2015

Get in there, really excited - despite my earlier prediction (which i stand by!) of a drab 0-0 draw....!

Has getting to and from the stadium improved since it first opened - last time I went I parked in Lewes and got the train over - but that was a Saturday so had more time. Anyone been back since with any advice on getting in and out of the ground quickly?
Never been that impressed with Sharp
at 16:03 16 Jan 2015

I'm probably one of the few that is much more excited about the Sears signing, think he could be a cracking player for us.
Paul Taylor
at 16:21 15 Jan 2015

Pound for pound has there been a worse signing for ITFC?

EDIT: I know he may have been a victim of circumstance (both his fault and not his fault), and I don't think he is an awful player - but has there been a player who we have paid so much for in both fee and wages that has returned so little.
[Post edited 15 Jan 16:22]
at 13:47 15 Jan 2015

Found this interesting:

Time to bring in a good striker
at 09:58 15 Jan 2015

I think Conor Sammon's exit will prove to be a blessing in disguise, he was no doubt earning decent Championship money and contributed 1 goal in 20 games. Balint Bajner proved again he isn't going to be up to it to help out in the run in this year (if ever) and it's clear we are short.

Murphy picked up a little back injury at Southampton, McGoldrick picked a knee injury up last night.....we need to get in a high quality 3rd striker who can push these 2 and allow them to rest if they need it without significantly weakening the XI.

Any suggestions? Chris Wood for me, always rated him at this level, well down the pecking order at Leicester, a big hard working unit who can score goals and a good age - not sure how much he'd cost, but think it needs to be done if it can.
22nd, 19th, 23rd, 20th, 9th, 18th, 17th
at 09:25 15 Jan 2015

Current league positions of our next 7 games, time to go on a run to pull away from the pack.
Southampton have dropped just 2 points from winning positions this season
at 07:44 15 Jan 2015

They are masters at closing games out when they go ahead - only Chelsea have pegged them back this year and got a 1-1 draw.

For all the criticism of our attacking this year, not even Premier League sides get back into games with Southampton, they just control the game and stop chances being created - they are an excellent side.

There is no shame in last night, look at the quality they had, and money they'd spent on that side - and what they do to Premier League sides week in week out.
Millwall/Bradford v Chelsea
at 08:34 13 Jan 2015

That draw is pretty handy for us with Millwall on Saturday, they'll be putting a full stregth team out to try and get the payday of a big tie plus probably a bit of TV money.
Deleting a contact of your phone after they have died....
at 10:58 12 Jan 2015 anyone else not able to bring themselves to do this?

Such an awkward thing to do, when you've lost a mate, or a family member and you scroll through your contacts looking for someone and see them.....seems harsh to just delete them, but then you'll obviously never need their number again.

Am I just weird in this respect?
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