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Covid has saved Lambert yet again - Postal Protest proposal?
at 17:40 23 Jan 2021

I hate saying it, but this is the second time we can make this claim. What is heart-breaking is we can't show how badly we hurt to the club right now. If we were allowed to attend matches unrestricted, imagine the noise and intensity we'd be able to show the club right now.

I honestly think instead of paying another penny for iFollow we should be sending a letter in business like envelopes, printed address behind the window jobby to the club every day with a simple "Lambert Out" written inside.

Business like as they won't be so easy to ignore. Imagine just 1000 of these showing up daily at PR, let alone levels close to the average attendance we pull.
[Post edited 23 Jan 17:41]
The run we are in now
at 17:12 23 Jan 2021

Is starting to read very much like the way it did when Lambert took over.

The new season bounce likely has done enough to keep relegation chances relatively low - but if Evans somehow lets Lambert stay next season we're going to quickly find ourself in the scrap.

I still maintain we have players on the books now that can shine if they're managed well with some tactical honing at the helm. The only benefit to Evans for keeping Lambert now is his contract buyout - there is literally no other reason why keeping him makes sense.
A bit of a positive spin...
at 16:47 23 Jan 2021

For all his flaws, Paul Lambert is still the best manager we've had since Paul Hurst.
Hey Marcus
at 16:33 23 Jan 2021

Let us know when you're taking this club seriously.

Managers tend to do better when they train the players attack the opponents more than once a month.

Paul ain't doin' that for ya guv


PS. I hope this post "ages well", I really do.
There's something about Janoi
at 15:41 21 Jan 2021

Donacien has not set the world on fire at ITFC, and has never really had much of a look in with Lambert, with Chambers being preferred on the wide role (which if far from Chamber's best position). At 27 years old you would expect him to not be happy as a bit part player at a club, and mentally he must be at the brink of despair.

However, with other teams looking at him, there must be something to him with the right manager? For all of Lambert's flaws, his handling of the flanks is one of the most concerning ones. Key evidence of this is Josh Emmanuel. While he really raised a lot of question marks at the championship level, he often added something up top even when looking shakey at the back. He's proving his ability at Hull City who has so far appeared 21 times, with 2 assists - a player we often were unsure of.

Coming round full circle, I wouldn't be surprised if Donacien comes good at another club when he moves on, as like JE, I bet his game is massively inhibited by having to over compensate for shocking blunders deep in our own half.

Don't get me wrong, Donacien isn't a world beater, never will he be, and certainly would not make it in a promotion chasing championship side - but I think our managers have made him look worse to us with they crap tactics than he actually is. Even if he is not a first teamer, he is way better than being exiled from the subs bench.
Town is a mess, Brexit is a mess, Covid is a mess - but somethings different
at 10:40 18 Jan 2021

We can now tell our bosses we're unhappy without having to burden them with our words.

Maybe I am being arrogant of a revolutionary idea, but my gut instinct here is this product and the person who invented it has absolutely no idea how the real world works.

WKJ Report: Burton
at 17:34 16 Jan 2021


3 Points I guess.
Update: Wayne Rooney announced as Derby Country Chariman
at 17:00 15 Jan 2021

Mel Morris is delighted to announce that not only has Rooney been made manager, but also the chairman with Morris paying Rooney 4 fray bentos pies to take it of his hands.

Rooney has a long history in the hearts and memories of County fans having started 35 times for County (and subbed in 6) scoring 7 goals over a playing career of 19 years.

Often dubbed Mr Derby County, Rooney is expected to have a statue erected for his achievements at county (probably mate from the used fray bentos tins). The placard reading, "I should have been Lampard's #2 at Chelsea, but I got stuck here instead"

Congratulations Derby County, Congratulations Mel Morris - Thank you for being the team ITFC should have emulated during Mick's years.

2 for 1 at Disneyland
at 18:38 12 Jan 2021

Go for the spectacle, get a jab in the process (and no, not the usual jab to the wallet)


If the 7 dwarfs aren't administering the vaccine I will be very cross about Disney breaking kayfabe.
I am still convinced David Artell is the way forward
at 16:54 12 Jan 2021

He experiments, He knows how to mix youth and experience, He has eveything to prove.

Granted, he's a rough personality at times, but ladies and gentlemen - We're beer drinkers now, Champagne (even Prosecco) is far far off into the distance now.
Sacked yet?
at 14:10 12 Jan 2021

Don't let us down Football Insider, you mighty tour de force.
2020 In Review
at 15:16 10 Jan 2021

Probably more factual than anything we hear on the news.
"Teachers and supermarket staff ‘not key workers"
at 14:11 10 Jan 2021

The nerve of our government - Home delivery have kept people in my family safe during Covid, and teachers are the first ones the government want at work (it is as if they pay their bills or something)

I actually can't think of many more key workers than supermarket staff beyond emergency, medical and care workers, and certainly not many more at a greater risk of exposure.
If we was hasty in 2020, then we surely aren't now
at 13:51 10 Jan 2021

I think it is fair to say the last time we had a 1st team manager at ITFC was Mick McCarthy. Lambert is very much trying to fit square pegs in round holes and hoping for it all to fit.

What possible honest to god reason could Evans have for keeping him now. 8th halfway through a season where we know the salary cap will further close the gap between "Big Club Ipswich" and "Who are they Stanley" - this is clearly the time to pull the trigger.

We may have been hasty calling for his head when we did, but to not be wanting his head now is bordering on delusional.
TFW Mitch McConnel is the voice of reason in politics
at 18:38 6 Jan 2021

He is actually starting to sound as humble as McCain did in when going up against Obama. I hope he gets the GOP in line as Trump is toxic for the GOP now. Irritates me that the GOP has moved so far right, as there are actually a lot of policies they champion that I favour more than the Democrats.
Managers you would hate to see here more than Lambert
at 18:25 6 Jan 2021

I think the roller coaster of Joey Barton shows just how desperate some of us are, but thankfully it seems many were happy to not see him here in place of Lambert. Curious who people on the board would hate to see manager here the most

(Former managers are disqualified from the discussion)
Sickening ambiguity from those responsible for the free world
at 17:15 6 Jan 2021

Although this isn't probably unintended as a literal, its very easy to interpret as such if you're devout enough.
Covid cases in PL doubles
at 15:57 5 Jan 2021


Not looking at all good or clever for football again. I have to say, it is not surprising this is happening as social distancing doesn't factor into football (unless you're a defender for ITFC)
Dubbers put me on an 80s binge
at 14:42 2 Jan 2021

And I then found an incredibly talented older gentlemen casually doing guitar covers on YouTube

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