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Adam Webster has a really big mouth
at 15:20 21 Jul 2017

I am astounded and in awe... The latest picture on the TWTD front page is majestic!

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Im still not convinced about 'That Transfer'
at 06:37 14 Jul 2017

Reading deeper into the sports writers at Wolverhampton's Star and Express I feel somewhat optimistic they are no more aware as to Böðvarsson's plans are than we are. While it seems highly likely that Wolves would be more apt to accept a transfer than a loan it seems odd no news has come out of Ipswich sources saying our loan offer was rejected. Curious if we would make an actual offer if Wolves said, this is what Reading wants to do, you need to match it.
A bit of fun bed time reading
at 23:39 13 Jul 2017

Talk about being caught in a tight spot, atleast he ended up in the money
A question for the vapers
at 01:46 13 Jul 2017

I havent had the best of luck with my box this year. I bought a Smok Alien 220 before all of the reports came out about the battery compartment failing and no longer firing up; this indeed happpened to me, and the seller on Ebay miraculously vapourized (pun intended) into thin air

A lot of websites and youtube providers are seemingly sponsored by the hardward manufacturers so finding unbiased reviews is almost a non starter.

I like to subohm ≥ 70%VG, 3-6mg nicotine fluid, and I rarely go over 60watts and prefer 0.15-0.5ohms coils and having a box without a built in cell - (i charge my cells with a charger as I often hear "charge through device" can significantly reduce the life of the hardware. I am a tart so i like a little throat hit and a decent cloud.

So with that all in mind, reliability being the main key, do any of you folks have suggestions/testimonials about solid vape mods. My price range is about £100 tops, (I shuddered reading this at first but then rememebered that is easily 2 months of Amber Leaf, so eases my mind a bit)

It does not have to be vegan friendly
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Mucked up my Mozzarella
at 20:28 11 Jul 2017

I like Lasagna, infact a good lasagna is probably one of my faves - The issues is I dont like British Lasagna. British Lasagna tends to use a red meat sauce and a cheese sauce- I prefer the american ish type where it goes meat sauce and ricotta mix

Needless to say I rolled out home made pasta and was giving this a real go - and I thought, why not up the anti and top with real Mozzarella too!

This is where regretfully things took a turn. Despite slicing it thin and salt and peppering it on a paper towel for 30m or so before cooking it - it expelled water all over the pan making dinner seemingly lost.

I did recover some what by cutting through the "loaf" several times and mixing it together calling it "Lasagna Casserole" and dinner guests seemed to enjoy it - but for future not- how does one cook with real mozarella without flooding their food?
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It's Amazon Prime Day!!!
at 11:16 11 Jul 2017

Please god don't let that ever be an actual holiday...

That said there are some seemingly good deals - What should I waste my money on :|
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How long will May last?
at 11:49 10 Jul 2017

I am not really approaching this from a Labour v Tory stand point, but rather just looking at May as the PM. Given how things are currently going I honestly don't think May is going to survive the brexit talks as PM. There have been a number of times Mrs May had done the exact opposite to what she said prior, and barely came out credible after here snap election gaffe

I highly doubt that many of the brexit voters will get anything near what they expected by the time the conservatives have wheeled and dealed to suit their corporate key supporters, and Mrs May will soon be expected to put her money where her mouth is, and ultimately fail to do so. I feel May's closeness with Donald Trump may ultimately lead to a difficult situation, as more time goes by the more and more shady Trump appears, and what will Mrs May do when the leaders of G20 countries look her way should Trumps vanity project come crashing down in flames?

Although I voted Labour this time, I have been a life long Tory voter- and wether or not Corbyn is or isn't for you- I trusted the Labour party to negotiate our separation from the EU with the citizen's interests in mind- It's not that i even lack trust in the Tories as much as it is I lack trust in May.

Rant over, on with the rest of the newspapers before lunch for me
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Pitman Rethink? Sears in his natural role?
at 17:49 8 Jul 2017

I am one who thinks Pitman still has a lot to offer here at town, and think we would be doing better to keep him than sell him (or let him leave as it feels is what may happen) Do you think McCarthy might be rethinking Pit's position at the club?

Also, Sears played a solid game by the sounds of it, in his natural striker position. A player a lot of people slammed last year as he struggled to set the world alight on the wing, but a player who has proven he can score a load of goals if consistently in a striker role- do you think that Sears might be considered a striker again and Mick might be trying to solidify the wing instead?

I know we can't look too much into the friendly result- though given we couldn't beat Lincoln twice last year, I would say the 5-0 win today says a lot for the worth and potential of some of our players that we or Mick has cast off.
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What's going on here then?
at 12:37 8 Jul 2017

A friend linked me this image earlier with a crude joke attatched, but after watching it a few times with a degree of facination, im trying to figure out, what is happening here (or more so what they are trying to do)

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Sour Grapes or Justified Contempt?
at 10:58 8 Jul 2017

As an Ipswich Town fan we've often seen interviews or articles where the brass of the club have praised our compliance for FFP- Though It seems Wolves have just completed their thrid big money signing in 12 months for £16m

Ivan Cavaleiro - 7m Last summer
Helder Costa - 13m Last Winter
Ruben Neves - 16m This morning

To me I can not fathom a championship team generating enough income from ticket sales and merchandising alone to sustain £36m in transfers not to mention wages.

FFP being a farce in this league does not exactly come as a shock to anyone- but now clubs are blatantly ignoring it putting pressure on other teams to either catch up, or hope for a miracle.

Of course this is no guarentee that wolves will go up - though clubs opperating with this degree of financial flexibility and disregard for the rules surely mocks the EFL and all clubs who are being responsible.

Maybe this is just sour grapes from me as I think most of us would love a rich owner who splashes the cash deep down- though I think the EFL have to get serious about FFP, reform FFP or scrap it all togehter because if this trend continues; the concept of "Fairness" is well and truely borked.
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So I scrapped my TV license
at 21:30 6 Jul 2017

I do not use Iplayer, but i do use Amazon Prime Video and Netflix as im finding the quality of those shows much better than most syndicated programs. I do not regret this decision at all, though do the TV License people ever stop hounding you?

I have called them up and told them clearly im not using BBC's online service, nor do i have any kind of non-internet related connections to my tv, so I do not wish for one - yet i still keep getting reminder letters that I have not got one- it is quite harassing now

EDIT: Just for clarity I am not trying to stage an anti license coup, I simply am not paying for a service I do not currently use
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I like this new trend - Introducing a new signing
at 11:17 6 Jul 2017

Following up from the "Cringeworthy" post about John Terry's signing for Villa this week (which most seemed to find funny, myself included) - I think Swansea tried to up the ante, and did a good job

Isgrove - Will he or wont he?
at 08:33 1 Jul 2017

A lot of people thinking he will be Town bound, but reports are Charlton are close to making the signing, do you think he will or wont end up in the mix at portman road
My Bucket List - Advice Needed
at 14:17 15 Jun 2017

I am at a point in my life where my family is small enough that I still have a degree of independance and the ability to create savings (with a bit of budgeting of course)

I have always been touched by the culture and people of Japan, having chosen Studio Ghibli as the focus of my media studies course work, Castle in the Sky being the first film I remember watching as a young lad.

So as you will have no doubt guessed, I want to go to Japan, but not so much as a blatant holiday, but more as a journey of discovery. The issues are, I do not speak Japanese, I am very poor at booking an itinerary/accomodation, and more selfishly, i want to go on my own without the lady half because - well - it's my life defining holiday (if that makes sense) - If i am take a back by it then a perma move here would become the new life goal.

So I am apprealing particularly to those who have much experience traveling/living in Japan and Asia- what is seem as reasonable pricing for accomodation and flight, How easy is it to survive with minimal Japanese language skills, and just how amazing is it there

With Love
The 'Real' Angela Lansbury
Our Ambition: If we fail to land Huws
at 10:13 12 Jun 2017

When Milne comes out with a 15 point plan or whatever the gimmick from the top, it is usually met by a high degree of mockery (and rightly so) from the fans.

Youth development apparently was a big push in our latest gimmick from the MD - and landing young players to help build a squad. Now I do need to say there will be a degree of speculation that follows; however I think it is reasonable speculation.

If you ask me Huws is a player we need at ITFC to be the poster boy for this young energised 72 slide PowerPoint presentation which the brass revealed last season or so. He is young, he is good, and he by far and large showed a willingness and desire to be here.

Much was said about us not paying all his wages, which suggests town has some rigid wage policy in place regarding age/squad status - however Huws was one of the better parts of last season, and for my money should have been snapped up straight away.

Why have we not? Speculation states we are trying to nickle and dime him into a contract - which is par for the course being associated with town now - however I wonder if we are trying to sign him on wages of a youth player, wages of a starting 11 player, or somewhere in between?

I am not suggesting for a second town should break their transfer ceiling willy nilly - as that will likely not end well in the long run, but if we are ambitious then for a special player surely a degree of leniency needs to be in play; especially if A- The quality of the player is prove n for us and B- His potential to improve is there; I would say Huws is certainly both.

So now other teams are sniffing around Huws, and sceptical me believes will sign him under us- why are we even dithering? If we succeed or fail to sign Huws this summer will be the best clue on just how ambitious town are, and just how much rollox Milne and the Puppet master expect us to swallow

Surely failure to sign can only mean one of two things, he became really big for his boots and demanded silly sums, or more likely we were too concerned trying to get him on a clearance label contract while another teams were willing to pay him a more reasonable wage.

So if you ask me, Huws will be the deciding factor on whether or not Evans and Milne are actually talking shyte, or genuinely have a plan.
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Why is there always one who struggles?
at 12:27 9 Jun 2017

Although it rarely matters as the results are set, why are there always a small number, or in this case one, area who just doesn't get the results tallied in a timely way? I mean, are they having coffee and cakes after counting every 100 votes in Kensington, can they not be arsed? Did someone put every other result upside down and back to front as a bit of a joke?

This always puzzles me
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Understanding Scotland's Political Stature
at 11:29 9 Jun 2017

In the past couple of elections we've seen Scotland go from a significanly Labour supporting area, to the SNP, and low and behold something I would never have thought to see was that amount of seats turning blue

I realise there was a bitter falling out between Labour and Scotland, so am I to assume that Scotland was merely trying to vote tactically to keep labour out, or are they genuinely growing Tory support?
The Local side of the election
at 11:11 9 Jun 2017

Ipswich has been "Gummer World" for a very long time, and I have to admit- I am very pleased this is changing as personally I have sent Gummer many letters over the last few years, very polite letters, but asking for clarification on certain issues I feel are being left undone in key areas of our town (The baron wasteland near The Mill, several building projects which are not being worked on because of contractors going broke, the fact you cant get a nice house in certain areas of the dock with modern Internet capabilities)

All my letters were fact finding letters rather than "Do This, Do That" rants. I never once got a reply back from Hummer's office, which was an underlying reason why I went from a Tory Supporter to a Labour Supporter.

Now, it will remain to be seen whether the new beast is any better, but I really cant help but think a change in political representation in Ipswich is something we've needed for a very long time.

I would certainly be very interested to hear some of your thoughts regarding the local government past and future.
John Oliver beautifully educates the American People
at 09:08 5 Jun 2017

This sketch delighted me as you can tell his emotion is real without over hamming it. I have a lot of respect for this man now.

(Contains strong language)
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Donner Dilemma
at 19:30 30 May 2017

I don't eat a whole lot of fast food, infact it is a 2 or 3 times a year thing at most - but tonight I really fancy a Donner Kebab- and im stone sober...

Would I bring about the end of days by getting a donner kebab without having a drop of alcohol, or should I stick to something much safer and acceptable like a Burger- This is one of the toughest decisions I have had to make in a very long time.
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