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Chambers: We're Disappointed as a Squad
Thursday, 29th Mar 2018 17:01

Town skipper Luke Chambers has spoken on behalf of the playing staff following today’s announcement by the club that manager Mick McCarthy will be departing at the end of the season.

Chambers said his initial reaction upon hearing the news was one of disappointment, adding: “I feel he’s done a very good job with all the things he’s had to deal with and speaking on behalf of the players we’re disappointed as a squad.

“We feel we’ve had a pretty decent run of it lately and we’re in mid-table, but it’s a different proposition to know that your manager is leaving at the end of the season.

“All we can do is continue to be professional and give him everything that he has given us over the last five years and try to finish on a high.

“We found out this morning. He called a meeting this morning and came into the dressing room, so we knew something was going on.

“There’s been a lot of talk lately, a lot of voices have been heard and a lot of noise has been made, so we knew it had to happen sooner rather than later, knowing which way we were going to go as a club.

“The decision’s been made, the gaffer’s made no secret of the fact that he wants to finish above those guys up the road, so we’ll be doing everything we can to finish as high as we can.”

Asked to describe the atmosphere within the squad, Chambers replied: “Just disappointment really. The lads have a very good working relationship and a lot of respect for the manager.

“He’s brought a lot of players in and given them a chance here and he’s brought a lot of young players through who have all improved under him.

“We’ve had relative success with what he’s had to deal with [in terms of a budget] over the last few years.

“I think we have to take our hats off to him and hopefully he doesn’t leave the club without the recognition that he deserves.”

Did he confide in Chambers as captain? The player said: “We spoke yesterday and at the time he didn’t know what the situation was going to be, but things obviously changed quite quickly.

“The club have made the decision to post their season ticket prices and a lot of noise was made about what direction we were going to go in.

“At the end of the day it’s football but we’re very disappointed to see him go. We wanted him to stay — there’s no secret about that.

“All we can do is be professional for him and the club because at the end of the day we’re all going to be gone long before the supporters.

“They are always going to be here and all we can do is try to make a mark on the history of the club, which is what we will do when the new manager comes in.”

Is the departure of one manager and the arrival of another an unsettling time for players? Chambers continued: “It always is. I think for the young players, or people whose contracts are running out, a manager going and a new one coming in is always a different experience to go through.

“A few people have mentioned the lads downing tools but that would be totally ridiculous. We want to give everything for the manager because he’s given everything to us.

“We want to give everything for the football club because we are employees of Ipswich Town and that’s what we want to achieve.

“And at the end of the day you’re playing for your future because the new manager will come in and decide who he wants to keep for next season. It’s a strange situation to have eight games left as an audition.”

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mkbobby added 17:27 - Mar 29
Chambers is just worried that could be the end of him at Portman road as most managers around these days want players who can pass the ball and not hoof it 30ft in the air

hampstead_blue added 17:57 - Mar 29
He is one who should worry most.

if anyone is a teachers pet

Skip73 added 17:57 - Mar 29
I think the players are dissappointed as I get the impression that MM is a good man manager.

bobwya added 17:57 - Mar 29
mkbobby - Chambers is a fine captain who is clearly reflecting the views of the squad who obviously have great respect for MM.

Suffolk_n_Good added 18:01 - Mar 29
“A few people have mentioned the lads downing tools but that would be totally ridiculous. We want to give everything for the manager because he's given everything to us.

“We want to give everything for the football club because we are employees of Ipswich Town and that's what we want to achieve.

I'm afraid this just sums up the players, they want to give everything for the manager, we want to give everything for the football club, not one mention of wanting to play for the supporters, & that's due to the philosophy McCarthy has installed into the team, it's a “US AGAINST THE WORLD” mentality, no wonder the players are uneasy, they've been coasting too long!! Good riddance!!

Suffolk_n_Good added 18:17 - Mar 29
Really I give a flying one if you vote me down, I'm 100% pleased he's gone

AbujaBlue added 18:40 - Mar 29
Only here could a team being 100% loyal to their manager be construed as a negative thing. Can anyone remember the kind of loyalty instilled by Jewell/Keane, or when journeymen like Lee Bowyer and Bullard were among us?

Dislike MM, that is fine, but don't belittle our players for showing loyalty to their manager.

Swn98 added 18:54 - Mar 29
Suffolk n good you haven't got McCarthy to spew bile at so now it's the players turn. going to be lovely at Portman Rd especially if the new Messiah whoever it may b doesn't work the miracle that lots on here are dreaming of.

Umros added 18:55 - Mar 29
A decent run?. Really? Wonder what it would be like when we score a goal then!!!!!!!

algarvefan added 19:43 - Mar 29
I'm really fed up with all the negativity on this site (not just this post). I agree MM had lost part (but only part) of the fans and that it is the right time for a change. I agree the past year or two haven't been much fun for the fans but when MM arrived we were heading out of the Championship without a doubt. MM kept us up and considering the lack of resources available to him and TC he hasn't done a bad job at all.

I keep saying be careful what you wish for, I hope to God it's not the Wally with the Brolly, but whoever it might be I cannot see the floodgates of money opening up over the Irish sea and it's going to be a tough job for MM's replacement.

I for one would like to thank MM & TC for what they have done and the undoubted hard work they have put in, now can we stop sniping at individual players and get behind the team and the management until they have gone, the toxic atmosphere at home has to change, I'm sure MM will be professional and we should do our part and support the team. It's going to be an interesting ride next season!!!!

thebeat added 20:07 - Mar 29
No mention of giving everything for the fans, just the club and the manager. Cheers Chambo

Suffolk_n_Good added 04:56 - Mar 30
To be honest Swn98 I'm past the point of giving a monkeys what your thoughts are!

But for the record, Mclaren would not be my choice, but if he ends up here I'll give him 100% backing.

62WasBest added 09:58 - Mar 30
thebeat - Surely the club includes the supporters? If it doesn't, then why on earth do you think the views of the supporters should be taken into account?

Swn98 added 15:09 - Mar 30
Strange suffolk and Blue you are so disinterested in my thoughts that you still have to respond to them strange!

Suffolk_n_Good added 16:38 - Mar 30
That's rich Swn98! You only ever comment to wind people up, then when they needle you, you always revert back to conflict, we're all wise to you now!! You always preach from a “holyer-than- thou” position but can't even get my username correct!!! 🤣😜🤣😜 (btw, how did your team get on this afternoon??!)

Suffolk_n_Good added 16:41 - Mar 30
Btw, do I think you'll practice what you preach & not respond to my previous comment?? No of course not!, because you always like the last word!.... Go, on prove me wrong??!!

Swn98 added 19:27 - Mar 30
well you're certainly not good.

Suffolk_n_Good added 19:38 - Mar 30
LMAO!! “And that's a touchdown!!!!” 🤣👍🏼🤣👍🏼 True to character Swn98!! Well now my work here is done, you can truly post anything you like now, I may read it, but I won't be responding to your continued drivel, fill ya boots!! 🤣🤣🤣

Swn98 added 20:20 - Mar 30

Swn98 added 20:21 - Mar 30
Suffolk n ? my team dont play until tomorrow

wilnisfan added 21:23 - Mar 30
The manager is a big draw when signing free transfers. And Mick has been able to sign free transfers better than previous managers, due to the atmosphere he creates in the squad. He also made a name for himself amongst top premier league clubs in being able to develop talent.

Every year we sign one star youngster on loan and develop them.

Makes a difference to the days of the previous managers whose loan signings were woeful.

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