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Youth Players 2022/23 Predictions
at 06:58 21 Jun 2022

So, who do you think is going to feature as part of the new senior team for this season.

Four Categories:
A: League matchday squad regular
B: Cup matchday squad regular
C: Might make an emergency cameo
D: Will be sent out on loan

Obviously, there is a won't feature permutation too, but that would require listing a lot of names, so the assumption here are the players that are at least flirting with first team football. Obviously, some players can fit multiple categories, so I will allow you to cross-pollinate the categories if you're too afraid of commitment to make a bold prediction.

The winner gets an NFT of an empty bottle of Domestos (Signed by Cleaner)

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All quite on the top of Franciscan Tower
at 15:27 15 Jun 2022

My mate who has been famously right on transfers and club goings-on 3 times in a row has informed me that there is nothing of note going on from the view atop Franciscan tower. Still waiting for the paperboy on Sidegate lane to provide intel.
European Convention on Human Rights: When parody becomes reality...
at 15:55 14 Jun 2022

Umbro confirmed
at 10:47 14 Jun 2022

My mate reckons something is happening today
at 11:52 13 Jun 2022

My mate reckons something is happening today

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iFollow auto renew
at 17:08 10 Jun 2022

Just a reminder that the EFL Digital people want to trip as many people up as possible into an auto-renewal of last year's subscription packages.

If you do not want your subscription to automatically renew for the 2022/23 Season, or wish to use an alternative payment method, you must contact by no later than 24th June 2022, or you may be charged.

I follow do not allow you to remove all of your payment details by yourself either, so they REALLY want to lock you in.

Of course, the service was pretty decent last year and I can imagine many will be fine with an auto-renewal, but I do know a large number of people are planning on attending games in person again, and a July 1 digital renewal could catch people out.

Edit: As SamWhite says, they do sort it for you pretty quickly once you email them.
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Humphrey's new deal
at 17:20 8 Jun 2022

Probably one of the more important deals of the summer. I hope to see more of him this season.
First academic exam in 24 years
at 11:55 8 Jun 2022

So far my late surge of unrivalled academic excellence has been achieved via excellent assignment writing and research projects - so to mix it up the University set an exam on my current module.

10am tomorrow is my first exam in a very long time - how does the last day of revision work again?

All support is appreciated so that I may continue to be TWTD's most loved savant.

With love, Lord William Keller M.D.
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Happy Birthday George Burley
at 10:58 3 Jun 2022

Really sold me the ITFC dream when I was in high school. Always a pleasure seeing him at Portman Road and an utter gentleman to talk to.
Ball Interview
at 19:23 1 Jun 2022

Seems really switched on, and has a coach/player relationship with McKenna. Got a good feeling about the bloke - seems down to earth but well up for it.
How to watch Wes Burns vs Poland (Legally)
at 16:05 1 Jun 2022

It requires a sub to premier sports and will cost you a tenner for online only. It seems they are covering the UEFA Nations League if you fancy your footie fill for a month.

(It may also exist with some existing Sky / Virgin packages)

There is also a free option via S4C, though it will be commentated in Welsh: - Free
[Post edited 1 Jun 16:12]
Camping - Part 3
at 13:54 1 Jun 2022

With Lockdown making one last surge, I was unable to go on my camping EV tour last year - but have that dream very much in mind. However, I realise I wasn't that efficient in my route planning, so, I am turning to TWTD to help me route plan if you would be so kind.

The aim is to start in Diss and end either in Islay or Skye. I am looking to go for 10-14 days, the idea is one-stop a day for 10 days, then the last 4 days to get over the waters and enjoy the Scottish island. I am looking for natural beauty spots with short/moderate (2-4mile) walks, and to make a sensible route. Now, sensible doesn't mean going in a line-up to Scotland, I am not against going toward dorset then up through wales etc- but I don't want to leave myself too short a time at each spot. The plan is to structure my days like this

Early morning: Go for the walk
Early afternoon: pack up tent
Late afternoon: Travel
Evening: Pitch up, sleep and eat

So if anyone has any testimonials for camp sites and areas, that's grand - bonus points for proximity to fast charging EV locations.
What's the weirdest thing that has happened around ITFC in recent history
at 18:07 31 May 2022

On and off the pitch is totally allowed - I have a bunch in mind, but I still can't quite fathom what use it was in hiring Peter Reid to have a kip in the directors box.
[Post edited 31 May 18:07]
at 14:03 31 May 2022

Bit smarmy if you ask me
at 18:33 30 May 2022

Dr Dan may be planning a letter, or not... you decide
at 17:49 30 May 2022

Copy and paste


Dr Daniel Poulter MP <>
4:07 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

Dear Mr WKJ,

Following the publication of the Sue Gray report, I would like to provide you with an update in relation to the gatherings that took place at 10 Downing Street and across Whitehall during the Covid pandemic.

Many people have also written to me about the Police investigation into the leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, and other senior Labour Party figures, for an incident of alleged Covid rule-breaking in County Durham. I am sure that you will appreciate that it would not be appropriate for me to comment further upon this matter whilst there is an ongoing Police investigation.

As you will be aware, I am an NHS hospital doctor. Throughout the Covid pandemic I was working in hospitals and caring for patients with Covid. I cared for a number of patients who would still have been alive and with us today if it was not for Covid. Like many people, I obeyed the rules, and I am as unhappy as you are that people in very senior positions in both the Civil Service and in politics appear to have breached the very same rules they were making for others to follow.

However, there is a much bigger issue at stake which is of trust and integrity in high public office. The most serious charge against the Prime Minister is that of knowingly misleading parliament. Given the scale of rule-breaking in No.10 and across Whitehall that has now been confirmed by the Sue Gray report, I find it difficult to accept that the Prime Minister was unaware. His repeated assurances in Parliament that there was no rule-breaking lack credibility.

The principle of our constitution is that we can trust the responses that we receive in Parliament from those in ministerial or Prime Ministerial office to be truthful and accurate. To knowingly mislead Parliament cannot be tolerated, no matter what the issue may be. It is a matter of principle that a minister who knowingly misleads Parliament should resign and this principle should also apply to the Prime Minister. Whether or not the Prime Minister is an asset to the country is of less importance. You will be aware that the Parliamentary Privileges Committee is currently investigating the conduct of the Prime Minister as to whether or not he has misled Parliament.

I have always said that I would consider all the available evidence before coming to a conclusion. I am sure you will understand that I do not intend to pass a running commentary on each and every latest development or whether or not I have submitted/withdrawn a letter to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee.

The Privileges Committee inquiry into the conduct of the Prime Minister is ongoing, as is the Police Investigation into Sir Keir Starmer and other senior members of the Labour Party.

Thank you once again for contacting me about these important issues.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


Dr Daniel Poulter MP Llb (hons), MBBS, AKC, MRCPsych
Member of Parliament for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich
70 days until the start of the season...
at 12:08 28 May 2022

... and still nothing
Cost of living didn't apply to the beach
at 17:33 27 May 2022

Lovely afternoon on the Suffolk Coast. Might be worth making a bit of time for yourselves and get your toes wet - didn't cost me a penny - except for £7 in petrol and £6 for a parking ticket.

Best things in life are free and all that.
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