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Long Melford
at 15:08 23 Mar 2017

Never been there before (except when I was about 8) and drove through it today - looks very nice.

is it worth a day trip to with little one for a wander to go to Melford Hall, or not?
Are you a season ticket holder?
at 12:35 22 Mar 2017

How many people do you go with, and are you renewing? Or intending to.

Rather than a poll more interested to hear from individuals as those polls don't show detail.

I am a Season Ticket holder, I go with my Dad. We are on the fence - we either both will, or I will on my own back with mates

EDIT - up until 1.02pm

Renewing - 6

Unsure - 8

Not renewing - 14
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The Season Ticket pricing review.....
at 12:40 21 Mar 2017

Those aged 20-23 who aren't in full time education would have been moving up to an adult ticket

U11s whose tickets have gone from £10 to £50
Those approaching aged 60, or aged between 60-65 whose tickets have basically gone up by 50%
Students aged above 23

Everyone else - ticket price rise of 1.5% is neither here nor there in reality

But the biggest problem with this, is that the 'losers' are those who come to football generally with others - who will also be stopping.

I obviously haven't done a cost/benefit analysis on this, but if the club has then there one has some serious holes in it judging from the reception it has got but how difficult would it be just to have frozen prices for a year, and put in something with regards to STs moving to match state pension age over the next few years with a plan in place to show how.

As things stand they are basing the ticket sale on trying to bring kids in (as long as they are older than 12) but I haven't seen many people of that age enthralled by this offer and looking to sign up. I've seen a few who now see that their price is cheaper and a re happy with it, but it doesn't appear to be attracting new customers which is the key.

The 12,750 target is ludicrous too - we'll be lucky if we even get to 10,750.

A huge OG from the club, yet again. And all they will do is dig their heels in rather than consider a climb down.

What has happened to our club?
Marcus Evans....
at 12:24 21 Mar 2017

......when you look at what he does his ownership is very similar to Mike Ashley's at Newcastle.

Put money in initially, cut it back when things aren't working, plaster name all across the stadium and shirt, not really have a clue how to run a football club and be massively out of touch with the fan base.

George Burley...
at 11:25 20 Mar 2017

...was watching the U18s on Saturday morning - presumably with a view to taking over as manager soon
Ended up booking North Yorkshire for a little break.....
at 09:28 20 Mar 2017

....About 20 minutes away from Skipton in the Dales.

Any advice for baby friendly activities up there will be good - although am mostly planning to go to cities for a day (Leeds and York which are about 1.5 hours away) and just stroll round where we are, hopefully without phone signal so can leave work behind!

Caretaker manager....
at 07:10 20 Mar 2017

I think one of the most obvious things as to why Mick won't go before end of year, is that there is no one in the staff capable of stepping up to be a caretaker manager...
So last years big positive has been shelved this year, ITFC don't have a clue
at 13:27 17 Mar 2017

Can we club together and buy Ipswich Wanderers?
at 11:15 17 Mar 2017

Only 5 minutes away from me, but when i have gone I've struggled with the standard - get them up to Ryman Premier and it will work!

Shame Leiston is in the arse end of nowhere
Anyone get Ricky Gervais tickets?
at 10:34 17 Mar 2017

I did, looking forward to it
I'm absolutely stunned by those ST prices....
at 08:16 17 Mar 2017

The club are so out of touch with the fan base, how they can try and take a pitiful 1.5% of fans after this season and not realise how bad the publicity will be and what a turn off it will be is beyond me.

Evans is utterly clueless, the only place the club is going under him is down.

If Mick goes, who will this clown appoint? And I think this announcement gives a good indication of what our budget will be under a new manager - f*ck all.
For those that like football banter...
at 20:22 16 Mar 2017


The Jimmy Bullard podcast with Rob Beckett and Ian Smith is very funny.

Rohan Ricketys as guest last week, Graham Stack this week and both have some cracking stories.

I'm sure most on here won't appreciate this, as Bullard is a bit of a nob and people don't like banter - please ignore if that is the case
Stewart Lee fans
at 11:00 14 Mar 2017

He was a guest on comedians comedian podcast last week - 2 hour in depth interview which is really interesting.
[Post edited 14 Mar 11:01]
When do you think Mick will go?
at 08:25 14 Mar 2017

When do you think Mick will go?

Your Vote:

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For those who aren't renewing....
at 08:52 12 Mar 2017

....what will it take to make you renew?

Simply a new manager? Or a certain type of manager - or just anyone but Mick?
Investment from Evans?
Prices slashed?

Or is there no circumstances in which you will for various reasons.
Decent point
at 17:57 11 Mar 2017

Season is dead but important to keep picking up points to ensure we don't get dragged into a relegation scrap.

Hope we go back to 442 soon though, stop p155ing about and trying to be clever.
Not good news for self employed people
at 16:38 8 Mar 2017

And despite the Tories saying this in lead up to 2015 election

5 game ban for Mings
at 16:32 8 Mar 2017

Ridiculous really as no real way of knowing the intent in that.

But the FA just kowtow to likes of Rooney and Man U who come out to deflect away from Zlatan's which was clearly deliberate.

It looked naughty from Mings, but how that can be 5 games and deemed definitely deliberate is beyond me
What on earth was that last night?
at 08:29 8 Mar 2017

As soon as I saw the team, you knew how that game would play out so I put a massive sum on 0-0 (£2).

You can go on about formations, tactics, style - but ultimately the game is about players. Good players win games, and whilst fundamentally I don't think we have enough - if you put 7 (Seven!) players in your XI who are defensively minded then you are not going to do anything going forwards.

How many times were players looking up and seeing no one in front of them? Wolves came for a point and marshalled us well in the first half, before realising we had nothing going forwards so they could be a bit more ambitious.

Before the game I tweeted that this was likely to be torturous viewing and it proved exactly that. A poor game on a poor pitch (What has happened there?) between 2 poor sides.

We've gone from having a mobile footballing back line of Knudsen-Chambers-Spence to Smith-Berra-Chambers which drags the full backs back, who were more defensive players than the weekend, and now 2 sitting in front of them who play from behind the ball. 7 (and a half in Ward) players who aren't comfortable playing in front of the ball was always going to lead to a game like this.

This is where Mick went wrong for me last year, trying to get best XI fit players on pitch with no balance between attack and defence, assuming that players can play out of position and won't play their natural game.

There were a few green shoots of recovery over recent weeks, which gave some hope that things would turn round and Mick could continue here - but it looks like it is over to Evans to try and make a good appointment which I'm not particularly comfortable with. Just a shame Mick can be his own worst enemy.

I had a thread yesterday about renewals, I will most likely be coming out of corporate area and back into stands as can't justify the cost - that will cost the club £3k, and they won't do anything to try and incentivise me to stay.
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