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That's the way aha, aha I like it aha, aha!
at 21:53 13 Aug 2022

Must be many many years since I've seen our first two home league games. Possibly 95/96 when I last had a ST, just before moving away from Ipswich.

I can't ever remember feeling the way I did about that third goal. I felt emotional in a felt the urge to cry. Sitting and typing that feels silly, but that's what I felt at the time.

There was a beauty to that goal in real time viewing from Cobbold Stand that seeing it on the highlights ruins it, it doesn't look as good as it did live.

Morsy - deserves to inherit Wark 's "He's here he's there, he's every f ckng where" chant. Captain's performance .

Walton - how is he in the third tier? Had a dodgy punch but ball was coming out of the sun.

JD, as has already been posted, morphed into Cafu! That run for first goal, that interplay for third, oh and pretty much everything else.

Edmondson and the Woolf look assured.

Evans played well overall but really can't take a corner.

Harness gets better and better, Chaplin busy and creative, Burns well is Burns.

Ladapo did a job on their defence, worked hard, deserved a goal.

Of the subs I'll only mention Edwards... Passed dutifully to his colleagues when he deserved to take a shot.

No one let us down, they played some truly beautiful football and I feel good about football.

The only negative? PR car park price increase!
V Bolton all day £5.00
Today I wasn't looking I just took the charge to £5.50 and paid it, only noticing it only gave me 5 hours as I put it in my windscreen.
It's unmanned, so no labour charge increase, the machines are solar powered, aren't they? So no power charge increase...
Follow the Town, up or down
at 08:00 13 Aug 2022

Waiting in the queue for the bathroom, then off to a greasy spoon for brekkie, refill fuel tank, pick up 2 passengers and then hit the road to Ipswich.

I continue to hope for a win, but still have no expectations for today or this season.

COYB give us some goals....
Sometimes all I need is the that I breath
at 07:41 13 Aug 2022

Last week my phone / car had a Bluetooth spat which resulted in listening to the radio heard this tune

This morning it is an earworm
One of Blackburn's scorers last night
at 07:04 11 Aug 2022

Surname sounds like it could have been a rejected Two Ronnies sketch that was ditched in favour of "Four Candles / Fork Handles"

Markandy - more candy?
Bolivian Independence celebrations
at 10:48 7 Aug 2022

Yesterday to try to avoid the pain of following Town in absentia my wife insisted I join her for one of the above.

I wish I had a decent camera as I don't believe my phone captured the magnificence of the outfits on display.

Most people have probably seen pictures of Bolivian national dress, and I have seen many a dancing display from all over Latin America... But yesterday's outfits were amazing... I'd describe the men's ones as if Kiss were from Latin America; big boits, jackets with wide shoulders, lots of sparkly vibrant colours.

This is the nearest I could find with a quick Google

And as I can't find a really good example have one of the ladies, much easier to find for some reason hmmmm

On our way out of the park discovered a second separate celebration, similar outfits different colours... Wonderful
How confident a driver are you?
at 12:52 5 Aug 2022

I'm pretty confident, but I'd rather reverse there... Would be much quicker
Car on A12 heading toward Ipswich...
at 13:35 31 Jul 2022

Rosé chrome wrapped BMW X5 with a number plate of *O07 SKY

I decided I liked the wrap, but my traveling companions weren't so sure.

* Can't remember first letter, can't recall it being particularly relevant to the rest of the number.

I speculated someone who works for Sky coming to PR?

Prevent Boris from honours list travesty
at 12:42 31 Jul 2022

I want to be forever young
at 10:09 31 Jul 2022

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The bloke next to me...
at 22:30 30 Jul 2022

Often when I've gone to games I've come away disappointed that who say / stood next to me wasn't very talkative...
Today the bloke next to me made up for the 20 years of miserable tvvats by talking pretty much throughout the game, talking mortgages during a particularly exciting passage of play...

Made a new friend today, met an old friend I hadn't seen since.... Long before covid?Stand

Thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of a more vociferous Cobbold Stand.

We may not have won but we got 1 more point than the equivalent game last season. Disappointed Morsy didn't score and what a shocking penalty to give away.

Match day one done, forty five to go.

Bagged a friends ST while he's on holiday so will be back for MK and Barnsley games.

Leisurely drive home and a pleasant drink in Wapping, overall good day out.

Good morning TWTDers what's on the agenda for today?
at 07:25 30 Jul 2022

Beach? Museum? BBQ? Work? Etc

It are you on today's pilgrimage?

Just about to have brekky, then give the car a tidy up before rounding up some passengers and heading the 80 or so miles to Ipswich.

After the last 20 odd years I expect nothing, don't get me wrong I'm excited, but simply have no expectations, only hope.

Predictions? None from me, just hope we challenge, make at least 3 rounds in the FA Cup, and yep I'll take a pizza cup final at Wembley. I hope we go into next season with current manager and that the Americans enjoy the ride so much they join the crowds at PR every home game.

But even if we managed to slip into the 4th tier, I will be back again
"Follow the town up or down

But it is time for up


With one sleep* to go...
at 13:31 29 Jul 2022

Some cunit has turned up in our office today wearing a Naaaridge shirt. I was going to block it out but he had the temerity to come and speak to me...

Can't remember what exactly I said to him, but, he replied " No-one cares about us, there's only one tea m that hates us"
"And that's Ipswich"
"Who do you support? "
"I moved here to get away from Ipswich fans, thought be safe here"was

I have let him go back to work, but as one of the two senior staff in today I must treat all employees equally and fairly... But he's scum and early 20s, thus I have to make his life hell!

*if I'm lucky
[Post edited 29 Jul 13:32]
Given club have said crowd > 25,000 Sat
at 14:29 28 Jul 2022

How many consecutive crowds over 20k is it now?

Really need to keep up that momentum
Lifted from a story on BBC
at 13:12 27 Jul 2022

"Something is going to have to happen," he said. "People are not going to take it much longer."

The story has no comment about this sentence in a speech this week.

Hope Jan 6th committee were listening
Hit and run
at 13:00 27 Jul 2022

Then attacked by emus... That's a story to be told.
[Post edited 27 Jul 13:13]
I think....
at 22:17 26 Jul 2022

I may have to dig up my st George flags for the car tomorrow
Hey ladies!
at 19:26 26 Jul 2022

Ok so it's Euros, not WC, but it's by far the best football song. Good pop song with proper football descriptions.
2x Bolton tickets bought
at 21:36 25 Jul 2022

Struggled to find 2 together, eventually got em in Cobbold, none (together) in Magnus, briefly looked at SBR upper... But superstition has me in the side stands (we won more than we lose) say SAR upper v Cambrdge enough said?

It's gonna be a long week...
Flags on sale in Ipswich yesterday
at 21:34 24 Jul 2022

Shop nr Wilco selling little plastic flags yesterday:-

Just thought it odd.
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