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I miss Jim Magilton
at 11:53 28 Oct 2016

It all got rather unpleasant at the end, but he got us playing nice football at times. I'd have him back now he's been out and got more coaching experience, but I fear the relationship with Marcus Evans is probably beyond repair.
Losing Patience With McCarthy...
at 09:53 25 Oct 2016

"I just spoke to the players and that was one of those days where, having given the goal away, there’s not a lot really we could do about it." - McCarthy after the 3-0 defeat to Newcastle. Is this the rhetoric we want to be hearing from our 'leader'?

I hate the cut throat nature of modern football - a few bad results and the manager gets the chop. I also feel that Mick McCarthy has done a lot for Ipswich Town - especially in his first two years at the club. However, results over the past year, combined with some of the comments he's been making in press conferences and post-match interviews have made it really hard for me to throw all my weight behind supporting McCarthy.

About a year ago, McCarthy said: "I’ll just tell you that the more they shout the less chance there is they will come on," when quizzed on fans calls to bring more creative players on. A year on, he's fulfilled that prophecy. He continues to make out that every single ITFC fan is an idiot that has no idea how this club should be managed.

Results have been sliding. We're 17th. 5 points off the relegation zone, 6 off the play-offs. You could almost accept it if the football is nice - but as fans, what are we actually being given?

The philosophy of modern football management has changed vastly in recent years, and I fear Mick McCarthy has been left behind. There are so many forward-thinking, intelligent managers in the Championship these days, and numerous talented young coaches waiting in the wings. Yet we (and forgive me if I sound facetious) continue to persist with this absolute gorilla. Football's changed, McCarthy won't change, perhaps ITFC should.
Tommy Smith
at 11:29 20 Oct 2016

When will he be due a testimonial? I seem to remember him making his debut under Magilton, and that must be pushing 10 years ago now surely?
Best defence in the Championship!
at 09:21 19 Oct 2016

Just 9 goals conceded so far this season. I'm sure that's not a statistic that will excite many, but it is certainly a reassuring one. Solid foundations have always been the key thing in getting out of this division. With Williams and Bishop back now, perhaps we'll start to see the creativity come back.
My previously unwavering support...
at 10:51 3 Oct 2016

...for Mick McCarthy wavered this weekend.

It feels as though the end is nigh. I've been a big admirer of Mick over the years, and I'm ever so grateful for the way he has stabilised this club, but there's a real lack of imagination and ideas now.

Seeing Huddersfield where they are now, as well as the continued success of Burnley under Sean Dyche, has made me realise that Ipswich should be capable of getting promoted to the Premier League. Furthermore, we could be playing a much higher standard of football.

Perhaps it is time to take a gamble on someone new - someone with fresh ideas. Maybe promote from within.

I'd like to see Brian Klug finally given a go.
It was always going to end 0-0
at 09:09 28 Sep 2016

Ipswich and Brighton are the two highest clean sheet keepers this season. David Stockdale has 6, Bartosz Bialkowski has 5.

A good clean sheet record is a nice stat - but at what cost?
I miss the old TWTD....
at 14:40 20 Jul 2016

What's happened to the days where we used to have wild transfer rumours we'd follow for weeks, before ultimately being disappointed when they ended up joining Leeds?

All seems a bit quiet these days!

Phil, have the club warned you against fuelling the old rumour mill? Or are we genuinely just not interested in signing anyone these days?!
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