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Off field improvements the club could make tomorrow under new owners..
at 14:44 3 Mar 2021

Matchday Pricing
Might sound mad but lower it, especially for the under 20’s We need to fill the ground up with the next generation of supporters. A couple of promotions and a cup run can do wonders to convert the young into the hardcore and these people will be the lifeblood of the club for decades to come. Under 14’s for a quid might be a good way to go, it worked well for Norwich.

Season Tickets
As above, get more people in the ground. More people in will typically mean a better atmosphere. Offer prices freezes on promotion and a sign up a mate discount scheme.

We need to up our merchandise game. I think the club should again aim to promote value, encourage youngsters to buy our shirts and be family friendly when pricing. I’d go back to the 1 shirt – 2 seasons rule and alternate between home and away and the odd third shirt as a special release as and when needed. We should increase our range of DVD’s and books of historical content covering past seasons, club legends looking at retrospectives with interviews and so on with club legends who experienced it. This would feed into the clubs social media and we could potentially offer a streaming service for fans who mostly would want to consume content that way these days.

Ipswich Town FC Convention
At the start of the Season a convention could be held throughout the day based in and around the fan zone to help launch the campaign, signing sessions with club legends, different events, classic program sellers, shirt sellers and the like available to sell at their stalls, a couple of speakers and so on to give it a big start of season feel and put everyone in the right mood for the game.

Any other ideas?
Paul Cook and Matt Gill both played for Norwich
at 23:46 2 Mar 2021

As did Joe Royle and Willie Donachie, who were the best managerial team we have had since Burley was sacked. Let's hope that's somewhat a better omen then Norwich's best manager since Mike Walker was for us... !
As a few posters have called me out, gone after old threads and the like..
at 21:53 2 Mar 2021

Yeah, I was wrong about Paul Lambert being kept on. I mean it happened 2 weeks past what I’d have thought was the point of no return but Evans always did move in mysterious ways. I think the clubs PR of late has been a total disaster in general to be honest and it’s hard to tell if half of it is deliberate or is there a huge disconnection from Evans to the likes of O’Neill and the overall PR team? I didn’t think Evans would pay Lambert off, and I though the recent upswing in results would have been enough for him to cool on any chance but I was wrong. O’Neill coming out and saying they were spending the time on making the choice the day before the announcement is baffling really. It’s like we’re looking for WWE Royal Rumble style shocks these days, forgetting the internet already leaks all of this stuff an age in advance.

As for the takeover, it looks like I may have been wrong on that also. Although I did say in my defence if the deal was nearer 10mil and there was something for Evans to gain from in regard to the debt (which the 5% retention would cover over time) I’d have found it to be more believable over the 40mil touted and the complete debt wipe Evans end. I will still remain skeptical about pixelated WhatsApp screen shots and likes on Twitter regardless and I am still concerned that a lot of fake news is generated this way. I apologise to those I upset. I thought it was half term fan fiction… but can you really blame me?

Now….. I said if the takeover did happen I’d run around Ipswich in a Norwich shirt but I really don’t fancy doing that, I may have an allergic reaction to wearing the latest home shirt of the World YoYo champions and I couldn’t risk it. Instead if it does happen, I will donate a £100 to TWTD users chosen charity, I will whack a poll up after the deal is finalized and hopefully me being off the mark on this will do someone some good somewhere.
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Paul Cook to Celtic
at 09:45 24 Feb 2021

That would upset the apple cart a bit! I also wasn't aware he was ex-Norwich City either.
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So the Lambert contract is that much in Lamberts favour...
at 16:17 17 Feb 2021

That he can fail to get promoted once, can end up half way down the league with mass supporter unrest, protests ongoing around the ground in the form of posters, at the training ground with flares, go to war with the fanzine, go to war with the local media and all but blame Marcus Evans for everything going wrong to the local and national media and he is STILL in post. I still wonder if these "break clauses" we keep hearing about even exist.

I want Payoff Paul's agent.

Also what sort of man is Evans to allow Payoff Paul to walk all over him like this for months.
So what if Marcus Evans has say the Cowleys waiting in the wings...
at 12:12 17 Feb 2021

Much in the same way he had Keane lined up, or Lambert himself, but was waiting for a contract trigger to appoint the new manager. What does that tell you about Marcus Evans ambition? Happy to burn another season away, happy to remain in the third division, happy to continue the largest supporter unrest and backlash this club has ever seen? Just because he was stupid enough to sign Lambert to a silly contract.

Our problems will never be resolved until Evans changes his attitude to this football club. Frankly he hasn't a clue how to run it, will losing millions more failing at running it and it would largely be in everyone's best interest if he sold the bulk of the club off to a mixture of supporters and other buyers and washed his hands of it. He's never getting anything back for it, he clearly cannot make it work, so why continue this whole shambles? It can't be much fun for him to see it fail year on year.
If we lose tonight, give it to Dyer until the end of the season.
at 13:00 16 Feb 2021

[img] https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/5d016ee42500004e12def801.jpeg?ops=scalefit_ [/img]

I am not one who usually think ex-players are the way forward, it really only worked with Burley here but equally I am not that impressed with the sorts of managers we could potentially attract at this stage in the season anyway.

My logic is, we should be safe, Dyer would clearly want it but doesn't have the experience over other candidates, so why not give him a chance for a run at Playoffs with Butcher/Klug in supporting roles? If he makes it, he's got the job, if not we can look for someone else in the close season and Dyer will have something on his C.V. he can take to another club and start his managerial career proper there as that's something he clearly wants to do.

I know that might not as popular as the Cowleys, Cook and so on. but we cannot keep Lambert much longer and it does look like something we could do, and give Dyer a good chance to do something with his managerial career by offering him that chance. He knows the players we have, knows the club, has played under Sir Bobby and Sir George (one day...) and has played with everyone from John Wark to Alan Shearer, has played for England and in the top flight. He could be a inspired choice.
[Post edited 16 Feb 13:00]
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Would you attend a socially distanced training ground protest?
at 21:53 9 Feb 2021

Would you attend a socially distanced training ground protest?

Your Vote:

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Protest time folks...
at 21:36 9 Feb 2021

Time for a socially distanced gathering outside the training ground with the national media invited demanding Evans sack him. Lets see how quickly Evans folds once the spotlight is on.
In the meantime total boycott, no ST, no iFollow, no merchandise, nothing, unlike the clubs social media and challenge anyone who's still backing this mess.

It's time.
Time for total boycott?
at 17:02 23 Jan 2021

No iFollow
Cancel ST
No buying shirts or merch
Unlike all the social media

Let them rot with the few hangers on until they either change or go. We have to do something now surely? We can't just let this continue as supporters. I know protest is off the menu, but we can do all of the above without even leaving the house!
If this "style" is part of Evans long term vision for the club..
at 18:08 9 Jan 2021

Then we are in for many years of atrociously dull football in the bottoms tiers of the game.
Colchester Hospital - Covid Watch Scamdemic Campaigners Removed
at 07:53 6 Jan 2021


"Security officers removed Covid-19 "deniers" who were taking pictures of empty corridors at a NHS hospital where the intensive care unit is at maximum capacity, its chief executive said."

Mr Hulme said hospital security had to "remove people who were taking photographs of empty corridors and then posting them on social media, saying the hospital is not in crisis".

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