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Another good cartoon from Matt
at 09:44 26 Aug 2016

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RIP Gilli Smyth/Shakti Yoni
at 09:55 25 Aug 2016

I said on Tuesday
at 21:35 21 Aug 2016

I was pleased that in Knudsen we have a full-back not afraid to have a shot on goal. Today I am very pleased that he is one of those!
I'm afraid I don't quite understand
at 22:31 12 Aug 2016

the paroxysms of rage at the re-signing of Varney.

We need some quick cover in the striking department - for the bench, if nothing else.

He is instantly available, knows the club, the manager and the set-up. He has played in this team before, very recently. He is liable to be inexpensive and is willing to take a short-term deal. A lot of us thought he did ok in his first stint with Ipswich (when he wasn't returning from a major injury).

He is evidently not intended to be a long-term answer to our striking needs, as it's only a four and a half month deal.

I fail to see the serious downside which is causing some people to go off the deep end.
Sorry to the football-only crowd
at 09:19 4 Aug 2016

Posted that in the wrong place at first.
Something I've been banging on about for years
at 09:18 4 Aug 2016

The need for people, particularly children at school, to be taught not only how to amass information, but how to evaluate it for accuracy. Not accepting everything you read/see on the internet as true. Not taking the top Google result as gospel. Not just running with the social media tribe if they've gone off on one. In other words to think for themselves.

One of the problems with living in a partially virtual world is that reality becomes very bendy, the line between fact and fiction blurred. This has contributed to the rise of Trump, the stream of Western kids going off to join IS (or trying to act for them at home). People trying to play out largely fictional storylines in the real world.

Society needs to pull back from that, because the two are incompatible. I'm all for being inspired to do good or great things by stirring fiction, but that's not the same as attempting to act it out directly. How long before we're back at a stage where people actually take "magic potions" to make themselves bulletproof or able to fly (such things happened not all that long ago).

Rant inspired by this story in today's Guardian:
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Anyone know the score
at 20:44 1 Aug 2016

in the U21s game?
Some analysis of transfers this summer so far
at 22:48 19 Jul 2016

There have been 92 transfers to Championship clubs since 1st May.

12 of those had declared fees (ranging from £500k to £12m)
34 had undisclosed fees
32 were free transfers
14 were loans

A small number of clubs have been on major shopping sprees: Huddersfield 10, Preston and Barnsley 7 each, Leeds and Reading 6 each. Together these represent 39.1% of all activity so far (16 fee/undisclosed, 12 Free, 8 loans).

Newcastle, QPR, Fulham, Wigan and Bristol have each acquired 5 (16 fee/undisclosed, 7 free, 2 loans).

Of the above two groups, 6 out of the 10 have been promoted or relegated into this division either this May or the one before.

Burton and Brighton have signed 4; Cardiff, Villa and Brentford 3; Ipswich and Birmingham 2; Norwich, Forest, Rotherham, Sheffield and Wolves 1; Derby 0.

A quarter of the Championship have signed one or fewer players this summer so far.
RIP 19,240 men
at 10:54 1 Jul 2016

100 years ago today. With another 38,230 wounded, plus several thousand German and French dead and wounded also.
This idea of a snap General Election
at 02:12 29 Jun 2016

is, in reality, not much more than a thinly disguised second referendum on the EU question, masquerading as an affirmation of the new PM.
A good one sent to a friend of mine
at 23:28 27 Jun 2016

I've just ordered Bonnie Tylers goalkeeping blunders Vol 2

It's just totally clips of Joe Hart.
I'm no longer interested in the for/against arguments for leaving the EU
at 10:49 25 Jun 2016

Now the Referendum's happened, there's no point in continuing with this. Whether leaving turns out to be a good idea, How much damage (if any) the country will suffer and for how long, will only be proven by the passage of time.

We have a situation. Now we need to look forwards at the practicalities of dealing with it.

Constant revisiting of the actual decision will only exacerbate division, the last thing we need now. Analysis is best left to historians, once we are far enough away to get some perspective.

As I said yesterday morning, IMO it's a bad job, but we need to make the best of it.
Well, the country has chosen
at 08:13 24 Jun 2016

Good, high turnout, too.

Let's hope it turns out better than I'm expecting and that the current crash is only short-term. For all our sakes.
at 20:25 20 Jun 2016

Two up.
Rick Wakeman
at 01:16 20 Jun 2016

Doing a symphonic, extended version of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table at the O2. Very good indeed.

At the other end of the scale, the Virginmarys yesterday were also excellent.

Stone Free festival has had a lot of good bands.
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