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Couldn't get tickets for Sarfend
at 18:36 17 Oct 2019

Asked Pimball Wizard to ring me 09:50 AND set an alarm for 09:55...

At 09:55ish pulled over to a parking bay on Earl's Court one way system and tried to log in... "you are in a queue expect to wait 6 minutes, do not navigate away from this page" or something like that, so drove another few minutes and found another parking bay just off the one way system. Still said 6 minutes... so tried logging in again.. 5 minutes, then again 5 minutes and again got into the website, navigated to Sarfend... sold out! Damn it!

I can accept not getting a ticket as only go to 1 game a month and was using son's season ticket, but it's that the holding screen didn't count down, I only got in by trying to access the website 4 different times on 4 different tabs... so which one of you cyber geeks deliberately impeded my getting a ticket by hacking the ticket site?

C'est la vie
Car's too old for Glasgow Blue I'd have thought
at 08:39 11 Oct 2019

But it is at least a "proper" well screwed [riveted] togetheer Merc
BBC does WSC - Non-league photos
at 07:00 11 Oct 2019

In the style of When Saturday Comes

Bad driving? By whom?
at 19:24 9 Oct 2019

I can see what someone could get upset about with regards to the Ford 4x4, but aren't the 2 cars sitting on the roundabout in the wrong lane?
There are 2 lanes on that roundabout and if they sat in the left hand one other traffic would be able to pass without the undertaking maneuver performed by the ford.
Just watched the highlights
at 17:59 9 Oct 2019

Lots to be positive about even if we'd rather not be in the competition.

I noticed there was a successful one on one with their keeper...

Huws continues his return from injury, El Mizouni looked lively, Donacien continues his "rehab", Keane got on the scoresheet.

When's Sears back?
Am I being unnecessarily pedantic?
at 19:15 8 Oct 2019

We are in Southern Group A, so we should be fixture number 3 on the list of EFL Fixtures tonight, shouldn't we?

It's not ordered by kick off time either is it? Forest Green Rovers kicked off at 7pm!!! Who kicks off at 7pm?

It's not alphabetical order of team names...

Was the web page editor stoned or drunk?
Tyson Fury...
at 15:39 8 Oct 2019

Great bit of choreography here, action looks superb...
Has this been posted yet?
at 13:53 8 Oct 2019
Can they find the guy who verbally abused Matt Bianco?
at 13:45 7 Oct 2019

I can remember a couple of prank calls to kids TV e.g. Matt Bianco, but the one above was after I'd passed into my 20s so probably didn't see it live.

Kids TV call in...
"Matt Bianco qare a bunch of w*****s!"

It wasn't me.
May I have a moan?
at 18:05 5 Oct 2019

1. We missed a penalty, should have been more comfortable today plus better goals difference
2. Sending off, losing a key player to suspension

Ok moan over

Would have taken a draw away from home with teams around us dropping points, but a win and teams dropping points is superb. Still doesn't seem like we're bossing games but gritty wins grinding out points builds character and confidence with less arrogance.

Here's hoping player of season in waiting is ok for next league games. COYB
[Post edited 5 Oct 18:20]
any takers...?
at 19:40 3 Oct 2019

The Hamilton Hall Tiddlywinks and Chess Club may just book a box...

Just need 10 tiddly winks / chess masters with £60 each.... 1 beer, 1 measly beer!
Driving up to Ipswich tomorrow... but can't go to the game
at 19:15 27 Sep 2019

That always hurts, especially as as far as I can remember when I've come to Ipswich and not been able to go to the game we win.

I wonder if I can wangle it, as daughter's Millwall supporting boyfriend is coming. Surely he'd rather go to the game than meet possible future in-laws?
Everywhere we follow
at 18:22 21 Sep 2019

Just leaving Gillingham.

We weren't good we won and KVY is God, oh and I'm drunk.

at 07:16 21 Sep 2019

Pre-match tension

Wife's alarm went off 05:30 unable to get back to sleep.

Match day Gillingham away, new ground for me. Seems strange to have to go to St. Pancras for the train, was sure trains went from London Bridge, hey ho.

KVY four games played, no goals conceded. Probably already been noted in here, but oddly that was the first ITFC thought that crossed my mind this morning. So I guess we concede in under 2 minutes now I've said that.

Could someone explain why / how we get over 3,000 fans at a m/w away game?
at 15:42 18 Sep 2019

It's not the school holidays... and it's not a new ground.

I really am quite impressed by that.

How many did we take last time? Championship game November or December 2015?
I was there but can't recall how many we took.

How many tickets did we get for Gillingham this Saturday?
Great game for a neutral
at 23:20 14 Sep 2019

Just got home from my first game of the season which I thoroughly enjoyed, though sadly not because we were any good.

Fair play to Donny, felt like they had an extra man on the pitch and on another day would have gone home with three points. If they play like that every week then their fans should have a good season, well assuming they'll score goals.

As for us...

The defensive 5 looked good, lucky clean sheet? You make your own luck. Although the 4 outfield defenders all had a mistake in them.

Holy - bigger than Bart, can kick with both feet, brave and quick thinking... How did we get him?

KVY - impressed, pity his thunderbolt didn't end up the winner

Kenlock - did his job often without any cover ahead of him, seemed to always have two attacking him

Captain Chambers - I think that's the best I've seen him play for a few years, good solid game.

The Woolf - patches of the game absolutely imperious, there's a couple of times he should have rampaged Beattie style further forward than he did.

The real reason Donny looked so good was our midfield team were almost non-existent. Little cohesion, not enough possession on the deck, no supply to the strikers, insufficient attacking threat.

Skuse and Downes did their best but Judge and Edwards were below par, which in turn led to much Donny possession and pressure.
If Judge is out of position then that's PL 's fault, if he's out of form then he shouldn't be in the side. PL picks the team.d
Edwards tried his tricks and flicks but didn't seem to go anywhere.

Norwood and Jackson had virtually no service and looked frustrated. I can see Norwood getting sent off this season.I

of the three subs the spurs loanee looked brightest, but he also made the off basic error... When to pass or dribble

In fact I thought (first half) the two outstanding town players were Downes and Woolfenden.

There was a point in the game when the atmosphere made my hair stand on end, but the last quarter it fizzled out.

I really enjoyed the game, would rather have seen a win, but it was at more entertaining than the scoreline.

Oh and I almost got Naaridge's score right. I predicted a win by 1-0, wish I'd said 1 goal. I'm pleased for them, still want them relegated but we'll done on that one. Oh and I put Pukey and Carrington in my FFL side during the week.

Roll on Gillingham next Saturday, the train takes the strain, so parking won't be at Gatwick... It'll be outside home.

Couldn't wait another week
at 11:00 14 Sep 2019

Got my Gillingham ticket in post yesterday...

But couldn't wait another week... just bought 2 x tickets for TODAY and am about to hit the motorway and pickup Pendejo senior

Bristol based Twtders
at 22:42 10 Sep 2019

One's youngest make offspring is super intelligent but also as thick as sheet.

He hadn't been reading his emails before we went away... Thus he has missed out on accommodation for Uni stooopid question I know, but, has anyone got a spare space to fit a bed and a guitar? Oh and he missed another deadline but that's not an issue unlike accommodation.

He's a bit of a drippy hippy; long hair, vegan, little or no common sense...

PM with sensible responses...

I have suggested he brushes up on his burger flipping skills
Leaving on a jet plane,
at 23:34 6 Sep 2019

Don't know when I'll be back again.

So, tonight 22:55 local time Avianca AV120 will be bringing us home, arriving 15:30 UK time tomorrow.

Will probably be 2 years before I come back, hopefully with Pimball Wizard in tow and we can get drunk with his ex-colleague, Raul.

The wife may well have to come back sooner as her father is 93, and is permanently hooked up to an oxygen machine. Other than being a bit frail his mind is very sharp... But none of us know our expiration date do we?

I really do love Colombia, Bogota is a chore due to altitude and pollution, but hey the bulk of the family live here. Given the right contract I'd live and work here again, ideally somewhere near Medellin or at least outside of the Bogota city limits.

Slept in a 7th different bed on way back to Bogota, in a motel in La Vega, 2 rooms for @£60, no a/c but a decent swimming pool and parking, oh and a decent strength shower with hot running water.

Did I forget to mention the family in Bogota do not have got running water in the way "we" would understand. They have an electronic device fitted which operates as a shower head / element the best you can get is a tepid dribble... Oh how I long for the power shower at home. Where mother / father in law have places in Mariquita and the temperature is mid30s who wants hot water?

The temperature has varied from 17c Bogota to 42c on Ruta del Sol between Honda and Doradal. With no polar wind 17c in Bogota is fine, especially when the sun comes out.

It's been a good holiday, we've done the family stuff, we've done tourist stuff and we've done some shopping with great prices / exchange rates. But it's time to come home.

As for the moody teenagers in tow... Son, 18, is a vegan a word that hasn't got to Colombia yet. Say vegan, response is vegetarian and eggs, butter, milk and cheese are offered. At least he likes rice and beans... But even then most bean dishes are cooked in meat juices. Oh and access to internet has been kept to minimum due to roaming charges, so he and daugther, 16, have been missing their significant others.I

Are those Extinction Rebellion types still causing trouble? Before molesting the British public any further, they should come to Bogota. Even if London's air could still be improved they should experience a place with real pollution issues.

Worst thing about leaving tonight? Colombia are away to Brazil, and we will be in the airport.
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