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Shots in the game
at 16:16 16 Apr 2016

Just come in to see us losing. Not much surprise there. But the stats show 7 shots in the whole game.........all to Sheffield Wednesday.

Not 1 shot in 60 mins!!!

I feel sorry for all there today.
Not very good at home, great away?
at 00:01 20 Dec 2015

What is going on with our home and away form this season?

No one else in the top half (well actually top 11 as I see Blackburn in 12th have only won 3 as well) has won less than 4 games at home except us. Is it because we have played a lot of the good teams at home? So it's only natural we are going to not win a lot of those?

However, our away results are up there with the best teams in the league. We do seem to have played a lot of the bottom teams away (recently anyway!). Is it purely that?

Or Are we just set up more effectively away than at home where we are expected to dominate more?

Or is it something else that I am missing? Seems like we played well enough today and on another day may have won. I would have taken 6th at Christmas if given that at the start of the season. However automatic promotion looks a long way off being 10 points behind now. I know there is a long way to go but that is a fair few points to catch up. The majority of us would take 6th come the end of the season I would imagine.

I haven't seen more than a handful of games this season so maybe a regular match goer home and away may be able to shed some light.
Grant Holt
at 00:01 20 Nov 2015

I believe he is at Wolves on loan. I doubt he is a starter and im not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere but (I won't be there Saturday but for all people going) make sure he gets a big boo!!!! Haha

Let's just hope he doesn't score the winner/equaliser!
Explosive Offer from Ipswich Town FC
at 13:56 27 Oct 2015

I received an email saying there was a "explosive offer" for the Bolton game on 3rd November.

Said "Save up to 30% off tickets" but then in small writing it says "30% off is based on the adult pre-matchday ticket price in lower tiers for this fixture against the average matchday ticket price in the same areas for the 15/16 season to date"

In reality, its just the Grade C Price which isn't an "offer" let alone an explosive one? Surely this just confuses people. The marketing team at the club need to make things simpler and clearer.

[Post edited 27 Oct 14:00]
Mobile Phones
at 21:03 3 Oct 2015

I currently have an Iphone 4s but its starting to have a few problems like battery life rubbish, and it doesn't hold Wifi anymore, its keeps going off after 30 mins or so if it connects at all.

I have contacted Apple and we have done a few things but no improvement and the next thing is to send it in for a service but that is about £130 which I'm reluctant to do on this old phone. I might get other problems in a few months etc.

Therefore I have been looking at phones today and I have no idea what is good, what is not. So i'm looking for a little bit of advise from some more "phone aware" people.

I am currently on an £11 a month contract with EE with Unlimited texts, 500 minutes and 500mb data. I never go over this.

The only other thing I use the phone for (apart from calls and texts) is a few apps (bank, rightmove bbc etc) the internet and checking emails. Therefore I don't really care too much about cameras (though i don't mind paying slightly more for a decent one) and music etc.

Firstly, as i'm with Apple, how hard is it to switch to Android? (i know probably a stupid question but I don't know! haha). I think I have narrowed it down to a Samsung if I am going to switch.
I also don't like the new massive phones. I would never be able to fit them in my pocket!

Looking at Carphone warehouse, I can get some cheap deals for like a Samsung Core Prime (£9.50pm), Samsung Galaxy A3 (14.99pm) and then theres slightly more expensive ones (A5 & S5 etc).

Essentially, are these phones just as good for internet etc as the more expensive ones. I appreciate they don't look as nice, or do some more fancy things?

I can get an Iphone 6 for £35 but without sounding tight, I don't think I use the phone enough to warrant paying that much. (think a 5s is around £28 or something)

I know its all personal choice etc but some of these low monthly payment phones seem to have good reviews.

Sorry for rambling but any help or advise would be appreciated!
Now TV Pass
at 19:45 18 Sep 2015

I might have a Now TV pass available for someone.

I did the Pringles promotion thing last week and it worked, this week it doesn't seem to so it may be that you can only use one?

Therefore if anyone who didn't use one last week and wants to try it then just PM me in the next 5 mins or so!
Any bets on Ipswich game tonight
at 18:43 11 Sep 2015

I have done a ridiculous one just for a bit of fun. Berra to score a header and Fraser to score outside the penalty area at 500-1!
Any tips or "must-sees" in Orlando?
at 14:07 14 Apr 2015

I know there was a thread on here long ago about someone going to Orlando, Florida and there was a fair few opinions/hints/tips but I can't seem to find the one I remember but there are a few other smaller threads.

I'm off there on 23rd April (next Thursday) and I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendationss of things to do, or things I should do/buy/book before we go (excluding hotel, transfers and flights obviously)

Its just me and the girlfriend for 11 nights (is that long enough?!?). We are staying on International Drive near Seaworld but we don't have a hire car so will just use the transport there (the hotel has a shuttle to most of the main parks.)

I was just wondering if there is any "must-do" parks/attractions, and if there are any other less obvious things we should see/go to?

Meltdown alert!
at 16:25 7 Feb 2015

This site is gonna be unbearable tonight if we get nothing from this game!

We have been playing out of our skins, to our maximum and now we aren't and are losing. We all would have expected at least 3 points (if not more!) from Wigan and Rotherham!

There is always one team who is near the top and ends up dropping a lot! I really hope that isn't us! However in this form we are going nowhere! We have some hard away games left this season so we need to be getting points from these games!
I would just like to publicly thank
at 14:43 10 Nov 2014

I would just like to publicly thank all those season ticket holders (especially Textbackup (sorry I didn't get your actual name!) who got 2 tickets for me) who went out their way to give us non-ST holders £10 tickets for Saturday's game!

I know some people don't like us "part-timers" going to games but the atmosphere was decent!

A very entertaining game to watch with the right result!
Watford Tickets
at 22:59 14 Oct 2014

Would any kind ST holder like to purchase me 2 £10 tickets for the Watford game, in return for £20 + any postage costs?

if you could please can you PM me

[Post edited 14 Oct 23:00]
5 wins in a row
at 06:44 30 Sep 2014

Not sure if it's already been said but the last time we did it (from flicking through the soccerway website) was in October 2003:-

Rotherham (h) 2-1
Bradford (a) 1-0
Burnley (h) 6-1
Stoke (h) 1-0
C.palace (a) 3-4. (Personally one of the best "normal" games I have seen!)

I hope we do it tonight! We are certainly due 5 in a row! Confidence must be high and Williams joining must be a bit of a boost as well!

Strange the difference a month makes! I feel a bit sorry for smith but since chambers has move inside we seem to be more solid at the back! I have only seen the Wigan game but I'm presuming in the other games we look more solid? Also scoring 2 goals a game is helping us at the moment. ;)

Come on you blues!!
at 12:49 23 Aug 2014

We seem to cr@p ourselves every time grabban, Redmond or hoolahan get on the ball! Need to get tight on these players so they can't turn!
So the goal was a mess-up from McGoldrick?
at 00:09 17 Aug 2014

Just reading the report and it seems like the goal was a McGoldrick cock-up? I have not seen it, so I'm not sure how bad it was. However from the report it sounds like he is at fault?

So how come there is not one thread slating him this evening? If this was say Hyam, Tabb, Nouble etc, there would be numerous threads slating them!

However, I'm not having a go, I haven't even seen it so maybe it isn't as bad as it reads, I just find it very strange that certain players can get away with big mess ups and other players get slated?
It's going to be a long game..................
at 11:57 26 Apr 2014

Not due to the teams playing, just because of Sky sports presenters/commentators.

A good start saying Burnley were favourites for relegation but they got promoted..................I don't think people thought they would go down!
Ipswich Town England XI
at 14:19 23 Apr 2014

On the Ipswich Town Football Club facebook page they have done an "Ipswich Town England XI"

It is made up of "players to have worn the Blue of Town and the white of the national side" Now, i'm guessing it means the "main" England team, not under 16s level etc.

There are some amusing suggestions (I.e. WIckham & Reuser) but I had to stop reading the Comments when I read "John Wark! Where is he?" haha
Manager of the year
at 08:36 18 Apr 2014

There was an interesting discussion on talk sport about manager of the year for the premier league.

Despite not particularly liking Pulis when at stoke, he has done a fantastic job at palace getting them to 40 points with 4 games left especially as they were on 4 points (after about 10 games?) when he took over! I thought they were going down!

The other obvious one is Rodgers at Liverpool! Again fantastic job taking them from 7th to title contenders and they play some lovely football and are very entertaining!

Others I would say is maybe Steve Bruce as hull look safe and are in a cup fina and also Martinez has done a brilliant job at Everton, though I think they will be 5th now they slipped up the other day!

I think the consensus is it is between Rodgers and pulis and probably comes down I if Liverpool win the league or not! I just hope if they don't, the award doesn't go to Mourinho or Pellegrini!

Any other contenders thoughts?
What are the chances of a tunnicliffe goal today?
at 08:43 15 Mar 2014

After being here and missing a few sitters, what are the chances of him scoring today?

Does he even start? I'm guessing by watching Wigan last weekend that he won't!
Let's be realistic
at 18:09 8 Mar 2014

All the people moaning about the team must have high expectations! Away from home we generally play for a draw away from home, which is always a dodgy tactic especially when we aren't winning at home!

We have lost our main striker and not "replaced" him adequately so I think people need I get used to the "0" next to Ipswich over the next few weeks/months!

The only person who plays and scored more than 3 or 4 is Murphy and he's not prolific! Without goals we cannot win games!

I can see us sliding down the league a bit! I just hope we stay in the top half!

Let's be positive, we didn't lose 5-1 at home to Bolton!
Anyone watching the Madrid Derby
at 16:49 2 Mar 2014

Surely a better watch than Aston Villa v Norwich?!?

What a second goal from Athletico!
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