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Balanced view?
at 19:49 31 Jan 2015

MM had a clear target set him and his team this season - finish in the top six and make the play-offs. The paucity of the division in terms of any team running away with it has been brought about by FFP. No Leicester or QPR throwing cash at it.
What frustrates is that we think we could make top two with just a bit of expenditure. But then no one can really say - x player would make us better.

So a point today suits MM as it means we trundle on towards our target. That it was boring and dull, that we had no Game B plan, that we did not go for broke when we might have won or lost is typical MM. It's very frustrating but then at season end we might, just might, be saying good call.
Tommy Smith
at 14:11 22 Oct 2014

There is an unwritten rule in football that says if you get the shirt, play well you keep the place in the side.
Tommy Smith played well against Blackburn, in an out of best position right hand side. If I was him I'd be very upset to then lose my place back to Chambers - no matter what the situation.
I doubt it would have made a difference last night but it is suggested that we are a tight knit squad...we need to be.
If I was Tommy I'd be peed off....
Over achieving with what we got
at 09:03 27 Apr 2014

Well done MM and TC. Did excellent with lots of ordinary. Clear out the remaining bad apples and one or two others that don't fit in and get a winger and a play maker and we will be competitive.
If only we could do the same with our fans!
For those of you that have no understanding of how to rebuild a club from the mess left by two previous does not happen until all the contracts run out or we manage to sell them. Paul Taylor anyone?
Second class post from a second class club?
at 13:20 4 Apr 2014

To add to the woe of the Direct Debit scam the club then sent out the Direct Debit schedules with the £120 theft clause by franked mail without presumably checking or changing the Royal Mail charges.

Franked at 33p mine arrived this morning. The envelope is Stamped:
DO NOT SURCHARGE Correct Postage raised by Revenue Protection. Treat As Second Class.

Well I feel treated...

A five year plan anyone? Next season!
at 10:11 17 Mar 2014

Let's work with what we have - Hewitt, Hyam, Bishop, Marriot - our own youngsters, let's play the players we bought but who really have not been played - Woody and Taylor. Then let's only bring in real quality - none of this journeyman midfield. In fact let's go find another striker, a really good midfielder and a really good keeper.
The rest will fall into place. What's the worst that might happen with that lot - another mid-table finish. So what? At least we'd "own it".
Goal win games, who will score for us?
at 08:44 10 Mar 2014

If we had any pretence at trying this year for the play-offs we would have needed to replace McGoldrick the moment he got injured.
We didn't.
So best now that we all just accept our lot.
Finish tenth perhaps?
bring back Hyam n/t (n/t)
at 20:44 24 Nov 2013

don't blame the players...
at 10:10 2 Nov 2013

Blame the distracted one dimensional coaching. We shaded the first half. They reorganised and went three five two. Instead of moving a redundant Tunnicliffe into the middle and pushing up Cresswell we just stayed stuck at 442.
time for MM to show us the respect we are showing him?
at 07:32 25 Oct 2013

If the ROI don't resolve the appointment by the weekend then it will be time for MM to make a clear statement of intent. This club has proven time and again how wonderful a place it is to manage. Every manager we have ever had has been given time and space to work without interference from owners and boards. The fans are patient and generous. It is time that respect was reciprocated...
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