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Wickham Sunderland Link Revived
Wickham Sunderland Link Revived
Wednesday, 5th May 2010 08:40

Claims of Sunderland interest in Town striker Connor Wickham have been revived by one of this morning’s tabloids as speculation regarding the 17-year-old’s future continues.

The Black Cats were first said to be chasing Wickham a fortnight ago when manager Roy Keane dismissed reports that his former club were lining up an exchange deal involving a number of players: “They could swap him for 20 of their players and Steve Bruce knows that.”

Today’s report claims the Black Cats will offer cash plus players up to the value of £7 million for the England U17 international.

The story appears to be little other than speculation with Spurs the only club understood to have firmed up their interest in the striker so far.

Meanwhile, former Blue Sam Parkin has been released by League One Walsall.

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bluemonday added 09:08 - May 5
Sign up Parkin !!


bleedblue added 09:17 - May 5
Lets be honest, Wickham is the biggest talent in England at the moment, we shouldn't be tempted with anything less than £10mil. Over this, you would have to seriously consider it.

southernblue added 09:19 - May 5
"Wickham is the biggest talent in England at the moment"

I think that might be over egging the pudding a touch

Wallingford_Boy added 09:25 - May 5
Biggest talent in England?!?!?!?! I think Rooney is ok and that Adam Johnson seems quite handy, but yes other than that he is the biggest talent in England.... pretty much has his seat on the plane to SA nailed.

Blueknight85 added 09:33 - May 5
i think £10 million is just over that line f being over the top to lol maybe 10 million after all top ups if ya lucky

Blueknight85 added 09:38 - May 5

smart4 added 09:52 - May 5
Wickham has to be the best emerging talent in England at the moment and has huge potential. That is recognised by the big clubs - hence the early wash of what will become a tidal wave of bids for the lad. Remember how Everton tried desperately to hang on to Rooney?

Fact is, if he continues to develop at his current pace, he will be worth huge money in a season or two. If Mr Evans has the stomach and wallet to do so, Connor could not only play us into the Premiership but at some future point fund our survival in the top flight.

On the other hand - a bird in the hand is worth a flock in the sky! So, I'm afraid, there will be a price that will see Connor leave. I just hope its high!

OnlyOneSirBobby added 09:56 - May 5
this is going to be one interesting summer

blueherts added 10:11 - May 5
Colback plus Campbell plus £8m be a deal

bleedblue added 10:16 - May 5
Use some common sense boys, you all know what i meant.

I for one and backing him to be partnering Rooney in the 2014 World Cup!

Walters can go for £4million.

TractorRoyNo1 added 10:25 - May 5
straight swap for benty?

Hunterssecondball added 10:42 - May 5
I thought Bowditch was once the best emerging young talent after he scoered a hatrick?
Wickham hasn't proved anything yet. Next season will tell if he has it or not.
It's interesting isn't it... Klug goes to Spurs and a few day's later Spurs come knocking on the door?!
Can we get Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as asst manager? Perhaps we could then get the young United talent!

JayITFC added 10:43 - May 5
He's probably the most exciting teenage prospect around at the minute.

hrj added 10:52 - May 5
Needs to be close to £10 million to consider it Spurs 5 million offer not enough.
IT would be a complete shambles to let Wickham go for £5 million when he has just signed that contract over easter.

Blueknight85 added 11:07 - May 5
he wont be worth anything to us in a year and a half if he is any good because he wont sign a contract extension as he will b able to sign for someone else for free.

the only way he signs a contract extension next year is if he has a crap season and no one better wants him or we get promoted.

if he has a good season and we don't get promoted he still wont be worth more as he will only have a year left on his contract like bent did and will go for about 2 million with top ups to 3 if we are lucky otherwise in the following january he will sign a pre contract to go for free.

mickeyjb added 11:37 - May 5
Back to the biggest tallent, I understant what your saying. As things go name me a 17 year old out there with more potential than Conner at the moment. That's why he's in demand. I'd love him to stay, but it seems at the minute to be a case if when not if!

MACKEMYANK added 12:42 - May 5
Well to be honest, I would definitely take him and loan him back to you lot for next season. He shows promise from what I hear but he is still only 17 and untested at any level. If I was his agent/advisor I would definitely tell him to stay put at Ipswich for at least another year so he could play regularly in the Championship.

footyfan182 added 12:43 - May 5
Conner Wickham is def one of the best 17 year olds in England - but there are some amazing 18 and 19 year olds around in other clubs, Conner has to outshine these players aswell to be the next Rooney or Becks, I think it has probably helped him always being so much bigger than his peers but they will all be catching him up soon, so lets hope his talent is far better than any other 17 year old in the country and not just his size as the offers will shrink not grow, I hope you have a brill forthcoming season Conner i have always been a fan of yours have watched some of the academy games over the years.

comeonthegoodtimes added 12:58 - May 5
Lets face it people, it is just a matter of time until he goes so i think we need to sell him at the best possible price,
I like most others don't want to see him leave as i think he is or could be the next best thing but we have to look at it from the players point of view,
yes he has been given the chance by us to play at a good level and his head must be going round in circles at the minute with the thought of a potental Champions league side interested in him but in the same aspect feel that he owes us a debt of gratitude. But who would stand in his way???? this could be a major turning point for both Conner and Ipswich this summer. If we get around 6 or 7M offered for him i for one would sell,
1, To buy Two or Three good Championship players,
2, So we don't have to sell lots of players to fund our transfer kitty and
3, To let a very talented player have his chance in a Premiership team and hopefully go on and Shine for his country rather than stay at Ipswich and have his comfidence dented by not getting the chances he will get with two good wingers supplying him week in week out with crosses,
I actually think for once in a long long time Ipswich are in a win win situation regarding the young striker.
Anyway whatever happens i wish all the best for Conner in whatever happens to the lad....COYB

samassiabou added 17:57 - May 5
A straight swap for Darren Bent?

jas0999 added 18:21 - May 5
We have to be realistic - a big club will offer a considerable amount for Wickham. MARCUS EVANS will then decide whether he goes. The Roy haters have to be realistic with this.

£7M is a lot of money for an unproven player. What's more important to realise is that Roy hadto decide whether to keep Wickham or rhodes. Good decision Roy. Good decision.

Suffolk_n_Good added 18:51 - May 5
Jas, your right that ME will ultimately decide, & I dont think Town fans will be able to direct there anger at Keane if Wickham does go, cause the decision will have been taken out of his hands. However, I still think Keane was wrong to let Rhodes go, think of the partnership Wickham & Rhodes would have had, quite honestly every Championship club would have been S*****G themselves!!

opinionscount4nothin added 22:37 - May 5
Why the hell would Darren Bent want to come back to Ipswich? Apart from Rooney and Zamora he is one of the best goalscoring talents in english football. He has proved constantly that he can score goals. He might return to PR when he is 35+ to finish off his career!!

ShefTractor added 23:56 - May 5
I'm pretty sure Victor Moses is a bigger 'talent' than young Wickham. We have to remember potential isn't everything, he has to prove himself first. Despite the fact he has been impressive on the back end of the season, he hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself on a regular basis yet so this will be interesting to see. He could have the 'consistent inconsistency' of Ambrose/Bent/Everyone we seem to have in the current squad.

Besides, if he smashes in 25 next season we should have a chance of going up and receiving £10m for the lad in the process. Win-win. Keane ftw.

Manic_Blue added 00:39 - May 6
He can't go for nothing - even if he leaves at the end of his contract we will be entitled to compensation because of his age. Any suitor club will be wary or risking that if he keeps improving as we can point to the bids the previous year and the season he subsequently had and get a fair bit. Of course, I hope it's all academic - ideally with him staying and taking the league by storm, but if ME decides the offer is too good, then the extra funds help get in players that see us challenging at the right end of the table again.

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