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Wish I'd got around to reading your replies earlier! 21:08 - May 4 with 283 viewsPendejo

Car Insurance for young drivers by Pendejo 3 May 18:37
Youngest offspring passed her driving test at the second attempt today.

She'd failed in Ipswich on the January bank holiday Monday, serious fault on the Seven Hills Roundabout.
We were going to the it in with visiting family, who all went down with covid.

Today's test was a lot closer to home, and to get horror the test centre was close to two tricky roundabouts; one with 5 exits and the other just plain confusing as all the white lines of the spiral had been worn away, meaning it often resembles an Arc Dr Triomphe style free for all.I

Sunday and Monday we spent hours driving the test routes, found in line with satnav mapping and verbal instruction.

Anyway she passed.

I had promised to give her my car when she passed, so it's online to get quotes... Cheapest? £3,175. My first insurance was about a 3rd of the value of the car this is near 60%.

Before that she'd had to cancel her learners insurance @£700, 6 months in, paid in full and was offered a £56 refund! After complaining it became £230 they deducted an admin fee and commission.

Back in the last millennium I worked in insurance, we used to give proper pro rata refunds.r

Is it any surprise that there are so many uninsured drivers?

She also

I worked as an underwriter for over 12 years, so think I know it all, but my experience is no longer recent or completely relevant. My experience was pre- analytics cookies etc.

The advice I found most interesting was the 23 day in advance, wish I'd known that one.

We tried with me as a named driver... £1k more, must be something to do with my "exhuberance" just prior to covid era.

She's ended up paying £3,073, black box, 6,000 miles and I now have to hunt for a new car...

Oh and BDS - the car may have a notional value of £5k... But I won't have that money to spend on a replacement!!!
Got offered a 2.0 diesel Focus for free... I live inside ULEZ and it wasn't exempt, so I'll be rooting through Auto Trader looking for the cheapest car possible, unless...

uberima fides
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