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Sit rep
at 12:25 15 Jun 2019

Gloucestershire for the Bbq. It's raining.

But the company is good.
Signposts to old age
at 12:04 13 Jun 2019

Youngest offspring has finished her GCSE exams and thus has finished secondary school.

Have taken a picture of her in her uniform with one of her friends, with whom she had her photo taken on day one.

Two years of 6th form to come.
Why does it always rain on me...
at 19:27 10 Jun 2019

FAO Edwardstone... this is deliberate isn't it? The only day of the weekend it'd due to rain; Who is at fault?
Forest Green Rovers [VEGANS!]

JC's recent gaff
at 19:13 10 Jun 2019

Why is it that person's with the initials JC are prone to the odd gaff?

In this instance, i'm not going to be popular... I agree the question needed to be asked.

Friday morning the A4 between Hammersmith Flyover and Hogarth Roundabout was closed for 12 hours.

Exactly how long does an RTC take to investigate?

Photos, videos, skid marks, CCTV from the cameras on this stetch, and the physical evidence of the vehicles / suspects.

This was on my way to work and at 5am was a very minor inconvenience, maybe 15 minutes or so added to the journey... and that was because they hadn't shut Hammersmith Bridge Road. Everybody, including myself, simply thought road works had overrun and had tried to rejoin A4 on the other side of the flyover.

But as the day wore on gridlock slowly descended on the area, a big problem for me in my job. As I've mentioned more than once I work in posh mini-cabs [Executive Chauffeuring if you please], and this sort of thing seriously affects service delivery. It caused us 30 minute delays on jobs at the airport as the journeys from town were severely disrupted whatever route people took.

We sent messages to our Chaffeurs to avoid the area... some dumbos simply drove into it.

One guy, who doesn't usually work for me, but had been during Mr. Trump's visit, picked up on Park Lane at 08:30... at 11:00 he rang me from the Fulham Palace Road on bluetooth speaker phone and let a passenger vent his spleen!
I diplomatically advised him that I am not the correct person to speak to about complaint, forwarded him a weblink to the traffic news [which included a photo] , and sent an email to the Customer Service department of our US Office. He'd missed his flight, and being a Friday... all the rest were full so he'd had to go to the expense of re-arranging his flight, hotel and food.

All the time I'm trying not to point the finger at the Chauffeur... after all road closed @ 01:40 his pick up 08:30. It had been all over the news, and professional Chauffeurs are expected to monitor the traffic news.

Back to Trump, I am told there's a photo of The Donald sitting in one of our vehicles, if I get a copy of it I'll share it.

By the time I finish this I expect to see Norwood signing confirmed...
London Crack Shock!
at 06:16 8 Jun 2019

Today, on the same day as Trooping of the Colour, London is going to be full of crack.
Police Interceptors last night
at 18:56 4 Jun 2019

Some fella, "borrowed" his brother in law's car [also known as taking without owner's consent], his driving attracted the attention of the cops, "failed to stop" then after losing them lost it finishing "parked" wheels over a crash barrier at a set of lights. £37k Audi was a write off.
He got a fine of £69.00 [there were other punishments but this was the fine]

I got fined £100 [fixed penalty] for a minor breach of the speed limit on the A13?

Please don't think this is me moaning about my fine, temporary lapse of judgement, my fault, i was simply stunned that his fine was so low.

On the subject of these TV programmes.

Does anyone else think the sentences handed out in general are so low as to effectively be recruiting chavs for crime as there seems little or no jeopardy for the offences committed.

On one there was a white transit with tyres so bad the threads were showing, no tax [back when we still used discs] and something else that I can't remember. At the end of the programme the narrator says something to the order of "the charges were dropped due to the lack of evidence"... it was recorded on a TV programme FFS, shown on national TV. Lack of evidence my ass.

On others where it says "investigations are ongoing" I wonder if that really means, they're getting a deal for information.
[Post edited 4 Jun 19:17]
Was in Ipswich today visiting oldest male offspring
at 23:25 1 Jun 2019

It was his 21st birthday recently this was first chance to get up and see him, promised myself that I'd get home for CL Final.

Parked car as the minutes applause? Happened got TV on at 03:26 into game thinking there wouldn't have been a goal yet! Then tedium set in.

This was 4th final I'd watched in last few weeks and only Massive City have delivered any real VFM, crisp passing, vision, purpose and drive. Though Charlton's win run it a close second...

Here's to the Checkatrade trophy win next season!
This season's full kit winker award goes to
at 21:58 29 May 2019

Step forward Rob Green
Robbie savage super pundit
at 20:21 29 May 2019

Claims Chelsea's keeper fouled Arsenal player by tripping him with his chin.
Today I discovered jalapeño pretzels
at 18:10 26 May 2019

Helps the beer go down
Watching Charlton in a Millwall pub
at 16:08 26 May 2019

Marquis of Granby to be precise, Johnny Boy and Pimball Wizard will remember this place as I brought them here after a Town game at The Den a few years ago. So Millwall they have their songs on the jukebox.

Predictably Sunderland goal got more of a cheer than Charlton.

Mixed feelings about this game... My dad is next to me he is a Charlton fan... And they are the "family's" team, but for me it is one of the least expensive and better day"s out.

Quality o. G. Where better than Wembley to do that eh?
Well, err what can you say about this?
at 14:16 23 May 2019

The mind boggles!
fight the man!
at 15:13 20 May 2019

This is the same car park I got a PCN in, which I appealed and won. Compared to this person I deserved my PCN!

Not exactly encouraging people to come to the town is it?

I hate pay and display, much prefer pay on exit for time used... even in 30 minute segments.

Why would you limit the stay in a town centre car park to 4 hours?
Surely you want them in the town spending money? Rhetorical... NCP not Borough Council
Today I will mostly be supporting Watford
at 09:41 18 May 2019

Come on you Hornets!

Just saw Citeh fans coaches leaving Manchester all had a squad number and player name on them. Just admit to goosebumps.

Football may have changed massively but still love the FA Cup

Here's to an away draw at Lowestoft in November.
4th worst Championship team EVER!
at 14:33 5 May 2019

Or rather since football was re-invented.
Anyone plan on reading this?
at 12:22 5 May 2019
one Leeds fan was keen to get on it in Ipswich
at 10:45 5 May 2019

109mph on A14 yesterday

I like to travel quickly but this is way too fast for this type of road... 105 maybe... woah only kidding
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