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at 15:27 4 Dec 2016

Said at the time we were lucky to even have him on loan. He could have played for them last season and even this has been limited to sub appearances. His footwork with the ball is something else.

Not convinced it was a free kick though - a bit of Bournemouth gamesmanship shall we say?
Goal threats within our team
at 18:18 3 Dec 2016


Right now I only see Lawrence.

McGoldrkick a goal shy number 10. His attempted finish through on goal last week was infuriating and embarrassing.

Ward at a push? I won't be convinced by a scruffy finish last week. He isn't really influencing games.
Sounds like McGoldrick missed a one on one
at 16:14 3 Dec 2016


(I don't know if it was a one on one, but you get my point)
[Post edited 3 Dec 16:15]
David Haye
at 11:12 1 Dec 2016

in being a bell end shocker.

Why does Sport let the likes of him and other idiotic fighters thrive so much?
[Post edited 1 Dec 11:12]
One dodgy little afternoon where a few have shouted
at 09:47 5 Nov 2016

...and been upset with how we've played.

Right, so Mick is either taking the royal piss out of the fans, or he's got the blinkers on. Quite an absurd thing to say.
Types of managers we could attract
at 12:31 30 Oct 2016

I know Mick's going nowhere but when the time comes who do we think we could attract?

Just watching the Brum derby got me thinking if we were in need and Bruce was still available could he be persuaded to come to little Ipswich? Would we have the pulling power?

I do quite like Bruce which is probably was prompted me to post this.
at 19:17 29 Oct 2016

Game passed him by yet again today.

Is he still really important to us?
A shame almost that it turned ugly today
at 19:06 29 Oct 2016

On a day we played an attacking team (though I would have tried to fit Best in I wouldn't hound Mick for it) and in the first half played okay. Better than recently anyway.

But it says a lot when you have all your best players on the pitch and you still don't create a single opportunity. We got a point thanks to a great strike from a player who probably deserved it based on his performance. Generally we looked devoid of ideas and that's why the chant came out. Like I say it didn't entirely suit the game because in the first half we kept it on the deck better.

Not sure where we go from here and I think it could be an ugly remainder of the season if things don't drastically improve. I think they will to an extent and the pressure on Mick will cool, but not so people change their minds.

As a side not I thought he handled the post match interview well. I couldn't disagree with much he said. Also what Mick Mills said about weak characters at the training ground was interesting.
at 23:16 25 Oct 2016

For a cup tie with Preston. Impressive.
Solution to problems
at 18:44 22 Oct 2016

Webster to holding midfield, Chambers into centre, Emmanuel to RB. Done!

Chambers and Douglas noteciably poor today. Mick noticeably angry with his captain.

Emmanuel played okay considering it was on the wrong side. Certainly didn't look any worse than Knudsen. Injury or worried about a red card?

Lawrence looked good but like our entire squad right now lacked any end product.

Set pieces still shoite which is so frustrating on a day when they could have been and probably were vital.

Best unlucky with the shot off the bar, that slice of luck we're perhaps lacking at the moment.

Spent most of the game confused as to whether I was annoyed by Shelvey's class or whether it was a pleasure to watch. Bit of both I think.

Grant was an interesting choice no? Fair play I suppose for giving him a chance, but if Bishop is fit why not play him? Also further proof imo that Mick doesn't fully trust Bru.

It was like watching a cup game today, although scarily I thought we played better at Old Trafford.

Rotherham at home next. Yay!
Alex Bruce on Goals On Sunday
at 12:01 9 Oct 2016

Fond memories or a hot head who we should have got rid of earlier?
at 20:45 1 Oct 2016

Awful today.

Incredibly synonomous with the way we are under the current manager. Same thing time and again, performances don't change, results and scores just fluctuate slightly. Practicing the same techniques every week, expecting an improvement because it has brought results in the (distant) past.

It's almost cliche now, but Douglas and Skuse together is desperation, trying to battle our way to victory. The lack of athleticism and general ability was almost painful to watch when Douglas went through today. It needed one pass into the middle, and he was never balanced nor had his feet sorted, and the ball sailed out for a GK. There were a few moments today like that, that summed up the result and performance almost in an instant.
As annoying as anything today
at 17:44 1 Oct 2016

Is Brenner churning out more statements with question marks on the end in the post match with Mick.

Why not press him on the idea to play Bishop on the right hand side instead of his genuine position?

We know Douglas might score 1 in 20-30 games, but did you really think he and Skuse would rescue something for us today Mick?

So lazy.

As for the football, well give or take a little it's been the same for 3 years or so. I've been saying it for a long time, and I'm surprised to only now be hearing the sorts of things being said on the phone in.

'Exhausted, bored, fed up, the same game/tactics every week'. I have to say I'm fairly non plussed about the result today. That's what it's come to.
One random thing I'd like to see in particular today
at 12:12 1 Oct 2016

Shots on target from 20-25 yards.

I don't watch other teams live other than Town, except on TV, but I'd be surprised if there was many teams who are as shot shy as we are. I find it incredibly sad how few and far between our shots from outside the box are.

How often is there an "ah" or an "ooh" at Portman Road after a good hit nowadays? More to the point do we actually have anyone capable? The two centre mids just don't find the space for it. Sears I suppose? We play with so little space no one ever has enough space in front of them. Must be so frustrating as an attacking player.

Rant, if you can call it that, over.
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