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Brooklyn Lager
at 20:23 24 Oct 2014

Good news for Ipswich?
at 14:04 23 Oct 2014

This seems like it could be a good bit of investment in the town if it happens:

Think Ben Gummer has done a very good job in Ipswich over the last 4 years - hopefully he'll keep it at the next GE.
Portman Road Lego
at 12:18 23 Oct 2014

Incredible stuff...
That's a shame...
at 21:45 21 Oct 2014

....and shows you that in this division draws get you absolutely nowhere.

Unbeaten runs are all well and good, but when they are littered with draws and always great.

Need to bounce back with a win on Saturday and think we will.
at 12:17 15 Oct 2014

I'm going there in a few weeks, any travel tips would be greatly appreciated as know we have at least 1 resident on here.

Staying in Magnificent Mile if that helps...and am really looking forward to it
Scam telephone calls - how do you stop them?
at 12:20 14 Oct 2014

I have this tw@tty Indian company phone me all the time, same one saying they are different companies - usually they are Windows technicians.

Told the guy 'Alex' he is a conman today and he told me to F**k Off and hung up, but yet someone else still calls back within the hour and bugs me?

You can't raise it with TPS as it isn't a sales call and you don't know company, what can you do to stop it? Is it a Trading Standards or Police matter as guess they will catch some old biddy out otherwise they wouldn't do it.
I'll be booking my next holiday through Thorne Travel....
at 15:12 10 Oct 2014 they have produced the best advert ever.

Voting for the person or the party?
at 09:03 10 Oct 2014

While UKIP winning that seat in Clacton is a bit sad, is it good that the local public still vote for an MP that has previously served them, and in their opinion served them well?

there is such a disconnect with national politics it doesn't surprise me.

I voted for a local MP in last election rather than a national one, good thing about living in a constituency which is always an opposition target is you get money thrown at you....shame I'll be living in (I assume) Suffolk Coastal by the time the next election comes round.
I know that the answer is none but....
at 08:44 8 Oct 2014

....what beer/cider is best to drink if trying to live a bit healthier?

I'm not going to stop drinking, because I don't want to but wondered which beers are better for you than others?

I've previously drunk a lot of cider and think the sugary content is why I've put on weight so now think i should steer clear of that, but what are the best alternatives.

I was in a bar the other day drinking Brooklyn lager and that was really good, it seemed better for me but probably isn' individual drinks or packs in supermarkets have any notes with regards to quantities of contents of drinks so it's hard to judge which ones are less bad for you.
My Keane thoughts, Spoiler if you are planning to read the book
at 16:45 7 Oct 2014

Not as well put together as Phil's but the things I picked up on....

"Maybe I'm just making loads and loads of excuses"

Evans, Clegg and Keane
Never in the same room together for a meeting, there was the occasional video link up...
"I never once said 'Can you get the three of us together, to see about getting some players in?' There was never that trust - never. You need to see people's eyes."

"Simon Clegg came on board the day I started. Chemistry again - it wasn't there.....he wasn't a footballing man. But I think it had more to do with the differences in our backgrounds"
"He'd never been involved in football before.....Everything was hard work"

His appointment
Evans spoke to Niall Quinn at a football conference and approached Keane while Magilton was still in charge. He didn't feel too sorry for Magilton as Magilton had pulled out of a deal for Tommy Miller on deadline day, Sunderland had turned down other deals and he'd phoned Jim.
"He was proper aggressive, he didn't give a f** part of my thinking was 'F**k'm'"
Loughlan went down to watch us at Bristol City - and thought we were 'very average'.

Retained staff
"I didn't bring in other people quickly enough....they'd all played for Ipswich. It had the feel of a family club that didn't need breaking up. But that is exactly what it needed"
"....some of the staff at Ipswich weren't up to it. there were 2 members of the medical staff I disliked straight away."

"Marcus Evans told me during the week that they'd already covered my contract for season ticket sales for the next season"
The 2 wins at the end of the season were worst thing to happen as persuaded him he didn't need to rip it up and start again

"I think I mentioned a fee of £400k to the owner."
"I never spoke to other managers about a fee for a player; I never got involved"
"I couldn't believe it when I heard what we had paid for him. That was our lack of communication, the fact the three of us never spoke together."

Edwards and Leadbitter
"They were good lads but we paid too much for them. I thought about £2m for the two have them would have been decent. But we paid just less than £4m.
On phone to Steve Bruce "I can't believe how much you are getting for Grant and Carlos"...."Ah, now, Roy - they've agreed a deal."

Jordan Rhodes
"I still get criticised for selling Jordan, and I have to accept that."
"The mistake myself and my staff made with Jordan was, we discussed what he couldn't do, instead of what he could do"

"My recruitment wasn't good enough. I've no excuses"
"My biggest failing has been recruitment....ultimately your signings will make or break you"

Pablo Counago
"....a player I didn't particularly like or get on with"
First day of pre season, he'd hobbled off with an injury - had been in Spain for 7 weeks and arrived back in England at 11.30pm the night before
Second day, he was supposed to be in at 8.30 for treatment, at 9.10 was still in the car park
"No club was interested in taking him on - and I was happy to tell him that. I just found him dead lazy"
(After not passing in a reserve friendly) "You should've f**king passed it"....And, he went "Well, how are we going to win anything with you as manager". I nearly physically attacked him - but I didn't.

The Fans
"The fans were decent to me. I could see the frustration and understand it."

"I don't think I'm a bad manager, but at Ipswich I managed badly"
"I think I lacked a bit of patience with myself at Ipswich, I suppose I thought I could relive the Sunderland experience. But I couldn't get that momentum."

"My job description had changed. It was all about playing the younger players and getting the wages down"
Kevin Kilbane came down for talks, and Shaun Derry.
SD: "Roy, I'd love to be able to play for you"
RK: "Shaun, I think I'll only be able to give you a year, and the money won't be great"
SD: "No, I'd like to come and play for you"
Derry phones Keane a week later "Your club's not been in touch and offered a deal"
'I was embarrassed - I couldn't believe it. I rang Simon' - "No we're not going ahead with it". 'The warning signs were there'
'Lee Carsley came, , but the club wouldn't offer him a contract. Kevin Kilbane the same. these were good experienced characters and good guys'
'Kevin told me, "Roy, your club's not even got back to me"

"So I gave 8 players from their academy their debut. 7 weren't good enough."

Jon Walters
Was being tapped up by Tony Pulis at Stoke, Keane knew nothing of interested and they had a shoving and swearing match about it.
"It could have gone better, but I played my part. We've shook hands since"

Jon Stead
I came in one morning. "Where's Jon Stead?" "Oh, he's gone for talks with Blackpool". Nobody had told me about it.
A week later he was talking to Bristol City. I rang Simon. He said "Oh I wasn't sure if I should tell you."

Marton Fulop
'I said "A loan deal - a loan deal all day".
But the owner rang me and told me they'd done a permanent deal - I think it was for £750k.

His sacking
A letter was posted under his door with his contract termination while he was out.
'I didn't mind the phone call. But the letter - I thought "You f**kers'"'
'I didn't mind the owner ringing me. Even today I'd have time for him.'

"I also have to remember that Ipswich hadn't done too much before I arrived and they haven't done too much since.

His legacy
Paul Jewell came in after me and immediately said "Oh, I'll have to fix this mess"
It wasn't a mess. We were well organised, we trained properly.
He brought in people like Jimmy Bullard, from Hull; he was on about £20-30k a week. It happens - there's trust in the new manager. For a while.
I still get criticised for selling Jordan, and I have to accept that (n/t)
at 14:01 7 Oct 2014

"My recruitment wasn't good enough. I've no excuses."

Although he says fees were all down to Clegg and Evans, he valued Priskin at around £400k, and that the Edwards & Leadbitter deal should have been around £2m, not £4m.

Sounds like Evans and Clegg had their pants pulled down when negotiating transfers initially.
[Post edited 7 Oct 14:03]
Keane's book is on sale at Tesco Martlesham now...
at 13:24 7 Oct 2014

...if anyone is interested.
Keane, Evans and Clegg were never in the same room at the same time
at 12:58 7 Oct 2014

Very strange.

Evans has a house in the Boltons a few doors away from Ellis Short.
Part time degree
at 11:11 7 Oct 2014

Has anyone done one of these/is doing one of these?

I'm thinking of starting one at UCS to help with my job, will take 5 years but I think will be worthwhile. Cost seems ridiculous but it is what it is.
I can't wait to read Keano's book
at 08:12 7 Oct 2014

His first one was a great read, and teaming up with Roddy Doyle will ensure that this one is too.

Fascinated to hear his views on his time at Ipswich, I expect he will be hugely critical of himself and how he performed here but will be interesting if there is anything about relationships with Evans, Clegg, Walters, and thins like selling Rhodes and where it all went wrong.

I know people think keane is Satan re-born, but I can't believe any ITFC fan wouldn't be interested in the Chapter or two when he talks about his tenure here.
Elliott Hewitt on loan to Colchester for a month - Def Info (n/t)
at 16:16 6 Oct 2014

Darren Ambrose and Jack Collison
at 14:45 6 Oct 2014

Both need games to get fit, but yet I just can't see where they are going to come from?

Neither will play for reserves tonight, and with a reserve game in the calendar most weeks until their contracts end I don't see many friendlies being arranged.....
U21 Cup tonight at Portman Road
at 09:11 6 Oct 2014

ITFC U21s face Swansea in the U21 Cup tonight, 7pm kick off.

Should be a decent game and I'd expect to see a few first teamers involved - not sure on the over age players but imagine both Alex Henshall and Elliott Hewitt will play.
Explosive and fascinating stuff from Pietersen...
at 08:22 6 Oct 2014

I must say initially I was on the ECB's 'side' over this whole affair but as this situation has dragged on it's clear that Pietersen has been wronged here, the way the ECB has conducted itself in this manner is a bit of a shambles.

I'm sure people will say most of what he says is bollocks, but don't forget that this will have been gone over with a fine toothcomb by a highly paid legal team so unless the parties he's laid into try and sue him then that will say quite a lot.
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