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Taboo (new Tom Hardy historical drama)
at 12:58 5 Jan 2017

Looks good, aye?
New addition to Netflix
at 09:47 5 Jan 2017


One of my favourite films from recent years. Highly recommend.
Surface Pro 4
at 15:37 28 Dec 2016

Some personal tales of pros and cons, woes and joys, would be helpful in informing a decision whether to buy or not. Ta very much.
at 15:51 27 Dec 2016

Genuine question - following the suicide thread, did you make any attempt to read up about mental health?
NFL Week 17 & Early Playoff Prediction Thread
at 15:09 27 Dec 2016

Apologies gents, it's been a while since I last posted a weekly NFL discussion thread!

My Redskins are in a 'win and in' situation at home to New York in Week 17, and I'm confident, especially given New York might rest some key starters at some point during the game. I think Green Bay are on a roll and will beat Detroit, which completes the Playoff Picture thus:

New England
Kansas City

Green Bay
New York G

Early predictions?

AFC Championship Game: New England 30-10 Kansas City

NFC Championship Game: Dallas 24-27 Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers is the best football player on the planet at this moment in time and I think GB get hot(ter) and go all the way to the Superbowl. A Brady Rodgers finale would cap off what I think has been a wonderful season.

at 14:50 27 Dec 2016

Anyone going to join me?

I have a close Vegan friend who nudged me in this direction and I thought why the hell not? I would fail again if I tried Dry January, far too many commitments.

I'm intrigued as to how I will feel after a month of no meat or dairy. Hopefully a good kick-start to a far healthier 2017, anyway, as it will force me to keep a very close eye on intake and plan my meals meticulously.

EDIT - due to misunderstandings, thought I'd clarify some simple points:

- I've not said Veganism is healthy.
- I've not said Veganism is health-ier than any other diet.
- I've not even said that due to being Vegan for a month, I'll be healthier.

If you read the OP, you should be able to understand that, as explained in the final sentence, it's the practices involved in being Vegan for a month which will help force me into good habits, which will in turn 'HOPEFULLY' kick-start a healthier 2017 (which isn't even the primary reason I'm doing it).
[Post edited 27 Dec 15:50]
Feck sake Obama
at 12:58 23 Dec 2016

No sympathy for a man who vetoes every resolution throughout his tenure then suggests he might break from that on the last occasion but doesn't have the bottle to keep quiet and actually see it through.
[Post edited 23 Dec 13:00]
Does anyone actually genuinely dread Christmas day?
at 10:48 23 Dec 2016

I don't, but loads of people at work seem to suggest it's hell on earth with their families.

For the Twitterati
at 10:03 23 Dec 2016

Great account - cracks me up every time I see it on my timeline, and particularly pertinent this year I feel.

Your album of 2016?
at 12:39 22 Dec 2016

You only get one, with one alternate. I'll kick it off....

Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book.

Can't decide on the alternate yet.
Spurs new ground
at 08:49 22 Dec 2016

Looks pretty cool.
[Post edited 22 Dec 8:49]
Awkward work situation
at 08:39 22 Dec 2016

I joined my current client/account in November. My company has quite a large presence within this particular govt. department but my immediate team is small, just one woman from my mob running things and one lad (my age) working for her (and the addition of yours truly, now).

Anyway, yesterday was said bosses last day before the Christmas break and just before she got up to leave, the lad (who has been there since October) whipped out a bottle of fecking MOET and handed it to her right in front of everyone, offering her his "thanks for being such a GREAT BLOODY BOSS, Merry Christmas" (direct quotation). Completely unexpected by all, especially the boss, and more so me.

I look a right tw@t now.
Late Night Tales
at 15:14 21 Dec 2016

Only recently stumbled across this on Spotify. Absolutely class.

"Late Night Tales invites the world's best artists to delve deep into their music collections to create the ultimate "late night" selection. The series features expertly curated mixes by MGMT, Friendly Fires, The Flaming Lips, Metronomy, Groove Armada, The Cinematic Orchestra, Four Tet, Belle & Sebastian, Jamiroquai, Midlake, Arctic Monkeys and more top artists. Each offering includes an exclusive cover version by the artist and a spoken word story narrated by the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Self, Bootsy Collins, Brian Blessed and Patrick Moore. Late Night Tales: music and stories worth staying up for."

Favourite mix so far is Bonobo's.
Anti-Santa office security
at 10:14 21 Dec 2016

Currently working in a secure govt. building and whilst going through security this morning someone turned up dressed as Father Christmas. They wouldn't let him in unless he took off his fake beard and hat. He looked pretty annoyed and only when he removed said items did I realise it was my senior client - I quickly turned my look of sullen apathy to intrigued hilarity. Seems every year he comes in dressed as Father Christmas and dishes out personal Christmas bonuses to his immediate team in the form of toblerones. Weirdo.

What's the drink which seems to give you your worse hangover?
at 16:36 8 Dec 2016

For me it's Long Island Iced Tea. Absolutely gorgeous but just destroys me.
I've just put the Christmas decorations up
at 18:45 5 Dec 2016

I hope my flatmates approve. Time for a beer.

This is good - London's forgotten neighbourhoods
at 13:56 2 Dec 2016

Awaits Benters to slag off London.
Tesco's 'Bavaria' lager
at 19:30 1 Dec 2016

£1 per 500ml bottle. It's very drinkable. Enjoy.
Chance The Rapper
at 21:56 23 Nov 2016

I missed his show last night in Brixton because I forgot to buy tickets / was too skint at the time (delete as appropriate, can't remember).

Anyway he's great. Soulful hip-hop is a crap description but as good as I can muster because I'm tired. Enjoy, if it's your kind of thing:

Geezer at my firm has been sacked
at 16:17 22 Nov 2016

For publicly espousing deplorable political, sexist, and xenophobic views.

Apparently a colleague had been listing times he'd said things in the office and was going to sit him down to discuss but then, at a client/vendor dinner, he said of a waitress, and I quote: "She's fit for a black girl". Straw that broke the camels back, obviously.

Anyway when he joined he introduced himself to me and I went for a beer with him on his first day, happy to be welcoming and try to get to know him. However in the pub, on that first meeting alone, two things stood out - his openly misogynist attitude towards brand new co-workers, and his willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve politically (Trump, Farage, etc.).

Question for TWTD: should I feel as bad as I do about not challenging him more than I did? I feel guilty that I all I said was, when he said something quite crass about a girl in the office, "ah come on mate, that's a bit much." I guess at the time I thought he was nervous about his first day and his misguided, masochistic bravado was his way of trying to fit in.

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