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Boss Still Wants More From Emmanuel-Thomas
Monday, 18th Mar 2013 06:00

Manager Mick McCarthy was delighted with sub Jay Emmanuel-Thomas’s match-winning piece of magic during Saturday’s 1-0 home victory over Bolton, but still wants to see more from the 22-year-old. The ex-Arsenal man tricked his way past Trotters’ defender Sam Ricketts in the 88th minute before sending in a cross which skipper Carlos Edwards buried at the second attempt.

McCarthy says Emmanuel-Thomas’s quality is not in question: “His ability to beat the full-back, he twisted his blood to get that cross in, was fabulous. We all know he can do that.

“We inherited a team with seven points and rock bottom of the league. It’s all that s----y stuff that they have to do.

“That ultimately would have been a 0-0, and but for Jay and but for Carlos we would have had to have taken the point.

“All the lads who broke their balls all afternoon, all throughout however many games there have been since I’ve been here, is what I’m after. And if he can do that, and produce that little bit, [he’ll play].

“Let me tell you, Ryan Giggs runs about and he’s a magician, Beckham did, Ronaldo does, all the top, top players put the hard yards in and do the s----y jobs and if he does that for me, he plays.

“If he doesn’t, he’ll be a sub that comes on and might do a bit of magic. That’s the way it is, I’m sorry my team is going to be that way.”

The Blues boss says he was pleased with the work ethic shown by the Londoner on Saturday, aside from one momentary lapse: “If you want me to be ultra-picky, he let Chung-Yong Lee, the winger, run once and the vein on my neck was popping out because he’d got too far forward.

“I’m being a bit hard on him because I don’t think it’s lack of effort, I think it’s sometimes just seeing it and reading the game and putting yourself in the position.

“He’s trained really well, loads have tried to get him on loan and I’ve told them all to get lost. I haven’t got that many players and I want him to contribute, and he’s done it today and I’m delighted for him.

“And he contributed the last time I put him on as a sub, he blocked it and got us a point. Great.”

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village_blue added 06:59 - Mar 18
Jet seems to have an attitude problem which is probably half his trouble but he does produce some quality stiff but not often enough.As for Edwards well he needed 2 attempts to get the ball in the net.

Popeye added 07:00 - Mar 18
Great man management from MM.

bluemikey100 added 07:52 - Mar 18
dont care if takes edwards 22 attempts to get ball in net as long he scores

1RWR added 07:55 - Mar 18
village blue, fancy changing your name to 'village idiot'?
Edwards scored = 3 valuable points = happy faces at PR
Not that bothered if it rebounded off the ref four times, it went in & it's credited to Edwards! Sorry, nothing personal village blue.

paulcooperisgod added 08:11 - Mar 18
A forum you can't write on? We not aloud a say on the N'daw arrest then??

ManningtreeBlue99 added 08:36 - Mar 18
hate to say this but we all know an Ipswich Winger who does put the hard yards and effort in. Lee Martin. JET just posseses the ability to score and cross!

dford7 added 08:43 - Mar 18
Have a look at the 3rd picture from the Bolton game photos on the other post, the one with Carlos and Chops celebrating. Quite easy to lipread the Bolton defender. I am still celebrating that goal.

Karlosfandangal added 08:52 - Mar 18
Maybe Jet will reach his potential as he gets older.
His age may have something to do with it, if you look at yourself and what you were doing at 22 and then think what would I have done if I was earning 10-20k a week.

Wenger and Rice never got the best out of him and now Mick and Terry have him, he has a second chance to learn and maybe move on to greater things let hope he doesnot waste it

Gazelle added 08:55 - Mar 18
It wasn't at the second attempt, the first one was a dummy !

ArnieMsBigToe added 09:08 - Mar 18
PaulCooperIsGod. There has been quite a few incidents like this recently. I don't need to name them. Everybody knows who they are. Personally, I think TWTD's approach on this is correct. I think that they're doing you a favour. Anyway I bet you know chuff all about it - just like the rest of us.

brittaniaman added 09:14 - Mar 18
Big Micks light hearted comment on Twitter !!
He has found new shirt sponsers for next season

daniel9624 added 09:19 - Mar 18
It makes sense to not be allowed to comment on an ongoing criminal investigation. Imagine if some fool came on here saying " I live next door and heard him beat her up" TWTD would be under all sorts of pressure to give out the posters identity etc. Just safer for all involved to post the facts as TWTD have done.

Icantbelieveyousaidt added 09:35 - Mar 18
Am I correct in saying that Mr Edwards first shot was with his right foot and the next with his left.......if correct that makes the goal even better.....most modern footballers are sooooo one footed.

theobald1985 added 09:46 - Mar 18
I think growing up with arsenal and the way they play jet was allowed to become a player that does not track back so often and does not press as much.the youth teams he played in would have been a dominant side with great young players and they would not have been playing like we are now. He is having to re-learn the game micks way and is doing very well and is a talented player so good luck to him he can be an important player for us next season and with taylor coming back we should carry a better goal threat bring on next season in the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Edmunds5 added 09:58 - Mar 18
I agree, I think being in the Arsenal youth side meant he was able to showcase his skills vitually every game and had players around him who could find him quickly so he can run at defences. The Championship is different, you dont get time and it is more physical so its difficult to produce those moments.

Edmunds5 added 10:00 - Mar 18
Great to see Dougie Freedman celebrating the goal as well

PhilTWTD added 10:00 - Mar 18
Re comments above about not having comments on stories such as the one regarding N'Daw's charge, our legal advice is not to do so. People speculating on an ongoing case could get themselves in legal trouble and could cause us unnecessary hassle.

naa added 10:38 - Mar 18
It's obvious that in this league you need grafters, but you won't get promoted with just a bunch of grafters. You need skill as well. Any player in this division with a good work rate and skill will most likely get bought by a top team so you can't really expect both.

JET has already shown that 90mins of Martin graft is ultimately worth little compared to 10 seconds of skill.

It's no surprise we've stuggled to score much recently, despite playing pretty well. We haven't got anyone who can open up the defence (obviously though, it isn't Mick's fault that Wordsworth got himself injured so quickly).

I'm glad Mick has started using JET as an impact sub, he's perfect for that at the moment. And of course we'd all be happy if his work ethic improved but I do hope that Mick isn't going to build a team of pure grafters. That won't be much fun to watch. Though I will admit that at this stage of the season, in the position we are in, that graft is the most important thing.

There, I think I waffled around the point successfully there!

WorcesterBlue added 11:02 - Mar 18
Naa - a team of grafters is what you will get if you look back over the years. I don't deny Mick is a great managerial signing for us just don't expect beautiful football. Saying that if he can pick up hard working players who have a bit of ability too (and they exist) we may ahve a great 2013/4!

BlueVelvet added 13:03 - Mar 18
what is needed is less aggression off the pitch (N'daw and taylor take note) and a bit more commitment on the pitch - you dont get paid for missing games for having allegedly assaulting someone - get a grip boys and grow up

Warkys_Tash added 13:15 - Mar 18
MM has the footballing ethics and philosphy that we all love and it will take this club forward make no mistakes. No passengers will be taken with him. Brilliant.

Fatboy added 13:35 - Mar 18
What wasn't shown on the highlights was that JET did well to get to the ball and keep it in play in the first place.

Also I think MM is trying to say that JET can only come on and weave a bit of magic because of the graft put in by the rest of the team over the 90 minutes. There'd be no point him doing what he did if we'd been 3-0 down at the time.

Bergholtblue added 13:36 - Mar 18
As Phil states it would be unwise, and contrary to legal advise, to allow comments on impending court cases. Especially when the comments will be made based upon speculation and rumour. Not helpful at all.

The time to comment is after the case has been heard, verdicts given and the FACTS are in the public domain.

Still on a general note, it doesn't do the club's PR any good when we have two players in court on the same day, one charged with ABH and the other GBH.

Pessimistic added 14:57 - Mar 18
I would like to think, like most Town supporters, that Jet has enough in his locker to gain a regular first team place next term; assuming of course that we are still in the Championship. Make no mistake, this was a crucial win and a vital winning goal, created and finished by two of the players I have been most critical of. Things are certainly looking up!

alfromcol added 15:10 - Mar 18
I don't think it is as simply as JET not being a grafter, he does not always read the game very well. In the Peterborough game on a couple of occasions he laid the ball off and looked a bit lost as to where to run next. Great few minutes on Saturday though.

Hopefully MM and TC will improve his game so that he becomes a match starter rather than just an impact player.

Plenty of skill but a luxury when we are fighting a backs to the wall campaign to keep in the Championship.

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