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Can anyone remember a drier sunnier spring?
at 18:17 5 Apr 2020

Might be memory playing tricks... But I can't.

Just when you need a few months of miserable grey skies and frequent daily rain. It's almost like mother nature is deliberately baiting us. Stay at home and survive in misery or go out enjoy the beautiful weather and potentially due of a horrible virus.
Lord Bath, The Loin of Longleat, RIP
at 13:50 5 Apr 2020

Loin because of his lifestyle.

He was known for his flamboyant style of dress and for having relationships with women he often referred to as his "wifelets".
Have just watched our game at Southampton 02/04/2001
at 16:02 31 Mar 2020

Great day out.

Landed in UK 01/04, met up with Father Jack (think it's last time I saw him), drive from Manchester to Southampton next day. Met another town fan at Watford Gap services to buy his match ticket. This was bought via a TWTD pm, but his handle on here eluded me (richasporov??)

Saw a range rover being driven extremely erratically the HAR750N. Hmm I wonder?

On arrival in Southampton booked into a B&B then went on the... err for some refreshments.

Commentary on above clip is Chinese and may as Well be describing a grey painted wall drying for the lack of emotion they express.

Couple of good efforts from Reuser and of course Stewart's hat trick.

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The cookies that customise these adds
at 17:52 27 Mar 2020

Are clearly taking drugs, or I have inadvertently managed some way of hiding of my ip ...

Adds are based on someone in Swaffham, I must be almost 100 from there.

How does it happen?
I am used to West Drayton at work, and Southwark here (though we are not), but Swaffham?
For some reason these tunes keep
at 22:49 26 Mar 2020

Popping into my head

Need to clear my mind

Now that was uplifting
at 20:06 26 Mar 2020

Most of the residents of the 110 flats in our close out on balconies shouting, cheering, screaming and hitting pots with spoons.
A tide turned?
at 19:27 26 Mar 2020

The world is truly upside down

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Phishing claiming to be bt
at 14:08 26 Mar 2020

Plastered with logos all looks legit, but as I keep on top of my account immediately knew it to be false.

So obvs didn't follow link to update bank details. Eyes peeled folks, cyber crime is covid19 free....
Watching 99/00
at 12:07 26 Mar 2020

The other day the thread about goal of the season... How could I have forgotten Mowbray at Blackburn.

Lived in Manchester, drove up early took family swimming. I seem to recall they had an adventure pool. We all went to the game, youngest 18 months old, oldest as 3 years 9 months, she sang all the way thru the game. She will be 24 next birthday and is a software developer.
Mask Life
at 15:27 25 Mar 2020

My son & I go shopping... no problem with social distancing

Furloughed 3 months
at 16:21 24 Mar 2020

Effectively 3 months paid holiday, think of all the exciting things I can do places to see...
A guided tour of the living room
Play ready steady cook with what's left in the fridge
Unlimited bedroom aerobics
Swim the length of the bath

Company are going to do this with about 300 paye.

Only thing important is health, hoping to still be here in 3 months
The old fashioned lock in appears to be back
at 21:33 23 Mar 2020

Two pubs on way home blinds drawn, curtains closed... But thru the gaps clearly people inside.I
Other pubs giving impression of being closed with lights off.
Mother nature is certainly angry with us
at 19:25 22 Mar 2020

Empires rise, empires fall... This time next year out prime minister will be an Pyongyang or has that already happened?

Something to look forward to
at 16:30 22 Mar 2020
Will you be getting a letter from Boris?
at 16:03 22 Mar 2020
Woken by silence
at 09:43 22 Mar 2020

10 years ago European skies were closed down due to dust from an Icelandic volcano, like then this morning I woke up thinking something was wrong.

Then I remembered

We are on one of the main Heathrow landing paths, from the silence of night around 4am daily planes drone overhead as the lose thousands of feet in altitude. We are used to it, so sleep thru it... But now it's not there...

Like 10 years ago we were getting requests for journeys to / from UK all over Europe as folks decided they didn't want to share train / plane space with the masses. This is hugely profitable, however, I had to suggest the policy makers prepare contingency plans for supporting chauffeurs stuck overseas in the event of eurotunnel lockdown, so we only took them as far as terminus in France and used affiliates for the balance.

Today I am wondering if I will be needed tomorrow, surely everyone has been repatriated by now or will the growing number of networked bookings keep me going to work for now.
It's started
at 17:21 21 Mar 2020

If the internet, water, gas and electricity go off...PANIC, until then don't buy loo roll out of the back of a van...
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