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I think Tommy Smith has a new lodger...
at 15:33 27 Feb 2015

...White Range Rover with Registration of WOO* D*E is parked in his driveway.
AB De Villiers
at 08:47 27 Feb 2015

Take a bow son, 162 of 66 balls. South Africa finish on 408-5.

Just an incredible sportsman, on top of his cricket he has the below:

Here's a list of sports AB has excelled in soon after her joined Afrikaanse Hoer Seunskool, a premier sporting institute in South Africa, at the age of 13.
> He was shortlisted for South Africa's junior national hockey team.
> He made it to the shortlist of South Africa's junior national football team.
> He was captain of South Africa's junior national rugby team.
> He holds six South African school swimming records.
> He holds the record in the 100m dash in South Africa's junior athletics.
> He was a member of South Africa's junior Davis Cup tennis team.
> He was South Africa's U-19 national badminton champion.
> Has a golf handicap of scratch or zero
> He is a recipient of the prestigious national medal from the Late Nelson Mandela for a science project
Worst one night stand ever?
at 14:57 26 Feb 2015
Result and quality of opposition papered over the cracks yesterday
at 08:12 25 Feb 2015

Was very important to get the win, but don't feel like any of the issues we have in the squad re ball retention and square pegs/round holes were really addressed yesterday - and still a huge lack of creativity in the side.

When I saw the team I hoped that Murphy and Sears would drag us through and thankfully they did, but the style of play was still awful - aimless hoofs, unable to keep the ball, defensively as bad as we've been in some time.

If we play like that on Sunday we could get slaughtered, hopefully Mick will see that and make the necessary changes.
Anthony Knockaert
at 12:05 23 Feb 2015

Would be a player with a bit of X factor and attacking intent, with a bit of natural width too as the Teddy Bishop experiment isn't working, he's wasted out wide.
Jack Straw and Hugo Rifkind...
at 09:04 23 Feb 2015

At least this has been leaked with someone from each party taking cash for influence at the same time.....otherwise we'd have had the Labourites defending it all day and the Tories criticising it, or vice versa until the other one was accuswed and then a big about turn would have happened.

Which player from our 13 year Championship stint would you put in current side?
at 09:59 22 Feb 2015

Jim Magilton for me.

We have no one on our centre backs toes getting the ball of them and trying to start play. For all Smith's poor distribution yesterday did anyone see what options he had when on the ball. It was roll it to Bialkowski or Berra, or lump it to Chambers/Murphy. Bru and Skuse just don't seem to want it off our back 4.

We also have no one who gets in the refs ear, if Magic was there yesterday (or Stephen Hunt who is also good at it) then that weak ref would not have let them get away with time wasting all game. They treated him like a rugby ref when it was all going.
Richard Herring
at 14:35 20 Feb 2015

Anyone a fan? I'm off to see him in Colchester tonight.

Really enjoy his podcasts, so hopefully his stand up will be good - you'd imagine show when he manages to write a new comedy show seemingly daily for the amount of podcasts he gets out, that a finely tuned show will be very good!
Ed Balls - he really doesn't have a clue about business does he?!
at 13:43 16 Feb 2015

Having to get a receipt for every cash payment you make, and then keep a record of them?

The onus is on the person receiving the money to keep a record and pay tax, not you as the payee. All it does is just give off the impression that Balls thinks that anyone working with cash is dodging tax.

I thought Labour were supposed to be the party of the workers? They just seem to be so lost at the moment.
Omar Sowunmi getting rave reviews at Lowestoft...
at 12:45 16 Feb 2015

Here's last game report - good to see
Must've been about 20 threads about Bru songs in last few weeks...
at 12:00 16 Feb 2015

What is wrong with just 'Bru-ing' him?!

Everyone is already doing it, it's easy and effective.
Rudy Austin
at 10:43 12 Feb 2015

I am a big fan of his, always stands out for Leeds when I watch them, which is far too often for my liking!

Was amazed he has found himself out of the team at times this year
Planning permission
at 09:47 12 Feb 2015

I've bought a new house and it's in for planning, my new neighbour has recently done something similar and when I've been down there previously he's asked me for a few things and I've helped him out where I can - access down my drive to get to side of his property to clean it etc.

Had spoken to him about my plans and he mentioned nothing, but within 1 day of notice going up has objected strongly for some frivolous reasons - which I'm almost certain won't make any difference as nothing he says has any real substance. i just stick some Heras fencing across my driveway and when he asks for access etc tell him where to go, or continue to be nice?! bearing in mind he has built his house to sell it so he won't be my neighbour by time I've actually moved in to mine!

I'd always want to try and get on with neighbours, but also I think if anyone has a problem they should say it to me rather than be matey to my face and then stick this in....
10th consecutive ITFC game for me on Saturday...
at 09:03 11 Feb 2015

....when do i get my #Superfan status confirmed?

Can't remember when I last did 5 away games in a row - what are peoples longest streak of away games?
£10m pound per game!
at 17:05 10 Feb 2015

The new Sky and BT package is crazy, 75% increase......those Sky bills going up!

Sky have kept same amount of games as before
Who is it then that has been quizzing Winter Olympian Jenny Jones?
at 16:30 9 Feb 2015

Brief U21 report
at 15:39 9 Feb 2015

Missed both our goals, and the trialist Wraight was subbed off before I got there....!

Players that stood out for one reason or another:

Sowunmi - defended really well, won all his battles and most of his headers, quick on the turn and looked really assured.

Benyu - good on the ball and retained possession well.

Connolly - Quick and likes to run at his man, final ball didn't always come off but he generally picked a good option rather than blasting it or not looking up.

McQueen - worked really hard on his own up front for the 2nd half up against Danny Shittu + AN Other, strolled offside too often but put in a very good shift.

Hammond - Just seems to have picked up exactly where he left off, great to see after a serious injury

Highlight of match - after the 5'6 Galvin kicked away at Shittu's heels and then had the temerity to give him a mouthful, Shittu turns to the crowd after the free kick and just shakes his head saying "the kids of today"......
Anderson, just not been up to standard required for too long now
at 08:28 8 Feb 2015

How many times can a player get the hook before the hour mark before they are dropped?
Tim Sherwood - yay or nay?
at 08:13 6 Feb 2015

Excellent coach whose great at working with youngsters and bringing them through. Turned Spurs round and picked up 2 points per game due to ability to get best out of players


Gobsh.te who is Arry Redknapp Jr, had a good squad at Spurs that had too much pride and began to play for themselves to try and earn moves etc. Got lucky and won't do a good job anywhere else.

I'm undecided, and like anything it's probably somewhere between the 2. Bringing Kane, Bentaleb and Mason into first team squad at Spurs was bold and paid off.....but QPR are a total shambolic club and won't have anywhere near the quality in their youth systems.

Think I'm leaning towards him being a good manager/coach, but will be taking the wrong job in QPR which could end his career before it's begun.
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