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Your constituency in 2015
at 11:20 18 May 2017

Lewisham East:
1. Labour 55.7%
2. Conservative 22.3%
3. UKIP 9.1%
4. Lib Dem 5.7%
5. Green 5.7%

Majority: 33.4%
Turnout: 64.1%
Swing: +6.9 %
Pool halls in London
at 10:31 18 May 2017

Can anyone recommend one? I don't want to go to Rileys or No1 Sports Bar London Bridge (which is awful).
It's going to absolutely hammer it down isn't it?
at 08:28 17 May 2017

God it's humid in SE13.
Big pang of nostalgia on
at 15:43 16 May 2017

I rarely use Amazon, but I just bought a second hand book and when I hit the delivery address page, my head was sent spinning by all the addresses to which I'd previously had items delivered and in which I'd lived at various times over the past 10 or so years.

In chronological order, spanning 2006-now it went:

1. First family home in Ipswich
2. First year uni halls in Leeds
3. Second year uni halls in Leeds
4. Ex-girlfriend's house in Kesgrave
5. Ex-girlfriend's first uni halls in London
6. Placement year house-share in Feltham
7. Summer couch surfing at my mate's in Welwyn Garden City
8. Interim family home in Newbourne
9. Third year uni house in Leeds
10. First flat share in London
11. Second flat share in London
12. Current family home in deepest darkest North Suffolk
13. Current flat share in London

Quite an exercise in nostalgia.
I've now managed to speak to 2 of the 5 candidates for Lewisham East
at 12:05 16 May 2017

Labour: she won last time around with a huge 33% majority. I was not particularly impressed by her, especially with her responses on mental health issues both locally and nationally. Her unwillingness to discuss Jeremy Corbyn whatsoever was frustrating, and I thought she had an air of arrogance which was particularly unbecoming.

Lib Dem: she is a very impressive woman, and someone whom I feel I could trust. She ran the equality for mental health campaign a few years back so she immediately had my attention when I noticed she was being put forward. I am unconvinced by her knowledge of broader politics, though she aligns closely with my views on the EU.

I have attempted to speak with the Conservative candidate, but had no luck whatsoever.

I have a meeting with the Green candidate next week, with all to play for.

I won't bother talking to the UKIP candidate, as I despise her politics:

Labour will win the seat, whatever happens, with or without my vote.
[Post edited 16 May 12:12]
Athens Marathon, Blog 2: Day 25.
at 10:24 8 May 2017

Ladies and gents,

The second installment of my Marathon Blog, 25 days in, for those interested. Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far, I am overwhelmed by the support!


I read that May's approval rating is the highest of any PM since Maggie
at 20:43 3 May 2017

How is this approval rating calculated? What is the question asked?
BBC iPlayer's current crop of films is superb
at 14:34 3 May 2017

Margin Call
Saving Mr Banks
Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Top bloody notch.
Flat Iron, Soho
at 09:54 28 Apr 2017

Any good? Going there tonight with a colleague (whom I may or may not be madly in love with).
Spelling of dilemma
at 08:49 28 Apr 2017

I've always used: dilemna. No-one seems to agree with me that this was how it used to be taught.

Having to teach myself HTML
at 11:19 26 Apr 2017

And very quickly, to build a web-page based app prototype.

Google is my friend and is proving very useful, but does anyone know of any particularly good tutorials/links/template code sites? Ta very muchly.
Excellent 3 part Brexit piece in the FT by David Allen Green
at 09:41 26 Apr 2017
Protocol for takeaway delivery men/women and first floor flats
at 19:50 25 Apr 2017

I'll set the scene. To reach my flat block you have to turn off the road and pass, immediately, through a set of automatic gates, driving round the back of the road facing block of flats and into a rear car park, next to which my block, perpendicular to the aforementioned block, majestically lies.

There's one communal front door, with buzzers for each flat, then a brief, minimalist lobby and stairs.

When the delightful gentleman, armed with my Lamb Madras, drives through the gates, round the back, jumps out of his car, and presses the buzzer to flat 29, should I:

A) Pick up the intercom, greet him politely, and 'buzz him up', waiting for the knock at my flat door?
B) Pick up the intercom, greet him politely, inform him 'I'll be right down' and proceed down the stairs to the front of the building?
C) A.N.Other.

I just briefly forgot how old I was
at 15:20 25 Apr 2017

This is the beginning of the end, isn't it?
If you went to Rotherham
at 21:10 22 Apr 2017

And you're moaning, you're an idiot on the level of those who went to the Pompey cup replay, and moaned.
Anderlecht fans hahaha
at 20:16 20 Apr 2017

"Shall we sing a song for you?" in Belgian accents, slightly off tempo.
Snap prediction
at 11:17 18 Apr 2017

Tory landslide. Lib Dem revival. SNP consolidation. UKIP obliteration. Labour apocalypse.
Best Mogwai album(s)?
at 09:45 18 Apr 2017

I've never truly got into them before but I enjoy their music - haunting and beautiful (on TV soundtracks and the like).

I'm a big Explosions In The Sky fan but I've overdone them recently. I've always found that this kind of instrumental tunage is excellent for concentrating on work, and god knows I've a lot of work to do today (yes yes I know, I should log off TWTD...).

Alternatively, recommendations of other bands of this ilk would be grand.
at 16:09 17 Apr 2017

Marathon Blog #1
at 15:44 16 Apr 2017

Some of you have kindly donated to my JustGiving Page and so I thought I would share my first blog post on here for those of you who are interested.

And don't worry, it'll only be monthly.

JustGiving -
[Post edited 20 Apr 20:00]
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