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I am very confused by a fruit
at 08:01 19 Jul 2024

I suppose I shouldn't be TOO surprised that a fruit ripens but I saw an article on the Beeb that talks about how to store cucumbers. It says to leave it out of the fridge until it ripens.
What on earth is the difference between a ripe and unripe cucumber?

Have I been eating unripe cucumbers my whole life?

Is a cucumber just a very unripe banana?

I am a people confused.
When to pretend you're impressed... but dying a little inside
at 16:00 14 Jul 2024

I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I went to the lady's family for dinner. The Dad decided to cook, but instead of roasties he made steak cut oven fries... is there a number I can call or something, as I am deeply traumatised by this... oh... and Dad had ketchup. What a way to ruin onion ring gravy.

EFL Championship: Table Game
at 11:28 13 Jul 2024

I am going to kick off with a bit of fun here and predict the final table.

1. Burnley
2. Hull (If the spend well)
3. Leeds
4. West Brom (P)
5. Sheffield United
6. Watford
7. Sunderland
8. Luton Town
9. Portsmouth
10. Coventry
11. Sheffield Weds
12. Stoke City
13. Millwall
14. Norwich
15. Derby County
16. Preston
17. Blackburn Rovers
18. Middlesborough
19. Cardiff
20. Swansea
21. Bristol City
22. Plymouth
23. QPR
24. Oxford

+1 for every place that a team deviates from the list come the end of the season

Golf score rules, lowest points wins

Whoever gets the most promoted and relegated teams placed correctly, don't forget to mark on for the playoff victors
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Celina next?
at 10:52 13 Jul 2024

Didn't have a bad season at AIK on loan and pushing on closer to home. I jest... it wouldn't be TWTD if this one didn't come up once a summer
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ITFC: Revenue streams
at 06:45 13 Jul 2024

I can only assume the building works scuppers this idea, but I though showing the Spain vs Ipswich game in fan zone could have bought in a bit of dosh this weekend. Didn't we open it up for the last Euros?
Greaves confirmed
at 19:02 12 Jul 2024

KMK... Amazing bloke
at 11:15 12 Jul 2024

I didn't see if this was posted already, if it was I missed it...

Look at those kid's faces... he's a rock star in Ipswich.
AI of the day: Nigel Farage's guide to making tea
at 04:59 12 Jul 2024

The fella is clearly right to be an MP, look at these skills!
Sheerer's reaction is wonderful
at 15:52 11 Jul 2024

We all know he's a bit of a moaner, but you fan see in his eyes from the pass to the goal how much he's loves it.
WKJ called it...once again... I called it right
at 21:59 10 Jul 2024

Shed loads of jet activity over the Dennington area...
at 15:00 10 Jul 2024

Anything on in the area today? I have not heard so many flyovers since the days of Bentwaters.
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When is it acceptable to become drunk?
at 13:53 10 Jul 2024

It has been about 5 years since I last entertained another household for dinner and I decided to cook Katsu curry - all from scratch, none of this Uncle Sharwoods nonsense. Needless to say, it was very hot in the kitchen and the Ashanti larger started flowing to cool me down.

Needless to say, by the time the ambassador bought around the Ferrero Rochet I was well and truly Friday night out/New Years Eve drunk. I didn't even make after dinner coffee and am now worried I am going to be seen as an alcoholic and a poor choice for Dennington's Next Top Vicar.

Up the blues, time to crack into the Lagavulin before a kebab later.
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at 10:02 10 Jul 2024

And still nothing
Anyone remember when we were in for Boyd and Taylor
at 12:25 9 Jul 2024

This whole saga with Greaves and Philogene is really starting to bring back those memories....

What other double swoops have we been in, Dutch or otherwise.
Anyone bought from The Sofa Shop?
at 12:17 6 Jul 2024

Am hovering over the checkout button for a new reclining suite, was curious if anyone else has used this company before trusting them with 1.2 grand ><
Trip down memory lane...
at 10:39 6 Jul 2024

This video (featuring Phil Ham) from 7 years ago. You can look back and appreciate how much of a positive spin was trying to be applied to something that wasn't working. Makes me appreciate where we are all the more.
I asked AI to redesign Portman Road to facilitate 50,000... oh boy
at 19:47 4 Jul 2024

Concept one is a bold move where the Cobbold stand faces away from the pitch and peers into the neighbours houses

When I informed them of this wild idea the AI revolted and knocked down the Churchman's stand instead, as well as creating a terrible accident between a car, box van and pedestrian... terrible day for Ipswich Portmar Town

I told them the lack of facilities on the Churchman's stand was not ideal. So attempt 3 began with the logo looking more and more cursed... up the Ipswich Town Town. Clearly the AI is aware of TWTD and made every concession stand into a cheese stall. Rather interestingly, they removed the upper tier of the North stand and moved the Churchman's stand to Nacton. Best of both world where the supporters can both watch the game and spy into the neighbours houses at the same time.

Odd/Interesting town stats
at 12:37 4 Jul 2024

I was doing a little reading recently and there are a few things that surprise me:

1. Daryl Murpy's points per game was quite a bit better than David McGoldrick (Including DM's loans)

2. Matt Gill has the highest Win % of any ITFC Manager, 1 game and 1 win for 100%

3. John Duncan and George Burley both have higher win % at town than Sir Bobby
- Robson 44.6%
- Duncan 45.3%
- Burley 45.5%

4. Not including Interims, under Marcus Evans our most successful manager was Jim Magilton with 37.8% but Big Mick came close with 37.6% where as the worst was Paul Hurst with an obscene 6.7% win rate (Paul Cook was 2nd worst with 28.5%)

5. Omari's transfer fee (20m) is more than the combined total of the next four highest signings (£15.4m)
- Sereni £4.8m
- Hermann £4.5m
- George £3.1m
- Bent £3m

6. Ipswich have never beaten Chelsea in a competitive cup game

7. Head-to-head we're superior in league wins to Man City (Ipswich 25, Man City 19)

8. Head-to-head we've lost more games against Notts County, Carlisle, Barrow, Cheltenham and Newport County (Including cups) than we've won (League 2 teams)

9. Our youngest player to make an appearance in first team action was 16 years 11 days against Doncaster Rovers (Will leave it blank for audience participation)

10. Our oldest first team player to appear was 43 years, 219 days against Gateshead)

11. The most FA Cup appearances and League Cup appearances were by a player named Mick - but they are different people

12. In competitive games, Luke Chambers only ever came on as a sub one time (League Cup)

(If I have made an error, feel free to correct me - im relying on the internet)
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