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Unpopular Opinion - This Town side can only barely beat... 21:58 - Mar 16 with 139 viewsTieDyedIn95

The worse sides in this division. Anyone who plays a bit of anything at all, and we're not even able to get into the game. The fact that it was Lambert, and Lambert alone who's been responsible for now two full seasons of dreadful third division football is the biggest myth spun by many out there. We can however beat teams who either are middle of the road in most cases and less interested than we are or truly bad sides, and even sometimes we fail to do that.

It's time to bust the myth that this squad is more than good enough to win this league. 2 seasons prove they are not. They were average League One and Two players when we signed them, and they are still average League One and Two players 2 or 3 years on for some. Of course the root of that lies with Evans and it looks like we're stuck with that for the immediate although I suspect when we finish 7th and don't go up that will open up the talks again at a value someone's actually willing to pay for the club in it's current state.

We cannot turn on Cook or keep blaming the managers now, the players aren't doing it. Evans is going to have to seriously look at recruitment going forward and spending more on less but aim for better players (like Coventry and Peterborough have) than a relative lot for lots of average players in this league. The whole club needs digging up and starting again or we may as well just pull the chord and remember the good times because watching Ipswich Town in this absolute state is getting more painful by the week. As for Evans being a decent bloke and owner... well... that's absolute nonsense as well. He's to blame entirely for this decline.

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