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Silence is violence -> be the 12th man -> bring the noize!
at 07:51 13 Apr 2024

We are potentially 4 wins from back to back automatic promotions; no time for nerves as we've over achieved already.

What we need is passion, unwavering support, a cacophony of noise.

I understand that not everyone wants to sing, shout or scream themselves hoarse in support, but do something anything to show your support; the most obvious thing is to clap along with the singing (something I'm especially bad at).

Forget anything off field that detracts from football as a spectacle, an entertainment; FFP, points deductions etc. It's still "The Glory Game" as described by Danny Blanchflower.

4 wins guarantees glory, promotion, maybe even as champions...


(My ribs still hurt from the mayhem of unleashed ecstasy that was the 3rd goal v Southampton, whilst I don't want to be in the receiving end of bodily harm, I do want that ecstatic high that comes from winning football matches)


24 Hours from Ecstasy
at 21:34 2 Apr 2024

When I was a kid and Robson's fine young men were blazing a trail across Europe if we were lucky MOTD, MOTW or Sportsnight had cameras there to capture the glory, The Evening Star about the only place to get an Ipswich fix.


I don't know how many times I've watched the highlights, the goals (for and against), The Chaplin Sprint, Titanic... Twitter, YouTube etc.
But not the AAH chance where surely the players either side had better sight of goal. I need to see that again, I don't mind strikers having a go... Better than the zero shots years, eh?

Wasn't that fantastic? It really hit the spot; joy, pain, ecstasy

I've attended both games v Southampton and thought they have some good players, they're mobile and appeared to overload us frequently; possession stats in their favour. Missed good opportunities in both games, and we've ended up with 6 points. We deserve our "luck"; resilience, character, skill, togetherness.

I think I took an elbow to my left breast on the mayhem of the 3rd goal, so for 2nd time in a month have bruised ribs, it hurts to breath, laugh etc. And I've been giggling away to myself at random moments in the last 24 hours; the goals, the mayhem, the hugs afterwards.

But please, don't lose heart. The singing stopped for a while in Cobbold A, as folks lost heart. This team deserve and need our support; unequivocal, uncompromising support. You're all too young to say you were worn out!

If the "club", management, players Etc read this my message is simple

Still a job to be done... all you gotta do is win 6 more games.

Having got that off my (bruised) chest, time to go back to the videos.

CBs (FTM) see you in Faringdon


Game day good morning
at 08:20 1 Apr 2024

About to have brekky, s*it, shower and shave. Not at the same time I realise I have to add.

Travelling up early as Pendejo senior is now in a care home with Alzheimer's ravaging him. Have been warned by my sister that he's deteriorated since I last saw him (after Sheffield Wednesday game)

I've seen the ads, and have heard the experience of a good friend, but experiencing your own father not recognising you will be tough, and I will need a raucous win at PR as my medicine.

One. Game. At. A. Time.

But it's hard not to fantasize about the diamond encrusted golden dream at the end of the 7 game rainbow. It's been too long since the last near miss let alone actually appearing at that level.

I guess banter era hasn't done with us yet plonking us down with 3 parachute payment clubs that have shown some competence and desire to go back up first time... How early did Burnley get promoted last season IDK but it felt like before Oestre, feel free to correct me.

Southampton massive game, IF they win today and their 2 games in hand and all their other games... It's a four way fight for 2 places again. Other than them winning today it is needed as we want them interested in last day of season.

But if we can keep winning, it won't matter, that Cardiff defeat...

I haven't been to so many home games since I last had a ST that was 95/96, the season in which I moved away from Ipswich for the sake of a career, I'm on my 3rd different career since but not been able to find my way back to Ipswich to live.
If I won Euromillions I would definitely have a crash pad in the town but probably stay resident within 5 miles of where I live now.

Yes I guess that makes me a bandwagon jumper, 9-12 games a season hardly points to a fully committed fan, though, in my defence;-
96-00 lived in Manchester
00-02 Colombia
02-04 unemployed
04-20 worked weekends
20-21 COVID

Then some folks called Gamechanger came along, they then recruited McKenna, and something changed, for the better.

Carry on gentlemen, please.

But first comes dad. He was a semi-pro in his teens/early 20s, turned down pro contracts as he could earn more in his day job + football, than football alone. But he's same age and position as Bobby Moore, and West Ham were one of the teams he turned down. IF, that huge 2 letter word, he had gone pro? But there must be hundreds of blokes in this country who think that.
Dad is a Charlton fan but has now lived in Ipswich 52 years, was a ST at PR for many during Robson's Reign and was a big fan of Big Al. When Ipswich play Charlton he can't lose. Though I don't think last season's 6-0 was quite what he meant...

Sunday morning - ramblings on slaying of Owls
at 09:50 17 Mar 2024

I tried to sell my ticket to the game within my WhatsApp group, no takers. Pendejo Snr fell over and broke his hip this week, so instead of a solo trek from South London, daughter and wife were traveling and that meant hospital visit, no football.

On the way up, without any whining from me, my wife finally fell in with my programme; they could wander around the shops and visit oldest offspring in his town centre flat, then we could go to hospital afterwards. Snr is in for a 2 week stay, he's not going anywhere. But the plan for a family meal for relegated from a restaurant sit down to a foot long sausage on Cornhill. Caribbean spice FWIW.

Because we were "late" arriving in Ipswich, I wasn't going to the game, so no time to seek out a pint with friends. But still managed to be in my seat 30 mins before kick off, FFS. Even without the pint, just before kick off needed a wee, it was nice to find the toilet empty. Made it back for kick off.

I had a feeling of doom about yesterday, those 2 league defeats on the trot were looking in my imagination. Forget their league position, their form had been good hadn't it? And Ugbo had been scoring freely. The signs were bad. Or rather my eye sight is bad and needs correction with glasses, as does my imagination. But I can't be the only one fearful of a bubble burst despite months of evidence to the contrary?

6 minutes Hutchinson, poor first touch, almost lost the ball. GOAL.
Minutes later Hladky Saves (that song needs a loud airing)
Burns goes off injured, the ever willing Jackson joins the fray
37 minutes Burgess lashed home his first goal for a year(?)
45 minutes Moore's strength in the middle results in a ball to Jackson duly delivered into area where Broadband arrived to give us a 3 goal lead.

HT exchanged messages with friends around the ground, including one who's mother had passed away last week. Condolences again, you know who you are.
I messaged; it's Wednesday, it's the championship, job not yet done.

But that didn't take long did it?

The 48th minute applause assisted a goal confusing and confounding the opposition as the boys in blue worked their magic and Hutchinson puts us 4 up.

Cue exodus from away end.
Those that remained for loud as they made a bid for best away fans of the srason... Only to be cruelly silenced by our own Iraqi weapon of mass destruction.

80 minutes; great Sarmiento effort saved AAH follows in.

90 minutes Hutchinson unselfish squares to AAH and we score 6 for first time league for ages, ok for first time this league season.
Apparently he's played 108 minutes of football for us, has 4 goals, one every 27 minutes. Bonkers!

Being churlish;-
Ref - no booking for Bannon, Hutchinson booked for excellent tackle
Players trying to set up Hutchinson for hat trick rather than score themselves

This squad, these days!

Game over and a visit to SBR statue to meet up the boys from Beds and StevieH who lives in Rotherham these days - how many membership points? 25+ isn't it?

Then up to Ipswich hospital to see Snr, other than the fact he's now deaf and doesn't have his hearing aids, and now has a new hip. He's strong and healthy.

Whilst there get a message from a friend, someone I've known since the age of 3, he's on a cancer ward elsewhere in the hospital, so go and visit him. Turns out Allan Hunter is in next room. He would have appreciated Burgess' performance today.

So here we are 2nd, until Leeds hammer Millwall later today to regain GD. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

One. Game. At. A. Time

But as it stands, there's only one manager to win two promotions with Ipswich. He has a statue outside the ground. Back to back promotions not enough to earn a statue, but if I live to see a statue for McKenna, the years in between will have been fecking amazing.

[Post edited 17 Mar 10:00]
First weekender away trip since COVID
at 20:35 3 Mar 2024

I know there are quite a few who do "weekenders" and more frequently than I do, but I've traditionally done one a season, and Plymouth was my first since COVID.

It was due to be Shrewsbury in 19/20 season, and previously has been Blackpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, Swansea, and multiple Sheffield stays.

Next season it will be Etihad, with any LUCK. Yes, that word.
Certainly hope so, I've not been back to the city, I once lived in, since 2001, when City of Manchester Stadium was rising from the rubble of Beswick.

Usually it's hotel or guest house, this time I borrowed the company camper van, and booked a pitch at a place recommended on this site by meadowlark.
Thanks it did the job, but that's once messed up bus service out there, who runs a bus service that turns around at a roundabout on a retail park, but doesn't stop at the retail park itself, well officially, the two we saw dropped passengers just after the roundabout, no bus stop, first one drive passed us as we walked up the hill to the stop. On arrival found we'd have to wait 30 mins until next one, so StevieH got on phone to local cab companies, 20 mins, 40 and hour. We waited for the bus.

In the sun it's was great, in the shade, that wind was biting.

A 20 minute or so bus ride and we were in the City Centre, would have liked more time to have a look at historic Plymouth, but it's a football day and Leeds were on the TV, we knew we had to at least equal their win to stay in contact. Newmarket Tavern £8.60 for 2 pints of Stella. Spoons is famous for sticky carpets, this place has sticky tables.
It was a pity Huddersfield didn't win, but the draw gave extra incentive, if ever there was, for us to win.

Minicab availability again abysmal. We got into the cab at 14:50 got to ground just before kick off.

The thing with the points system, smaller ticket allocations are less watered down, a higher ratio of support are prepared to be vocal. In terms of away fixtures, Swansea, Plymouth and Cardiff are a challenge to the committed fan. But with a team this promising, it's worth it.

The plan had been to meet Edwardstone and The Ciderman in the fan zone, but the onset of rain and a comfy seat in Newmarket Tavern get in the way.

We won! We kept a clean sheet and, most importantly, got ahead of Leeds. It is in our own hands, all we've got to do is win every game. Impossible, but under McKenna? Can lightning strike twice with an implausible run of results? I don't know, I don't make predictions, but I'm sure it will be exciting.

Afterwards, we repeated our post Millwall meet and greet with the players, but considerably less "in drink". I have got to say these guys, collectively, are a credit to the club. And I don't just mean Chaplin and Co. who play the most minutes; Walton, Aluko, Humphreys and Edmondson all diligently posed for photographs, signed autographs trying to make sure no-one was left out. Including the group of Plymouth school kids.
I thanked McKenna again and told it it was a pleasure to watch his team.

Got to say hello to SteveM, Edwardstone and The Ciderman after the game, and noticed they appeared in Norris' Twitter message of thanks.

There followed a tour of Plymouth Spoons, well two of them, watching young people enjoying life then into to a Curry House and back to the camper van. A successful day out.

We commenced the long drive back to London without breakfast, stopping at Brightside, Exeter to rectify this.

Plymouth is a long way from everywhere. Got to feel for them. Ipswich is out of the way for most of the clubs, but Plymouth? Miles from everywhere. Would like them to get a shot at Prem. If only because 48 years ago they sold us Mariner. They need a bigger stadium, Home Park used to hold 35,000 didn't it? Why rebuild so small?

One. Game. At. A. Time.

Sliding Doors moment; Bristol Rovers 14/02/23. What if Morsy had become so disaffected that like Nsiala he moved on?

Pished in Plymouth
at 19:30 2 Mar 2024

Wetherspoons app is down its a disaster!

Today has been a beautiful day, the most beautiful thing is the players giving autographs and having selfies after the game. Every single one of them having a picture with a young girl in a wheelchair, truly beautiful brought me close to tears.

This squad, this manager.

I do love a 3 point away day.

SHQ start that statue, we're gonna need it.

Oh and close up Conor Chaplin is beautiful.

Why didn't Leif shoot?
at 10:13 25 Feb 2024

Yesterday was not a run of the mill football day for me, I used a bit of subterfuge to attend the game. My wife hates ITFC, as she knows that they rival her in my heart, and have done for 23 years longer.

A good friend has a season ticket, but, right now can't attend games, so rather than leave an empty seat I've offered to take the w/e games, with my oldest male offspring taking m/w.l
Plus, my father lives in Ipswich so I can combine football and family.

My wife runs a CIC mainly helping Latin Americans in London, though her food aid other activities are open to all in need. She'd been asking me to organise a day trip, so I offered Felixstowe and Ipswich 😇😇. Many of her community rarely see anything of England outside M25.

Managed to source a 9 seat vehicle and arranged an early start so I could combine; her trip, visit father and get to the game.

The thing is Latinos don't do punctual time keeping, ok we got away earlier than I usually do coming up for football but it was narrowing my window of opportunity to visit my father for more than hello / goodbye.

Took my passengers to Landguard, showed the the Port of Felixstowe, there was a massive container shop there (sent a picture to Newcy), pointed out Sealand, which to my surprise, two of them knew about and excitedly told the others. Winning!

Tried to get them into the museum, but they weren't keen on the £7 entrance fee, shame because I think a decent one.

So quick up and down the promenade and off to Ipswich.

I showed them the main shopping street, GWH "Dickens wrote a book whilst staying there" (they liked that), library, pointed them in the direction of Christchurch Mansion (free museum), park, Spoons and Crown Pools. Then I left them to get on with it for themselves, kissed the wife and off to PR.

Match day in Ipswich has changed for the better, there was a time when you could be forgiven for being oblivious to the fact a game was on. Now, plenty of Ipswich "fanware" on show.

For the first time since transitioning from school to work, I didn't have a beer before the game, unlike my last game, Millwall. 🍻🍻

This team / squad, management etc. what more could you say about them?

Is there anyone who would really want to question McKenna's judgement?
The players commitment?

I'm not talking about individual errors, split second decisions etc. I'm talking over a season or more.
But still there's the odd murmur as people adjust (still) to McKenna ball.
Yes, I get nervous when they play it around at the back, but understand high risk, high reward. Also, that pedestrian passing gives the forward players a rest, ready for quick attack and energetic pressing.

We could / should / would have been clear early on IF! If, only 2 letters but massive implications.

Facts (for fear of a full on Rafa moment); we won 3-1, 4 wins on the trot, 3rd on goal difference.
After years of decay, we "shouldn't" be this competitive this soon. But we are. Fact.

After years of cynicism, I most definitely am a blue tinted specs fan boy of McKenna and his team.

Axle had a "I want to be first choice" type of game, even popping up for an assist. Different players but style recognisable from Burns, Donacien and Chaplin crafted goal v MK Dons last season.

Burns goes off injured, good afternoon Omari Hutchinson; is he up for it? Oh yeah.

Broadhead goes off, good afternoon Jeremy Sarmiento; a Pecuadorian* star gathering mass (experience and goals)
*not my creation - GF from Beds, in the shadow of Sir Bob post-war can take credit. Our Ecuadorian from Peckham, I said. "so he's a Pecuadorian". Said I'd steal that.

I won't second guess McKenna on who should or should not start, these guys coming off the bench have had some impact. Think I'll trust the man in charge.

Luongo & Morsy did what they have been doing for just over a year now. Worked hard, defended, attacked, probed, fouled and led by example.

Moore played his part and will be disappointed not to get on the scoresheet. Some of his passing was excellent, there was even a couple of powerful chest passes.

It's a squad game, and this squad appears together and hungry, no-one fluffing their opportunity when it knocks.

My only question about yesterday; why didn't Leif shoot?

Camper Van advice / help - Plymouth Away
at 12:51 19 Feb 2024

Thinking of doing Plymouth as a camper van weekender. Due to logistics (StevieH working the day and travelling to London from Rotherham) going to be leaving London quite late.

Motorway services seem to be limited to 2 hours parking; where's a good place to stop for night on way down with access to showers etc?

Any suggestion once down there?I

D M for serious answers... Respond here for usual japery!
Hladky won that for us
at 00:08 15 Feb 2024

Kudos to the fella behind me who said they would shoot from the free kick.

Hladky saved us from conceding early on.

Burgess gives us balance.

Broadhead back on song

ITFC I love you still after 47 years

I've Met Super Keiran McKenna
at 00:00 15 Feb 2024

I was a bit pished up, had a burger in one hand pint in the other but wandered around to the coach and elbowed in amongst the autograph hunters to tell: Mck, Sarmiento, Burns, Burgess, Jackson, Al Hamidi and Clarke how much I appreciate them.

They probably thought I was weird pissed up idiot, but I didn't care.

Thanks to all the Town fans that brought their voices, and thanks to the team for winning.

Thanks to Millwall for beer and burgers.

Oh what a night.

Capital Blues forever
[Post edited 15 Feb 9:19]
Singing voices please
at 13:38 14 Feb 2024

Hope all are going tonight are ready to be Town's 12th man, I know a few are already lubricating throats... hope you make it to the game.

Points to remember:-

After too many years of decline we sit 4th in Championship with 4 league defeats in last 12 months

If we go a goal down this team can usually get us back level

If a player makes a mistake they're not sh1t

After what they've done for us they deserve unflinching support

Nigeria have a Fantastic shirt
at 19:43 7 Feb 2024

Nigeria v South Africa SF AFCON gone to pens
The Second Coming of Keiffer
at 00:24 4 Feb 2024

I don't think I saw his first incarnation, I seem to recall Bambi on ice as a phrase or baby giraffe or whatever it wasn't complimentary.

Today I saw an experienced striker who looks like he could really make a difference for us...

Who were those imposters in orange shirts who were on the pitch in the first half?
Unrecognizable to team in 2nd.

600 odd miles driven,left home 05:30, home 00:00.
Nice visit to Chorley FC on way up.

Football eh?
Merseyside / NW Blues
at 14:50 1 Feb 2024

Any of you know the poster who goes by the name Father Jack?

Sent him a DM 2 weeks ago but no reply, and posting history has last message before Xmas.

Anyone know if he's ok?

In real world initials AL and works in regional / local Gov IIRC. Lived Merseyside, but used to live Stockport area.

Was hoping to catch up with him at Preston.
So farewell then Hutch
at 21:21 5 Jan 2024

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