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As if we needed an excuse ...
at 21:03 20 Oct 2016
Interesting little stat
at 20:56 2 Oct 2016

I was replying to something HARRY10 posted, when I spotted this little nugget:

At the moment, we've played eight of the teams currently in the top half of the table (all bar Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield), have yet to face eight out of the eleven (besides ourselves) in the lower half.

Only Huddersfield, Reading and Wolves have had the same start against what are the strongest teams at the moment.

Newcastle, Brighton, Sheffield and poor old Rotherham are next, having played seven of the top half.

A third of the division has yet to face either 7 or 8 of the top half teams.

So (theoretically), things should get easier for us in the run up to Christmas.
If we had a really confident, in form striker,
at 18:03 1 Oct 2016

we'd be dangerous.

If we hadn't given away a careless corner, I very much doubt we'd have lost that.
Unexpectedly find myself at PR this afternoon
at 14:40 1 Oct 2016

South Stand for a change, hoping it'll be more sheltered from the rain. Also hoping to see us win for the first time in a couple of years. Well, I can but hope ...
at 10:26 29 Sep 2016

'... demand clear Brexit plan from May'
at 10:21 29 Sep 2016

Good God have some patience people!

We're trying to do something which has never been attempted before, nobody knows the ground rules (essentially there aren't any), several of the main players either won't talk properly or are saying things at cross-purposes, the Referendum only took place three months ago and she's been PM for just 11 weeks, meanwhile still having a country to run. It's not like we have hundreds of millions of pounds floating about to throw at the problem or large numbers of spare staff in the Civil Service.

At the same time, the government has got to get the best possible deal in something which is not only fiendishly complex, but vital to our economic health going forwards. There are layers of politics, resentment, economic and political theory to work through. There are those with a deliberate aim of making this as slow and careful as possible, to prevent the whole thing flying apart. 27 other countries all have their own agendas.

It took us 10 years to join the original EEC, it's going to be a more than six-month job to leave its far more integrated successor.

What is the bl00dy rush, anyway?

Gah! Rant over.
Interesting study on US gun ownership
at 12:18 19 Sep 2016

Not unrelated to the earlier thread on the history of violence.
And we are, of course,
at 22:58 17 Sep 2016

still unbeaten at home.
Just been to see
at 22:58 11 Sep 2016

"Anthropoid" at the cinema. Rather intense, not for the squeamish. Very good film, tho.
[Post edited 11 Sep 22:58]
Funny what difference the TV makes
at 10:56 10 Sep 2016

From most of the Sky-watchers on here, you'd think last night was worse than the home game against Rotherham last season. Whereas what I saw at the ground was far better.

Gone was the slow lumping from left-back into a crowd of players, the delayed throw-ins. We were passing the ball, Ward has exceptional energy, even Douglas has become active. Knudsen's long throws were actually working, creating opportunities. We still lack penetration in on goal and did not make ourselves enough chances. But we were the better side for a fair chunk of that match, constantly pushed Reading back (they were reduced to passing between full-backs and 'keeper for extended periods).

Didn't think any of the three penalties were particularly justified. First was ball-to-hand from about three yards. The second (ours) was very soft. The final one was down to a situation caused by the Ref's own protracted fannying around with a corner at the end of the match.

Despite what I said last night, a draw would have been a fair result. A loss was definitely against the run of play.
Bl00dy FA
at 22:08 9 Sep 2016

Now owe us 7 points. Get some decent officials.
We waz thoroughly robbed!
at 21:57 9 Sep 2016

Mainly by the ref.
Injustice righted
at 21:13 9 Sep 2016

Almost instantly!
Could it be ...
at 11:53 31 Aug 2016

Furious negativity
at 22:05 29 Aug 2016

In the League, we've had one really bad half, which lost us a game. Only two teams have lost fewer than ourselves, just four others lost the same number.

We are undefeated at home, 6th in that table (balanced for points per game played).

We've signed a cracking player in Grant Ward.

We won, even after Murphy's departure.

What is the problem, exactly?
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