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Spidey sense are a tingling
at 09:04 20 Jun 2024

I have a feeling that there will be some significant ITFC related chatter in the next 48 hours, this time I have a hunch instead of my town supporting mate who is on the top of Franciscan tower with binoculars (who has always been right on something happening)

The media, of course, are fantasy spending 100's of millions of pounds of the town money which is giving even the most grounded of town fans cause to get a little itchy about our strengthening this summer. (Perhaps with exception to TWTD's safari creature who will undoubtedly let us know that the Americans will pocket it all)

In any case, I am sure there is a lot happening behind the scenes as town are keeping a lot close to their chests right now, including details of the summer camp. I am sure KM will want some of his new faces installed before the camp gets under way.

Another theory is the kit launch will be paired with a new signing - something that has commercial advantages for both town and Castore.

Either way, happy off season to you all and lets hope we all get past tonight's England game without slipping into a coma.
First (and last) Game of the Season Game
at 01:25 18 Jun 2024

We are hours away from Phil and Gav dropping the ban hammer we all want to see, the empty blue box of summer!

Who do you think the first game of the season will be, and will it be home or away?

Don't forget to include your tiebreaker, the last game of the season and home or away.

Winners will receive a bottle of Sweet FA on the house!

My entry:
1st Liverpool (A)
Last Bournemouth (H)
Im not Lukaku fan boy
at 18:51 17 Jun 2024

but that was incredibly harsh of a call...

(I celebrated the VAR call from the Premier League clubs, but now I am not so sure I'm right)

**Edit - Hit submit when pasting the link

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Incredible reading from a departing Jackson.
at 17:49 11 Jun 2024
Will Chambers be back?
at 14:45 7 Jun 2024

Clearly the fella loves Ipswich by showing up on a bunch of programs as a pundit and behind closed doors events like Pat Godbold's Birthday. I have a feeling in my bones that Luke's return is a when more than an if.

Anyone know if he's doing coaching badges or the sort? I would love him to be part of the club when we win something as the poor bloke ran himself into the ground for us as a player during a time he's pretty much acknowledges was bad for the club.

I think he just about qualifies as a legend of ITFC, even if it was a period of purgatory
Transfer Rumours: Stuart Watson Verdict
at 10:20 7 Jun 2024

This article is a paywalled one so I wont copy and paste, but he essentially analyses 19 players who we've been linked with.

One thing that did stand out is Watson agrees that Ryan Sessegnon is a player that fits.

He has bags of talent but I think he went too high too soon with Spurs. KM is 100% the sort of manager who could put him right. If there is any meat on the bones of this rumour it would be a massive bit of business for Town.
[Post edited 7 Jun 10:22]
Fun experiment, Today I am going to...
at 08:01 6 Jun 2024

hire Football Manager GPT to be my assistant manger in FM24.

I will largely lean on them to help me with tactic creation and transfers.

I may upload to youtube, but the key questions is - which L2 team should I start with?
A made up rumour with no merit...
at 10:06 5 Jun 2024

However, one I would not mind coming true.

Carl Rushworth ,

Imagine him kicking a ball like that as we're 1-1 against Man City in the 95th minute.
The Many Flavours Of Jackson...
at 09:07 4 Jun 2024

Perhaps one of our most eye watering transfer fees over recent years was when Paul Hurst had his massive game of Football Manager at our expense and signed Kayden Jackson. It didn't take long for many to question his value. The more the championship season went on, the more he used his speed to run in to dead ends and look more and more desperate to succeed.

Kayden had spells at league 1 level where things were decent, but under a man manager flop, Jackson, and the rest of the team rarely looked like the big boys in a small pond. Jackson still never lacked effort, but so begun the years of doubting he would return - a concept that didn't really concern too many.

Enter Kieran McKenna... and enter Jackson 2.0. Jackson was never prolific Infront of goal for us, but what he started doing under KM was using his speed to drag players around and break up the shape of countless back lines. His movement off the ball was instrumental in a lot of town's goals, and while his tally was slow to go up as an individual, he was indicative of how town now plays as a total team.

Back to the Championship we go, and Kayden remained. Some were surprised he remained with us though some were also very pleased. Somehow the Jackson Cameos were just as good as his league 1 movement and support up front. He even rustled the onion bag for some big goals.

The final flavour is today. The one where I am sad to see him move on as he was such a loved and engaged member of the best team we've had in a generation. Did we get good value for money out of Jackson? Yes, I think over the seasons he justified his place with town and was money well spent. It is so sad to see him not getting to lace up his boots in the Prem next season, but I do hope he goes somewhere and really finds a good team and lots of time on the turf.

KJ was exactly what we needed him to be on many occasions and along with Janoi - he is the very embodiment of the 'never say die' mindset that KM injected into ITFC. Maybe not a legend, but without a doubt a gamechanger.
Was there a game you enjoyed where we lost?
at 21:02 2 Jun 2024

I was thinking back to Huddersfield on the last day of the season and how they seemed to sing with us about denying Leeds promotion. I then got curious, has there ever been a game that we've played, and lost, but you remember thoroughly enjoying?

Whether it denied someone else, was a feast of football, or you had great things going on away from footy - I think its an interesting question to mull over, especially as we're probably going to lose more than 6 times in the coming season.
Peace out, arse faces
at 12:45 1 Jun 2024

Probably just finished the most gruelling year of my work and study life with 4 projects written in the same week, due on the same day.

I am now off for a week in the New Forrest and am going to eat food at a restaurant that only sources ingredients within 25 miles of the place. (Was recently on the BBC as it happens: )

Figured in keeping with not sniping or calling people names I would call you all arse faces while making a "LOOK AT ME" post.

Peak TWTDing

Take care dearies.

[Post edited 2 Jun 2:41]
Sneaky suspicion about Omari
at 09:37 31 May 2024

Win or lose, I am thinking that his future will be made clear very soon. It is widely reported that his contract and that Chelsea owe a staggering amount of money on transfer fees (although ~£800m is said to be owed, that is over many seasons)

The timing of his renewal is no coincidence either as Chelsea will inevitably be keen to do their outgoings early so they have a good idea on what the can, or can't, spend with yet another new manager coming into the fray.

I think all signs are pointing towards Omari's future home being known quite soon, and the question is - is £20m the price tag and do we rate him at that?

This is all speculative of course, but I can't help but think that all signs are pointing toward sooner rather than later.
Decent little biopic of Ipswich and McKenna from a neutral
at 01:20 31 May 2024

Decent little bit of content to chew on
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