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If common sense existed, it'd be common
at 14:24 17 Feb 2020

just seen this from last week

and this from today

Hey I guess rules are rules... no discretion allowed?
La Liga - Getafe > Money isn't everything
at 17:36 14 Feb 2020

12th highest budget in a league of 20.
Netflix recommendation - Long Shot
at 12:03 11 Feb 2020

40 minute documentary - no spoilers from me. Just watch it, and think about it anytime you are at a game.
Metal heads Netflix Lemmy
at 13:03 9 Feb 2020

Documentary from 2010, never seen it heard of it before, just watched it...

For a hell raiser he came across as an incredibly nice bloke.

Ok so I'm a fan of some of his stuff, but music aside really enjoyed.
spare 50 minutes? It's rude crude & downright disgusting
at 20:40 6 Feb 2020

at least that's how the intro went when originally shown

Nicholas Parsons on Comic Strip Presents

Only just realised that the Tom Jones theme that runs thru the programme includes an orchestral performance of Delilah in The Dorchester
Our current electoral system v referendum e. g. Brexit
at 12:13 6 Feb 2020

I am a fan of proportional representation, as a means of turly returning a government that reflects the will of the people, so I guess have to accept brexit as such


I was wondering if the brexit vote had been run on the same lines as voting for our government whether the result would have been different. I'm sure the answer is on the net but I couldn't be bothered to look.

So if someone could point this lazy assed pendejo1 in the right direction... Cheers.

Currently enjoying Mr Martin's establishment on Whitehall
I fought the law, I won
at 11:14 6 Feb 2020

I have lived in my current home almost 16 years now, like many urban dwellings parking is tricky.

Our road has 2 bus routes running along it and everyone pavement parks, not long after moving in I was ticketed for pavement parking. I think it was for being on a single yellow line but the person didn't want to wait until 8am. I moved the car at 7.55am.

I appealed and won, and have parked in almost the same spot in the 15 years since.

September 2019 I was ticketed at 1am..

I appealed, and complained. Appeal failed and this led to my having to come into London's legal district for independent adjudication.

I allowed 90 minutes for what would normally be a 30 minute journey, but as Jubilee line was screwed there was overspill onto other lines. I rang ahead as expected to be late, walked quickly, jogged and ran the last few yards and got there 1 minute before my hearing, sweating and a bit pumped.

All of the hearings were being held with open doors, my man asked me to close his, he gave an overview of his understanding, which I agreed, and he found in my favour. It took longer to wait for the paperwork than the hearing.

The council made a mistake really, they provided evidence of something I had admitted to but didn't try to counter my statement of the letter received way back stating pavement parking was allowed here. I mean the letter was 15 years ago, I probably shredded it 9 years ago, so I had no proof it was ever sent.

The council had submitted a large file of evidence, and had sent someone to photograph signs etc that I had already photographed for my appeal submission. Did they deliberately undermine themselves at adjudication rather than grant my appeal.

Who cares.

I fought the law, I won.
12 Strong
at 13:37 5 Feb 2020


Anyway... Happy palindrome day
at 19:25 2 Feb 2020

Forget Evans, Lambert, Norris etc.
at 09:19 2 Feb 2020

Yesterday was my fault, although nowhere near Ipswich I dared to wear the unlucky sweatshirt.I

I really shouldn't wear it on match days and promise not to in future.

Apologies to everyone.
One for the Russian version of the HSE
at 19:37 31 Jan 2020
Our statues...
at 17:13 29 Jan 2020

Would make more sense for Sir Bobby to be outside SBR Stand, Sir Alf has a road and a stand named after him... maybe the stands should have been named the other way around?

The Beat's statue should be built 50 times bigger than planned and stand on the site of Toys R Us at Copdock Interchange
Lord Lucan is a buddhist
at 14:01 29 Jan 2020

Have trawled thru a few pages and all I can see is references to the Rotherham game and no mention of this, forgive me if I have missed it
Go Shrews
at 19:02 26 Jan 2020

I haven't seen us concede a goal this season
at 17:38 25 Jan 2020

OK so I've only been to three and I have only seen defenders score.. Hey ho onwards and upwards

I plagerised there's a light yesterday
at 09:49 24 Jan 2020

My father in law passed away yesterday morning, he was 93, so had a good innings, and liked whiskey.

Knowing his like of whiskey I poured some into a glass, put it and a bottle on a table, set a lamp behind it so there was a light sparkling in the middle of the glass. I Took a photo and WhatsApp 'd it to my in laws with a caption - "there's a light that never goes out" and added "the soul lives forever" all translated into Spanish and earned major brownie points with them.

Before this, as my wife had not seen her brother's message it fell to me to tell her, I couldn't, I found that shedding a tear and not being able to talk communicated the news we had been waiting for since before Christmas effectively enough. I didn't cry when my mum died or at her funeral yet did when Sir Alf, Sir Bobby, The Beat and Muhammad Ali died.

The father in law, Jose del Carmen Espejo, had been ill for some time and my wife had returned to Colombia twice in the last 5 years expecting to go to his funeral. He even had time to come to the UK for a second time in 2018, we took him to Scotland for a week during which we visited the Famous Grouse Experience, Glenturret Distillery.
We also took him to The Dome in Edinburgh, up and down Princes Street, all on a mobility scooter we bought for him and he took home to Bogota with him. I was amazed at how easy this was, thank you Avianca.

I'm coming up for the game Saturday, hopefully I can remember at 18:00 UK time to raise a glass of whiskey, as that's the time of his funeral.

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