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Keane: No 12th Man at Portman Road
Keane: No 12th Man at Portman Road
Friday, 19th Nov 2010 07:58

Town manager Roy Keane says his side get no ‘12th man effect’ from the Portman Road crowd to help them in their fight for promotion from the Championship. The Blues boss was unhappy with the booing and cheering of opposition passes during last week’s 3-1 home defeat to Barnsley, feeling that his younger players bore the brunt of fans’ frustrations.

Keane said: “I don’t think it’s the type of club where we’ve a 12th man dragging us to promotion. We hear other managers talking about Celtic and the great European nights, Stoke at the moment.

“For us to bring this club forward it will come from within the club, it won’t come from outside or the supporters. It will come from the players and the staff and with a bit of luck.”

During an occasionally fiery Thursday press conference, the Town boss said he was saddened rather than angered by the crowd’s reaction: “I was fine, disappointed, but nothing surprises me in football.

“You always remember these things. I remember when I played for Ireland I got booed against Iceland because one reporter, who was an idiot and was pals with the manager, did a piece saying the fans should boo me. And guess what? They all booed. Sheep. One or two boo and the rest follow.

“As I’ve said before, I remember after the Watford game [at home last season] when I thought the fans were brilliant and they cheered us off the pitch even though we drew the match and were in the difficult run. You don’t forget these things and you don’t forget the fans last weekend either.

“Having said all that, that’s not all of the supporters,” he added. “I’m not trying to tarnish all the supporters.”

Keane says it’s probably for the best that the next couple of games are away from Portman Road: “I think it will be a benefit over the next few weeks that we’re away from home and the players can go out and relax a little bit and enjoy what they’re trying to do, which is learning their trade. And they should be applauded for that, not jeered.

“I think it’s too easy now. We see it with other games, we saw it with international matches on Wednesday night. There’s this mentality of booing teams all the time.”

The Irishman has no objection to being the focus of fan dissent himself, indeed he says he thrives on it, but wants supporters to back the players: “They can boo me all they want. I never went into football to be popular, in fact it drives me on and I bloody enjoy it.

“Get behind the players, get behind the young players that we’ve got. We’re two points off the play-offs and players who are 18 or 19 years of age are getting jeered and booed.

“Young Connor Wickham’s coming on and the fans are booing because I’m taking Tamás Priskin off. We’re 2-0 or 3-0 down at that stage, they should be applauding Connor coming on.

“Two weeks ago they wanted Priskin out of the club,” he continued. “All of a sudden we shouldn’t be taking him off. I’ve nothing against Tamás, I think he’s doing well for us, but you have to make changes.”

Keane concedes that some negativity is inevitable but believes that last week’s reaction was out of all proportion: “When you lose matches, you put up with that little bit of criticism.

“But I think that the way the atmosphere has been over the last few weeks they were going to be criticising everything anyway, whether it was the referee, the pitch, me, the staff, the players, the substitutions we’re making. Way over the top.”

The Blues boss says he has no objection to supporters giving their viewpoint but doesn’t see the sense in booing: “The fans have a right to express their opinion, I have no problem with that. I’ve been at clubs before where fans do that. But there’s a certain line which has to be drawn. And I’m entitled to my opinion.

“It’s an emotional game, I understand that 100%, the ups and downs of being a supporter. What they did last weekend was wrong, that’s my opinion.

“They didn’t support the team. How can you support the team by booing? They can question all they want about taking players off. We’ve got a young 17-year-old, the future of the club, what’s he supposed to think when he’s coming on to the pitch and there’s booing?

“We can’t kid ourselves that if we’re not performing we’re going to get criticised, but there’s got to be a balance to that of what’s right and what’s wrong, and what happened last week was wrong.

“I don’t care what anyone says, "Keane continued. "I don’t care if you’ve been a supporter of this club for 50 years or you work in the media, we all know it’s wrong. You try and teach your kids that – what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, and our players have to listen to that nonsense.

“That’s why I think it might be a benefit that we’re away from home for the next couple of weeks, and we’ve got some tough games.”

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dazz added 08:09 - Nov 19
As badly as I want keane to succeed at PR, the proformances haven't been up to the standard we are now used to expecting! For me I feel that Keane is trying to take out his anger and blaming the fans who admittedly have been great this season. Lets get behind the lads away at hull! and hope for some better tactics from keano!

DitchMavray added 08:15 - Nov 19
Ok Roy, I'll play the game. I'll trust you and get behind the team for the rest of the season. I'll do my part of the bargain and leave you to do yours.

Legend added 08:15 - Nov 19
Sorry folks but Keane is spot on!!
We must have the most fickle set of fans in this league!! To cheer the opposition last saturday was disgusting and i was ashamed.
We have no god given right to beat teams and maybe if some of you fans made some noise it would help the cause!!
If you dont want to support ITFC then sit at home and listen to the radio and phone radio Suffolk like most of all the other armchair moaners!!


getawig added 08:17 - Nov 19
From what I have seen and heard from him over the last year and a half I don't believe he is the right man for my beloved Ipswich BUT on this occassion Keane is spot on. The crowd reaction was a joke on saturday. Cheering the opposition is not on under Any circumstances and booing young players is out of order. Why would Wickham want to stay when he is booed as he comes on? If you want to boo maybe wait to the end of the game? Also, if it is Keane you are angry with why not chant "Keane Out" or are words too difficult for you or are you scared he will find you and give you a slap! Try to get behind the team and break the team and if you can't just keep quiet

getawig added 08:19 - Nov 19
Sorry should be "not break the team"

south_aussie_blue added 08:23 - Nov 19
“Two weeks ago they wanted Priskin out of the club - all of a sudden we shouldn’t be taking him off"

Suffolk_n_Good added 08:23 - Nov 19
I think you've completely mis-read the booing Roy. I believe the booing that occured against Barnsley was aimed squarely at YOU, not young players who are trying hard. Fans we're expressing their anger towards your inept management, playing people out of position, no cohesion between different parts of the pitch, poor assessment of player substitutions, no style of play, awful signings, all these things are down to YOU. I agree that fans should get behind their team, & I can assure you I love ITFC as much now as I did when you took over, but thats the point isn't it, I love ITFC NOT Roy Keane, & you sir would do well to remember what a privilage it should be for you to be our manager, please remember the majority of us stood up & defended you last season when quite honestly your performance was awful, you asked for time & we gave you that, but relationships have to work both ways & the team have not delivered "quality football" under your management. Things need to change NOW Roy, & if they don't you should pay with your job.

SammyT added 08:26 - Nov 19
Getawig i didnt notice anyone in the North Boo Connor at all! As soon as he crossed the touch line the boos turned to claps and cheers.

JammyDodgerrr added 08:26 - Nov 19
He is 100% right, we don't have that effect. Our home fans like to cheer on the other team!

legoman added 08:29 - Nov 19
"Fans are entitled to express their opinions". We cant boo we cant olay. I suppose it will have to be silence then....Oh hang on FPR is a morgue (unless something just a LITTLE bit exciting happens!

langeydong added 08:29 - Nov 19
Is it not obvious the crowd weren't booing at Conor but at Roys descion to take priskin off I.e booing Keane?

Either way, compared to last season i can't understand why peoples expectations are so high now? The league is as tight as hell, anyone can beat anyone!

SideShow added 08:30 - Nov 19
The thing about booing you see, is that it's very hard to interpret WHAT you are booing. People booing the substitution of Priskin the other day, could be construed as people booing Connor, which Roy made a point of.
I personally would never boo Town, but that's the kind of person i am. No matter how sh1t we were, i will always applaud the boys.
Oh and a usual, RK is spot on with his comments.

BlooooCD added 08:31 - Nov 19
What an arrogant TW4T!!! This guy is unbelievable! At we wrong to expect a half decent performance for the amount we pay to watch the team.. He was White on Saturday as a manager and should put his hands up and apologise! Instead it's the fans fault... This has all the makings of a build up to excuse him parting with the club! To blame the fans and turn on them is pathetic... They have their opinions and are more than entitled to express them based on what they see! 3 games keano and if you fcuk it up.... You brought thus squad in and now we have a couple of players injured and we are in free fall! Your to blame! Coyb's!!!!

roytheboy added 08:35 - Nov 19
Totally agree with legend, I am often ashamed by the antics and cruel comments dished out by people who see themselves as Supporters, they should try supporting the whole package, I too was ashamed of the fools who cheered Barnsley each time they had a succession of passes, how on earth do they think our players feel after that and then being booed off the pitch ? that must have a very adverse effect and cannot possibly inspire a player, it must be devastating to the younger players, some people should take a good look at yourselves, our players should do better of course, we're all disappointed generally with them, but what about the Supporters ! should we not improve also ?

Raedwald_625 added 08:36 - Nov 19
Keane just doesn't get it
The crowd were booing HIM not Wickam or the anyone else
The crowd were frustrated that we can't play decent football like Barnsley
The results aren't so important, we no longer play decent football
The crowd were expressing their their frustation with keane NOT anyone else.

Karlosfandangal added 08:41 - Nov 19
Suffolk n Good said
Keane should remember what a privilage it is to manage Ipswich its a pity some of the fans dont relise that as i now feel ashamed to support Ipswich and thats not Keane's fault thats the fans IMO.
Even Robson said about the Ipswich fans, my Mum has gone to matches since the 50's and said the Ipswich fan is one of the most fickle she have ever known.
There have been so called fans slagging off Keane before he had even had his first match.
I have stopped going to Portman Road because its now not an enjoyable experiance, I like to got to watch football and Yes you get good and bad games, however, the langauge used and the abuse some players get is just wrong.
I now watch another team play and the atmospheare is excellent, they were 3-0 down the other week, but the fans got behind the side and they finished up losing 3-2.

TOWNNNNNN added 08:46 - Nov 19
I don't care what your views of keano are, booing OUR team and cheering the opposition is a f@@£ing disgrace!! P1ss of back to carrot road, you carrot munching inbreds! That isn't how you support town! Get behind the team, cheer them on and if you want keane out, then make a banner and protest outside the stadium after the game!... Prove that you love town as much as I do/ and you say you do and make some bloody NOISE!!!! COME ON TOWN!

SammyT added 08:46 - Nov 19
Agree with Daz. Hope we can make a statement @ Hull as fans by being amazing. Lets get Keano talking about how much we played our part!! I for one will be waking up Sunday speechless and not because of the result.

legoman added 08:46 - Nov 19
Roy. They are all paid a fortune to entertain us and make us happy. Then we applaud them. Simple.

Karlosfandangal added 08:51 - Nov 19
Another point maybe our first half performace are poor as the fans are so worried about the reaction of the fans. it must be like a stand up comic going on stage for the first time, no wonder Town are more relaxed at away games

corunnaviking1759 added 08:55 - Nov 19
“Two weeks ago they wanted Priskin out of the club,” he continued. “All of a sudden we shouldn’t be taking him off.

Don't often comment on here, but he is SO right in what he says, he's trying to find the right formula and the booing and jeering does not help OUR team. Make up your minds.


punch_bowl added 08:56 - Nov 19 can you make comments? youre not a true admitted leaving the club to watch another...true fans whether they boo or not stick it out through thick and thin!

SammyT added 08:57 - Nov 19
IF we happen to go 2-0 down would be nice to hear people still believe and support rather than cheer the predictable "Keano, sort it out, Keano Keano..." or the boos or "keano outs".

sflurrie added 08:58 - Nov 19
It's getting really embarrassing now..... Ipswich fans are starting to build a really negative reputation! I get comments from colleagues more and more often, we are really seen as the 'idiots' of the football league. If you were able to take a step back and look at how we are perceived by others... especially compared to our carrott crunching neighbours, who are seen as the complete opposite to us; passionate, loyal, loud and god forbid, intelligent. I am just a bit fed up with us being seen as the the stupid, insular 'townies' who make for cr@p football fans.

greymonkey added 08:58 - Nov 19
Keano is spot on. I'm glad the majority realise that.

His comments on Priskin sum up the the whole mentality of a lot of Ipswich fans at the moment “Two weeks ago they wanted Priskin out of the club,” he continued. “All of a sudden we shouldn’t be taking him off”.

We need people behind the team and that does not mean on their backs.

We are in a postition where we can still have a very good season.

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