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The Player's Tribune
at 08:47 4 May 2016

Any sports fan should love this, regardless of whether you enjoy US Sports. Stories written by athletes, with minimal editorialising.

I thoroughly recommenced the Demayrius Thomas one:


edit: Just realised that there are Football ones too, including that Ranieri piece from a month or two ago.
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Out Of Office
at 18:58 3 May 2016

Disco1. The weather has come at a perfect time for a drink in London tomorrow, Suffolk at the weekend, and Dublin after that. Can you tell I'm excited?

I'm also already bored. Who shall I un-divlist?

Mariner Is God
Blue Badger
Johnny Boy
Factual Blue
Doob Dude
Blue Kush

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God knows who did Goldsmith's media training
at 13:57 3 May 2016

Edit - it's the Bollywood video which is most cringeworthy.
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To be fair, McCarthy doesn't help himself sometimes...
at 10:26 2 May 2016

The dinosaur image has some credence. Reading the below was quite cringe-worthy, and that's coming from someone who is relatively happy with giving MM another year.

“I was talking about the Bayern Munich team that had the two wingers, Arjen Ribery and Franck Robben, and their coach who won the treble [Jupp Heynckes] left them out.

“When he was asked why he said, ‘Because you don’t track back and you don’t do all the dirty stuff’.

“And we’re talking about Robben and Ribery, who are arguably the best wingers in the world, certainly two of the best.

“What is wrong with it? They have got that sprinkling of stardust, but unless they work they don’t play in the team.

“And I loved that, that a top coach, a top manager who has won everything says to two of them, ‘You don’t run, you’re not playing’ in no uncertain terms.

“And do you know what they did? They started running around and tracking back and doing all the dirty work.

“So, if we can add Didzy and Bish doing all that and their sprinkling of stardust, which they quite clearly have - and we had Ryan Fraser doing it as well, it was lovely to see him today, he’s another one who worked his socks off which was probably why he ended up tearing his hamstring as badly as he did - they would add that but they don’t add it unless they’re running around and working hard like everybody else.”
at 08:56 1 May 2016

My intense post-match migraine has dissipated after a 10 hour sleep and now I'm ready to attack the day.

Anyone been boozing around Peckham Rye before?
What's going on with this weather?
at 15:02 29 Apr 2016

Suddenly blowing a gale, with sleet and almighty thunder. Is god telling me to go down the pub?
Thursday is brilliant
at 19:15 28 Apr 2016

What's everyone's plans?

My local Tesco is doing a kind of craft beer sale. All the following (and more) 330ml cans and bottles are £1.50:

- Brewdog (Punk IPA, This Is Lager etc.)
- Pistonhead (all the varieties)
- Anchor California
- Blue Moon
- Sierra Nevada
- Laginutas IPA
- Brooklyn Lager
- Sam Adams (rebel b@stard)

I've ditched the pub tonight to drink myself silly (with an arbitrary selection of the above) and enjoy a few episodes of Ken Burns' The Civil War. Bliss.

p.s. I bought a Ghost Ship too.
NFL Draft 2016 Thread
at 15:31 28 Apr 2016

(As usual, please don't bother to reply if you hate American Football, it wastes everyone's time).

Predictions? Hopes for your team?

As a Skins fan, I am expecting us to take a DT or C in the first round, or trade down for additional picks, which seems to be McLoughlan's philosophy. Norman was a big FA signing, itself a bit of a departure from our recent team building strategy, but now (finally) I trust the organisation to do the right thing.
Food or drink you've only recently tried for the first time
at 10:52 28 Apr 2016

Tiramisu. God it was moreish.
Non-sport related events you hope to see before you die
at 15:50 27 Apr 2016

You're only allowed one*. Go.

*funny answers not tolerated unless they're really funny.

Does anyone want to convince me
at 15:45 26 Apr 2016

to vote for either Sadiq Khan or Zac Goldsmith? I have no inclination whatsoever to vote for either of them.
Just dropped my phone
at 12:28 26 Apr 2016

in the toilet at work. What a nightmare.

Does that rice thing work?
God help us all
at 16:29 25 Apr 2016
The Gift (2015)
at 13:06 25 Apr 2016

Really enjoyable thriller I thought. Some predictable set pieces but some twists and turns I didn't see coming either.

It's on Netflix, I would recommend it.
Scum @ Arsenal next Saturday
at 09:16 22 Apr 2016

The evening match, 5.30 KO. Should be a bit of fun after the inevitable abject mediocrity of the MK Dons game.

NFL Fans (naysayers need not involve themselves)
at 13:47 21 Apr 2016

Thoughts on the Philly move up to #2 in the draft?

For anyone unaware of the new Cleveland back office situation, Paul DePodesta was brought on-board in January to oversee Strategy. Paul DePodesta is the guy Jonah Hill portrays in the film Moneyball, and is/was one of the leading and most successful proponents of Sabermetrics in Baseball ( ).

I definitely detect his hand in this trade, although I am fearful for Cleveland if they choose not to pick up another QB. I just can't see Griffin starting half of the games next season.

at 11:33 21 Apr 2016

I've only just realised he's won Supporters' Player of the Year. That tells its own story of how our season has gone. It also vindicates those of us who said all along that Gerken is clearly an inferior goalkeeper. Anyone still arguing they're on a par?
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Tinkerman Article
at 10:14 15 Apr 2016
Is anyone (Rommy aside) going tomorrow?
at 08:20 15 Apr 2016

We sacked it off 2 weeks ago. I don't have the stomach for the trip anymore when we're playing so poorly and the mood is so sour. Plus it went from about 20 mates in attendance to no-one. Not even Lucan and Roy Keanes Dog are going to the game ffs.
Best Streets song
at 16:49 14 Apr 2016

I cannot decide.
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