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Lambert is Class - Part MXIVII
at 18:38 22 Sep 2019

Showed up to the Simplyhealth Great East Run today looking very dapper, and gladly took pictures with the kiddies with a smile on his face. Great to see him getting out and about in local events going on in the community.
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I had to laugh...
at 18:47 21 Sep 2019

“They never really caused us too much of a problem. They surprised me the way they played, really direct. I thought they’d play a bit more football than they did."

Feels odd being the ones saying that rather than being told that by the other manager in a presser. Clearly Lambo is poking Steve Evans a bit, who was a pratt today, as usual.
I think we've now beaten more L1 teams under Lambert
at 17:29 21 Sep 2019

as we did with, a different manager. We're as good as in the Champions League now.
Long shot this
at 17:03 21 Sep 2019

But anyone got a spare ticket for Gillingham? Ta
The march continues
at 16:54 21 Sep 2019

Not the prettiest of displays, and riding our luck on a 1 goal lead again. Would like to see us put more goals away, but we did what needed to be done, and did it efficiently.

#Unbeaten #100Pointsand40goals #Cleansheetnumber5

Looks a bit tasty don't it
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Hurst Watch
at 16:27 21 Sep 2019

Pressure on Poch
at 14:23 21 Sep 2019

What a performance for Leicester, looking good for challenging for a Europe spot this season, maybe even CL. Spurs are not looking right at all this season. Poor Liz Edwards (smirk)
Finally, something good on at Trinity Park
at 11:37 21 Sep 2019

Or the correct name, Suffolk Show Ground

Lovely motors, and beautiful vehicles, possibly even a few swingers. Worth a day out.
Which cover crop would be the best bet
at 12:01 20 Sep 2019

The new allotment has been fallow for 3 years and seems to have last been used for spuds, heavy clay soil. Torn between clover, mustard and possibly rye with a covering of pig s***. What would you do?
Finally on the front page of the BBC
at 21:57 19 Sep 2019

Money well spent Mr Poulter

(don't worry, I blame him for every thing)
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Which former blue that we shipped off to L1 would you have back out of...
at 15:41 19 Sep 2019

Brett Pittman
Keifer Moore

Obviously Moore is now in the Championship, but was recently in L1 applying his trade.

I ask because of the communal bum puckering around Norwood's "ACL/Rolled Ankle/Calf" injury really had us wondering about Strikers and the sort.
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Carpal tunnel or Arthritus
at 01:03 19 Sep 2019

Being a professional keyboard jockey, carpal tunnel seems to be an inevitability I will face, if not facing it already, so was just sounding out anyone that may have or had it and who has had surgery of other treatment.

My symptoms are mostly in the area on the back of the hand between the little finger and his neighbour. Although i am wandering if I might be looking at the Arthritis problem too as I get shooting pain in my wrist occasionally when bracing them in an L shape, such as getting up out of a char or what not.

Just curious what treatments are like and how well the pain can be managed as I get further along in the game of life. I tend to avoid a lot of online articles or symptom checkers as I usually manage to some how end up with an incurable life threatening condition.

Got a GP visit booked for next week, but the old cogs be a churnin' and will be until then.
Norwood looks to be just fine
at 00:46 19 Sep 2019

Love seeing there be a bit of fun about the place

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Education, it is never too late
at 22:42 18 Sep 2019

First of all, if are a fresher, or have kids who are freshers, best of luck in the daunting Freshers week and first step towards an academic journey. Whilst the first year doesn't count towards the class of honours, knuckling down and learning self driven study habits and academic confidence counts for everything.

Also, if you are considering going back to Uni as a mature student, get off the fence and do it. You are entitled to an undergraduate student loan if you have never had one, and after 30 years the loan is forgiven for whatever you don't pay back on 9% of earnings over a salary of £27k (*6% on post graduate)

I have the pleasure studying along side people who are in their 70's and although they may not use the qualification for employment purposes, they all say the experience is enriching and greatly fills their life with enjoyment and a goal.

Whilst you don't need a degree to be successful, there is a lot more to draw from the experience than a bit of paper and £20k of debt.

I started study with the Open Uni in my 30s last year, and while that is considered young, it was daunting considering it, but I have learnt so much about myself, more than I did from ambling tutorial blogs and videos online.

But most of all, good luck to those who are taking that step, it can be a truly wonderful, yet stressful, journey.
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Dear Stokie... Look what you've done...
at 14:14 18 Sep 2019


Signed - Humility Police.
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