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Stroll in the park for Huddersfield
at 17:23 21 Jan 2017

Would be my main comment on the game. We had to work so hard to even make a vague opening. Really hopeless.

Spence looked good, strange to take him off tbh. Moore also had a go and had a shot on target. Only positives.
Made a slightly dodgy last minute decision to make the trip tomorrow
at 21:14 20 Jan 2017

Any suggestions for parking and drinking?

Sensible (or not) suggestions are welcome.
What was scary about last night, despite not being unusual
at 22:52 18 Jan 2017

How many times we kicked it straight out of play.

Berra (a few times), Chambers, Knudsen, Skuse, Douglas. The last two in particular were shocking cases.

As Jenas said in commentary we weren't even looking for our own players, we were just punting it, i.e clearing the ball. I know our players aren't the most technically gifted, but that is no excuse. They aren't being coached, plain and simple.
Season gone
at 22:32 17 Jan 2017

The cup was the only thing potentially keeping people interested. Not a huge ask, of course it's never easy, but with a little more effort and care taken over this tie we could have gone through.

Really really poor and sad day in our recent history, one of many.
Mick McCarthy
at 22:08 17 Jan 2017

I've been civil of late, having been very vocal in the past.

But please leave. Terry Butcher said it, and he was right -

"That was a disgrace"
If a player punched Cole Skuse in the face
at 21:07 17 Jan 2017

What's the betting he would just shake their hand and pass the free kick back to the centre half?

Show some passion man! And that goes for a few others too.
Davies for Everton
at 15:11 15 Jan 2017

If you've ever seen a man of the match display...

And what a goal. What a player he looks!
Notable positives
at 18:24 14 Jan 2017

Skuse getting forward (why didn't he shoot?)

Emmanuel persistent down the right side. Not technically the best but must be a pain to play against.

Lawrence obviously. Best goal so far? Nice to see such a good individual display from a town player. We haven't had many during recent years.

Dozzell getting another game. Showed glimpses again, keep him in there I say.

Chambers seemed a lot happier and played well too. Loved his interview pre match. He showed passion we don't often see/hear from players and spoke honestly.

If I had to give a negative;

Knudsen. Kenlock should play when fit in my opinion.
Portman Road atmosphere like it was during the Royle days
at 23:47 8 Jan 2017

I can't wait for it to return.

It will.
For those who listened on the radio
at 09:40 8 Jan 2017

Did Tommy Smith have much to say? Any good as a pundit/Co commentator?

As for the game we were pretty awful weren't we? What's sad is that it was just beyond inevitable that it would be that way. The body language of the players was basically terrible throughout.

Reminded me of the Rotherham game at home 2-2, rescued by a similar goal by McGoldrick.

Credit to the Imps, thought they and their fans were superb, although i didn't like the lump of a striker. Like Holt he just backed in constantly and when he couldn't hold himself up anymore he fell over and won free kicks. Annoying that a senior referee kept falling for it too!

Take it this Chambers thing isn't serious
at 16:37 1 Jan 2017

Captain, only player close to being a 'leader', Mick's favourite (apart from Skuse), right back and reserve centre half...

No chance he'll go.
Dissapointing flat performances isn't something new
at 16:53 26 Dec 2016

We've had them before in recent years but the difference is this year we've had so many of them and we haven't really bounced back.

Something is not right at all. Mick is still his dull tactical self, he always has been. Is it just that the squad is that bad?
Mick still very unpopular despite win
at 17:30 17 Dec 2016

Judging by the radio and not necessarily TWTD.

Says a lot.

Nice to see a decent team put out in terns of personnel though and it's rewarded with three points. 2-3 or even 2-2 sometimes is more exciting than 0-0s and 1-0s.
Set pieces
at 09:09 11 Dec 2016

When was the last we had anyone who could take a proper corner or free kick?
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