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Letting Banjo go was a mistake.
at 20:31 28 Aug 2016

With Didz injured ( shock) Murf off to the toon we are crying out for a striker.

And we let Banjo go.

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Reading tickets / hotel booked.
at 20:31 25 Aug 2016

Last time I went getting out of the car park at the ground was shocking

Park and ride any better ?
I see "Snakes on a plane " is on tv tonight
at 21:44 22 Aug 2016

what is it about?
Every cloud eh?
at 13:12 12 Aug 2016

Put Freddie "up top" with Murf

As for Didz, well it isn't a surprise to most and regardless of what he may / may do when fit, he never is

The two Grants signing on
at 21:39 10 Aug 2016

are they going to give us the width we need?
Code Blue
at 18:39 6 Aug 2016

I shall be writing to the club fist thing Monday.

Fancy having a Fanzine where I got to have a chat / picture with the Beat and Terry Butcher. My little girl got loads of free stuff, play etc.

Then see our team not only win, score 4 and provide excellent entertainment ( well the 2nd half )
and see a young man who can shoot, has pace to burn and not even playing wide!

To cap it all I have seen people smile after a game, Mick wearing a shirt and tie, my daughter getting autographs off Freedie and Skuesy ( who was excellent today by the way) on their way off the pitch AND a brilliant photo of the MOM of the match with the match ball selfie!

What is happening to this club? Strong letter in the post already Milne out.

Mind you some things don't change. Get that fcuking idiot off BBC RS after the game. What a miserable bar steward
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Do we think there may be other "leavers"?
at 16:47 4 Aug 2016

With the new players and possibly AMN and another coming in, who would be next to follow Coke, Polish Pete etc out of the club?

Or do you think that would be it for now ?
Pre season confidence builder a success
at 16:49 30 Jul 2016

the Belgium team will get off to a flyer
I had not realised
at 22:05 29 Jul 2016

when we beat Man Utd 6 nil all those years ago. We missed 3 penalties, all saved by Gary Bailey!

And I went to the match !
We miss Tabby.
at 22:03 26 Jul 2016

Is great is Tabby
The drop in season tickets is not all bad news.
at 22:16 24 Jul 2016

We might get served quicker at half time

Unless they reduce the catering staff of course.
Does anyone think our pre season is too low a standard
at 17:17 23 Jul 2016

surely we should play a decent team before the league starts?

Get Tabby back
at 12:41 14 Jul 2016

is great is Tabby

Can play anywhere so like signing 2/3 players

Gotta love Tabby
We should have kept Tabby
at 14:09 9 Jul 2016

Is great is Tabby
[Post edited 9 Jul 14:09]
England stutter into the next round
at 21:58 20 Jun 2016

what a surprise.

If we get Portugal then you watch Ronaldo get his shooting boots back
352 junior "Fying the flag" at PR today
at 10:25 30 Apr 2016

She is well excited with another 14 players from her u10 girls team. With parents that's nearly 40 of us attending today. Nice experience for the girls who are all football mad.

I'm sure it will be huge for them, I just hope it is decent game

Post match comment betting
at 22:00 5 Apr 2016

1. Charlton battling for their lives
2. Any point a good point
3. We have become hard to beat again
4. We put a shift in
5. Didn't work their keeper enough
6. Until it's mathematically impossible.
7. Aston Villa is flattering but I have unfinished business here
8. Tabby great is Tabby
9. We are cr@p
10. I have no plan B
Watched the Yoofs at PR v Spurs.
at 22:09 29 Mar 2016

Nice game v decent team. Spurs were a bit bigger and had the best player in Phoniex Patterson. Remember that name (as if you could forget it) very clever, classy and a star in the making. Both teams played it to feet

The Ipswich goal ( they lost 3 -1) was superb too. Little lad took the gk on, sat him down and lifted it over him. Brilliant.

A nice night out. Corporate eats too serving Portman pies.

My company thinking of sponsoring the Academy next season.

I'm in if they do
[Post edited 29 Mar 22:11]
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