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Who's with Wes on this?
at 12:50 19 May 2024

There's an irony here.

The referendum was at least the delivery of a campaign promise...
Who's with Wes on this?
at 12:49 19 May 2024

Define "decent"

Given the he's gets mentioned in the Panama papers and laid the ground that followed. Relatively decent? I mean is that the difference between a serial killer and someone who has only killed once.

The word I'd use is "discrete" versus those that follow that who seem to wear corruption as a badge to be proud of and flaunt it on the basis of "what yer gonna do about it plebs!"

from what I have read Streeting is the most Tory like individual in Labour's ranks and still thinks Privatisation (however small) is the way forward for NHS.

We need real meaningful change, but I don't know who offers that and British public groomed by media, don't like change... So Tory election win it is then...
Really good podcast from a Leeds supporter
at 20:37 13 May 2024

Yep, so it seems

Millwall surprised me, doesn't seem like THAT long ago I watched them win Play Off Final v Bradford
Really good podcast from a Leeds supporter
at 20:26 13 May 2024

They've been thru the trap door to 3rd tier a few times breaking their stay in 2nd tier.

Promoted to Championship 2014/15

His comment was 17 consecutive seasons... Add in 4 years L1. McKenna is truly magic.
Six weeks ago today, around this time
at 20:08 13 May 2024

I get a pain "echo" watching that goal, got bruised ribs from someone's elbow, but I can forgive that.

That game, this season; what a buzz

And still buzzing
McKenna first away game - Gillingham 8/1/22
at 19:55 13 May 2024

Was due to travel with Coastal Blue, he was unwell, got lots of funny looks as my waterproof jacket is a dull yellow (wife bought it for me).

We got soaked but Gills got rinsed.

A taste of the greatness to come.
Weird Rivalries
at 15:47 11 May 2024

Lived in Manchester 96-2000.

Developed a dislike of Citeh fans as they somehow thought getting 33,000 in 3rd tier qualified them for Champions league.
They hated Southampton who regularly finished top 6 despite The Dell being limited to sub-20,000.

Plus saw numerous cowardly attacks on away fans by their fans.
Ah, Sunak is doing so well
at 15:06 9 May 2024

He hasn't exactly helped himself either, other than to tax payers cash.

When he got in he used many key words, none of which proved substantive.

As for Reform UK... AKA REFUK! How apt.
Players you love despite not being regulars?
at 14:55 9 May 2024

John Linford
Laurie Sivell
Michael Cole
John Kennedy
Chris Casement
Shane Supple
TWTD end of season questionnaire
at 07:44 9 May 2024

When it comes to the question about how well McKenna has done please could you reveal the identities of anyone that gives anything less than top marks.

I have acquired a job lot of pitchforks and torches and will happily distribute to a willing mob to take care of the heretics [aka trolling budgies]
Angry Colchester fans
at 21:26 8 May 2024

Bumped into sad and angry Colwho fan after getting back from Newcastle, he didn't believe we'd been to the game despite ticket stubs and programmes.
He really was a frightfully boring oik.
Remember that time we fell to fourth...
at 19:41 7 May 2024

I know Preston away was rough, but can't recall it finishing 20-3.
Utterly disrespectful
at 13:32 6 May 2024

I understand where you are coming from, but Moyes won't be sleeping in a tent under an elevated motorway anytime soon.

Another club will come along and will be happy if he can do for them what he did for West Ham.
Bus Parade Live on Sky Youtube
at 13:29 6 May 2024

Whilst the bus sat outside "Canes" (IYKYK) I found myself wishing I'd stayed in Ipswich one more night as I looked at the blinds in my oldest male offspring's living room thru the medium of Sky's YouTube stream. It was almost dead level with the top deck of the bus, and knowing he's down on the street there (says the vibe is good).

Love it, I promise to be there next season for the parade....
For those not old enough to remember
at 10:18 6 May 2024

Against France, Czechs, Germany and Spain ...Butcher, Mariner & Mills

Mariner and Mills
Your 5 favourite league games this season
at 08:02 6 May 2024

Either people not reading your brief or essentially agreeing with you, adding games but not replacing.... It's a top 5 dammit!

1. Huddersfield H 2-0
The emotion, achievement and everything you save digitally and will be drop released by RetroITFC on Twitter in 25 years time. I will be gone by then but those of you 30s and younger will understand one day. Don't take the 3 in a row CL win for granted. Oops wrong era message.

2. Southampton H 3-2
That's football at its cruelly and finest. That's a McKenna team on a mission. The bruised rib sustained in 3rd goal. Worth it.

3. Sheffield Wednesday H 6-0
I was genuinely nervous, thought the consecutive league defeats for McKenna were coming. I like being this wrong. Rohl has done a great job with them (must avoid obvious pun!) but we Rohled them over (nope can't)

4. Plymouth A 2-0
Weekender! Last season we gained 3 points against the teams either side of us, this season we won 12points against those same teams. If Leeds go up we double them next season.

5. Millwall A 4-0
My home game. Took 2 days off work cos I knew it'd be a long night. But despite being no.5 here it's actually my favourite both on and off the pitch.
Al Hamadi first Ipswich goal
Free triple cheeseburger after game
Meeting Sarmiento's F&F
Drunkenly meeting the players expressing heartfelt thanks and them looking at me like some drunken old idiot that sounds more Millwall than Ipswich... Ok they're probably right.
Bromley boys
at 19:07 5 May 2024

The league loses South London Sutton and gains South East London Bromley.
Anyone else physically unable to stop smiling
at 17:04 5 May 2024


Seeing you a few hours after final whistle was my highlight.
Try to be gentler with those best hugs!
96 points.
at 16:32 5 May 2024

1 (one) point behind the champions
6 (six) above 3rd place

In a 46 game season, you finish where you deserve.

No pressure, but for consistency... 2nd again next season is acceptable
Awake, buzzing, hope to go back to sleep
at 06:46 4 May 2024

Very good point

Managed another 2 sweat sodden hours of fitful dozing.
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