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I'm sorry but...
at 17:07 16 Oct 2021

What is going on with Hladky - I thought he was supposed to be this amazing keeper? I wouldn't say what I just watched makes him look like an upgrade on Dai Cornell, let alone Holy.

The sooner Walton starts hitting fitness and form the better.

Meanwhile, Cook has once more killed a game with his subs - he didn't bring on bad players, but 3 players so close to the end just saps the momentum out of the game.

If Cook blames anyone but himself today, he's delusional.
Happy Birthday Dame Angela Lansbury
at 07:13 16 Oct 2021

Today she's 96 and you can count on the fact she'll be watching the town! (or not)

Always a part of my TWTD life <3 .

Born: 16th October, 1925 in Regent's Park, London, England, UK.

Come on lads - Let's smash Col U and Cambridge for Angie!
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Bonne - What a footballer, what a man.
at 11:26 10 Oct 2021

Whatever happens this season I can say we had the utter pleasure of seeing one of the nicest, classiest and well put together players that we've ever had at the club.

When recent times have put our club in league with a dodgy betting company and at our lowest point in many seasons - Bonne comes along and reminds us all what it means to be a club at the heart of the community.

I hope he has more than one season with us but if he doesn't, then I will always be deeply proud for measure of a man that he is, as well as one of our best strikers in a very long time.

He's no Michael Chopra, thank fook.
I feel bad for Brenner tongiht
at 20:19 5 Oct 2021

Stuart Ainsley simply isn't cutting in unless Brenner asks him a question. It must be hard to commentate like that.
No one really turned up yesterday...
at 06:41 3 Oct 2021

Best case scenario, the Accrington game is us at our worst with our 'settled squad'

It was clear that no one really wanted to be at the game yesterday. Long drive, miserable conditions, first cold spell after summer. Brenner of BBCR sounded like he was miserable yesterday from the very start, as well as both sets of fans coming over as quite subdued. (No, this isn't a swipe at Brenner - he genuinely sounded unhappy from the offing yesterday.)

Of course, players are paid to play in a variety of conditions, and yesterday is nowhere near the worst conditions we've played in, or will likely play in. Howerver, the team have proven they are capable of playing as a team, and had we not had such a rocky time in our first month, yesterday would have been entirely acceptable of a loss given the all round sh**iness of the day.

Cook obviously still has a long way to go to convince us that he's El Numero Uno , but yesterday was such a crap day, I can't really get too upset with Cook about it.
at 07:42 29 Sep 2021

Just watched the highlights of the game and was left thinking that Bonne has to be one of the most intelligent strikers we've had in a very long time - some of his off the ball movement and positioning is next level.

If we have any chance of keeping him, and our season takes us up to the Championship, he'd have to be one I want to see us fight for, and maybe even loosen the purse strings for if his value is set high.

I respect that Doncaster is the worst team in L1 at the moment, and I am not getting carried away - but I have seen us fail to win many games with a man advantage in the past because our positioning sucks - so to see us dominate an 11v11 like this was much appreciated.

Long may this continue - Best striker on our books by a country mile.
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The Joy of Janoi
at 07:55 19 Sep 2021

This isn't so much of an 'I told you so' thread, but more of a little bit of joy that we get to see why Donacien stayed. His performance today was one of a player who is a hard worker and will always do the most he can do regardless of if he's having a good day or not.

Lincoln overloaded out right flank after some time, and Janoi and Burns get more and more effective as a team - with Donacien easily showing us his best performance in a town shirt.

I was never sure if JD would become a hero at ITFC, or if he was all that great. He was clearly never Championship quality when we signed him - and may never be. However, he was never given a fair crack under Lambert and Hurst - and I am thrilled to see that Cook bucked that trend. He's getting games, and putting in good performances when he's called upon - and it will be great to see Town Fans no maintain the 'LOL Why Did We Keep Him' view that a number had at the start of this season.
If Cook were to go...
at 12:20 12 Sep 2021

I still can't knock David Artell off of the top spot on my manager wishlist. Crewe does the basics well, but can also turn it up in spells for entertaining football. He was very much a project manager at Crewe to begin with, and he flourished.

I think he'd be a perfect fit here if we end up having a cookout.
[Post edited 12 Sep 12:21]
If Cook has any chance of getting these players confidence...
at 17:47 11 Sep 2021

He has to field the strongest squad he has against West Ham U21 on Tuesday. I did express concern that we didn't find that winning mentality in preseason, and it is turning out we're not finding it in the league.

West Ham U21 has to be treated like a team building event now and for these players to come out and play to the best of their ability against a side who, on paper, are the least likely to punish us.

Other than that - Cook is doing little to inspire confidence. I said at the end of last season I woulnd't be willing to give Cook a free ride this year, but I humoured him all the same. Today was not a game of individual errors - it was a sign chaotic and sh** coaching.

Cook could very well prove us all wrong, but he doesn't deserve to avoid getting pelters any more.
[Post edited 11 Sep 17:48]
Christmas Shortage Warnings
at 08:10 4 Sep 2021

I see that a few brands are making these claims - yet I can't help but feel it is merely a ploy to drum up sales and stimulate spending. Am I being overly cynical?
Best Smell for the Orifice.
at 07:40 2 Sep 2021

I get to start a new job on the 13th, and now face a dilemma that has escaped me for over 5 years- what puff is the best stuff?

Aftershave... I am looking for something friendly for the office, the type of scent that doesn't anger the colleagues in close quarters, but something nice enough that they know I know the world beyond right guard.

Ultimately I will probably not like anyone there and my work mates will say the same about me - so I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on impressing these jokers either.

Advice please.
My hopes for next week (off the pitch)
at 18:25 28 Aug 2021

1) Aston speaks. With a clear and transparent plan for the transfer window.
2) We get a better goalie and either loan out Hladky or sell Holy
3) The communications from town start showing some urgency rather than the laid back
style of chatter we're getting.

The fans are passionate right now, we need to see that our passion is being matched.
[Post edited 28 Aug 18:29]
Pauls interview on Ifollow
at 18:13 28 Aug 2021

He isn't coming across as a manager under pressure right now - I can only hope he isn't that calm with his coaches and players right now.

It is all starting to feel very Paul Jewell with the press now, very generic and far too composed.
All kicking off in East Suffolk (Ice Cream Vans)
at 15:22 25 Aug 2021

Following the struggles of the good people of Lowestoft, it was bought to my attention that ice cream van drivers can only chime for 12 seconds.

Well, being the self appointed community-spirited arbiter of fun for East Suffolk, I decided I would keep a log of the chimes of our local ice cream van. I want people to have fun, but not too much fun - so we can keep realistic expectations.

Well - in my local area, I discovered the following

Thursday - 16 seconds at 15:15
Friday - 14 seconds at 14:57
Saturday - 20 seconds at 14:30
Sunday - Day 4... Nothing
Monday - Day 5... Nothing
Tuesday - 15 seconds at 15:19

As you can see there are varying degrees of fun here, and all of those fun bursts are over 12 seconds long. It is ridiculous that these ice cream van drivers are trying to undo my hard work on guarnteeing the villages have the correct levels of fun thrown at them...

how should I go about reporting this sub-human scum?
What will settle the nerves this coming Saturday?
at 19:52 23 Aug 2021

Nice convincing win?

Worldie from Fraser?

Wolfenden knocking one in from a corner?

Keeping a clean sheet?

I can feel a big performance is brewing, and not talking about the Phaal I had for tea.
Day 76 of the Car Lease...
at 14:42 23 Aug 2021

Still nothing...
TWTD Quick User Guide / Glossary
at 08:34 22 Aug 2021

It seems that a lot of the old sayings are popping up lately, so if anyone is new or needs a knowledge top-up - read on.

[Post edited 22 Aug 8:38]
Managing Expectations featuring Paul Cook
at 23:05 17 Aug 2021

"We're not making excuses, but the reality is we need a little bit of time to gel and a little bit of time to get it all together. But we also should be doing better than what we are with the players we have available. So there's a little bit of both in there."

Words from Cook himself are bang on. We do need to gel and get together, but we should have done better than we have.

So it really is up to Cook now to justify us being patient. We simply can't spunk games away like we did tonight - gelling or otherwise. It is impossible to gel a team with a winning mentality if we lack some winning performances.
[Post edited 17 Aug 23:07]
I think it is time that questions need to be asked of PC
at 21:32 17 Aug 2021

Very strange substitution tonight, and 1 (or 2 at best) points from 9 isn't good enough. The free pass is over now.
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