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I still have the game to watch So do I?
at 20:26 23 Aug 2014

Recorded on sky and just got home ( we lost 2 nil so not a great day football wise)

I know we lost so do I watch it or the FLS later?

Or say feck it, and watch "Tumble"
at 22:32 22 Aug 2014

Give us a win tomorrow.

Nite nite
Ballotelli for Liverpool.
at 20:36 22 Aug 2014

Can't help thinking Rodgers is going to regret this

I personally don't think he is that great a player, certainly on a consistent basis

£125k a week too
Not beating the scum
at 16:38 20 Aug 2014

I get the impression from a lot of posters on here that Saturday will be our defining moment.

Unless we spank them ( to nil of course) then we can kiss goodbye to any thoughts of top 6 / promotion

Whilst I'm not totally confident about what we will do this Saturday I think that by the of the season comes, we will be higher than last season. I get the impression that MM knows what / who he wants and is taking the long term view.

Unlike many in here I suspect.

I blame FIFA 2014
[Post edited 20 Aug 16:39]
Adrian Chiles would be a laugh a minute compared to some town fans
at 21:46 6 Aug 2014

Not a ball kicked and half of town fans in today's webcast are negative about this coming season

I cannot believe that MM will not continue to improve us as a team, squad, club as he has done so far.

Dour? I prefer hard to beat and I think with 2 proper wide men we may be easier on the eye than before ( at times)
Name of huge CB at AFC Sudbury tonight?
at 23:10 5 Aug 2014

I got there a bit late and the team sheets had all gone ( good crowd of 700 + by the way)

Who was the huge lad who came on 2nd half at CB?
The winners podium at the GCG
at 21:37 31 Jul 2014

Is it from IKEA?

Looks like one of those dishes they serve the pancakes up in with Aromatic crispy duck
Forest grounds new name
at 20:18 29 Jul 2014

Now known as the "Kuwait City Ground Stadium"

Portman Road will be the " Friends of the East of England Co-Operative Dome" before you know it
New Adidas kit. Love it but tight fit or what?
at 18:32 28 Jul 2014

Bought one for little 352 who is 7, had to buy a 10-11 if it wasn't going to be too small by Xmas. (She is the right height / weight for her age)

As for mine, well let's say I asked the shop assistant about it and she said they were an "athletic cut" hence the need to go up a size, even though I am the same size as my last Mitre purchase

There will be some looking like they are wearing body armour
Why we must not sign Lita
at 20:24 22 Jul 2014

It will bring out the worst in the Suffolk Dialect, especially those RDS phone ins

" that Leeetah, he aint no good"" etc.

No sorry. Not for us
Rising of the planet of the Apes.
at 19:53 20 Jul 2014

Are they little people in Ape suits or highly trained Apes?

I need to know
East Coast Live. Some observations
at 23:58 28 Jun 2014

My little one wanted to go and see "Jessie J " so being the dutiful dad, we went today.

Here are just a few things I observed

1) without chips, these concerts would not function
2) It appears there are more fat people than thin (see above)
3) £4.50 for a bottle of lager is a tad steep
4) Tattoos on women appear to be the norm now, especially really fat ugly ones
5) Rizzle Kicks are surprisingly good live
6) Bands who sing over a backing tape should not take a wage from such gigs. "The Saturdays "
being a case in point. Total SH!te
7) The English must be the worst for leaving all their SH!t everywhere

As for JJ, got to say not my thing ( heavy metal is more my thing) but fcuk the girl can sing and is
A professional at what she does.

[Post edited 29 Jun 0:01]
England should take the draw
at 22:35 7 Jun 2014

Clean sheet.

No such thing as a bad point
[Post edited 7 Jun 22:35]
Been shopping in Ipswich Town centre today
at 17:15 31 May 2014

My god what has happened to it?

I rarely shop and it has been a couple of years since I last went into "Town" to shop.

It was like chav Central

Anchorman 2
at 18:56 5 May 2014

Just seen it for the first time

What a pile of cr@p that was
Techie help
at 20:47 3 May 2014

Need to load excel onto a laptop but don't want an annual subscription

Boxed DVD are £80 plus

Any suggestions?

Thanks and goodbye
at 23:25 2 May 2014

Trust in MM

Got used this far now for phase 2.

Clear the deadwood and get a few in

Premier league here we come.

Won't miss any of them.
Anyone on here playing in the Portman Cup next tues?
at 23:16 1 May 2014

Apart from Mr Ham of course
Finidi George is 70 today. (n/t)
at 18:44 30 Apr 2014

Did the latest disgraced Tory MP really say that?
at 22:13 29 Apr 2014

Being on tv after being caught taking cash for questions, the ex Army Officer said it was the right thing to do and to "fess up" to it and resign

Fess up?

[Post edited 29 Apr 22:13]
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