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at 15:51 7 Dec 2018

Think there may not have been effective communication?

[Post edited 7 Dec 15:51]
Had a wonderful evening last night
at 08:57 29 Nov 2018

Stargazing on Teide on Tenerife, only downside was being sat next to a couple of Citizens from the city of Naaaridge at dinner.

Get back to hotel room to find tablet had no charge.

Wake up this morning to find we've lost yet another must win game, dad to say it... But we're doomed and I can foresee two relegations in quick succession.

I think Evans will come to the the sales income in the summer as his most expensive mistake during his tenure.

Guthrum: You've been very discreet about your new modelling deal
at 14:48 19 Nov 2018

This fella is looking at me on the M4 elevated section every day on my way to work, and I reckon he looks like you...

Brantham Bull
at 13:43 19 Nov 2018

Been past it many times, yesterday went there for the 1st time*.
*Tried to go before when it shut between owners

They accommodated a large group of us [10] at short notice, effectively gave us a private dinning room [with table football and dart board] and stuffed us with delicious food.


And that's before the ITFC shirts in presentation frames all over the place.

Tried a couple of other places on last few visits to Ipswich, neither of which I'd recommend.
Could you do this...?
at 10:33 19 Nov 2018

I'd like to think I could... but know I couldn't
at 20:38 15 Nov 2018
Edwardstone's BBQ threatened by these chaps next summer...
at 19:20 15 Nov 2018

They plan to use that damn thing on the route I take. Barstewards.
Why can't people just file for divorce?
at 17:05 15 Nov 2018

I know its stressful, painful and costly... but surely better than doing time?

and once split completed... why look back in anger?

Live and let live.

My first marriage was a failure, other than the 2 beautiful and intelligent children that came of it, the divorce cost me thousands of pounds, my credit rating [house repossessed] and my health [mental & physical] for a while... but actually killing her never crossed my mind.
Jack Reacher candidates...?
at 16:41 15 Nov 2018

Vince Vaughan?
Pablo Schreiber?

Why is it England teams that win a test series...
at 16:36 11 Nov 2018

never seem to be able to complete a whitewash?

I am not a close follower of Rugby League or Cricket which seem to be the main sports where test series occur but "we" seem to win the odd series then immediately fall to defeat after the series win. We never seem to be able to complete the whitewash, however, we seem to suffer them...

To clarify... we appear to have beaten the Kiwis in RL series but are getting hammered in the test at Elland Road today.
[Post edited 11 Nov 16:37]
Giving lifts to strangers...
at 09:13 11 Nov 2018

I have in the past picked up the odd hitch hiker, none of whom have ever been anything other than grateful for a lift and I promise I haven't buried any of them.

Yesterday morning leaving for work @ 04:45 I had to walk past a chap on leaving my residence in the 'hood to get to my car. It is a habit of mine in such circumstances to wish the person a "good morning", which I guess opens up potential for conversation.

As I got to my car he called over to me to ask my destination, on hearing "Heathrow" he asks if I will pass thru Vauxhall and I confirm that I do... "Any chance of a lift?" To say no would have been a tad churlish... sure hop on board I say thinking it was someone on the way to work. Where he was standing gave a view to both ends of the street giving him the option of buses in different directions either of which are good for connections / transport hubs.

However, on entering the car it was clear he'd had a "good night" as he stank of booze, I still thought he was on way to work...

We got acquainted; exchanging names and flat numbers - we live in same block, may well have seen each other but never spoken before.

When sober drunk people really annoy me as their conversation is repetitive and they get arsey if you disagree with them, or in some cases don't show absolute support for their p.o.v., thus was the 15 minute journey... me thinking to myself oh why couldn't I have just not have extended a salutation.

All in all he was ok, he didn't murder me, but he has invited me for a drink... I look forward with trepidation.

Leicester City certainly appear to have handled their tragedy well
at 07:33 11 Nov 2018

I would imagine yesterday's game was even harder for them mentally than last week's.

What's the chances of these fellas being the next fashion pet?
at 07:28 11 Nov 2018

I mean they're so cute ain't they?

so playful...

Photo fans take a break from the footy
at 06:21 11 Nov 2018

A year in Pictures from BBC Weather Watchers

My favourite as it looks like it should be on the cover of a Meat Loaf album

Maidenhead's kit today
at 13:19 10 Nov 2018

Thought to myself, there's some weird splodges on the kit - actually silhouettes of soldiers. Probably special today couldn't find it on internet, at least not that I could link easily.

Also, watching without sound... was that Timmy Mallett earlier?
Not exactly Ipswich's finest export...
at 12:11 10 Nov 2018

Sorry if already posted
Town fan in the Haringey crowd
at 20:13 9 Nov 2018

Just wound it back and paused it.

Regular away traveller called Jamie (I think) proudly wearing Ipswich woolly hat.
OK so who wants what here...
at 17:54 5 Nov 2018

Could "IT" happen today?
at 15:24 4 Nov 2018
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