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Corbyn picks a strange time to become vocal
at 21:34 15 Jan 2019

I am not necessarily posting this to debate who is better, Corbyn or May, as I am pretty disgusted by both. Though much like May calling non-partisan cooperation too late, Jeremy Corbyn has suddenly shown a bit of passion and bite (see video) entirely too late.

I have to say, I really enjoyed seeing his responce in this video for interest/entertainment, it is just an utter shame I see right through it as sizzle and no sausage.
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What would be an acceptable bid for Andre?
at 08:18 15 Jan 2019

As a companion to the thread below:

Will Dozzell be off now we have Judge and a stacked midfield ? by snipes 15 Jan 7:54
So the 3 perm clubs interested and waiting in the wings for Judgd deal to go through
Just saying !!

Considering his injury and development time lost; how much do you think we should accept for Andre if a bid comes in?

I have a feeling he will probably not be easy to reach a new contract agreement with as he isn't getting played to the degree he'd like- so selling up may be the smart move for us to avoid a cut rate offer at the end of his contract; or worse, losing him for free.

I was tempted to do a poll but, that is pretty broad.
The BBC and Blatant Clickbaiting
at 04:24 15 Jan 2019

Woke up this morning and decided to check the news and views, when suddenly this article pops up in the suggested reads:

I was pretty shocked, the headline and the picture all suggests one thing, and it wasn't until a good way down the article that the true essence of the article is revealed.

I would urge people to consider complaining about this shoddy rubbish on the BBC website, as they have absolutely no advertising revenue to gain from this shady online practice, they seem to just do stuff to keep up with the rest of the pack.
Pretty much this
at 22:20 14 Jan 2019

Although i wish we still had Drury on the books for this gag, it does kind of highlight the excitement for the reminder of this battle. The Jury being us who have returned, hopefully some will stay on for more than just the promo.

FFS Sitters
at 20:03 14 Jan 2019

Where were you!?
Mrs May and the betrayal of the 52%: A balanced observation from a remain voter
at 04:18 14 Jan 2019

As someone who voted to remain, I am torn about this. Obviously staying in the EU was what I wanted, but if it does happen I am astounded at just how infantile commons were, and not just within the Tory ranks.

The withdrawal deal took a long time to formulate, an incredibly long time fronted by a Tory driver who wanted to keep the process out of the hands of fellow MPs, possibly to avoid this mess, possibly to have it all their way- with Conservatives it is hard to know. The idea that party interests would be catered for above national interest was clear and present for a long time, however.

Sound bites from the PM about putting the will of the country above political games came far too late, the call for bipartisan co-operation levied at time when the very process it self should have been carried out with bipartisan co-ordination.

Mrs May was a remainer of course, this could all have been her master plan to get to the 12th hour and pull the plug in a less controversial way than to call another vote. There is also the theory she knowingly played the time game to hold commons to a "My deal or no deal" situation, a scenario that seems to have been put to bed over the last couple of weeks.

Then we have Corbyn, who tempting as it may be to liken to Hitler for some, is very guilty of being absolutely no use to the country or commons for the whole process. The hard questions were rarely asked, when they were they- were rarely talked about for long. The person who lead the Labour party at a time they seemed to be heading for leadership exile, fumbled the general election that they could have actually won, as hard to imagine as that was at a time Labour were still on their knees from the Blair Era. He blew the chance to take control in spectacular fashion.

The most significant issue of this, to me, all is the toll it has had on people, families, and friendships. At a time when playing on right wing and left wing divide has internationally been becoming a way of gaining power rather than the ability to promote one's self. In turn this divide and influence tactic added yet another people dividing spanner in the works, that is to say, Remainers Vs Leavers - something that exists on this very board, all the way up to an international level.

In conclusion, regardless of the final outcome, democracy has failed on a massive level. Both Leave and Remain ran campaigns built on blatant lies to the voters, that continued to keep divisions strong throughout the negotiation stage, probably fully anticipating a possibility of a second vote. The people in charge of negotiating the deal excluded so many peers during the processes at a time when government was in by a paper thin majority, it was hardly ever going to stand a chance of passing commons.

There is, of course, a feint possibility that the deal could be voted through in a shock twist to those either side of the leave/remain line, saving what shred of democracy exists, though this seems as likely as ITFC reaching the playoffs.

This is an opinion piece on the leadership of our country more than the withdrawal of the EU itself. So what I urge people to do should the inept sleepwalk into a Brexit Backtrack, is to ask serious questions of your MPs. Your fellow (wo)man should not be blamed, or gloated at if it is abandoned, but the MPs in commons, not just on the conservative benches. They should all be held accountable for a complete betrayal of the Great British people as they have allowed divides to form as a tactic and grow to a problematic degree leaving social scars all over the place, while spectacularly achieving nothing but a distraction from running the country for the last few years.

Taking back control is almost an ironic statement applied to "Brexit", as the ones in control or government never managed to be in control of anything at all.

Edits: I am not very good at writing posts on TWTD, from day one I have had to correct spelling of grammar botches from simple one liners to big blub fests, so I can assure you all edits were such corrections rather than l swerving.
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Anyone read I Robot?
at 14:52 13 Jan 2019

By Isaac Asimov? My next module pack arrived today on networking and robotics and was pleased to see they are mixing in a bit of literature into an otherwise dull subject to me.

Sadly they let then dropped the ball and included a copy of James May's Big Ideas: Man Machine in the pack, but hey ho

Is it a read in small doses book, or cant put it down type affair.
Sorry Theresa, You incompetancy has already done this
at 04:06 13 Jan 2019
For the few who think Lambert is no greater than Hurst
at 18:51 12 Jan 2019

It took Hurst 15 games to get 9 points

Lambert has met that with 13 games, and double the wins.

He is basically statue material now.
Ugly, Disgusting, Horrible Game
at 16:57 12 Jan 2019

Sexy, Beautiful, Gorgeous Result

we got 3 fekkin points!!!

1 down 9 more to go - tentatively speaking


Edit: Get fk'd Reading D:
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Bart vs Gerken
at 07:15 12 Jan 2019

Rather interestingly I have noticed looking at all the team selection predictions on here is the sway people have between both of our keepers. I am fully aware of the Bart situation season, though it has become evident in the Spence posts many of us feel the problem is as much losing possession as it is defending. So does this consideration apply to the goalies too?

Has Bart's Stanley appearance alone done enough to warrant renewed faith in our wayward hero, or has Gerken's games prior just not been any better.

What I Said vs What I mean : Trumpadump Edition
at 22:33 10 Jan 2019

mega arf
Dozzell needs games badly
at 19:45 10 Jan 2019

Regularly too, but he isn't ready for this level week in and week out in my opinion. If the transfer rumours arf are not true, Skuse, Huws, Bishop all coming back into it, then surely he should be going out on loan as a matter of priority.

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One thing that doesn't get mentioned on here much now
at 19:07 10 Jan 2019

Which Lambert has reminded me of in his recent comments is that there has been a patern between all managers hired by ME up until Hurst.

How many players have we simply let go, and not sold, let their contracts lapse, or shipped off to another club for free.

Keane, Jewell and Mick all let a lot of talent go this way, and I have to say I get the vibe that Lambert is most astonished by that running practice more than anything Evans investment related.

Lambert could be one of the most important managers we've ever had if he is indeed trying to buck that trend, and actually generate revenue rather than let it all slip away.

For all the pelters Evans gets on here, it does highlight to me one of his bigger issues has been managers letting assets trickle away rather than recouping costs to try and spend more as CAPEX (capital expenditure), Evans has been plugging most of it in OPEX (operating expenditure).

Evans' isn't blameless of course, but it does make you think how big the lack of having a football minded executive has been for our woes.
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at 17:51 9 Jan 2019

Quite often I get nostalgia pangs, go back and watch things and realise they are sh*t now and were sh*t back then.

I did recently watch all of League of gentlemen and got hooked again, so not the case here for me. Then started rewatching Psychoville and inside #9 - truely wonderful story tellers are those involve in all/some of those shows.

Good stuff
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