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He continues to come out with this stuff, and he continues to be wrong
at 10:12 30 Apr 2016

Regarding criticism of his team’s style of football, he added: “We’ve had a bad end to the season really, a poor end to the season. But I look to before that when we were threatening to be in the play-offs and I didn’t hear any grumbles about the way we played.

“That was because we were playing better, we were looking a real threat every time we went forward, we were full of energy, we created chances.

“I think the criticism and the moans and groans have come because of results really. And if people tolerate other stuff when you’re winning, I think that’s slightly disingenuous - whenever you’re winning it’s OK.

There have ALWAYS been grumbles about his style of play. Throughout every season, whether you think that's right or wrong, there have always been people talking about it.

Also, very rarely over the past few years have I ever thought we looked 'a real threat every time we went forward'.
at 13:42 24 Apr 2016

Good piece on him by Sky, nice interview.

Still one of the best, only behind Kane and Vardy and Aguero I think they said, for a side third bottom. One of my favourite all time PL strikers.
Reasons to be cheerful
at 09:53 22 Apr 2016

That tw@ Bamford won't be playing tomorrow.
Mick is proving to be quite naive isn't he?
at 09:41 22 Apr 2016

Or is he being clever?

He says he doesn't read the papers, forums etc and generally ignores it all, but then says there were no complaints when we were winning? A, how can he come out with that line? And B, it's simply not true.
at 09:31 22 Apr 2016

'McCarthy: No Complaints' article - I can see the left side of the text but the other half is covered blue. Page seems extended but the text has gone with it. Other articles fine.

My problem or yours?
Sorry I'm late
at 21:35 18 Apr 2016

But I just wanted to get a feel for what we all thought of Leicester West Ham?

I can only assume we all agree that neither penalties should have been given, Vardy was unlucky to get a yellow card for a dive (I would have given nothing) and that Cresswell is brilliant?
at 13:15 10 Apr 2016

Has there been a more likeable manager in recent times?

He just makes me smile. Such a happy guy and an excellent accent to listen to, no?

Not to mention how good his team is to watch. Great stuff.
Think I'm correct in saying
at 10:16 10 Apr 2016

That's now twice we've conceded three at home this season.

We've not once scored three at home ourselves.
If we lose or draw today
at 16:06 9 Apr 2016

Can I suggest getting angry would be futile please.

We still mathematically have a chance or the Play offs, despite most of us not seeing it. Mick will go for it, so he was never going to abandon his philosophy and usual game plan while the chance is still there. So things like playing Dozzel, McGoldrick and going all guns blazing, was never going to happen, so let's not get angry.

Personally I will be downbeat and depressed more than angry after a poor result today.

Luke Hyam is the only one to be angry at right now. Moron. On a yellow after maybe breaking someone's leg, and he retaliates like that after an absolute nothing challenge. He's more thick than I thought. Surely after what happened first minute you calm down a little, surely it doesn't fire you up further?

Apart from all that, Brentford look a tidy team and nice to watch. We are playing our usual game.
Wingers currently owned by the club...?
at 13:10 9 Apr 2016

Toure - soon to be released.

Is there anyone else?
at 10:37 9 Apr 2016

When did things turn for you?

You seem to have massively taken a detour of opinion recently...
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