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Nash and Hogg to Assist Caretaker-Manager Klug, While Chambers Will Also Play Role
Wednesday, 11th Apr 2018 17:06

Caretaker-manager Bryan Klug will be assisted by Gerard Nash and Chris Hogg during his four games in charge of the Blues, while currently injured skipper Luke Chambers will also have a role to play.

“I think this is a great opportunity, a learning opportunity for all of us, some of the senior players, I spoke them this morning, but from the academy staff I think we’ve got some really good young coaches,” Klug told iFollow Ipswich.

“I would like to think we’re not just developing players, we’re developing coaches here as well. That has been a big part of my role over the last two years.

“I’ll have Gerard Nash and Chris Hogg, who have done a great job with the U23s this year, they’ve had a fine season, and I think it would be a great opportunity for them to learn how tough it is in the Championship. So they’ll be getting just as involved as they were with the U23s.

“Obviously the staff that Mick had will be very important, Lids [fitness coach Andy Liddell] on the sports science side, Mally [Malcolm Webster] as the goalkeeping coach. I don’t think we need to make any changes there.

“We’ll change a few things on the training field, but overall we just want to have a situation in the next month where everybody gets something out of it.

"There’s a lot of stuff there, everybody can actually feel coming into work that it’s worth it and get out on the field and try and get some good results.”

Regarding skipper Chambers, who is out for the season having dislocated his shoulder, fractured both a rib and his sternum at Brentford on Saturday, he added: “He’s massively important and he does want to [be involved].

"That dressing room, with the players in there, my role hasn’t been very close to them and Chambo clearly knows all those players in there and knows how to get the best out of them.

“He’s obviously a good captain and he wants to get some experience, his intention is to be a coach and a manager and I’m more than happy to help him with that.”

Klug will speak to the media for the first time tomorrow lunchtime ahead of Saturday's game at Nottingham Forest, however, the club have said none of his press conferences will be streamed live on Facebook via TWTV or anywhere else.

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ScottCandage added 17:08 - Apr 11
Coming together in adversity. I like it.

blueboy1981 added 17:10 - Apr 11
Another good move by the Club. Bring it on - enthusiasm is returning fast.

TheTrueBlue1878 added 17:22 - Apr 11
Good move from the football club, well done to all involved.

Mr_Evans added 17:24 - Apr 11
If I’m correct, I believe Chris Hogg is married to George Burley’s Daughter. Not a bad father-in-law to go to for some career advice in coaching and managing a football club.

Lombokblue added 17:25 - Apr 11
Upbeat and positive that's a good start

therein61 added 17:25 - Apr 11
A positive unit working together coaches and players can only be good they can bounce ideas off each other(not be ignored) and get some enthusiasm generated which will be more than welcome in the stands i'm sure Chambo while on the sidelines will be a great influence on the team and perhaps he can give us a fist pump in his trackies!! good luck all of you get this club going!!!!!

algarvefan added 17:31 - Apr 11
I thought the bit about 'changing things on the training pitch' was very telling and might be the reason things have not being going so well.

therein61 added 17:41 - Apr 11
Well done billybaxterwasbest just proves that all you do is glide down pages downclicking without reading post's, so down click this one while Billy Baxter was a great player and servant to our club for many years(I watched his first game for the club) i'm afraid that he could not hold a candle to Hunter, Beattie, Butcher all better players and internationals.

blueboy1981 added 17:42 - Apr 11
BillyBaxterwasbest ......... call yourself a 'Supporter'? - now that just has to be a huge joke, marking down such positive vibes and comments, from people who CAN claim to be Club Supporters.

TractorJed added 17:47 - Apr 11
Therein, sorry fat finger vote!!

armchaircritic59 added 17:54 - Apr 11
Best of luck in the future to those outgoing, and hopefully even more luck to those incoming (albeit temporarily, probably!) I've always been a big fan of Bryan Klug, i believe what he's done with the youth set up over the years is nothing short of brilliant. That may be where his expertise lays. Will be very difficult to judge anyone on four games, that's for sure. On the subject of "changing things on the training pitch", i believe it would be of great benefit to the club if at least one Futsal court was installed, (think it would benefit all ages, from the youngest to the oldest). To be able to think and act quickly and really work on technique and ball skills, must be a big benefit. If it's good enough for Brazil, it should be good enough for us!

blueboy1981 added 18:02 - Apr 11
Swn98 ........ How can one describe you ? - SPEECHLESS.

howdonblue added 18:08 - Apr 11
I’m sure they will do a great job

dukey44 added 18:10 - Apr 11
Hahaha BillyBaxterwasbest i personally can’t stand you and I don’t even know you!! Hope upon hope u off with the departed manager and give him your backing somewhere else as I think you are a complete t. I. T and an embarrassment to call yourself an Ipswich Town supporter!!! The club are moving forward with some great ideas at last and then there’s you!!!!

CraigEdwards added 18:18 - Apr 11
Nows the time for us the supporters to really get behind the coaching staff and players to make PR the fortress it used to be . Stop the negative whinging when a player is either taken off or miss places a pass. Some of these players are just kids and need our support to be able to excel on the pitch. Let’s start to show our positivity in the crowd to funnel though to the players. So the moaners have got their own way now let’s fill PR for the Aston Villa game and get the stadium rocking .

jas0999 added 18:37 - Apr 11
Yep, great idea. Should have been done sooner, but can’t change that. We move on and this is another step in the right direction. Personally wouldn’t pay too much attention to the loanees - as Klug says, we need to get something out of the last five games. That should mean game time for our players and those here next season.

Esseeja added 18:46 - Apr 11
BillyBaxterWasBest - Wait til next season, I'm sure you will be unwelcome them on this forum though, because you're calling YOUR OWN FANS "unsupporters", which isn't even a word, fix yourself.

Bluebell added 19:00 - Apr 11
Good to hear the positivity. We have 4 more games and hopefully with Chambo knowing what the players are capable of, we can get some more wins.

They sound to have a really great team there. I am hoping that, as the players know the people involved, they will support them and come out fighting.

SheptonMalletBlue added 19:55 - Apr 11
I wouldn't let Chambers anywhere near it, he only knows one way!!!!

wayway added 21:07 - Apr 11
Klug as a player was something this club has needed for years. he was not interested in running through a brick wall, he had the brains to look for the door

WashbrookBlue added 21:50 - Apr 11
Wherever the Great Ego lands next with his mate by his side to do all that great work with strikers, he would do well to read this interview which is a masterclass of grace, dignity and humility, qualities that sadly will ever elude the Master of the art of Management. Did you ever hear him in 5 years talk about any other coaches than him, or the fact that he was about developing good coaches as well as players, about ever leaving anything behind that would benefit the long term development of the club? No, didn’t think so. It was only ever about him and Terry, how great they were and how stupid we were not to know it. Yet another bad decision by the owner is to undermine the power of this change by not doing it when he should, but hey ho, thank god he has eventually, now that The Supreme One decided that driverless cars were not for his £1m a year taste. Wherever this takes us, we can see some sunshine through the blinds once again. I’m being very careful, but it’s still what I’m wishing for all day long.

Carberry added 22:04 - Apr 11
Very refreshing to hear this.

Monkey_Blue added 01:21 - Apr 12
I didn’t know Chris’s Hogg was back at the club as a coach. We must have the most ex players in the back room staff of any club

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