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Matt Le Blanc
at 11:29 4 Feb 2016

One of the new presenters of Top Gear - that's a fairly left field appointment!
Any evidence that Digby is on loan here until end of season..
at 10:50 4 Feb 2016 opposed to just month to month which I think was announced at the time of transfer?

Thanks guys
Any contracts managers/site agents looking for work?
at 10:01 4 Feb 2016

Ipswich/Felixstowe/Woodbridge way.

Give me a PM if it is something that may interest you as ours has left and we are a bit in limbo with what we are going to be doing next
Quick thoughts on last night...
at 09:02 3 Feb 2016

...haven't read anything yet.

Good win, probably just about deserved it and kept a dangerous but in reality fairly average side quiet.

Thought defence looked much more solid although took Bart a little while to settle back into things and he looked a bit nervous I ended up feeling far more comfortable with him between the sticks - big opportunity for him to impress.

Hyam and Skuse did well in the middle when the shape changed to 4231, Hyam's bite has been missed. The penalty Skuse gave away was an absolute brainfart, what on earth was he doing - normally so composed but such a silly foul.

Sears and Fraser are pure class - Maitland-Niles looked like a competition winner, what has happened to him in recent weeks?

Bru looked ok when on, think praise I saw on Twitter was very overstated - it was more the pockets of spaces he managed to occupy rather than anything he did as his passing was well below standard. What I'd give to have Johnny Williams back playing in that role, think that is where we are weakest and the return of Bishop would stregthen us immeasurably.

Murphy had a really poor game, didn't win his headers and the ball didn't stick to him at all, constantly allowing one of the full backs to take it off his toes. Would have introduced Pitman a bit earlier personally as just wasn't his night. I'll give Murph the benefit of doubt that he picked up a knock as early in first half he gingerly got up and hobbled off after winning a corner.

What I liked most about thewinner, was the way that Berra calmly passed the ball to Fraser in the build up - more of that please rather than a hurried clearance.

Looking forward to getting on the party bus to QPR - the football is much better than the talking about it....!
Low crowd tonight and a load of corporate cancelled due to...
at 18:45 2 Feb 2016 being moved to a Tuesday.

These couple of games moved will lose us a hell of a lot of income annoyingly.
When will our home form turn?
at 09:59 2 Feb 2016

5 wins out of 14 so far this season, so uncharacteristic for how we have been under Mick where we had turned PR into a bit of a fortress again.

Away form is the best in the division, where home form is distinctly mid table.
Is poor recruitment in the summer what has held us back?
at 09:36 2 Feb 2016

We've filled the squad with numbers, rather than quality and now we can't bring any more players in?

“We’ve had 22 [outfield] players training this morning, who are all contenders for first-team places,” he said.

“I’m not really at liberty to bring another two or three in and add to that while there are 24 players who could play there.

and that is coming on the back of

“And unfortunately, that’s why some of them had to play [this evening]. Did any of them give me a problem about picking my team over the next few weeks? I don’t think so, no. But I know the ones who are capable of playing.”

SO we have a first team squad of 24 players, but some (many?) aren't capable of playing....but because we have so many first teamers we can't bring anyone in as the squad would become too bloated.

I wonder if Mick has learnt from this, and will be looking to keep his powder dry in the summer and starting season with a smaller squad of greater quality - and allowing himself a bit of wriggle room to increase it to the 22 players as and when it is required.

It's a difficult balance between developing youngsters like Clarke and Yorwerth, but keeping a replacement in the squad at the time not easy but we have too many sub standard senior first teamers that aren't adding anything.
Jordan McGhee - remember him?
at 18:39 1 Feb 2016

Signing for Middlesborough today.
at 15:51 1 Feb 2016

Henshall gone
Been away for a couple of hours and it all kicks off...
at 15:21 1 Feb 2016

...Dack seems a very promising player and a regular on highlights on Football League Show with set pieces and goals.

Would be the sort of signing (regardless of fee) that improves the side, adds a player with potential (in both ability and sell on) and would be good enough to go straight into an area of weakness with something different to what we have.

Let's hope there is some substance to it, but I would be very surprised if it goes through.
Pep to Man City
at 13:22 1 Feb 2016

What a deadline day signing that is! Taking over in the summer on a 3 year deal - they get their man
Something big going down in Ipswich....
at 12:40 1 Feb 2016

Keiran Morphew
at 09:52 1 Feb 2016

I watched Needham a couple of times last year in their FA Cup run - and despite playign alongside likes of Ian Westlake, Kem Izzet and others this kid was seriously impressive.

I'd kept an eye on him as he'd previously trialled for us and he sat in a holding midfield role reading the game well and pulling the strings witha good range of passing, and making tackles as and when required.

He looked as though he could easily play at a higher level, so be interesting to see if anything happens with him and how he looks today.

He was highlighted as the top non-league player in Suffolk at this time last year by the EADT's non-league reporter -!/menu/standard/file/

Age may be against him at 22, but amidst the disappointment of what has happened in the transfer window, it is good we are still looking at players like this.
Is the Game Now Too Rich for Marcus Evans?
at 21:07 31 Jan 2016

As Ipswich look to be leaving the January transfer window with a weaker squad than the one they entered it with, it leads me to question what is Marcus Evans’s plan for the football club.
Marcus Evans blog just submitted...
at 20:27 31 Jan 2016

As Ipswich look to be leaving the January transfer window with a weaker squad than the one they entered it with, it leads me to question what is Marcus Evans’ plan for the football club.

Evans’ tenure at ITFC can be split very simply into 2 categories – pre-FFP and post-FFP.

After buying the club and the debt at a knockdown price he immediately invested £12m into the playing squad under existing manager Jim Magilton, when Magilton failed to get promotion the reigns and heavy financial backing was handed over to Roy Keane, who threw more money at the squad in both transfer fees and wages and didn’t even get close to achieving the goal of promotion.

The story remained the same through Paul Jewell’s disastrous spell in charge of ITFC, more of Evans’ money was squandered, again with little reward and after a haphazard attempt at cutting the wage bill down to allowable levels within the new FFP rules, panic ensued and £1.5m was spent on Paul Taylor and a host of loanees were brought in. This wasn’t enough to save Paul Jewell’s job as ITFC were left stranded at the bottom of the Championship a long way from safety and looking down the barrel of playing their football in the 3rd tier for the first time since 1957.

Enter Mick McCarthy, and a manager who has turned the clubs fortunes around with a mix of canny free agent signings, developing existing players and a smattering of small fees spent. He has turned water into wine on a few occasions and worked expertly under the FFP regulations set in place by the Football League, taking ITFC to the brink of promotion in 2014-15.

However in November 2014, the FFP rules were changed for the 2015-16 and onwards to be closer to the rules of both the Premier League and UEFA, now rather than a loss of £6m before infrastructure and youth development spending, Championship clubs are now permitted to lose £39m over a 3 year period, and specifically £13m for the season 2015-16.

As things stand these new rules seem to be too rich for Evans, or more likely much more money than he is willing to commit to ITFC after the previous poor return on his spending – once bitten, twice shy. There are a number of clubs spending money with existing squads that are superior to ITFC’s – some in receipt of huge parachute payments (Hull, Burnley) and some without (Middlesborough, Derby) and then further clubs coming from behind where we were but spending big money on a promotion push (Sheffield Weds, Brighton).

These clubs appear willing to spend up to (and in some cases) above the new limits, and if they plan to do so for a consistent period of time, McCarthy will face an even more difficult task to keep Ipswich competitive, especially when the new TV deal kicks in for the Premiership sides which will further increase parachute payments for the relegated clubs.

How long will Marcus Evans be happy to keep contributing £5m+ per year to keep Ipswich as a club in the Championship with an ever diminishing chance of promotion? If we get to the summer transfer window, and the big spending clubs in the Championship continue to do so, then Evans will either choose to stump up the money to do so or look to step aside and find someone that will.

Ipswich were one of the clubs to vote against the changes in the FFP rules, wanting it to be kept at the previous level of £6m allowed losses, and despite the sale of Tyrone Mings in the off season the investment into the squad this season coupled with the accounts from last season appear to show that our losses will be more in line than the previous FFP rules rather than the current ones.

As an Ipswich fan, I’d prefer it if it is Evans that makes the large investment required into ITFC, he is a known quantity (of sorts) to the fans and has run the club well in the period that Mick has been in charge. The club is (deliberately?) in a good position for a sale if Evans is willing to cut losses on the debt – a successful academy running at a position very close to Category 1, a top manager tied down for the next 2 seasons, a strong spine of Championship players tied down for the foreseeable future, a loyal fan base and a stable balance sheet.

A smart businessman like Evans, who has been burned badly once by football will have the option of chasing a bad debt or cutting his losses. There is no guarantee of promotion out of this league, and the extra spending Evans would need to make could easily be a further £10m a year until we get over the line – that could be another £50m added to his investment, or quite easily another £100m – and that still may not be enough.

The approach of spending up around £5m per year will make promotion very difficult, and the likelihood is we will get further away rather than closer as time goes on – if spending was to begin on the squad then the prize for promotion would be worth it, but is the game now too rich for Evans?
[Post edited 31 Jan 20:33]
Everyone ready for this tomorrow?
at 09:56 31 Jan 2016

Quiet Deadline Day Expected 2nd Feb 2015 06:00
The final day of the January transfer window looks set to pass quietly at Portman Road with little movement in either direction. Clubs have until 11pm this evening to add to their squads, although Football League sides can utilise the ‘emergency’ loan provision from a week’s time until the fourth Thursday in March. 111

Quiet Deadline Day Expected 26th Mar 2015 09:41
Deadline day is expected to pass quietly at Portman Road with manager Mick McCarthy not thought to be looking to add further to his squad. Football League clubs have until 5pm today to bring players in on emergency loans. 20

Quiet Final Day Expected at Town 1st Sep 2015 10:09
The final day of the transfer window is expected to pass very quietly at Portman Road with no further signings anticipated before today’s 6pm deadline. 50

If Colchester had a decent striker they'd be a bit of a force going forwards
at 14:08 30 Jan 2016

Porter just not really up to much. Moncur looks very tidy on ball, especially in tight situations and very tenacious and hard working - will be disappointed if he ends up at another Championship club with them on our door step.

I miss Darren Ambrose too, still a lovely player to watch
Now Tommy Oar denying agent comments...
at 18:25 29 Jan 2016

...fair play to him for coming back out. Didn't need to but shows he was treated right by ITFC.
Top transfer targets and prospects from the Football League
at 14:32 27 Jan 2016

ITFC have 2 players on the list with Andre Dozzell and Teddy Bishop - sadly I don't think we'll be targetting anyone else on here.
Jerome Thomas and Kevin Foley - great business....
at 12:39 27 Jan 2016

....6 years ago.

Thomas has barely played a game in 2 and a half years, and was going to drop into the SPL. Would Cameron Stewart not be a better bet considering he is younger, decent pedigree.....and we are currently paying his wages anyway?!

This recruitment strategy isn't going to get us up.
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