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evans not backing lambert? 16:31 - Feb 19 with 293 viewspositivity

evans may say he's backing lambert, but the discrepancies between lambert and o'neill's statements seem to suggest actions aren't backing this up:-

lambert to jackson, nolan, donacien "get outta my club"(peggy mitchell style)

offers duly come in, evans realises that they're 3 of our more valuable assets and might be useful to a competent manager, doesn't sell.

if this is right though, why is evans not getting rid of lambert now before he can make more damage?

i'm confused!

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evans not backing lambert? on 16:34 - Feb 19 with 260 viewswkj

Lambert is trying to commit "suicide by cop" - how can he now want out (with a payoff) acting like this.

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evans not backing lambert? on 16:42 - Feb 19 with 222 viewsSteve_M

Evans is doing what he normally does, withdraw his support for a manager before - belatedly - sacking them. It's happened several times before despite the expenditure on players only a few weeks ago.

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