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Wilson POTY
at 11:13 7 May 2021

That's a fair result tbh, amongst a shower of sh!te he's done ok.

I still would have had Nydam though.
Wholesale changes happening
at 19:46 15 Apr 2021

I'm no def info attention seeker, but was told today by a source within the club that very few out of contract players are being offered anything and some players still in contract are being settled up.

Was also told that Cook organised a 7v7 in training amongst the attacking players and challenged them to show him they could get us goals. Finished 1-0, Norwood the only scorer. Cook had them do laps as a result while he went to get a brew, then just never returned.
Our squad by league appearances this season
at 15:58 12 Apr 2021

So after 39 games, only 8 players have more than 20 league appearances so far this season:-

Andre DOZZELL 36
Tomas HOLY 33
Alan JUDGE 28
Aristote NSIALA 26
Stephen WARD 25
Teddy BISHOP 25
Gwion EDWARDS 22

Just posting as I found the list rather alarming. First up, Chambers is 35 and has only missed 2 games. He is one of 3 senior pros firmly at the end of their career, add in a couple of youngsters who have failed to pull up trees despite finally seeing a decent amount of football and the rest are players who many would consider L1 squad filler.

If you had asked me who I would want to appear on this list at the start of the season, I'd have been hoping for Norwood, Jackson, Downes, Woolfie... even Jon Nolan as one for perhaps more to come from, rather than watching Edwards breeze about the pitch like a loose carrier bag.

Cause and effect I guess, but you can see why we're struggling to make the top 6.
Lockdown Hysteria
at 09:34 22 Mar 2021

Is it just me, or has the country gone a touch bananas? Harry and Megan, the whole women not safe on the streets thing, Piers Morgan, protests about protests, even the ridiculous spat on here with some podcast! Bed wetters left right and centre.

It's like nothing has been going on for 12 months except covid, so now there's other things to focus on everyone and their cat has gone off the deep end. Is this how the post-trump era is going to be? If so, I'm going off grid.
at 18:42 5 Mar 2021

When your mum says it's time for tea, but you've still got two lives left on jet set willy. Smh
I see our social media person is getting their own back for all the Lambert Outs
at 09:06 3 Mar 2021

Removing the punch from the club badge for some WWF wildlife awareness thing with predictable results on twitbook

Now, should I get an american eagle perched atop my Town tattoo
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