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Why has no-one posted highlights yet?
at 05:22 30 Nov 2023

Went to bed at 9pm last night with phone on airplane mode since 8pm.

As it stands, the Championship version of McKenna "bad run" either consists of a defeat (dingular) or two consecutive draws.

So good to wake up read about reinvigorated performances.
Wonder how they came up with the priority model they did?
at 19:35 27 Nov 2023

Phil have you asked them?

Given home games have largely sold out for Saturday games since before the end of last season there must have been more than 5,000 people with the requisite 3 tickets.
Or have the casual attendees been that casual allowing those of us with 3 tickets a free run?


Got ready for the queue nice and early, got on the ticket page ready, mild concern that nothing happened for a few mins...
The when it came time to check out found I'd not logged in! Luckily the ticket I'd selected held.
Though I'm sure the ticket bought wasn't where I'd selected and has a rather concerning "a" suffix to the number.

Dublin's Burning!
at 21:36 23 Nov 2023

Seems like the Irish yobbery are using a stabbing incident as an excuse for robbery.
at 17:43 4 Nov 2023

Sometimes even the best things get staid and need freshening up.

No matter how great a coaching team are, no matter how they prepare, like in battle, plans often don't survive first contact. But they do have the ability to change things to produce a positive outcome.

Today's substitutions reaped benefits.

We've got super Kieran McKenna
He knows exactly what we need

Ok so we've not won today, but coming back from 2-0 down away from home it's a point won.

Onto Rotherham
Repeat the mantra
at 08:26 4 Nov 2023

One. Game. At. A. Time.

When did that happen - Championship
at 08:49 29 Oct 2023

Where do Middlesbrough play?
Back home in my cosy part of SE London
at 20:54 28 Oct 2023

Met some new friends, friends of friends, had a great sing song in Cobbold A, saw some exciting football from both teams, and some outstanding goalkeeping... Didn't realise we'd signed Doc Oc from Spiderman surely can't be legal to have 6 arms?

Teams are raising their game against us getting beaten, usually, then are rubbish against everyone else. I they think they should just roll over for us and put their efforts into beating other teams, would be so much easier.

3 points, 11wins from 13 league games and still not top.

What a pleasure it is going to games. I sent a video to my French pal (Lille supporter) and now he wants to come to a game with me... Zero chance of getting seats together these days!


One. Game. At. A. Time!
Morning lovely morning!
at 07:28 28 Oct 2023

Head is still banging from a few too many Jamaican rum punches at a Black History Month event last night.

Been awake since 5:45, just about to get the odd chore done before braving the public transport network to Ipswich.


We've got super Kieran McKenna
He knows exactly what we need
One game at a time
at 22:15 25 Oct 2023

Another 3 points, away clean sheet

OMG hope I never wake up from this dream
Have some Creedance clearwater revival
at 23:04 20 Oct 2023

I can see the north stand are arising
we can see there’s trouble on the way, so don’t go out tonight
(duff duff)
unless you’re blue and white
(duff duff)
cos Ipswich town are on their f**king way

Credit to JF Capital Blues

I might be a bit pished
Context for an earlier thread
at 18:18 19 Oct 2023

Met rammed boy, 13, playing with water pistol off bike and pointed guns at him by giant_stow 19 Oct 8:19

This is completely mental and I don't think an apology is enough.

Viable firearm looks like a toy

Marks Tey Roadworks
at 07:41 8 Oct 2023

Clearly they don't take into account the fact that both Ipswich and Colchester were at home.

Thinking of travelling up on Friday for my next Saturday home game (Plymouth)
Is it a dream?
at 22:37 7 Oct 2023

Exchanged texts with an old friend of mine after the game, feeling like we're in a dream, one we don't want to wake up from.

I've been looking at what constitutes a bad run of form under McKenna
23/24 a single game where 3 points eluded us x2
22/23 3 draws Feb 2023
21/22 2 defeats 3 draws April 2022

We are bound to have a rough patch sooner or later, but right now? Drink it in.

I boldly stated a couple of times today that I believe this is the best Ipswich team I have ever seen.
Don't get me wrong, not a patch on Robson's best. And I'm old enough to remember 78 & 81.
But in terms of results against teams in the same division? They're something special.
BUT long long season until May, one game at a time etc. we can fall away as easily as anything.

I can see clearly now the fog has gone.

How long is too long to hold into bitterness?
at 08:17 1 Oct 2023

I mean in the world of football.

There's referees for whom it will be to infinity and beyond; Clive Thomas I'm thinking of you

Have watched the "injustices" suffered by Liverpool today but my memories of games past where they got favourable decisions against us, so thought; oh dear, never mind.
The days of deciding to come to PR at 10am on a Saturday gone
at 19:56 22 Sep 2023

And good riddance.

Way back when Gamechanger were rumoured to be taking over I'm sure I had an exchange on here about potential, and can recall someone ridiculing my assertion that we could average over 26,000.
At that time I thought, no, assumed, they meant we would fall short, but maybe it was me who under estimated the potential.

I had gotten used to the tickets being available about a week before the games, so imagine my shock when I realised Preston was already on general sale and Cobbold only had RV seats.

Still, ticket purchased in Cobbold A.

A few games to go 'til then COYB!
Ryan Fraser to Southampton
at 20:08 25 Aug 2023

See any other eye catching deals

Needham Market get a mention
Need a new window, anyone used Hackney Diamonds?
at 06:48 24 Aug 2023
Leeds ticket purchased
at 10:06 14 Aug 2023

Birkfield Drive parking tickets
at 16:48 12 Aug 2023

Just dropped my sister at Ipswich Station, quite a few cars parked on the grass verges with parking tickets.
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