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Away Days Lager
at 01:13 24 Jul 2021

Taking a bunch with me camping next month, but had to do a taste test.

TIbs sorted me out with some Golden Goal (which I had before and like) - bit had Bundeslager for the first time. Hands down the best lager I've had. Perfect lager, it really is - as cold as you can get before it freezes. Can't ask for more.
A refreshing case of political honesty
at 16:39 23 Jul 2021

In Alabama USA. Where the governor (R) has come out and said that the anti-vaccination crowd are the ones who are letting the state down.

A potent quote from a member of the party that typically attracts anti-vaccination people

"I've done all I can do... I make people take care of themselves"

The video contained in the article below

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Camp Food
at 12:37 19 Jul 2021

Unfortunately for all of you who thought my post was about Gino D'Acampo, I am afraid I clickbaited you.

What is the best way to go about the camping provisions in my 'pitch up, move on' road trip. Pennies dictate I can't really eat out on the way, so I am having to cook for myself (which I'm happy doing)

Would one take a cooler with a bunch of stuff, or hit a supermarket on a day by day basis - or god forbid, live off of canned meals for a week before visiting the bed and breakfast on the last stop, and possibly being kicked out after a visit to Monsoir Shanks, Armitage.

The twist here, is I don't consume meat.

Has anyone been to the Isle of Islay Lagavulin Brewery?
at 14:24 17 Jul 2021

This has been on my bucket list for years and I will be going up there August 18th (provided we're not in lockdown again). They currently offer a taster tour (£30), Warehouse Tour (£35) and a fancy tour £90.

Was curious if anyone has partaken in these adventures, and which one might be worth going for.

The funny thing is the ferry and brewery will end up costing more than the cost of the week of travel and campsites I've booked.
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I like the black one a lot
at 11:56 16 Jul 2021

KitFactor is no stranger to town fans, but I really have to say the black and gold one looks exceptional. I might actually buy this if it gets made.

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at 17:22 15 Jul 2021

As a quick straw poll, what do you think town's budget remaining is, and their wage budget. This is actually part of a football manager database edit im doing to reflect the summer business, which I will post on here in due course.
The most important thing about our signings
at 22:21 14 Jul 2021

Is they all seem to have resale potential.

As we know, many of the signings we made under Evans were players who were likely not to have many years left in the game, or if they did, there were approaching decline.

No one want's to be a selling club, but it is a strategy we see working for teams.

As discussed on here, our academy is not producing any income - so we may find ourselves cycling through players over the next few seasons. I hope we manage to use this to our advantage and get into the promised land once more.
Richard Stearman: worth a look?
at 11:15 14 Jul 2021

Playing more in a CB role these days. Yes, he's 33 and getting on, but I would not be against a 1 season punt on the bloke, assuming we'd be able to meet his wages.

He was signed on an 18-month contract by Huddersfield during the January 2020 window. Apparently, Derby County is interested as they have him there on a trial.
The Flynn Downes Depreciation Thread...
at 10:55 14 Jul 2021

No, not a lack of appreciation, but rather a curious question of how much we think we will get for him.

We have previously put an £8m price tag on FD, but with just a year left on his contract that value would have depreciated considerably.

Conversely, Paper talk seems to put 4 teams at the top of the transfer rumours. Having a scout around online, it looks like Stoke and Bristol City are the two teams that have the biggest amount of chatter around them.

Could a bidding war happen?

Not for the life of me do I expect 8m will be raised, but I also cant see us flogging him for near £1m.

How would you value him with all these variables knocking about?
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Was looking at Pigott's goal reel
at 03:39 14 Jul 2021

The lad has a touch of Stewart in some of his goals. He's not afraid to run at a defender with the ball either.

If he carries on like that, we've got a really good player in our midst.
My CV needs an intervention
at 10:49 13 Jul 2021

I have always held jobs where I start low level, then get rapidly promoted within - so I have never actually had to apply for a job with a CV. At 38 this leaves me in a precarious situation.

I am trying to switch industries, if anyone has intimate knowledge on how to construct a CV, especially with a long gap in employment - I would appreciate it dearly.

My desire for a job is fast becoming a necessity, as self employment is BARELY paying the bills since covid as more and more people are freelancing.
Could Pigott mean Jackson out and Dobra on loan?
at 17:55 12 Jul 2021

Given we need to stick to a quad of 22, it would seem Norwood, Piggot, Bonne being the likely picks for strikers - I can't see them adding more strikers to the final squad.

Alternatively, could Cook actually be looking at a two-up top formation? very off-brand for him - but who on earth misses out of those three.
Possibly another today?
at 17:50 12 Jul 2021

The video creator in me noticed that the new Pigott video was very heavy on halves. Scene transitions with center split and the sort. It abandons the usual 'rule of threes'

Very very tenuous - but my one module of digital arts is humming.
Pun: Town over the final furlong with Pigott signing
at 17:45 12 Jul 2021

Town off to the races with Pigott upfront

Wibmbledon Colt hero, Pigott joins town.
Phil/Gav/Mark/Support - We gonna get the chat room
at 15:14 11 Jul 2021

Warmed up for the season tonight? Bunch o TWTDs, piss*D and watching the footie. What could go wrong
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So do we know where Italy are staying?
at 13:49 10 Jul 2021

I have a right G-boyed up Vauxhall Nova with Super Tweets and Dunking Bass that I would like to test out.

Sadly I couldn't find the Italian version of Mister Blobby, but about 24 hours of it on repeat will have them singing along in English and ready for the big game.
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Are companies slow to hire right now?
at 10:49 10 Jul 2021

Rather shamefully, Covid wrecked my business. Thankfully I was fairly new to it before Covid hit and I was able to recuperate a substantial percentage of my assets - whew

However, I am now at a point where I have to cross my fingers as well as aggressively pursue openings in the Cambridgeshire and London area.

I did find a couple of roles for companies I know and trust - but the openings all seem around the 30+ day listing mark.

I know service retail is suffering, but my ideal role is more geared toward digital community management - so I am a bit clueless on the usual turnaround of listing to response in this field.

Any advice or info on similar situations would be well appreciated.

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Camping - Part 2
at 16:59 9 Jul 2021

So the next question, following up from the 2200 mile tour of the mainland UK, is what are the rules on camping. Are there areas one can just pitch up for the night across the UK?

Also, are there places that let you rent a shower (Obviously on campsites, but I am trying to do this as cheap as possible as I am determined not to enjoy myself)
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