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For all the p*ss taking for Celina's penno miss...
at 18:28 16 Mar 2019

He really wasn't utilised well here last year was he?
Probably the last decision I ever make
at 17:06 15 Mar 2019

Getting ready to go to Russia soon for a while for a research paper on cyber security. If you hear of a Suffolk man being detained for spying; send some cheese.

In all seriousness though, I have never been to Russia, a lotttt of admin work is having to be done before even getting a ticket, so if anyone has some advice on the country having been, preferably beyond sporting events visas, that would be fantastic.
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Oi Footers,
at 08:48 9 Mar 2019

I had bacon, eggs and beans... that ok?

with a side salad for added fibre
Oi Zed!
at 14:28 7 Mar 2019

Please notice me.
Look at the possitives
at 13:58 10 Feb 2019

... nope, sadly there are none
Mourinho keeps endearing himeself more and more
at 12:47 5 Feb 2019

What is it about Spain and football people paying taxes, it's not like our celebrities hide wealth overseas in this country or anything.
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There litterally was nothing more the fans could do
at 17:34 2 Feb 2019

Decent noise today, fans did the team proud for the most part. There quite literally is nothing more we can give as fans, we rallied after Mick and Hurst, and once more, the club is unable to deliver. Please don't try any more feel goods in the press room, the only feel goods we want and need are the ones that the team, staff and owner cant provide.
I guess we all know why Pennington didn't leave now
at 14:10 2 Feb 2019


Bout to give Nightflyers a whirl, any good? (n/t)
at 20:54 1 Feb 2019

Phil: About Ando
at 12:21 1 Feb 2019

Seems we are a little divided about his departure with ITFC. Do you remember whether his departure was due to not being offered terms, or rejecting terms related to pay/playtime
Nerd Alert 🚨 🚨 🚨
at 17:07 31 Jan 2019

I am very happy about this, if its good enough for Sir Patrick, it is more than good enough for me.
Cheesey Dilemma
at 10:03 31 Jan 2019

I have to do a dinner party soon, and much to my dismay there are children involved. I had assumed the cheese board would have been more attuned to adults while the kids would have been off somewhere being noisy and damaging my property.

However the parent has informed me the kids like babybels and I should put some on my cheeseboard. I am no monster, babybels are a midnight snack belonging hidden behind the Foie gras to keep people from seeing, not on my dinner table.

I am going to attempt the impossible and put something that tastes like babybel on the cheese board, but not the offensive little balls of deliciousness themselves. Immediately you might say, just put a bit of Edam on there, to which I reply, I have no love for Edam and do not see the similarity other than the red waxy full body Johnnie that they both reside in.

Port Salut is my decision to help provide the best of both worlds, dignity and *shudder* appeasing children. My question is, is Port Salut any good? Is it like Babybel at all? or is this going to be like the salted caramel profiteroles incident all over again, Help
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So if EU says no more talks, and No-deal was voted against
at 16:55 30 Jan 2019

... what now? (roll Brexit theme music)

Cookery Corner: Amazing Asian
at 15:02 30 Jan 2019

I realise there are probably DVDs floating about encapsulating the a Rule 34 genre to my post title, but this in this case we're talking cooking.

I don't have gas so trying to cook fried rice and chow mien is out! I cant get it like our unauthentic takeaways.

However I tried a real gem of a recipe that's lovely with a bit of rice.

I made this with chicken this week, and beef last week, and it was ruddy gorgeous, I would recommend using low-sodium soy sauce and/or use 3/4 the amount of soy and replace the other 1/4 with rice wine, either way, it comes out very similar to crispy shredded beef like that of a takeaway. The thinner you cut the meat, the crispier.

If you don't like fried items, something else you see quite often in American Chinese restaurants, but not so much here, is a pure belter of a dish called Beef and Broccoli

This is quite a saucy recipe and is super filling and decent if you're watching the calories as you can easily bulk the dish up with some move broccoli - which is gorgeous when it takes on the sauce in the florets.
[Post edited 30 Jan 15:03]
The world thought GWB was thick...
at 14:16 30 Jan 2019

He has just been de-throned

Then one of his own agencies replies with

I think ITFC Steward could run rings around dumpalump as the US Prez
Rocket Book - Techy Review
at 10:27 30 Jan 2019

I have recently invested in one of these notebooks, and have to say I have been really pleased.

In short, a Rocket Book is a 32 page reusable notebook with a companion app that upload your pages (with a phone/tablet camera and app) to upto 7 places online or to an email. With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) the app can search through your notes much like the same way as you can using Ctrl+F on a document or webpage.

- Pages wipe super easy
- OCR very solid
- Upload quality is good ( if captured in a good light)
- Removes the hassle of having to tote around a bunch of notebooks, and organises them such as I had to
- Feels very paper like in the writing

- Pretty pricey if not being used regularly
- Left hand smudgeitus still applies
- Wont do much for people who note take on a table/laptop in real time
- Needs good light to capture and upload notes.

Could just watch U23/18s games I suppose (n/t)
at 20:02 26 Jan 2019

Drumpf claims victory
at 05:59 26 Jan 2019

but of course he does, these tweets sum up my thoughts on the matter better than I ever could.

[Post edited 26 Jan 6:06]
Seems like Alex Salmond is up against some very serious charges
at 15:34 24 Jan 2019

Details of the charges released now.
Should Palm Oil be okay with Vegans?
at 05:25 24 Jan 2019

I am noticing a rise of products flouting their 'health halo' style rollocks lately on a mass of products claiming to be Vegan, a large reason for this is because they're using Palm Oil, in fact almost everything in supermarkets now uses Palm and/or Rapeseed oil in place of butter - cost cutting and the sort.

What is the issue with Palm oil? Well, in case you didn't know, its grown in tropical climates in large amounts leading to the destruction natural habitats for animals, a few endangered species too.

Mass arable farming will have an impact on any eco-system, whether you grow corn, potatoes, beets etc. So one could argue is anything grown in bulk considered vegan - the difference with palm oil though is that it is one of the largest sourced arable products in the world and so out-of-sight out-of-mind for people, we fail to realise how much damage it does to wildlife.
[Post edited 24 Jan 5:26]
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