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Docudrama series Heist on Netflix
at 19:51 29 Nov 2021

Anyone watched / watching it?

If not and you have Netflix, recommend it.

Also, I noticed Blue Story on there, a few scenes from that filmed in devastated where I live.
May I just chip in with our most successful manager since MM?
at 19:37 29 Nov 2021

Matt Gill

Would he have done better than Cook up to end of last season?

Would he do better with current squad?

if my aunt had gonads she'd be my uncle and all that....

Alan Brazil's musical brother?
Visiting Pendejo Senior to day in Ipswich
at 10:04 20 Nov 2021

Boostered last weekend, the 3 ticket deal for pack out PR sit in my email inbox

About that snoozefest....
at 21:41 15 Nov 2021

Most professional performance by an England team against weak opposition that I can recall

Did Lee Dixon just say
at 21:19 15 Nov 2021

Massive piece of turd?
at 21:12 15 Nov 2021

Mings the merciless
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Nutter on Tokyo train
at 06:52 1 Nov 2021

[Post edited 1 Nov 6:57]
I think this needs an update
at 20:12 24 Oct 2021
Their equaliser, my fault
at 17:15 23 Oct 2021

I am on on line Jonah, so steer clear until 5pm usually.

Inadvertently I selected L1 table and before my eyes our points went from 20 to 18, next error was I had TWTD as a default page and just caught one of the FFS posts before navigating away.

Apologies, luckily the damage was temporary

A full English 7 up
at 14:30 23 Oct 2021

Wonder when that last happened in Prem?

No Lukaku no problem

[Post edited 23 Oct 14:31]
Chantry Boy Bonne
at 22:34 19 Oct 2021

He's not a wobber, or a wapist, but he sure is a pick pocket eh?

Twice this season he's nicked the ball off a goalkeeper resulting in a goal.
Ipswich Statues... no not the defence or goalkeeper
at 20:16 17 Oct 2021

Article includes some classic typos, examples..

Cardinal oOlsey

He scored twice in his debut against New Zealand in 1936. Sadly he died near Ipswich aged only 254

Only 254, blimey they take some impressing!

Away from the football a moment
at 08:32 17 Oct 2021

The greatest composer you've probably never heard of but know his works has passed away.

Grange Hill is the theme tune to my secondary school years

R.I.P. Alan Hawkshaw
Thanks all who pm'd and responded
at 21:15 10 Oct 2021

I realise that I left some key facts out.

He's in hospital still and on his 6th ward of his 4week tour of KCH Camberwell, he had been out in a general ward but is back in a separate room due his rantings and raving. Much of which involves liberal use of the f and c words, I can't help thinking the ward changes are because he's upset the staff.

'cos I wasn't factual enough...

He's 79, had an emergency operation because he had an aneurysm in the aorta that has divided, possibly suffered a minor strike during op, got sepsis and now has shingles.

Social worker says he will be in through to end of October and possibly beyond.

Best answer though was the one about promotion to prem and 6 months of delirium.
Just got home from cinema
at 20:15 10 Oct 2021

Advice from those medically trained
at 21:53 9 Oct 2021

Just want some independent general advice.

How long can "delirium" last?

My elderly uncle had life saving surgery 4 weeks ago, he has good physical signals, heart, bp etc.

But has not been in this millennium since, from what I can piece together from his rantings he's reliving something/s from his teens (thinking along lines of "Marabou Storm Nightmares" but without being a rapist)

And is it wrong of me to "play along"?
Fan turned International Scout
at 02:52 9 Oct 2021

Great story in itself, but ends with this...

However, he had not factored in just how he was also contributing to their journey as players.

"To me it was just that I wanted to help the national team," he added.

"But when I had, a couple of them told me, 'I wouldn't have been able to play against [Lionel] Messi and Argentina or [Andres] Iniesta or [Gerard] Pique if it wasn't for what you did for me'.

"That was the moment when I almost broke down in tears because I never really thought about it.

"I never paused [before] to hear from those players and what I did for their careers and experiences, to be able to play against the top teams and world class players."
Expiry Dates
at 13:50 8 Oct 2021

No not on food, but our own personal ones.

In the cartoon film "Barnyard" a joke is made about the difference between turkeys and other animals... They know their "expiry" date.

The Brokenshire story, dying of cancer despite being a non-smoker, made me think of this and whether we have a predetermined "expiry date" at which point we die (if we haven't already) that we don't know.

My question is :-
If you knew your expiry date what would you do differently?

I guess I'd try to cheat the system by engaging in lots of dangerous activities...
[Post edited 8 Oct 13:51]
Who replaced Akinde tonight?
at 21:06 5 Oct 2021

Had to do a double take... Sithole

Gillingham must have the dirtiest bench ever included... Cumming, Adshead
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