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👏 The 👏 Players 👏 Are 👏 Not 👏 Fit 👏
at 16:22 22 Apr 2021

Why does this fact seem to be overlooked?

- Lambert had a strong start
- Lambert started to slide
- Town's medical department has long been a laughing stock by all
- A bunch of the players have routinely played better in the past
- We just had a half-season hiatus

Fair enough. the last one applies to all - but the medical and sports science department being a joke has not been a common issue for many clubs as long as it has been for us.

That and apathy from the players... this isn't a problem that Cook or anyone can fix until the summer.

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From ESL to BSL... not sign language
at 11:40 22 Apr 2021

So the latest idea to 'fix football' is to create a British super league featuring rangers and Celtic. 18 teams, with a top 4 play off for the title.

Not quite as obnoxious as the ESL, but surely something just as damaging by tightening the screws on being able to reach the Premier League?

Would Rangers and Celtic be immune from relegation, or would the Premier League decide to shut shop and do away with relegation all together?

Potential troubling times as the Premier League now seem restless.

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I think Evans did the dirty on Cook without knowing...
at 12:02 21 Apr 2021

With a takeover on the horizon and a new prospective manager to take over from Lambert - Evans probably should never have made any appointments. Even if GC20 were behind Cook, I think it would have been fairer for all parties involved if Evans just kept gill on for the season.

Of course, Evans probably seen the new manager bounce in Cook, and wanted to make the Sale of ITFC even more delicious for GC20, however, if Cook didn't know any of the takeover stuff as he has stated - He's been done dirty.
How the ESL should have worked
at 23:42 20 Apr 2021

A preseason friendly tournament group into knockout stages that also invites the best teams from the country they're touring in.

Commercial money spinner, makes preseason interesting for fans, has international appeal.
Northampton, Wimbledon, Bristol Rovers
at 22:58 20 Apr 2021

All examples of a club with players banding together trying to survive and achieve their prize of staying up...

I hope our players take a long look at those results and realise what playing with passion and pride means - if you have a cause and unity, you can beat almost anyone.

Make no doubt about it, there is such a lack of care for reaching the playoffs, the fans and ambition from ALL members of our squad right now and they should be lucky to play at this level when they move on.

The only consolation from this capitulation is that now playoffs are being considered as impossible for Cook - the great Ipswich bin off can begin.

I would love it if we could attend the last game of the season (will be texting my mate Boris about it tonight) - that way we could give our playoffs the most vocal send off we could muster.

COYB! - Shame on the players - disgusting lack of ambition and drive.

Irritation: Ward Edition
at 11:53 19 Apr 2021

"We Have to Be Really Positive and Believe We Can Make Play-Offs"

This statement more or less highlights how wrong the mindset is..

There is no believing you can make the play-offs, if you're not playing like you can make the play offs.

Play like you have that goal, and when you do, start believing .

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Any news on the takeover?
at 11:49 18 Apr 2021

Askin' for a friend
Navalny - Pretty clear to see how this one is gonna go
at 21:53 17 Apr 2021


So, if this goes the path that I predict most of us probably think it will - is the world going to tut and wag their fingers? Maybe slap on a sanction?

'The Summer of Democracy: "Thoughts and Prayers" edition' trundles on.
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Why so high up... Cross low, cross early
at 14:58 17 Apr 2021

Again, we are far too high up the pitch when we cross. Trying to cross just feet from the line has it so our attackers are well and truly marked.

It isn't pretty, but other teams are consistently crossing low, and early to the edge of the box. At what point do our attackers realise this?

Getting the ball on the edge of the box is more important than getting it in the box in League 1. We fail to do this time and time again. Occasionally we might make a surges in the middle, but that is nonsense about deep crosses and being jammed up on the touch line is just not gonna work for us.
TWTD Does Football Manager
at 06:21 17 Apr 2021

This may be an amazing, or incredibly dumb idea - but I was considering doing a TWDT Plays as ITFC.

The idea in my mind is to form a consensus on what a starting budget would be (based on hopefully realist predictions of what GameChanger20 will provide us with). All players on the senior squad will be transfer listed, although if a strong opinion is reached we can retain certain players.

Players that get returned/released between now and the end of the season will be released in game.

We will agree upon a basic formation we must stick to for the entire season - and figure out who we want to buy at the start.

As the save is set up and the players populate, the idea is those who participate will play X number of games, then send the save file to the next person in line, but reporting results and significant decisions/events on this thread.

See if we as fans really know as much as we think we do about making ITFC the club we once knew. If there is interest in this, we'll set up the save file between now and the end of the season IRL, then get cracking on the game season over the summer break.
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Leaving home after years of lock down...
at 03:30 15 Apr 2021

Other than essential trips to the office, I have not left the confines of my home village socially in years as a sufferer of agoraphobia. The last football game I managed to sit all the way through without leaving in a blind tiz was out 3-0 home win on April 16th 2013

Having worked with some people, and taken some advice from some on here - as well as seeing how the rest of the world has experienced lockdown - a trigger has gone off in me and I am well and truly on the road to recovery. The apex of this mission was planned tonight, as I have finally managed to do the unthinkable and book a trip to my other home.

Additionally, if anyone suffers from mental health struggles and are nervous to address it, the folks at CALM https://www.thecalmzone.net/ are one of many excellent resources.

#LookAtMe #SUQ
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"We're not out of it yet"
at 13:25 14 Apr 2021

Used again, this time by Downes.

I would honestly feel more respect for the team if they came out and said - Yeah, we've got no chance of the playoffs now, and we're going to stop pretending we're capable of it.
I hope the supporter's club don't run player of the season
at 01:05 14 Apr 2021

As really that would be an insulting thing to win considering none of our players have been close to consistent this season.
Strawberry Cheesecake chocolate digestives...
at 23:17 13 Apr 2021

I had some tonight, and I'm not sure if they are disgusting of a masterpiece.

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Sears on...
at 19:53 13 Apr 2021

Seems like Cook may have given up too.
Not fit to wear the shirt
at 19:19 13 Apr 2021

Im done with this lot now.

I know creating a new team in 1 transfer window is never a recipe for promotion, but these lot of idiots strut around like peacocks but play like headless chickens.
Jammed in the corner
at 19:02 13 Apr 2021

Week in, week out... we either get jammed in the corners with players who can't cross, or rely on a surge through the middle.

Yet EVERY OTHER TEAM get the ball across the edge of the box, passing from out wide.

Useless bunch of overpaid posers.
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