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I guess this explains why it took an hour to do last 7 miles last night?
at 06:12 26 Jul 2021


Spent day in Ipswich didn't see any rain, even on way home. Plenty of spray from excess water on road, but no rain.

But traffic in Limehouse and took an hour to get home.

Did a nice drive by video of new murals yesterday, couldn't find my tile on the SBR wall.but

Also, a lot of Police activity around the ground.
Mad and crazy idea please steal and use
at 10:18 24 Jul 2021

Just swap "beat" for "beast"

So the chorus runs as
"Six six six, the number of the beat"

Traveling to Ipswich today to visit Pendejo senior 81 yesterday, and again tomorrow as not all my offspring could make it same day
Reckon the staff were playing Robot Wars?
at 06:48 19 Jul 2021


YouTube viewing suggestion
at 09:01 17 Jul 2021

This appeared on my suggestions for viewing on YouTube can't recall seeing it before it at the time.

Sorry if it's been linked before but you can never see enough about this man
Lucky escape, great photo
at 19:56 13 Jul 2021


Uniform / Work clothing provider recommendations
at 09:08 13 Jul 2021

Anyone in the TWTD collective got any recommendations for clothing providers?

Order likely to come to @£3.5k as its the first since pandemic began and we have a whole new depot and staff to kit out
Just received this by WhatsApp from friend in Colombia
at 16:16 11 Jul 2021

Apologies if you've seen it before

Our father, who art in Wembley, Southgate be thy name.
The cup will come, Kane's work will be done, in London as it was in Rome
Give us this day our daily pint And forgive Sterling’s offside trespasses, as we forgive those who bet against us.
And lead us not into under-achievement. But deliver us the title.
For football’s coming home.
The history and the glory.
Forever and ever.
Our men. 🎉⚽️🏆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Volunteering continued
at 10:42 11 Jul 2021

Yesterday I volunteered to help with a house clearance; someone leaving UK to return to their home country (France) who were donating most of their furniture to the charity my wife is involved with.

A man with a van was engaged to assist, typical of Latinos he arrived an hour late, then his Sat Nav came up with a weird route, which I eventually decided to over rule.

The clearance was in "The Boltons" area of Earl's Court, a 4th floor flat with no lift. It's fair to say I worked up a sweat and possibly looked worse than I felt. I'll never forget the look on the householder's face when I clutched at my left breast... My mobile, on silent, was vibrating with an incoming call.

Despite telling the driver which bridge to cross he slavishly followed Sat Nav again, I quickly over ruled again.

When we got to the storage location we discovered half the stuff was broken and useless.

Why do folks think it ok to pass on their junk issue to a charity?

Before this has been exchanging pms with another board user on a place to watch game tonight, went to book in and discovered I'd lost my debit card, cue panic, I re-tread my steps from my morning walk, nothing, then remembered youngest offspring had dropped my phone in the car. My phone is my wallet, sure enough cards were down by the seat runner in the footwell, phew!


I've written before about Youngest Offspring and her time with the Met Police Volunteer Cadets, she's 19 soon so her time with them coming to an end.

Yesterday was the annual inter borough competition, last year's was scrapped for obvious reasons, the year before she missed out due to an accident at school. So it was her last competition. Our Borough, Lewisham are regular top 4 competitors vying with Bexley, Bromley and Croydon.

They came second, sadly only 23 of the 32 boroughs entered, and there's a suggestion of dishonesty on the part of another borough due to homophobia towards one of Lewisham's staff.
Mariner for England v Scotland
at 09:36 10 Jul 2021

5 Ipswich players start the game

This time..?
at 06:08 10 Jul 2021

Just got home from Trafalgar Square
at 01:30 8 Jul 2021

Tired happy, got my 10,000 steps in getting home..
For some reason my bus couldn't get past Trafalgar Square.

Catch74 please pm location.

Worst thing about this evening was someone doing a Delia impression in the pub.

Fella did a version of 3 lions on the night bus.

Fabulous, up at 5am as usual? Maybe not. Lie in til 6am
I'm off to the super spreader event in Traf sq
at 22:40 7 Jul 2021

That nice young Mr. Southgate has done a wonderful job

Clucking Bell a final in my lifetime
at 15:10 7 Jul 2021

I can't watch tonight's game at home. Wife completely anti football and doesn't understand why the leg spasm happens or why my personality / mood changes.
Kids not into football and person with whom I normally suffer with at football lives other side of London and is still wary of the virus despite double jab.
Can't go to elderly Uncle's due to him being an insufferable racist.

Of the other London based fans I know they:
Live too far away - you in Enfield
Haven't had contact with in over 10 years - Mr. Morley Ravensbourne
Don't know well enough to invite myself slong

Anyone out there SE or Central London care to take pity?

Not going to be drinking, so less chance of embarrassing myself than normal.

Think I'm going to have to wander around Central London soaking up the atmosphere as its too late to make plans. Thought I could tough it out like I did for Croatia in 2018... But I can't.

Nervous, excited, love/hate football!
Footy shirt nutters
at 09:17 3 Jul 2021

Are you an aspiring footy shirt nutter?



I have
1 x Ipswich white away shirt circa 2003 with 3 on the back
1 x Millionarios (of Bogota)
2 x Colombia (1 short, 1 long sleeved)

So I'm hardly a competitor
Wally Funk another name for k**b cheese?
at 22:10 1 Jul 2021


Polestar pronunciation
at 21:39 30 Jun 2021

Last week I was given a Polestar to drive for a day... well commute home from work, then back next morning.

Nice drive, good driver's car... But rear seats or really uncomfortable, a real shocker given the car comes from Volvo, the makers of the most comfortable rear seat. As for real world range... Picked it up with 71% charge estimated range 190, have it back 40 miles later with 51% / 130 miles.

Any how youngest offspring misheard the name and called it the polyestar, in fact this device auto corrected to that also.

The polyester.... Comes with mustard coloured seat belts

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