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England stutter into the next round
at 21:58 20 Jun 2016

what a surprise.

If we get Portugal then you watch Ronaldo get his shooting boots back
352 junior "Fying the flag" at PR today
at 10:25 30 Apr 2016

She is well excited with another 14 players from her u10 girls team. With parents that's nearly 40 of us attending today. Nice experience for the girls who are all football mad.

I'm sure it will be huge for them, I just hope it is decent game

Post match comment betting
at 22:00 5 Apr 2016

1. Charlton battling for their lives
2. Any point a good point
3. We have become hard to beat again
4. We put a shift in
5. Didn't work their keeper enough
6. Until it's mathematically impossible.
7. Aston Villa is flattering but I have unfinished business here
8. Tabby great is Tabby
9. We are cr@p
10. I have no plan B
Watched the Yoofs at PR v Spurs.
at 22:09 29 Mar 2016

Nice game v decent team. Spurs were a bit bigger and had the best player in Phoniex Patterson. Remember that name (as if you could forget it) very clever, classy and a star in the making. Both teams played it to feet

The Ipswich goal ( they lost 3 -1) was superb too. Little lad took the gk on, sat him down and lifted it over him. Brilliant.

A nice night out. Corporate eats too serving Portman pies.

My company thinking of sponsoring the Academy next season.

I'm in if they do
[Post edited 29 Mar 22:11]
Club badge.
at 20:03 25 Mar 2016

Do we need a new one?

Any ideas ?
Norman Whiteside.
at 20:44 23 Mar 2016

Did you know he was discovered by an ITFC but turned down by Sir Bob as being too young.

One of his few mistakes I'm sure but he could have played for us!
At last. A right winger !
at 20:19 19 Mar 2016

Well impressed with Feeney.

Good touch, direct, quick and can cross from deep and on the run. The quality of his crosses was decent, meat and drink for Murf if he turned up today

He was giving their left back a torrid time so what does MM do?

Switch him to the left.

Wtf ?
Oh how I miss those crosses from Cressie
at 21:40 13 Mar 2016

he looked very good v Man U today I thought
Who won the "biggest melt down post" about last night / AMN ? (n/t)
at 19:07 9 Mar 2016

Board melt down alert
at 22:06 8 Mar 2016

bring it on.

Like a laugh
Best Sunday league / amateur team name.
at 20:00 4 Mar 2016

My personal favourite was the Ipswich Sunday morning league based in the village of Rushmere

They wanted to be "Criptonite United" but the league refused.

So they became "Rushmere and Diamonds"

Any others you have seen or play for ?
Any Pringles puns ? (n/t)
at 21:47 9 Feb 2016

Serious lack of "Def info" on here
at 20:13 1 Feb 2016

where are all the stewards, hospital workers, hotel workers who saw a top player book in when you need them?

Come on, someone knows something.
5-4. !!
at 14:39 23 Jan 2016


3-1 up and you fecked it up !
Liverpool are a bit poo really
at 13:32 23 Jan 2016

losing to the inbreds but seriously, how many good players on show today.

The defence looks awful
Birmingham joke
at 10:29 23 Jan 2016

A man walks into a tailors shop in Birmingham

"Alroit mate, can I have a 1970's suit made up please?"

The tailor says "Certainly Sir, would you like a Kipper Tie?"

"Ah nice one mate, two sugars please"

I'll get my coat ......

[Post edited 23 Jan 10:30]
Peter Crouch. A perfect fit for our style surely ?
at 21:27 21 Jan 2016

Wages may be an issues as well as the lack of quality shops for Abbie but he is a bench warmer at Stoke theses days.

Would fit nicely with our "long passing" game
Are there any spare seats in section 6
at 19:59 16 Jan 2016

my wife and daughter are not enjoying going to matches so I'm thinking it would be more fun to be in and around some noise / banter rather dying a slow death in the Sir Alf
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