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Dean Bowditch
at 12:23 22 Nov 2015

Nice to wee him scoring goals in this league again. Lovely finish yesterday.

Shearer showing his stupidity again
at 23:41 21 Nov 2015

"He's actually changed his stride to try and get out of the way of Ayew" (therefore doing everything he can NOT to trip him)...

"So I do think that's a penalty yes".

Tommy Smith/General view of the game
at 18:47 21 Nov 2015

I couldn't tell who was at fault for the goals today - apart from perhaps Gerken for the first, simply because it's just gone straight over his head - but I thought Smith was absolutely brilliant today.

He look assured with pretty much every touch, he made good decisions, good passes, got rid but only when he needed to. In the past Smith has panicked and unnecessarily put the ball into touch or sent it straight the opposition keeper, but I thought every decision he had to make today he made well. And as usual he won the majority of his headers.

On another note, other players that stood out were Chambers - he was a man on a mission, sprinting to get the ball back for every free kick, trying to get on the end of everything, and Sears was basically our main man and at the heart of a lot of good things we did.

Also, Murphy really seems to have his mojo back, I would guess the Wolves defence don't fancy it against him.

I did feel Pitman wasn't quite 'on it' today, but he is a clever player and will have better games.

Shame we kept on gifting it back to them to equalise, and also that we never really made enough chances to win the game ourselves. I suppose both teams will be fairly close to each other come the end of the season.
Coldest one for a good while (n/t)
at 15:55 21 Nov 2015

Best seats at Portman Road?
at 01:17 19 Nov 2015

As I could well be going on my own to the game on Saturday I have a prime opportunity to choose somewhere completely random to sit. Where would people recommend?

I usually occupy the upper Sir Bob with my old man (season ticket), but thought I should branch out for a game...
Daryl Murphy
at 11:47 8 Nov 2015

Is he the most modest striker we've ever had?

He doesn't really celebrate does he? He's always more interested in turning round and taking the congrats from teammates, which I like in a way. No silly knee slides or anything. Even when hitting a hat trick he's so calm.

I guess you just expect a certain cockyness from strikers. But thankfully Murph is one of a kind.
[Post edited 8 Nov 11:48]
3 mids, 3 strikers
at 19:52 7 Nov 2015

Thinks it's what we've needed to do.

Skuse and Douglas in a two are poor, but when you put Bru in there you've suddenly got a half decent mix of players. And when you've got four good strikers like we do, it makes sense to play three of them if you can, even if at times you have to play one wide.

I can see Pitman being our top scorer this year, depending on how much he plays. He's a clever player in a similar way to McGoldrick, but the difference is he is a goalscorer.
at 17:50 7 Nov 2015

Was that not Murphy's first ever hat trick?

You said first for 11 years?
Dougiiiee (n/t)
at 15:24 7 Nov 2015

Team transformed tonight
at 23:16 3 Nov 2015

So I decided to go the game in the end!

Pitman impressive. Murphy back on form just missing a goal. Knudsen improved, got forward well. They were the main pluses for me.

Bold move to drop McG for Pits, but an excellent decision. What a finish!

We were actually quite exciting tonight, which was nice to see. And when Douglas hit the bar that is possibly the loudest "oooh" I've heard at Portman Road for a few years!

Bolton were tidy and have some good footballers, and actally created some good openings, but they lacked a killer instinct, and were vulnerable at the back which certainly helped us!
I'm not one to miss a Town game if I'm perfectly able to go
at 21:57 31 Oct 2015

But I'm seriously considering giving Tuesday a miss. It's just not worth it at the moment.

I wouldn't mind if I knew our manager cared about what entertainment is served up and what the fans like to see but is it quite clear he doesn't.
So Mick was happy with that
at 18:07 31 Oct 2015

It seems.
Incredibly neutral and indifferent about that one
at 17:10 31 Oct 2015

My my that was bad.
That start from Blackburn
at 21:52 29 Oct 2015

1-0 on 18 seconds. Literally running at Leeds from kick off and delivering a cross.

Can you imagine seeing that at Portman Road instead of the ball going straight to the left back before being hoofed down the line?
Douglas excellent on as sub
at 09:30 25 Oct 2015

He might replace Skuse next week with any luck.
Looking more like our best team yesterday
at 09:04 25 Oct 2015

Apart from AMN, Bishop would be an able replacement for him. I think Parr could be an improvement on Knudsen, as much as Parr looks uncomfortable every time the ball comes near him - he made one shocking clearance yesterday kicking the ball straight out of play.

Still need a right back, but hey ho.

Can't believe that's the first time the three strikers have started together!
Mixed feelings
at 18:53 24 Oct 2015

Gutted to concede but also felt we didn't really deserve a win despite playing okay.

Gave the boys and Mick a good clap because we did do alright today. The only problem was the fact we didn't really create any clear chances, bar McGoldrick's perhaps.

Bru was very good, so refreshing. And Douglas was excellent when he came on, a huge step up from Skuse who could have easily seen two yellows today because he's too slow.

Parr still can't kick the thing properly and always looks uncomfortable but a cracking finish that one.

Didz fluffed his chance which was a big disappointment.
at 14:28 21 Oct 2015

Is bringing any other centre halves (PM? Clarke? Yorwerth?) likely to improve things defensively? I'd say no, personally I'd look at replacing the full backs, certainly Chambers, but that should have been done two years ago. Knudsen is new but having a tough time of it.

More than anything it would just be nice for the full backs to get forward and take some pressure off the defence in general.
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