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Covent Garden
at 19:31 1 Dec 2015

Silly question, but are there an pubs near Covent Garden which aren't tourist traps & won't be rammed early on a Thursday evening?
Serving some decent real ale as well, please.
Bru out injured
at 11:36 28 Nov 2015

Replaced by Niles. Didn't see that coming.
Dary Murphy
at 11:34 1 Nov 2015

While using a certain amount of hindsight, would it not have been a bad idea to accept a bid of £4m+ for a 32 year old Championship striker in the summer, especially if the proceeds had been invested sensibly in the squad?
Why are we under-performing - my take
at 19:51 21 Oct 2015

We are conceding plenty, but i don' think that's just down to the defence.
Bart & Gerks - both OK keepers, nothing more, but not below par.
Tommy smith - having a good season.
Berra - not at previous levels; dunno why.
Chambers - never a RB, but we have done OK with him. Knudsen - also vulnerable to quick players; may improve. However, our FBs aren't being protected as much as in the past as MM has brought in more attacking minded wide players. This worked well early on, but now we look vulnerable.
Central midfield - my biggest concern. Skuse is an effective holding player, but not super mobile or effective. Him & Douglas is a poor pairing.
The net effect of all this is that we are much easier to play against. The tenacity & resilience that took us to the top just under a year ago is no longer there.
conclusion - Mick has to sort out the midfield. I don't know exactly what combination might do the trick, especially with Fraser, Hyam & Bishop injured, but Bru has to start more regularly.
Oh, and please let's have a preferred striking partnership. Murph hasn't looked fit or sharp & is a shadow of the players he was last season. Sears started well but has now fallen back into the general malaise, partly from lack of service. Pitman is a decent squad player; shouldn't be starting regularly. McGoldrick is different class, but either he isn't playing or he doesn't get on the ball enough. This needs to change.
This is a very even league & the difference between being bottom 6 & top 6 is marginal, but we're the wrong side of the equation right now. I hope Mick sorts it out. I would love to know what he is really thinking.
Why do most teams have their best performance of the season
at 07:38 21 Oct 2015

against us?
Surely something of a pattern here.
Well, basically we haven;t looked the same
at 21:47 20 Oct 2015

since conceding 8 in 2 games against Brighton & reading. Interestingly enough, those are both in the top 3 & Hull are now 4th. Those 2 games have set off a run of one win in 9 & we look bereft of confidence. A trip to Forest on saturday doesn't look inviting, but if we can't get a win at home to Cardiff or bottom club Bolton, the alarm bells will really be ringing. Hard to put a finger on exactly what the problem is; the defence has been suspect for a long time & adding more attacking players like Fraser & Niles to the midfield had left us more open. I'd like to see a regular partnership starting up front, rather than the current rotation of 4 strikers.
Pitman on
at 21:18 20 Oct 2015

Face saving 3-1, anyone?
Respect to the 456 Town fans
at 21:06 20 Oct 2015

who made the trip.
Uh oh
at 21:05 20 Oct 2015

damage limitation time.
Does Hull resemble Grimsby on a Tuesday night?
Can Mick find his way back to the dressing room?
Coke & Parr off
at 20:53 20 Oct 2015

for Sears & Niles. Time to double down.
Defensive set-up didn't work, did it Mick?
Hmm... 2-0 down
at 20:49 20 Oct 2015

any positives, apart from the fact Bruce Jr has picked up his inevitable yellow card?
Team selection looks a bit negative tonight
at 19:35 20 Oct 2015

But last time I said that we won, so who knows?
Has Mick said how good Huddersfield are
at 18:36 17 Oct 2015

& how they are in a false position?
Just like Blackburn (15th) & Bristol (21st).
Perhaps we're just not very good at the moment?
Chambers booked
at 15:27 17 Oct 2015

Not even a shot at goal yet from Town.
Town on Sky 3x running
at 12:16 17 Oct 2015

Given some of the (justified) moaning about this, the Leeds chairman is having his say as well.
How much do the Championship clubs get from the current TV deal? Given the monumental gulf between that & the £100m that the club that finishes last in the PL will get next season, isn't there a case for there being much less Championship football on TV for a lower deal? PL is going to be on Friday nights as well from next season.
U21 score tonight anyone
at 21:23 12 Oct 2015

Another poor result against a bottom half club
at 16:46 3 Oct 2015

Now one win in 7.
One clean sheet in over 20 games.
Something needs to be changed, surely?
Well thank fcuk for that
at 21:53 23 Sep 2015

hopefully no injuries.
No embarrassment.
Let's beat Brizzle on Saturday.
Newcastle 0 Sheffield Wednesday 1
at 21:23 23 Sep 2015

Wednesday played a reserve team, too.
[Post edited 23 Sep 21:41]
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