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Dozzell: Certain Things Felt Like Punishment
Saturday, 24th Nov 2018 20:06

Blues legend Jason Dozzell has opened up on the frustration he felt for his son Andre during former manager Paul Hurst’s time in charge at Town but says the 19-year-old is much happier since Paul Lambert took over as boss.

Having missed all but the first 45 minutes of last season after tearing a cruciate knee ligament, Andre looked set for a return to the first team at the start of this campaign having got back to fitness and been involved throughout pre-season.

However, the England U20 international was surprisingly omitted from the senior side and sent to train and play with the U23s with Hurst insisting that he still wasn’t fit, while a loan move was also mooted at one stage.

Speaking on today's Life’s a Pitch on BBC Radio Suffolk (1hr 13mins 13secs), Jason said his son’s situation has improved greatly since the change of manager a month ago.

“It’s chalk and cheese from the old regime,” said Jason, these days a coach with the Town academy. “They wanted to send all the young players out on loan and bring all his boys in, which for me from the start was the wrong thing to do.

“Everybody likes to see the homegrown players, the young players coming through and you get away with it more with a manager if you do that.

“It’s invigorating to hear Paul Lambert talk about the young lads. He’s spoken to Andre, he’s not starting at the moment but Andre’s in a really good place, he started for England the other night and he’s told him his time will come: ‘We’re in a real battle at the moment, the Championship is brutal, you’re just going to have to wait your time until it starts opening up a little bit’.

“He speaks to him. The old regime, it felt like punishment, whatever they would do with Andre it felt like punishment. Certain things, I can’t go into it, but certain things felt like punishment, especially after the year he’d had as well. It was really, really, really bad, for me, [and] as a family and watching him go through this.”

Jason was pleased to see Andre start and win his second cap for the England U20s at Colchester on Monday as they beat Germany 2-0.

“That was great,” he added. “Andre was fit at the beginning of the season but because of his situation they didn’t pick him. So all these things add on and he’s had to watch Flynn Downes and Trevoh Chalobah go away.

“Now it’s got a little bit better, he’s playing a few minutes, he’s got back in and started, and that’s a big thing. He’s not really started for Ipswich but he’s started for England so he must have trained really well while he was away.

“They did say they were going to pick the team on whoever trains really well, so he’s gone away for the last week.

“Titus [Bramble, Town’s U16s coach] went to coach as well so he was keeping me up to date how it was going. He said, ‘Jay, he’s trained so good and it looks like he’s going to start’.

“And Flynn, who has been brilliant under Paul Lambert, came on as a sub and Trevoh captained, so that’s three Ipswich players out there, which is great.”

Although Andre is widely tipped for a Premier League future - something which looks a long way off for the Blues given their current predicament - Jason says his son is happy at Portman Road and he hopes he can make a significant contribution for Town prior to any eventual move.

“We’re not looking at that,” he said. “I want him to do something at Ipswich Town. He’s 19 now and it hasn’t got going yet, with the injury and whatever else and Paul and the old regime, it hasn’t got going.

“Whatever happens, happens, but now he’s happy with the new regime, they’re speaking to him, he’s understanding what position they’re in, so he might have to bide his time a little bit longer and take it from there. But, as I say, he’s really happy at the moment, so that’s all I can ask for.”

The Ipswich-born 50-year-old, a Town fan just as much as a former player, is hopeful the Blues can climb away from the relegation zone under Lambert.

“I think we’re five points adrift in January I’ll be delighted with that,” Dozzell reflected. “The owner’s promised him some money and I think we will get out of it, I really do.

“What he’s done so far, I’m really positive about it at the moment, I can see us getting out of it.”

In addition to his Life’s a Pitch interview, in which among other things he also reminisces about following the Blues as a supporter during the glory, glory days under Sir Bobby Robson, Dozzell was on the This Championship Life slot on BBC Five Live’s Chiles on Friday this week (from 1hr 47mins 19secs) to talk about his debut goal aged 16 and 57 days back in 1984.

Still the youngest scorer in the top flight, Dozzell was joined by his skipper that day, Life’s a Pitch regular Terry Butcher.

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Cloddyseedbed added 20:29 - Nov 24
Don't worry Jason, what's being going on at ITFC since the days of Keanne, Jewell, McCarthy and Hurst us fans think it's some form of punishment too! I hope your listening Mr Evans because you have presided over it all, the decline of "OUR" club. I now think we have a manager who is an excellent fit for the club, lets hope he supports him with the relevant funds that enables him and the club to start climbing out of the hole that Hurst dug so deep. I wish Andre and all the up and coming crop of young talent all the best. I too hope they are drip fed into a successful team and have bright futures at the club.

Currie10 added 20:30 - Nov 24
In a nutshell why I have this picture and moaned left right and centre during the entire of Hurst's reign. I didn't do it for no reason - the regime was poison.

Thank god he's left.

Skip73 added 20:31 - Nov 24
What an absolute tool that clown Hurst was. He should never be allowed near a football club again. I hope he rots, the w*****.

Suffolkboy added 20:33 - Nov 24
I do hope everyone now starts to understand and appreciate what a true nincompoop , inadequate chap , uncertain in every aspect , unsure in most and most certainly inexperienced as a manager we placed in charge ! Mr ME must have quickly realised the deceit , and moved to rescue ITFC very quickly : there's undoubtedly a great deal more to come out but most of our loyal background team will have a sense of discretion and be reluctant to ' go to town ' until & unless the time is right !
PL & Co give us real professional expertise , human understanding and the sort of all round command of the task we must support with every sinew : thank goodness they've arrived !
Up the Blues !

jas0999 added 20:59 - Nov 24
I’m not at all surprised. Hurst is without doubt the worst manager in our clubs history. The less said about his deputy the better. Sad that Evans didn’t do his due diligence on Hurst, yet many, including me, was originally taken in by him. However, as owner of the football club, the buck stops firmly with Marcus.

herfie added 21:19 - Nov 24
Any chairman out there contemplating appointing PH as manager of his club should speak to the likes of Chambo or Jason to get real ‘due diligence’ input.


Tractorboy1985 added 21:24 - Nov 24
Basically thee old regime was utter poison!! How he lasted so long?? The man along with Evans has ruined the club! We are in good hands with lambert however what he’s got to work with is shambolic due to the previous regime.. Evans.. either spend money or F off!!


Ipswichbusiness added 21:39 - Nov 24
Paul Hurst had a good CV. Marcus Evans is an experienced businessman used to making senior appointments, so Paul Hurst must have interviewed well. Therefore, it is strange that the whole thing worked out so badly. Perhaps there was just too much change too quickly, but the attitude to our young players hints at a darker explanation.

dirtydingusmagee added 21:40 - Nov 24
its all coming out now, first Bart, now this, no wonder the team failed under Hurst it is crystal clear that he had '' lost the dressing room',' as was suspected by many, despite the statements made by players to the contrary .The poison dwarf and his henchman have left a train wreck for Paul Lambert . It wont come as any surprise if other players come out in the near future with more damning statements. .

DurhamTownFan added 21:52 - Nov 24
Yes, there was just too much change. When you change everything and you start well, then nobody complains but we did win any games and so I think everyone from young players like Andre right up to Hurst himself lost faith in what was happening.

I hate to say it because I was Mick out for about 3 years, but it makes you realise doesn’t it?

OwainG1992 added 22:09 - Nov 24
You know we all got so fed up with "be careful what you wish for" when it comes to what Hurst did. I agree with them 100% and also good luck to Mick as it seems he's becoming eire boss again. Paul Lambert is the best thing that's happened to us in a long time (I hope).
Even if we go down I feel so much more positive than I would have done under Hurst.

Popeye added 00:08 - Nov 25
Dozzell Snr doesn’t seem to have a very high opinion of hurst and his cronies.

jpring89 added 01:00 - Nov 25
Hurst is a stupid C**t. He has ruined ITFC. If we get relagated it’s all that wa**ers fault. Thought he was all that but he’s just a bag of Sh*t.

bobble added 03:42 - Nov 25
the dark lord or hurst which one was sent here to destroy this club ...?
or were both anti town from a young age ?

Bildestoned added 08:38 - Nov 25
I still cut ME some slack on the PH appointment. I worked for 47 years in various roles and places; sometimes employers end up taking on someone who just turns out to be the ‘wrong fit’. However it can be argued that overall ME’s ITFC manager-appointment record has been poor.

MonkeysChuff added 08:42 - Nov 25
Yet another story about the tosspot PH, without doubt the worst manager this club has ever had.

RoyalAscotBlue added 09:44 - Nov 25
Whoever took over after MM was going to have a massive job on their hands; rebuilding, reinventing and reshaping the club after years of stale insipid management. The majority of fans were perfectly happy with the appointment of PH and believed he would breath new life into the club. We watched his first interviews and felt confident that he knew what he was doing.

It didn’t work. I suspect he was just trying to stamp his authority on things. Obviously he just didn’t have the right man management skills to pull off such a mammoth restructuring though.

We should just leave it and move on though. There is no point in going over it like this. We have a new manager now and all that matters is whether or not he can turn things around and keep us in the division.

tractorboybig added 09:54 - Nov 25
Hang on ......were not most of you pro hurst to start fickle...all evans managers so far have been crap

ArnieM added 10:25 - Nov 25
McCarthy certainly wasn’t crap, but he has s limited spectrum of skills in the modern game. I’d personally had enough after the 3rd season and wanted him gone.

Lambert is s manager I’ve sleays admired and I was mortified that scum got him. The results for all to see.
Whether we stay up or go down I hope Evans does all he can to hang onto PL because he’s a hell of a manager IMO and I love they way he unified everyone and osets our to play the game. If any manager is a perfect fit with this Club likes the “ greats” that have preceded him, it’s Paul Lambert.

“Paul Lambert, is a Blue , is a Blue, is a Blue
Paul Lambert is a Blue
He hates narwich.”

Get in there !!!

PortmanTerrorist added 10:26 - Nov 25
So many of us wanted PH as much as ME, and whilst it looks like we all got it wrong, we all know how fickle football is. If we had not lost after battering Rotherham, PH would likely have not tinkered, we would have improved, might have gone on a bit of run, and these players and ex-players would be singing from a different hymn sheet.

Fact is we didn't, that PH showed his inexperience, and was probably unused to dealing with the senior players. So hear we are and we all seem united behind PL so let's stop carping about the previous regime and focus all our energies in a positive way on the team instead.

ArnieM added 10:27 - Nov 25
Sorry about typos. Typing on an iPhone- not the best result!

Bluearmy_81 added 18:32 - Nov 25
"Hurst is a stupid C**t. He has ruined ITFC. If we get relagated it’s all that wa**ers fault. Thought he was all that but he’s just a bag of Sh*t."

Think you're getting mixed up with Evans...


brittaniaman added 19:08 - Nov 25
It was a punishment for us as well Andre !!!

Taricco_Fan added 19:23 - Nov 25
Hurst will be giving the Dark Lord a run for his money at this rate.

shakytown added 03:49 - Nov 26
I hope Hurst has learned from the huge mistakes he made here. if not he won't be in football management for very long.

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