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Would you marry someone if they were a NCFC fan?
at 22:19 19 Aug 2015

yes or no?

Perhaps you have, how does that work?
Anyone else got a little more spring in their step this morning?
at 09:56 19 Aug 2015

i can't stop singing "up the football league we go" round the house today

Is anyone planning to go to Preston and stay up for the Donny game?
at 15:49 17 Aug 2015

I bet some nutter does!

Via Alton Towers etc
Anyone else think we are going to stuff someone this season
at 10:00 16 Aug 2015

a real thumping goal fest
Prediction Logged by at 00:24:21
Ipswich Town v Burnley prediction logged
Brenner. Turning into one of us.
at 20:08 15 Aug 2015

Listening to him on RS today, his accent was slipping into a definite Suffolk accent.

" He is one of our own"

Tommy Smith. Immense today.
at 19:23 15 Aug 2015

Seemingly an easy target when we don't get a win, he was so strong and committed today.

Maybe not the best footballing CB we have seen at PR ( given the calibre of the Beat, Butcher etc) but he always gives 100%

When the big lump came on for them, he got the better of him and some of his blocks and tackling were fantastic. I think they have shortened his game up too, win it and give it shorter seems to be the plan now.

Maybe people who like to scapegoat Smith will take the longer term view and judge him over a season not just the odd poor game, which most players have.
Match day superstitions
at 10:47 15 Aug 2015

who has a match day ritual?

I always wear the same ITFC shirt that I wore at the last positive result.

Cr@p draw that is! (n/t)
at 22:39 13 Aug 2015

Hey Phil
at 10:44 4 Aug 2015

Where is the picture of Douglas in a town shirt at the training ground or PR?

Any Idea when he is going to be signed up and officially ours?

I think this will be a great signing, just what we need, a bit of bite in midfield

The B's fans are convinced if he plays v them on Saturday he will either score or be sent off!
George Burley
at 19:24 3 Aug 2015

saw him at the gym today.

Not sure about if he could manage a team any more but looked fit enough to still play!
Where was everyone today?
at 20:44 1 Aug 2015

5,500 at the game

Surely not everyone is on holiday? (You can't through the Chunnel anyway)

Expected double that tbh

Jimmy Carr. Fecking awful show
at 18:26 31 Jul 2015

want to see him at the Regent last night and it was awful. Not too bad at the start but descended into a tirade of jokes aimed to shock rather than be funny.

Equally disappointing ( but perhaps not surprising) was the standard of heckling ( encouraged all night by him it has to be said) some people just can't help it can they?

Never again
Emmanuel. The boy looks descent.
at 22:45 28 Jul 2015

Impressed with him tonight. Positive, strong and linked in well going forward

If your good enough your old enough
Gordon Taylor. Worth a basic of £2.9m salary a year?
at 21:21 26 Jul 2015

That's a rise of 140% over last year.

Surely there is no need to pay him that much.
[Post edited 26 Jul 21:39]
See the scum won in Germany today
at 20:23 25 Jul 2015

that will surely go onto the "participants" roll of honour

Main story on "Look Norwich" tomorrow
Anyone know how much it costs to be a mascot?
at 21:12 24 Jul 2015

Can't see it anywhere
Anyone here had a career change at 50 plus?
at 17:46 20 Jul 2015

I may be needing to change my career soon, mainly for positive reasons.

Any suggestions about possible re-training, funding ops, best place seen to look / apply
[Post edited 20 Jul 17:52]
Add another name to the biker group on here !
at 20:03 19 Jul 2015

thanks for your tips and advice, ended up with a Bianchi and I love it

Building the mileage, going out more and more and loving it

Have to be honest I've found the technical "advice" overwhelming at times ( from the mags and websites etc) God they have a view on everything.

I'm determined to make small changes to the bike to suit me and ride it as much as I can

at 19:18 12 Jul 2015

Does anyone ever want one when they sober?

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