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How do you win a war against people that have zero fear of death?
at 08:20 18 Nov 2015

How do you stop people who are more than willing to die for their cause because they are 100% sure in their minds that they are going to a better place?

It really does feel that the Islamic State needs to be wiped out like Nazi Germany was, with a hope that killing the Head of the Snake will see the body die too - you'd hope less people will be being radicalised if there is no central power base to refer back to.

Hugely worrying, but at what stage does something become World War 3?
Even worrying when sound goes down in England game...
at 21:24 17 Nov 2015

....hopefully just technical issues
Last minute holidays
at 16:29 17 Nov 2015

Anyone know any good websites for these, want to try and get away for a few days to nowhere in particular next week.

Is it best to look on Saturday night/Sunday to book something for the Monday if not fussy with destination? Has anyone got any advice or experience in booking a holiday truly at the last minute?
Community Infrastructure Levy...
at 13:03 17 Nov 2015

....anyone come across this yet? Considering the govt are desperate to build new houses this is hardly a great time for this to come in - certainly won't be encouraging developers to build.

Guess something has to give with regards to giving the council's some money to cover budget cuts.
Liverpool away in the Youth Cup 3rd round (n/t)
at 14:01 13 Nov 2015

I'm glad I didn't vote for the Tories in May....
at 14:31 12 Nov 2015

....think everyone can say how underrated a job the Lib Dems did in the coalition previously keeping them in line.

Was hoping for a Lib/Con coalition, but obviously wasn't even close - are the Tories acting like this because the opposition is so bad or because they don't have the LDs alongside them any more, I refuse to believe it is just because they are Nasty/Evil so please don't bother sending thread down that road......
The academy is going to need to be productive in the next 2 years....
at 14:19 11 Nov 2015

"Maximize number of ‘home grown’ players at 1st team level (to an optimum of 50% of the 1st team by 2017-18.)"

Which ever way you cut it, we are miles off currently

10% of league starting appearances are from HG players
2.2% of league sub appearances are from HG players
27% of league cup starts are from HG players (Generously including Josh Yorwerth and Adam McDonnell)
16% of league cup sub appearances are from HG players

Overall total is 12.9% of starting appearances, and 13.6% of sub appearances in first team games.

Last year the club tried to claim 33% of squad was by handing out more squad numbers, this year 15 of the 36 squad numbers are (loosely) youth products. Obviously Hyam and Bishop being injured don't help, but it's basically Smith and Smith only representing the academy.

Almost like the cronies in charge in the public sector are the....
at 15:45 9 Nov 2015

....same as the cronies in charge of the private sector.

That sounded much better....
at 08:12 9 Nov 2015

...and the performance we've been hoping for for a few weeks.

Power, passion, determination, and all those other words football hipsters would have you believe aren't important in the modern game as we totally steam roller an opposition by wanting it more.

Hopefully we can have a run where we can over power teams again, at a time last year when we conceded it really was a shrug of the shoulders as knew we'd score 2 as were just so dominant - and great to see Murph back on the score sheet.
Better, but still a lot of same problems existing....
at 08:31 4 Nov 2015

Players shunted out of position, at times that 442 with Bru on the right and Sears on the left was particularly painful.

Chambers seems to have reverted to type after a good first half on Saturday, and I thought Bru's use of the ball was uncharacteristically poor, and he is often far too weak on the ball.....hoped he would have bulked up a bit over the close season.

There were positives though - Murphy is looking better, Pitman has a brilliant knack of getting on the end of chances, Sears is electric and needs to be used more centrally as is wasted out wide.

I'm still not sure Mick knows his best team and how to play his strikers most effectively yet, and Bolton were awful, really bad.

It was never going to be a classic with the run of form we are on, but I hope rather than expect that we have turned things round.
October really was dreadful wasn't it
at 15:12 3 Nov 2015

5 games , 1 goal scored and just 14 shots on target in the whole month.

Does anyone have much confidence it will change tonight? I can see another drab game, a 0-0 or 1-0 or 0-1.....lets hope we can get a win and it act as a catalyst to kick start a little run.

NFL signs 3 game contract with Twickenham....
at 13:19 3 Nov 2015 we now have:

Wembley - At least 2 games per year between 2016-2020
New White Hart Lane - At least 2 games per year between 2018-2027
Twickenham - 3 games over a 3 year period 2016-2018

That's quite a lot of NFL coming here, spread over a few bases, a real shame that the NFL didn't buy the Olympic Stadium, both as a taxpayer and someone who can get the train there far easier than any of the other grounds!

Assume games for next year will be announced very soon, hopefully some good match ups coming - like the Lions @ Chiefs game looked 12 months ago
Burger Review - Cafe Football, Stratford
at 13:13 3 Nov 2015

Had parked near here on Sunday for the NFL and stopped here on the way back....

Service was absolutely shocking in a restaurant that was basically dead, the waitress told us she was new but was absolutely hopeless, we even knocked out the 10% suggested tip that was already added on the bill and paid to the penny.

I went for The Boss burger, which I presume was after Sir Alex - Dry aged beef, Scotch bonnet chilli, pulled pork, lime aioli and Asian slaw. £13.95 with a few fat chips served in a dodgy plate.

The burger was overcooked, but still pretty tasty, although the coleslaw was too cold in there. If it had been cooked properly, and I think we caught the restaurant at a bad time, then it would have been bloody lovely, but overpriced.

I wouldn't recommend it due to a variety of reasons......but if you are shopping at Stratford and catch the restaurant at a good time it could be a really good burger.
9 places and 9 points behind the top 5.
at 19:59 31 Oct 2015

That's a big gap and a lot of clubs to get past, when a third of the season has passed
[Post edited 31 Oct 20:02]
Why did we change things at half time??
at 19:21 31 Oct 2015

First half looked decent, Chambers having a good game from right back and getting forward well and some nice football which created a few decent chances and worked Marshall into at least 2 good saves.

Changed it at half time to that 442, which doesn't work, or at least hasn't been recently, with Sears on the right where he was totally anonymous, like he always is there. We didn't create anything in the 2nd half and didn't have one shot on target, and if anything they looked more likely to score with some dangerous crosses.

Why did we make the change? Why did we not change back when it clearly wasn't working.....and why did we stick Sears on the wing rather than changing him for Oar or another wide player if we were sticking with 442.

On a separate note - well done to Section 6 and SBRL for keeping the atmosphere going, was really good in a drab game.
NFL today - spare ticket.
at 08:14 25 Oct 2015

Very late notice but give me a DM if you fancy it.

Ticket is £40 (face value plus Ticketmaster fees), driving up from Ips about 9:30 or can meet up there.
What a waste of tax payers money this is...
at 17:37 21 Oct 2015

£100k to tell me to wear a seat belt, who signs off on this rubbish?!

The one pictured is right outside where my house is, and is really badly positioned for those bungalows.....not quite sure it's "heartbreaking" as the lady describes it, but there are plenty of more sensible places for it that wouldn't be right outside someone's house!
When are we going to give Murphy and McGoldrick a game together?
at 08:45 21 Oct 2015

Our good run last season ended when McG got injured, and whilst Freddie has done well we haven't hit the same heights as we did when these 2 were on their game last season.

They formed a great partnership in both their seasons together, but despite heavy rotation amongst the 4 forwards in the league these 2 have only started as a strike pair once (Leeds away, our last win)
If you were Mick and Fulham came in for you....
at 21:32 20 Oct 2015

...why would you stay?
Back to basics (n/t)
at 21:10 20 Oct 2015

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