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Ticket Promotion at Forest Match
Wednesday, 8th Nov 2017 17:29

Town are holding a ticket promotion at the Nottingham Forest home game on Saturday 2nd December.

Season ticket holders are entitled to buy up to four additional tickets at £10 for adults, £8 seniors aged 65+ and under-23s, £3 for under-19s and £1 for under-12s in family areas. Tickets are available from Planet Blue or online from ITFC Direct.

The Blues are also also holding a ticket offer at the Sheffield Wednesday match on Wednesday 22nd November.

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12th_Man added 17:41 - Nov 8
Season ticket holders get nothing again

IamSpartacus added 18:00 - Nov 8
12th Man... why is your hand out for more?

I'd like the club to give out a few '000 tickets each week to kids just to help addict the next generation... that is if the moaners and whiners don't put them off first.

Getting more people in the ground is a positive thing, unless you are just looking after yourself, of course...

12th_Man added 18:13 - Nov 8
I pay alot for my season ticket why should fair weather supporters get cheap tickets thanks to me if you want to go get a season ticket like me

Rensham added 18:24 - Nov 8
The people getting the cheaper tickets are the same people who are getting free games off their mates who have a season ticket but don't go to all the games.

Rensham added 18:41 - Nov 8
why not £20 for all adults on the gate?

ChestnutSe added 19:19 - Nov 8
Good idea from the club.Why £15 for Sheffield (on Sky) and £10 for Forest?

IamSpartacus added 19:20 - Nov 8
If we all had the self righteous attitude of posters above we would never have new supporters. Always has to be a first time or a 'coming back' time. In fact, what is wrong with now and then supporters.... or is extra money to the club a negative now?

I pat a lot for the 3 season tickets I pay for too.... but then, I just want Ipswich to be successful & part of that is through having larger gates. Clearly others are only worried about what's in it for them...

Currie10 added 20:56 - Nov 8
12th man - how about you don't buy a season ticket next year and go game by game............... oh wait, season ticket prices are way cheaper than doing this.

Get a grip.

Taricco_Fan added 21:21 - Nov 8
To all the whinging season ticket holders: do you enjoy sitting in a half empty stadium every other week? Attendances are in decline year-on-year if you haven't noticed.

If you think you're getting a bad deal, give up your season ticket and pay £25-30 per game. Even with the occasional ticket promotion you'll be a lot worse off.

...and please don't label non-season ticket holders "fairweather fans". Not all of us work the Monday to Friday 9-5.

Currie10 added 22:05 - Nov 8
Taricco exactly.

The club have confessed to getting season ticket prices wrong this year more or less - now lets see if they take action regarding it next year.

We need people more than ever in FFP times if we're going to sign players.

Individual matchday tickets @ 25-30 just aren't selling for many games - taking Nodge, Leeds, Villa and a couple out of the equation. We sold 2 and a bit thousand matchday tickets, a lot would have been at concession rates vs PNE.

Season tickets are massively, and in my opinion compared with 10 years ago, where it's at.

Look at Norwich, sell well over 20,000 per season with people on a waiting list. That clever marketer who introduced family season tickets in the late 90s has completely transformed their gate. They have naff all matchday tickets to shift. We really need to shift season tickets on mass next term!

ITFCsince67 added 22:12 - Nov 8
Getting desperate

madmouse1959 added 00:26 - Nov 9
Just think of all that extra revenue and profit being generated for the tax man.

Sam added 05:48 - Nov 9
On my birthday as well!!

carlisleaway added 07:32 - Nov 9
Get a grip, I have 3 season tickets but feel we should all pull together and get the missing season ticket holders back. I do not expect nothing back from the club, with the exception of watching entertaining football at Portman the badge

JimBaxter added 08:48 - Nov 9
Start playing attractive football and the crowds will return in the meantime I agree the club should try ticket incentives I gave up my season ticket this year due to the crass decision by the club to withdraw my over 60s concession so this year I am paying as I go but being selective as to which games I attend. They do need to review their pricing structure for next season...

essextractorboy93 added 10:04 - Nov 9
I have a season ticket and promotions like this are a brilliant idea I think! Get more and more people into Portman Road especially the younger generation. Great idea by the club!

12th_Man added 10:26 - Nov 9
Well I won't be giving anyone my £10 Ticket

bluetit added 10:55 - Nov 9

You've got no mates to give a £10 ticket anyway you grumpy man.

12th_Man added 11:37 - Nov 9
I have loads thankyou bluetit (appropriate name)

midastouch added 13:56 - Nov 9
Bigger gates can lead to better results as it can motivate the players more, look at Newcastle last season. This factor should be taken into account when assessing the pricing.

happybeingblue added 17:47 - Nov 9
match day ticket prices need to be more realistic with wage growth or lack of it in this area £20 should have been the figure to entice people back £25 for the cheapest seat is still too expensive if you have a family etc to consider,hence we only have 14,000 although we are in the top half of the table,yes entertainment is an issue i get that, but the real problem is the cost. maybe if you are young free and single and only have yourself to look after, you get that selfish what about me attitudei paid for my season tkt etc, but come on saturday was grim... looking round the stadium half empty, virtually zero noise until we scored...please think about the bigger picture and getting more fans in weather past present etc who cares they all have an affinity to itfc, i know loads of fans from robson era who simply do not go due to the cost, so directors etc WAKE UP look what happened to Huddersfield when they offered cheap seats the place is full and rocking now... but sadly im not sure our owner has the same passion or desire to make itfc great again

Seasider added 11:58 - Nov 10
Rensham & 12th man-55 years ago I got a free ticket off a workmate.In fact he got 6 tickets if I remember rightly from his mate Roy Bailey the then Ipswich goalkeeper,as they had played together at West Ham in youth team.

I only accepted it because I wanted to see Stanley Matthews,and have been going ever since.I got my First season ticket when they were issued for standing.I have been in Churchmans,now the Sir Alf Ramsey stand ever since,where I have a season ticket .

Believe it or not 5 of the 6 including John who was the former West Ham player all became season ticket holders.Haven't seen any of them lately.I know one passed away several years ago;but I have seen John more recently.

Like several of your comments on here Rensham.,a lot of your remarks, if not wrong are disagreed by a lot of posters.I have written this as an example of what can happen with freebies.

We are not just keyboard warriors;but ardent supporters of Ipswich.

blockb_steward added 12:27 - Nov 10
Just to add that not everyone can afford a season ticket, or go to every game


blockb_steward added 12:32 - Nov 10
Totally agree with JimBaxter too, why they changed the over 60s concessions and is beyond me.

Town, their manager and their fans all seem to be EONs apart.

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