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at 15:11 21 Apr 2019

What level of hate is required to do such things?
Originally posted on comments after match report
at 10:28 20 Apr 2019

Not posted before - respect to the 400odd town fans there yesterday and congrats to the mascots.

my comment fwiw...

Folk, perspective please.

We were relegated last week, this week's result really no surprise, yet it merits 5 pages of Evans Out posting?

bluejake78 - asks "how far can we fall?" - this result has ZERO bearing on how far we may fall. You're not going Monday because someone finally hammered us? But would you have had we lost 2-0? Makes no sense what so ever.

Get a grip people, the results from here to end of season have NO EFFECT at all on next season.

As for "Evans Out" stuff - he isn't an employee, he is the OWNER of the club. The ONLY way to get him out is to BUY him out. Good luck with that folks... unless you are pally with a billionaire with no offspring waiting for their inheritance, who's willing to drop a wad load of cash into ITFC. No, you're not? Didn't think so.

I'm not telling to you "don't worry be happy" nor am I imagining that "everything's gonna be all right"

All WE, the fans, can do is support OUR club. Stop blubbing, get a grip, stiff upper lip and show the world how to support your team.
time to drive home and have a drink
at 17:15 13 Apr 2019

then onto youtube for happier times past.

My Ipswich badge in the rear window stays on show.

Ipswich 'til I die!
RIP Top Flight Football
at 17:00 13 Apr 2019


Beardy weirdies... have a look at this
at 11:16 12 Apr 2019
at 17:15 11 Apr 2019
York City have a player with the surname York
at 03:41 27 Mar 2019

Boring but true, NFT
I could bore you with stories [myths?] about Chauffeurs taking a wrong turn
at 14:08 25 Mar 2019

But none could trump this...
Only a friendly.. But.. Still a shock
at 21:55 22 Mar 2019
Get in there!
at 15:31 17 Mar 2019

C'mon you Lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops sorry wrong forum... mum's team and I live near by, please don't judge me...

Anyone upset about this?
at 13:01 17 Mar 2019

Banner is consistent with their political outlook, whether anyone likes the sentiment or not.
League 1 Adventure
at 07:21 17 Mar 2019
an exciting or very unusual experience.
participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises:
the spirit of adventure.

verb (used with object), ad·ven·tured, ad·ven·tur·ing.
to risk or hazard.
to take the chance of; dare.

verb (used without object), ad·ven·tured, ad·ven·tur·ing.
to take the risk involved.
to venture; hazard.

Make no mistake, no guarantees of a swift return, indeed, until recently I had expected a plunge thru the division to a greater depth, a level only seen by our other near and dear neighbours in Cambridge and Colchester.

I felt we looked like a relegation bound team since October, so relegation won't be the pain it was in 86, 95 or 02.

Yesterday though a clinical finisher or a bit of luck and we would have had 3 points, I agree with Lambert should have been 4-2 to us.

League 1 will be an adventure; exciting and hazardous. Definitely not easy.

Another thing that occurred to me yesterday, it's performances like that that reminds me why I persist in this utter perversion of being a football fan. Those minutes of magic to offset against months of misery.
[ok you negative types out there we drew 1-1, no cutting edge, we're doomed - wibble wibble]

PL is a PR master, he says the things we REALLY want to hear i.e. that WE are important. He has easily seduced most of us, desperate as we were to be loved by the club, with this "love".
Whether he is THE man only history will tell, but for now I think he is talking like he is the owner of the club not an employee, like he has bought into the club rather than brought into it, and, I really like that.
I have absolutely no knowledge of his communications at other clubs, maybe he's an utter cad that serially woos and seduces fans before cruelly dumping them... again time will tell. All I can say that as the manager if ITFC I can only wish him success.

[Post edited 17 Mar 13:04]
Just got home, albeit via family visits in
at 21:47 16 Mar 2019

Ipswich & London.

What can I say that others haven't, probably not much.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game and atmosphere, ok so officials played panto villains. But in blustery wind and with freezing cold feet I was happy to have attended. The football was exciting, my God we played on the front foot!

Met PJH for first time, and reacquainted with Newcy & Kelly Jo, not forgetting Seb and Yasmin. Got a low five from Seb.

There's no-one I'd be critical of in our team, everyone played their part. Whilst I'd like to thru the team I am only going to mention one player: Judge don't dither town, sign him.

I will be back for Hull and Swansea.

Folks get behind the blues, not in empty words on a forum it's time for fan action. Back the blues.

It's strange I feel like I saw us win today... In a strange way maybe we did, though not in terms of 3 points, but... I don't know, a togetherness? Not been drinking either!

This news is 2 days old... but I've only just seen it
at 20:25 15 Mar 2019

and it made me laugh
2 tickets bought & printed for tomorrow...
at 20:04 15 Mar 2019

No expectations football wise, but looking forward to seeing Newcy & Seb in fanzone.

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