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So Cole Skuse is still 'solid' right?
at 09:49 3 Mar 2015

Are we allowed to suggest he should be dropped yet? He was utter tripe on sunday. His only noticeable contributions were giving the ball away four or five times and kicking that nob Johnson in the face. No creativity, no steel, powder puff tackling.

If it was any other player/position their place would be seriously under threat.
Seems some members of our away support think they can behave like Leeds
at 12:23 2 Mar 2015

Numerous coins chucked yesterday, one hitting a steward.

I felt embarrassed to be a town fan yesterday, for what happened on and off the pitch.
Tommy Smith kicking for touch from free kicks
at 20:34 1 Mar 2015

Embarrassing and has to stop.

What's more worrying though is that that is what he is being instructed to do by Mick and the coaching team. There was no reaction from the bench after Smith continually kicked out for a throw in looking for Chambers.

There is a 50/50 chance of winning the ball from these balls, and it's just further evidence of Mick trying to play percentages and numbers. And it's tiring.

Rugby team lost I'm afraid
at 17:14 1 Mar 2015

Deary deary me.
Have we room for Wood, Varney and McGoldrick on the bench?!
at 13:06 27 Feb 2015

Surley one of them will start, which surley means a 4-3-3?

More options means an exciting build up!
If you could choose our winning goal scorer on Sunday?
at 10:53 27 Feb 2015

Gotta be Chambo hasn't it?
As derby games go
at 16:00 26 Feb 2015

Is this up there with the best in the championship this year?

I'm probably missing a few obvious ones but the only one I can think of is Forest Derby?
Top performers
at 22:18 24 Feb 2015

Sears, Parr, Tabb.

Wasn't Murphy's night specifically but he was always involved and I'd only be worried if he wasn't getting chances, but he is.

Thought Chaplow was superb when he came on too. Real calming influence and made a change from the panicked kick and rush clearances.
Stop Bru-ing our players!
at 22:08 24 Feb 2015

Tomorrow's team
at 16:13 23 Feb 2015

Parr Chambers Berra Mings
Bishop Skuse Tabb
Varney Sears Murphy

Sears and Murphy are linking up well, Varney might be low on quality but is raring to go, he won us a good free kick out of sheer energy on Saturday, and what might be useful having watched the Reading game, he can win balls in the air.

Tabb is doing okay, and actually improves when on the inside sometimes, can still link up with Mings well, so he could benefit from the extra room.

Get Bishop central!
at 13:05 22 Feb 2015

As much as I think he is too big for his boots and to some extent needs telling this, I think for the next week he needs some serious nurturing, as he could be our weapon against Norwich as he has been at times this season.

If Mings plays well the team will be spurred on by his enthusiasm in the final third. An east anglian derby on sky is also a stage Mings will thrive on I feel.

Others including Murphy will of course be crucial, but if Mings has one of his on days, we COULD get a result.
Ipswich Town Rugby Club
at 23:35 21 Feb 2015

The kicking for line outs from Smith has to stop. It's mentally draining.

And I'm being serious, it's what we do.
So Barnes vs Matic etc?
at 23:04 21 Feb 2015

It was a pass.

Someone tell me I'm wrong please?
Couldn't tell you who was bottom three
at 00:00 19 Feb 2015

Apart from Blackpool.

Does anyone else find themselves not really keeping up with the rest of the championship these days now that we're right up there?

I know who is in and just below the top six, but other than that I couldn't tell you.

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