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Before I go... Everyone should be proud to a Town fan
at 21:22 22 Aug 2017

I leave on Thursday, but after listening to tonight's game-

We should be proud of our young men tonight and appreciate the club's new attitude this season

Great time to be a blue

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I'm off again
at 18:09 16 Aug 2017

Looks like im heading abroad again for a little while with work, which kind of scuppers the Open University plans a bit, but it is going to be working in-house with one of the companies who we do contract work for; so hopefully I can impress and jump the lines and join them at the end of the contract.

Needless to say I wont be with the internet for some time, so wish you all well and hope you enjoy the season ahead! COYB and see you in about 12-18 months time
Been a long long time since we
at 00:32 16 Aug 2017

won three league games on the bounce. And to think in three games we've won just shy of a 1/4 of the amount of games we won last season - Still a long way to go, and while we are shakey defensively and could well be punished by stronger sides im really pleased we've come out swinging with force this year COYB - Only 10 wins to match last year's W tally!
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What is going wrong for Cresswell?
at 12:16 15 Aug 2017

I admire the player a lot and certainly am not one of the sour grapes type of people who wishes his career ill because he left, but you have to admit his form has gone through the floor board since his England debut in November. Statistically only completing 0.8 tackles a game on average.

Given how much of an impact he made to west ham when he signed it is a bit of a shame to see him languishing in poor form now.
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Scum 1-0 Down
at 14:08 13 Aug 2017

The perfect weekend is just 55 minutes away
The thing about Waghorn...
at 23:36 12 Aug 2017

that I love more than anything, is he is REALLY into the community. Look at his tweets from his old days and the awesome things he did and shared with people within the community without it being a club aranged PR event. I was really pleased also that he seems to read #ITFC and retweets possitive stuff, not just stuff about him - I hope he makes it here long term as its great having a community minded family values type personality something modern football lacks, yet it used to be 100% what football was all about!

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Adam McDonnell
at 22:09 12 Aug 2017

I was very sure McDonnell was not ever going to win Mick over, but so pleased he came on and did well today! Would have loved to see what Mariott would have done if we'd have kept him

Another good day for the academy graduates!
Can we loan Nouble back for one game?
at 04:04 11 Aug 2017

The only time Nouble really did anything spectacular was against Crystal Palace at home the year they went up. That was a game I wont forget, was my 30th Birthday and we won 3-0 all but nailing on survival... though this memory is second to the spectacular Creswell goal from a tight angle, sandwhiched between Nouble pretty much playing chicken, and winning, against their back line and keeper... twice.

Hopefully the cup tie is as entertaining and memorable as that game

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Having been converted, I present: A Coffee Review
at 14:35 10 Aug 2017

There is a bit of a coffee cult within TWTD it seems, and I have asked questions on the matter before as I gained promotion from NesCaf into the world of beans (I did tassimo for a while, then felt equal parts ripped off and harmful to the environment)

I had a lot of good suggestions, but after many many mornings of testing, trying to balance good taste with least heartburn, I would like to recommend trying the following to those who enjoy a coffee.


At £20 for 500g of beans, it isn't the cheapest option around, but it is certainly one of the nicer. Unlike some coffee it isn't harsh at all, you don't get that bitter hit or aftertaste. You end up drinking something that seems to sit somewhere between coffee and cocoa, somewhat nutty and natural. This product is organic and has no fillers, so it would work in someone's paleo lifestyles. The real winner for me though is has so far not triggered any sort of acid reflux style symptoms and the perk is long lasting.

I would highly recommend giving it a whirl if you are into bean coffee (they do offer three ground options too- suited for Aeropress, Cafetiere, or Filter devices.)
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Even if we finish mid - lower table...
at 07:00 9 Aug 2017

If we carry on like this, giving football a chance, having the young players break through when the squad is thin, and we dont sign any bandaid players like Coke etc... I will be happy for the season.

We wanted our youth to be given a chance, and we wanted a bit of investment, and we wanted a more pleasing style of football- and although probably not as much investment as we crave, we did get all three to the credit of the Marcus and Mick.

If the team pull together and play as a tight knit team and we dont panic into hoofball united after a bad loss, I think I am gonna be ok.
Luton 0 - 2 Town: Match highlights up
at 23:35 8 Aug 2017
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When do the goal highlights come out then?
at 23:01 8 Aug 2017

Im assuming the teams who are part of iFollow get their videos up before Sky does, or is sky just putting them out really slowly
Town transfer fees
at 20:03 7 Aug 2017

I am trying to write up a blog and I need to fact check a couple of things -

Was Mings signed 13/14 Season?

And was Loach and Nouble MM or PJ signings?
Rangers on Waghorn: Not quite as sexy as 'Harryfrombath'
at 12:33 7 Aug 2017

I mean my post isn't quite as sexy as harry's posts... but this forum really is some entertaining reading regarding how Rangers sees waghorn.

It seems a clear split that some are content with the deal and don't rate him, and others question where his 16 goals are going to come from - one even makes mention of the fact Garner is so far doing well for us.
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ifollow How long are the extended highlights- are they commentated? (n/t)
at 15:48 6 Aug 2017

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