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Alex Bruce on Goals On Sunday
at 12:01 9 Oct 2016

Fond memories or a hot head who we should have got rid of earlier?
at 20:45 1 Oct 2016

Awful today.

Incredibly synonomous with the way we are under the current manager. Same thing time and again, performances don't change, results and scores just fluctuate slightly. Practicing the same techniques every week, expecting an improvement because it has brought results in the (distant) past.

It's almost cliche now, but Douglas and Skuse together is desperation, trying to battle our way to victory. The lack of athleticism and general ability was almost painful to watch when Douglas went through today. It needed one pass into the middle, and he was never balanced nor had his feet sorted, and the ball sailed out for a GK. There were a few moments today like that, that summed up the result and performance almost in an instant.
As annoying as anything today
at 17:44 1 Oct 2016

Is Brenner churning out more statements with question marks on the end in the post match with Mick.

Why not press him on the idea to play Bishop on the right hand side instead of his genuine position?

We know Douglas might score 1 in 20-30 games, but did you really think he and Skuse would rescue something for us today Mick?

So lazy.

As for the football, well give or take a little it's been the same for 3 years or so. I've been saying it for a long time, and I'm surprised to only now be hearing the sorts of things being said on the phone in.

'Exhausted, bored, fed up, the same game/tactics every week'. I have to say I'm fairly non plussed about the result today. That's what it's come to.
One random thing I'd like to see in particular today
at 12:12 1 Oct 2016

Shots on target from 20-25 yards.

I don't watch other teams live other than Town, except on TV, but I'd be surprised if there was many teams who are as shot shy as we are. I find it incredibly sad how few and far between our shots from outside the box are.

How often is there an "ah" or an "ooh" at Portman Road after a good hit nowadays? More to the point do we actually have anyone capable? The two centre mids just don't find the space for it. Sears I suppose? We play with so little space no one ever has enough space in front of them. Must be so frustrating as an attacking player.

Rant, if you can call it that, over.
Attacking intent at Brentford
at 13:17 25 Sep 2016

Did I see McCarthy say we showed enough attacking threat at Brentford in his post match comments yesterday?

Standards are incredibly low at the training ground if that is the case.

To those who went, was Sears' free kick really our best chance to score a goal? When was the last time we scored a free kick?
at 19:23 24 Sep 2016

No mention of him in regard to injury crisis. What's he up to?
Mick on Chambers
at 09:43 24 Sep 2016

I might not agree with the footballing side of the argument, along with many others, but that was quite a nice interview to read.

You can't deny the effect Chambo has on the team and he will be remembered for that for a long time.
Absolutely seething after that
at 17:08 17 Sep 2016

How late do you want to wait before you try and win a game Mick? That's a genuine question.

Those 8 minutes of stoppage time was bloody brilliant. Where the f*ck was the action before that? I was looking at the clock on 77 minutes wondering whether Best would ever play for us, and that Varney wouldn't do any harm either. I cannot believe he left it that late. The fact they were waiting on the sideline ready for two minutes didn't help, whether that was our fault or the officials I don't know.

We could have won that. Ridiculously we ended up allowing them to almost steal a winner.

Webster was bloody marvelous, he was the reason villa never scored. Man of the match by a country mile.

Chambers not so. Even Mick had a go at him.

Just feel that was a wasted opportunity that game. They were fairly toothless in and around the box, and seemed overjoyed at the prospect of a draw, allowing hardly anyone forward. Can't believe we didn't force the issue earlier. Bishop is unlikely to win you a game.
Credit Mick for making proactive, early changes tonight
at 21:53 13 Sep 2016

It doesn't happen enough for me, but it's been done tonight, and we've been rewarded.

Well done boys! Can't understand how that stayed out at the end!
Was that really a game for Bishop?!
at 22:01 9 Sep 2016

He didn't have a kick!

Not necessarily Lawrence either but we would have been something difference and Best should have come on instead of Varney.
I'll never take Mick seriously until he stops pedalling this long throw circus (n/t)
at 21:42 9 Sep 2016

4-5-1 surely doesn't suit Pitman does it?
at 20:53 9 Sep 2016

He's unbelievably isolated.
Leon Best
at 09:49 9 Sep 2016

I like him already.

Comes across nicely and not just delivering dull lines to the media like most players.

Could be a very good under the radar signing.
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