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Got good players have Lincoln
at 17:15 7 Jan 2017

Come Mick, say it!
I have some question please.
at 18:29 2 Jan 2017

Didn't go today so can't comment on the performance etc. but....

Was Kenlock injured hence the sub? ( seems to me that Knudsen will play somehow)

Why can't Bru play 90 minutes again against a team who had 24 less rest than him?

What is the difference in playing Dozzell last 20 today than v Brizzle?

Is MM being grumpy again?
Douglas / Knudsen
at 11:34 2 Jan 2017

I hope MM doesn't consider putting either of these two back in the starting 11 today

God forgive if both!
I hope Mick just takes the win and moves onto qpr
at 21:41 30 Dec 2016

no fan baiting
[Post edited 30 Dec 21:42]
Well got my usual ITFC calendar for Xmas
at 10:18 25 Dec 2016

seems we are short of players as it has Bluey on one month
Just finished the Jamie Vardy book
at 15:44 21 Dec 2016

One of the worst auto biographies I have read

He sounds like a proper thug and pish head and I would imagine a nightmare when he finishes the game.

The whole book is full of tales of him being a knob and wild. Fancies himself as a hard man it Seems

Can't argue about his goalscoring record which was excellent at lower league and semi pro.

But comes over as a toss pot
Gary Rowett
at 18:31 18 Dec 2016

get him in ?
Crosses / headers.
at 21:00 19 Nov 2016

Being sat in a exec box bang on the 18 yard line I can say with all certainty that the standard of crosses (both sides) in the 2nd was pish poor. Either floated in or hit too close to the gk or hit the first man or over hit etc.

On the rare occasion we did get a decent cross in, we didn't win a single header ( no Murf, Best, pitman etc.) so who is expected to win these crosses?

Absolute pony
Is that Owen Hargreaves at Man City v Barca?
at 21:25 1 Nov 2016

Shut the fcuk up for christs sake !
at 14:07 1 Nov 2016

With attendances dropping and seemingly season ticket holders not taking their seats. At what point does it become an issue for Evans?
Chambo was an angry young man when he scored
at 23:15 18 Oct 2016

Made some "hard" faces and gestures at the town fans kind of understand that given all the stick he has had

The reason he plays right back because Webby and Berra are a better cb than him and as captain he " has" to play

Liverpool v Man U.
at 20:54 17 Oct 2016

That first half was total cack
Got 2 tickets for Burton Albion game
at 17:03 17 Oct 2016

Was lucky though. Only 16,000 left
[Post edited 17 Oct 20:51]
Level 42
at 13:03 16 Oct 2016

played the Regent last night and were excellent

Seemed to be really enjoying themselves and they are a very talented bunch of musicians

Anyone else go?
anyone else not missed there being a town game this weekend?
at 20:37 9 Oct 2016

had a great weekend

been busy and fun without worrying about how town played etc.

nice break from it all
"Carry on Screaming" on tv now
at 09:57 1 Oct 2016

comedy gold.
Pitman out for 10 weeks.
at 22:14 27 Sep 2016

So it's Best / Sears then

One not match fit. One down on confidence

McG weeks away Johnny Williams injured. Varney not match fit and injured

No emergency loan window any more.

Can't see where the goals are going to come from

It's going to be a long time until the January window.
Where is the Far East Billionaire owner when we need him?
at 08:44 25 Sep 2016

Look at Villa. According to their new owner they will be "the greatest team in the Europe within 5 years"

Ok a sticky start but Robbie got them a good point at home to the Toon yesterday.

" Each journey starts with a single step". Said some clever bloke once.

That's what we need. Someone to buy the club and we will be beating the likes of Barca, Man U/City in no time.

Easy isn't it?
Well we shall see if Chambo at CB works now
at 17:33 24 Sep 2016

step up Emmnauel

Your time has come
Noel Edmunds is a nutter. Official.
at 22:01 23 Sep 2016

Set up a phone chat line for pets. Gives advice to cats/dogs with issues. Jesus wept.

What next?

Dressing up in a huge pink costume with pink spots on it and shouting " Blobby Blobby Blobby"

Never catch on
[Post edited 23 Sep 22:02]
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