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Answers the question from earlier
at 16:44 16 Jan 2017


Kieffer Moore by iamipswich 16 Jan 12:38
Just noticed on his Wikipedia page it says he is a Striker or defender. The new centre back we've been after. Sneaky Mick had us all thinking he was the striker we needed!

That's quite an interesting lineup!
at 14:03 14 Jan 2017

Team sheet:

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Idea for an incredibly simplistic but probably acoustically very effective chant
at 10:36 14 Jan 2017

I don't normally do things like this, leaving it up to those who can actually sing, but this was an idea which occurred to me this morning, which I certainly haven't heard for a while at matches.

It is simply "Iiiiiipswich" (longer first syllable, shorter second one, the main stress on the first) repeated over and over again.

With the natural sound delays the length of the ground (over one-third of a second) and echoing off the stands, it ought, if enough join in, to create a significant wall of sound at pitch level.

It's got no complicated words, tricky scansion, or tune, is not "gimmicky" like the Icelandic thunderclap, is completely neutral in terms of current internal fan politics and shows generalised support for the team.
Playing against top-half teams
at 14:57 8 Jan 2017

People have been expressing alarm at our up-coming string of fixtures against teams higher up the table - Huddersfield, Preston, Derby, Reading, Villa and Brighton.

However, they should take heart that the way Ipswich perform against upper- and lower-half teams is pretty equal compared to many others in the division, having accrued 45.2% of our points from sides currently in the top twelve, ranking us 6th in the Championship for that particular stat.

The top 10 are:
Fulham 52.8%
Birmingham 48.6%
Brighton 46.3%
Nottingham 46.2%
Blackburn 45.8%
Ipswich 45.2%
Leeds 44.4%
Sheffield 42.9%
Newcastle 42.3%
Bristol 40.7%

The next 11 teams range from Derby (40.0%) down to Preston (30.6%)

The bottom three are:
Barnsley 26.3%
Norwich 21.6%
Rotherham 0.0% (no, there isn't a number missing)

In terms of the absolute number of points we've taken off top-half teams, we're ranked 10th on 14. Brighton are top with 25, Rotherham bottom with zero. Norwich have taken 8, the third lowest tally.

Brought to you by Guthrum's meaningless-but-true stats.
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Merry New Year
at 00:58 1 Jan 2017

An' stuff.
Good game last night
at 08:31 31 Dec 2016

Consistently attacking football for most of the game, both from runs forward and long balls in behind the defence. Subs were well-timed and effective. Deflected shot hit the bar and Sears' ball somehow cleared off the line. This was no flukey, snatched win. If we play like that every game, we'll win more than we lose and most people will be happy.

Also had the pleasure of meeting Mick Stockwell, good bloke.
Well, that was
at 20:36 30 Dec 2016

all round very encouraging (not just the goal).
RIP Rabbi Lionel Blue
at 17:11 19 Dec 2016

Thought for the Day.
Good few days
at 16:34 19 Dec 2016

U18s beat West Ham 5 - 0
First team beat Wigan 3 - 2
U23s beat QPR 3 - 1
Still not quite right
at 17:24 17 Dec 2016

We need to get to a point where we can attack without the defence becoming a shambles. But at least we held on this time.

Great to win, once again we manage to pull out a result when desperately needed to keep ouselves above the danger zone.
McCarthy: A More Nuanced Poll
at 12:50 15 Dec 2016

McCarthy: A More Nuanced Poll

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New Manager Bounce: A Study
at 12:43 15 Dec 2016

There's been a lot of discussion of the advantages or otherwise of replacing Mick McCarthy during the season. One aspect of this has been the much-vaunted "new manager bounce", the effect which supposedly boosts a team when someone new takes over. So I had a look at the mid-season managerial changes in 2015-16 and the effect they had on those teams.

"Improvement" is the change in League position from when the sacking occurred to the end of the season, or, in the case of Brentford and Rotherham, when the next "permanent" manager was sacked. I've ignored caretakers.
"NMB" is the number of points accrued in the six games following the new man's appointment, out of a maximum haul of 18. The bottom three (italicised) appointments occurred after the end of the season, thus do not have a NMB figure.

If the table appears too small, right-click and "view image".

Data: Wikipedia

From the above table, it can be seen that in nearly half of the sackings - 7 out of 15 - it made at most one place difference to the final position. In a further three it resulted in a move of only two places. So sacking the manager often does not result in a significant advantage - unless you are on the edge of the relegation zone, as a small shift under Warnock allowed Rotherham to escape.

McDermott was a significant disaster for Reading, as Jokanović was for Fulham.

On the other hand a wise appointment, such as Carsley at Brentford (though he was later sacked), Evans at Leeds (), or Johnson at Bristol can produce a real improvement.

As to the New Manager Bounce itself, while most of those numbers may be an improvement on what was happening before, few reach or surpass 50% of the points available in those next six games.
Looks like the FA is really in the manure
at 12:34 12 Dec 2016
[Post edited 12 Dec 12:36]
Well, it looks like the far right aren't going to break through in Austria
at 17:02 4 Dec 2016
Well, that was bad.
at 23:18 3 Dec 2016

Not Rotherham-at-home-last-season bad, but still pretty bad.

We couldn't convert attacks into chances, let alone goals. That sums it up. And, towards the end, we didn't look all that interested, even.

Bristol were pretty bad also, but no worse than us. Maybe (as a Bristol fan agreed on the way out) a 0 - 0 draw with a very iffy penalty and a very good shot. Tho there was another penalty which ought to have gone to Bristol which wasn't given, so that evens out.

However, as always, good to meet up with the Town fans in the pub before and after. Had a brief chat with Ian Milne, seems very pleasant.
Absolutely horrific
at 11:19 16 Nov 2016
Nigel Farage willing to do anything for anybody who might give him a job
at 09:34 16 Nov 2016

D'you think he's just realised that, post the Referendum and the government having adopted Brexit as an official policy, he isn't very relevant any more?

And as for being Donald's "grate frend", can't really see him in the Harry Hopkins role - there's nothing discreet or diplomatic about Nigel.
Cressy coming on! (n/t)
at 21:36 15 Nov 2016

Just watched the Rugby highlights
at 23:15 12 Nov 2016

Good result even if the performance was not top notch.
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