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What Will You Say Next, Mr Jewell?
Written by DurhamTownFan on Thursday, 20th Sep 2012 09:35

Like many readers of this website, I often find the Paul Jewell post-match interview article more interesting than the actual match report. Not because the match reports are dull (far from it!) but because reading about how a manager reacts to a game is perhaps more interesting than reading about the game itself.

Those of us who read and comment on these post-match reactions will have noted a consistent theme in Paul Jewell’s comments at least during this season, and perhaps during the whole of his tenure. Jewell will more often than not say that Ipswich dominated a game, failed to take chances, and gave away silly goals, or goals on the counter-attack. Several recent comments from readers of the website have noted that this is becoming a constant in Jewell’s reactions, and have clearly had enough.

This raises two key questions. First, whether Jewell is the right man to turn this club around. Second, whether he even wants to turn this club around any more.

I don’t want to dwell on the first issue too much. We all have quite strong opinions on the matter. The jury is out on the majority of his signings. As it stands we sit in almost exactly the same position as we were under Roy Keane. We have less money to spend. Attendances are falling. You’ll get where I stand on this one!

What I really want to get people talking about is Jewell’s recent demeanour and his personality. These post-match interviews aren’t helping his cause. I’ve read all Phil’s reports and regularly listen to the BBC Suffolk clips on their website also. Every week, the same old story, with Jewell asking why we didn’t take our chances and bemoaning the giving away of silly goals. Well, I hate to break this to you Paul, but isn’t this what the entire game is about? Can you ever give away a goal that isn’t a silly one to concede? Is it not the job of the forwards to take chances?

As I have blogged recently, fans on this website often seem to think that signings are the way to solve these issues. We’ve brought in Paul Taylor, who does look a quality player, but we still can’t score. We brought in Luke Chambers (and yes, although we do need another lad to challenge Tommy Smith) we still concede these ‘sloppy’ goals. I’ve argued before, and I state again here, that as well as signing these guys, you’ve got to instruct and inspire them, if your club is to be successful.

Does Jewell give you the impression that he has the ability to fire up his players? If he delivers the same message to his players as he does to the press, it is clear that many of them aren’t listening. It is even possible to suggest that he lacks clout in the dressing room. Most of the younger lads won’t know what he did at Bradford, while his Wigan days have since been forgotten now that Roberto Martinez is cultivating a new style of play and a reputation to match.

I’m one of the growing numbers of fans who’ve seen Jewell’s day come and go in the world of football management, and this is precisely the reason why he won’t give up the job. Judging by his interviews, it seems to me that Jewell doesn’t really need this hassle any more. As one recent post noted, if he were younger, he might walk away. But after his most recent managerial experiences (us included) it looks unlikely that Jewell would get another job at this level at least. So he figures that he has to stay.

So, what happens? It is clear that Marcus Evans is hedging his bets with Jewell right now. With his contract up at the end of the year, it seems sensible to let this play out as long as possible, at least from a business point of view. So long as we’re not in danger of relegation, we’ll not have to pay him off, and can offer a new manager a job in the Championship come May without the back-biting that leads on from an outright sacking.

But can we, as fans, last that long? Attendance figures suggest not, and the disgruntled comments of fans on this website suggest not. Personally speaking, I think I’m gonna explode if I read one more statement from Jewell that we dominated a game that we’ve just lost 2-0.

I’m keen to find out what other people think, so lets have your comments!

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jpbrooks1 added 09:45 - Sep 20
Spot on!

SteveH added 11:59 - Sep 20
Excellent blog, which reflects my exact thoughts. I have never been in the Jewell Out camp but this team has taken on the attitude of the manager. Despite what others posters may think I believe that we have some good players and a team that should do well at this level.

Unless we can get maximum points out of the next two games (AND get something from Brighton and Cardiff) PJ should go.

Suffolk_n_Good added 14:33 - Sep 20
Agree, good blog.

Edmunds5 added 15:13 - Sep 20
Good, incisive blog which pretty much reflect my thoughts own thoughts. ME is not a football man, thats clear and so he will not be willing to pay Jewell off even if it does lead to relegation. Jewell cannot motivate his players, and when many of them are younger players they need some kind of guidance in my opinion, Jewell has to realise he is at fault and cannot just bemoan areas and say how things aren't going the teams way, he just seems so limited in all areas of his management.

Edmunds5 added 15:15 - Sep 20
my own thoughts even, sorry for that typo

rosseden added 15:26 - Sep 20
ME is not a football man, thats clear and so he will not be willing to pay Jewell off

i struggle to see the logic in this conclusion, based on the fact we have paid off priskin, civelli, healy, ingi, bullard, delaney, peters, o'connor all since ME has been here...... he even paid off Keane...... So how do you conclude ME 'wont pay off his contract'

Edmunds5 added 16:10 - Sep 20
fair point, I just think ME would be reluctant to keep on doing it, surely he must start thinking that if he keeps having to pay people off thats part of the reason we never do well, those desicions haven't exactly taken us backwards or forwards. I have understood the reasons we've let go of many players go and It is perhaps different with players because you cannot have unhappy players and they are 1 of about 25 people, with a manager their has to be some kind of project or stability. If i was the owner and I kept sacking managers every other season I would doubt my own desicion making.

runaround added 20:25 - Sep 20
As Kevin Beattie would say, I agree with you 100%!! Really cant see PJ turning it around and he must go. The thing none of us know though is how long will ME leave it?

Whymarktonomarks added 21:06 - Sep 20
Don't blame Jewel , all he did wrong was accept a bloody good job offer .
Couldn't see what he had to offer 20 months ago , and every game that passes us by he convinces me more that maybe I may have a point .
The player's are not that bad ,but the direction and management of them is so , so wrong .
It starts at the top with Mr Evans .
Apoint the right footballing man to run your club Mr.Evans , who in turn can appoint the suitable Staff to turn around the club to compete at the right end of the division .
We've had enough experience in getting people off the wages , so take one more on the chin , Mr. Evans ,and do it now.

IamSpartacus added 08:34 - Sep 22
Brilliant blog and pretty much the same as my point of view. I think we have the players that could rise up the table more, but not the manager to oversee that. I appreciate it is all about poits of view, but I've heard no convincing argument for why Jewell should stay. Are there any?
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