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They're here...!
at 14:19 24 Nov 2020


Clearly this is a warning beacon installed by a superior alien race in 2016/17 who came and saw, amongst other contra indications, Brexit and Trump had conquered and they no longer felt we deserved their help with super cool intergalactic space flight, clean energy, and most important the cheeses of the galaxies.

Either that or planted by Vogon surveyors.
Yo peeps and peepesses what we all doing today?
at 09:59 23 Nov 2020

Perpetual days off (aka unemployed), routine is something like this on a Monday / Thursday


Read emails, desperately search thru LinkedIn for jobs

Read the news

Waste time on favourite website

10,000 steps, plus some lung capacity exercises

Food aid volunteering


More food aid volunteering

Return to favourite website
Blimey - fifty seven years ago today
at 09:40 23 Nov 2020

A bit late to this one

Talking of scrambling around on the tarmac....
at 12:05 22 Nov 2020

The bit where he's on his knees trying to get off the track with those bikes coming at him travelling a zillion miles an hour gave me the willies.
24 Champions in 130 years
at 13:20 21 Nov 2020

I hadn't noticed that... I just rattled off the ones I knew.

The most important things for me are that this list does not include teams from any counties adjacent to Suffolk not does it include the happy hammers.
24 Champions in 130 years
at 10:49 21 Nov 2020


This is an easy one
They've only won it once but their manager went on to win an even bigger prize.

23/24 have up with 3 minutes to go then looked at the answer, kicked self for not getting it.
Seeing as how we have all "moved on" a tad...
at 22:20 20 Nov 2020

Test v Real World driving.

Like conventional diesel / petrol test mpg rarely achieved in real world driving, the same applies to fully electric cars.

I have tested 2 fully electric cars and neither achieved anything near the claimed mileage.
Pope Francis' Instagram account likes a picture of a Brazilian bikini model
at 14:38 20 Nov 2020

I think you'd struggle to successfully argue that the outfit worn meets any schools uniform guidelines, thus is not a defacto school uniform.

Yes Latin American school uniforms for girls do feature tartan skirts, but they tend to have to meet the knee.
Just when you think the Trump roadshow couldn't get any sadder...
at 23:22 19 Nov 2020

That is impressive.

Plotting Trump's downfall three years before he was even elected!

You would have thought that if Chavez was that forward thinking he would have prevented Trump getting elected in 2016, or was the plan not ready yet?
Describe 2020 in 1 word only (n/t)
at 10:19 18 Nov 2020


A word I'm sure most of us had not ever heard of before...

I predict that 2021 will be "serfs" as our lords and masters taken us back to medieval times.
Archant sticker books
at 10:09 18 Nov 2020

That's what happens when your sister is your mother and your father is your brother
Following from the Marcus Rashford thread earlier today
at 13:41 17 Nov 2020

Whenever a footballer does something wrong I try to say but he's just a footballer, not a role model.

This upstart lad from Manchester is in danger of being a pukka role model. The job to bring him down surely lies with the 4th estate... Mail on Sunday perhaps?

Here's hoping that when fans are allowed back into grounds he gets a standing ovation where ever he goes.
At Keno's behest...
at 13:36 17 Nov 2020

Worst? Tuna

Best? Lots of butter, mature cheddar, chopped onion, then mashed...
Talking of potatoes surely Rosti is the best way to eat them
at 13:33 17 Nov 2020

Mashed with butter is the correct answer, with chopped raw onion and cheese added before serving

I no longer like the taste of chips... Why is this?
Grenfell inquiry latest
at 10:47 17 Nov 2020

All of the contractors refused to participate unless granted immunity, that should have been the first indicator they knew they'd (collectively) gambled with lives through lack of experience, lack of care etc. But this fella actually fiddled figures, if this is not a crime worthy of a prison sentence that reflects that it cost 72 people their lives, injured 70 more and will have long term psychological issues for years to come.

They should all be moved to South Georgia now, for their own safety, and leave em there
Jesus tap dancing Christ
at 10:41 17 Nov 2020

We are now on WC 2022 qualification.

The playoffs that Scotland qualified thru were the last remains of Euro 2020* qualification.
Food Aid quirks...
at 22:05 16 Nov 2020

One esteemed Oxford Street retailer recently donated 5l tubs of vanilla ice cream, this week they've donated a load of these...

This is the nearest looking thing I could find on the net... My son wasn't able to identify the flavour... I tried it, tea I told him. Earl Grey Tea to be precise.

We received four slices in our volunteer bag, along with one of these...

Ours is Duchy brand... So we shall be gobbling on Charlie's cheese tomorrow
Good luck Wrexham
at 19:28 16 Nov 2020

Good synergy there... Both small, best times are in the past and have punched beyond their weight.
England = Ipswich
at 21:33 15 Nov 2020

Didn't England beat Belgium at home?

It's those plucky Danes that have messed us up this tourny, innit?
Well done Hamilton 👏 (n/t)
at 12:11 15 Nov 2020

Isn't Hamilton one of, if not the best, wet weather drivers?

Besides it's the British way to build em up on the way to the top then decide them when they get there?

It's all Academical, Hamilton is the best.
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