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Season Tickets Still Available at Early Bird Prices
Tuesday, 13th Jun 2017 13:36

Town fans wanting to buy season tickets can still do so at the pre-early bird deadline prices.

The initial deadline passed on Monday 17th April but supporters can still purchase seats at the lower rate via ITFC Direct or at Planet Blue.

No new closing date is understood to have been set and it may well be that the prices remain the same until the start of the season.

Fans reacted angrily to March’s announcement of an increase of 1.5 per cent on the adult season ticket price as well as other unpopular moves and numbers dropped more than 2,000 to below 10,000 for the first time since the late 1990s, a reduction in income of around £1 million.

We understand that Town are in the early stages of discussing rewards for season ticket holders who renewed prior to the initial deadline with price reductions for cup games among a variety of options being considered.

Earlier today, the Blues announced a reduction in matchday ticket prices for the 2017/18 campaign.

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Scuzzer added 14:00 - Jun 13
It also says on the website Season Tickets can be purchased at any point throughout the season and prices will be worked out pro-rata once the season has started.

camblue added 14:08 - Jun 13
I will be first in the queue when McCarthy departs.

ThatMuhrenCross added 14:24 - Jun 13
Funny they should announce this just as a 'big money signing' is due to come in. Unfortunately we're not mugs. The signing not really that inspiring and we all detect what a cynical move this is by The Club. Must try harder.

theblueginger added 14:44 - Jun 13
ThatMuhrenCross can the club do anything without "yeah but...."

TheDailyTractor added 16:38 - Jun 13
The club has made some good decisions today so credit were it is due. HOWEVER, why has it taken this long to take some action? I pray this is the start of the mend of relationship between the club and its fans. Because the only way we will get out of this league is together.

battyblue added 16:51 - Jun 13
Not much has changed to be honest in the playing quality in fact we are worse off at the present time,,the numbskull manager is still here, pre season looks uninspiring not enough to buy a season ticket for me and a lot more i guess.

blueblood66 added 17:00 - Jun 13
Rewards? How about a fresh approach on the pitch please starting with a new manager

jas0999 added 17:35 - Jun 13
I still think MM will be a big barrier to folk buying season or match day tickets. Style will need to improve dramatically this season. Boring negative tactics and no entertainment will be a big problem.

sereneblue added 17:49 - Jun 13
Surprise surprise!! The only way you will sell more season tickets is to get rid of Strong Head!
If you get rid of him ,then you will see season ticket sales go through the roof.

blueboy1981 added 18:32 - Jun 13
....... has the Club started to wake up ? ...... or will it turn out to be a false dream for us all ?

Lots of bridges to be rebuilt - burnt by you know who & Co.

Westy added 18:59 - Jun 13
Anyone who buys a Season Ticket now will at least have the choice given the reduced match day ticket prices. Those who had already renewed can be forgiven for thinking they have been a little bit cheated as every season ticket holder is likely to miss a couple of games a season. For some, it will prove to be more expensive overall. I welcome the decision to reduce prices but it is something they should have done long ago.

Tufty added 20:06 - Jun 13
Goody one cup ticket (usually knocked out in the first round) at reduced price - they usually are anyway because most don't want to go. assuming we get drawn at home. in return for losing concessions price ticket and price increase
Who do these people think they are kidding

SouperJim added 22:23 - Jun 13
Reduced price cup tickets is no kind of reward, as Mick shows zero ambition in cup competitions and we limp out in the first round every year. I've given up going and I'm not the only one.

bressinghamblue added 00:03 - Jun 14
Totally get why the club is doing this, and it may entice a few hundred fans back. If the club wanted to get a few THOUSAND back then there is a simple alternative. Get rid of Mick McCarthy.

I'd be first in the queue.

TR11BLU added 07:50 - Jun 14

I would argue Id beat you to the front of any queue were the Dinosaur to leave

12th_Man added 12:08 - Jun 14
So glad I took advantage and renewed mine just before end of the season what advantage have I got nothing thanks itfc

tempzzzz added 13:02 - Jun 14
hahahaha what a joke!

No one else will be renewing/purchasing until the dino is gone. Unless by some miracle we spend money and get some decent players in instead of Micks "proper blokes!" Even then with the new lower prices on match day tickets it is going to be hard to persuade people to pay for a season ticket when there's not much of a saving, as Westy says most people will miss 1 or 2 games a season.

I will pick and choose my games, and there won't be many unless the dino goes which I very much doubt. I'll be doing the Norwich games, because you never know we might miraculously win one at last, Sunderland away and maybe Millwall away. The atmosphere at home will be terrible so I don't think I'll bother and Sunderland I'm only going for the weekend away in Newcastle as it was good last season.


tempzzzz added 14:18 - Jun 14
12th man I see you downed my comment, I liked yours. You must be one of the fools still renewing and funding this garbage

runningout added 14:48 - Jun 14
early decent signings and departures will boost season tickets. Doesn't seem to happen at our once great club

midastouch added 16:59 - Jun 14
I thought the Early Bird catches the worm, I could get out of bed at 11.59pm and still catch the ITFC season ticket worm if I wanted, but I don't want, so I'm going to go back to bed until Mick has moved on to his second holiday home in Florida permanently. John Prescott had 2 Jags, and Mick the Dinobore has 2 holiday homes, one in Florida and one at Portman Road. It seems boring the hell out of people pays well in this day and age!

Seasider added 18:55 - Jun 14
midastouch-Thought the Dino would have a holiday home in Barnsley,or the Emerald

Florida indeed,well I never !!!

thebeat added 19:16 - Jun 14
I didn't renew when it was early bird prices, I'm still not renewing now it's early bird prices, I'm not setting foot in Portman Rd until McCarthy is gone, its as simple as that, it's about making a stand.
Seen some of the "super fans" saying non renewers are throwing a strop etc, way off the mark, despite the negative cowardly tactics, despite the turgid Jurassic football, despite players being picked on like ability and not ability it's still killed me to give my ST up.
I've had it 9 years, for 22 years prior to that I was doing 300 mile round trips 10 or 11 times a season to home games, I couldn't wait to get my ST when I moved closer.
But I'm not contributing to what will be a carbon copy season of last season. We will finish somewhere between 15th and 20th, with negative team sheets, fans moaning about it, Mick
digging us out in every post match interview, getting hammered and outclassed by the better teams, scraping wins against some lower teams, Milne telling us how great Mick us and Evans doing absolutely nothing about any of ur because we are just a tax loss to him.
They can slightly lower matchday prices, ( and let's admit it is a very small decrease) all they like and keep the early bird going until Christmas, whether you are paying a penny for crap or a million quid for crap it's still crap!

camblue added 21:16 - Jun 14
TR11BLUE bressinghamblue. I think we can all agree on one thing: It will be a bloody long queue.

Taricco_Fan added 21:44 - Jun 14
Early bird?


MicksZzzTactics added 10:50 - Jun 15
How "eggciting" (NOT!)....


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