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Rooney documentary
at 23:19 6 Oct 2015

Was anyone else a little dissapointed?

Great reminder of his qualities and some amazing goals and moments over the years, but I just felt the documentary could have gone a bit deeper. Didn't really get the random 'let's stop by this bit of grass and speak to an old lady/cousin and talk for 30 seconds' bits?

I enjoyed the bits about England and Capello, United and Fergie etc. Wished it had more of that kind of stuff.

Best Roo goal?
Murphy's lack of goals
at 11:04 2 Oct 2015

Partly down to injury/long summer of course.

But also, ironically, I think we miss Ando and Tabby's long loopy corners. Quite a few times last year they would be knocked down, usually by Berra for Murph to tap in.

Our delivery this year with the likes of Fraser is surely better, but are we getting as many results? Anyone know how many set pieces we've scored from?

Luke Hyam to replace Skuse when he's back and fully fit
at 10:59 30 Sep 2015

What happened today?
at 17:27 26 Sep 2015

Didn't make it unfortunately.

Defence still an issue?

Should Bru have started? You would think he will get back in eventually.

at 12:50 20 Sep 2015

Do you reckon referees enjoy their jobs?
Turning our attention to Old Trafford
at 18:06 19 Sep 2015

I was wondering if any of our players had played there before.

The most obvious one was Berra, which he confirmed in one of Phil's pieces yesterday.

Is he the only one?

Murphy perhaps, with Sunderland?
Chelsea are thoroughly unlikeable aren't they?
at 14:00 19 Sep 2015

Fabregas, Costa, Terry, Jose, all the banners around the Bridge...

Makes me feel for Arsenal, which is bizarre.
Solution to Knudsen's throws not working
at 21:07 18 Sep 2015

Keep doing it
missing Fraser a bit on the left (n/t)
at 20:12 18 Sep 2015

Opposing mangers' comments
at 15:52 16 Sep 2015

Why do people get so uptight about them?

We praise our own team for being able to bully other teams, be tough and resilient etc etc. But as soon as the other manger says the same thing it's sour grapes and everyone's up in arms about it. Seems to happen every time.
Time for a Coke appearance?
at 12:09 12 Sep 2015

Douglas has had a shocking start to the season and is excruciatingly slow to get the ball, hence all the badly timed tackled and fouls.

If Coke isn't considered good enough after Douglas' performances then I'd be worried. I guess at the moment the only other option would be Tabb, unless I'm forgetting someone? Need Bishop and/or Bru back sharpish.

Team for Leeds:

Parr Chambers Berra Knudsen
Skuse Coke Fraser
Sears Pitman/Murphy McGoldrick

Defend from the front with the three attackers, I think it's best that they all play to be honest. You can't drop Freddie with the former he's in, McGoldrick proved our best player last night, and I think away from home Pitman will be useful picking the ball up and linking the play. Or perhaps replace him with Murph's presence.

It's not so much the shut up shop that some will be hoping for, but Parr is a dedicated full back at least. And maybe Fraser could be persuaded to play a slightly more defensive, Tabb like midfield role.

[Post edited 12 Sep 12:11]
Genuine question
at 02:10 12 Sep 2015

Is Luke Chambers undroppable?

Either because of his abilities as a defender or because of his armband...

Athleticism and pace
at 00:27 12 Sep 2015

Something we are lacking big time.
Didsy struggles to kick the ball further than 10 yards doesn't he?
at 21:49 11 Sep 2015

Disgusting pass infield.
Have we benefitted from one Knudsen long throw yet?
at 21:32 11 Sep 2015

Bar maybe the one from the half way line at Preston?

They've been crap and overused, and I've said this before.
Cole Skuse
at 21:10 11 Sep 2015

Mr Dependable.

Right oh.
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