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Lap of Appreciation After Swansea Match
Thursday, 18th Apr 2019 12:28

Town have confirmed that the squad and staff will take part in the annual lap of appreciation after the Easter Monday game against Swansea City.

Usually the lap takes place following the final home match but that game is likely to be dominated by Leeds United’s battle for promotion to the Premier League.

Under-19s tickets for the visit by the Swans, who the Blues beat 3-2 at the Liberty Stadium in September, are on sale for only £1.

Meanwhile, the EFL have confirmed that Town’s first campaign in the third tier for 62 years will begin on or around Saturday 3rd August with the League One fixtures announced at 9am on Thursday 20th June.

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ArnieM added 13:12 - Apr 18
By that then , I take it police are expecting scene from Leeds fans?!

tractorgirls added 13:31 - Apr 18
Why? .... purely because of leeds on the last game, what a pathetic thing to do. There are only corperate fans in the bottom tier of Cobbold from Leeds, what are the Leeds fans going to do, climb over the exec boxes and get on the pitch resulting in a lifetime ban if they caused any trouble. We have bent over yet again to the authorities and taken another big one up the backside. ridiculous.

bahri added 14:01 - Apr 18
I agree tractorgirls, but if they (Leeds) get the result they need I think they will try to get on the pitch. If they don't get the result they will probably turn nasty. Also will the police want the home fans out quickly and keep the Leeds fans in, like when we play Norwich. Disappointing none the less.

ArnieM added 14:02 - Apr 18
With respect, I think there’s s very real chance of 4K upwards Leeds fans causing potential crowd control issues both and out of the ground. Let’s face it they will be boisterous if they go up and aggressive + if they’re pipped to automatic promotion. They’re not exactly the friendliest of fans now are they!

BobbyBell added 14:02 - Apr 18
IF and it's a big if Narwich and Leeds are going head to head for the title on the final day and we beat Leeds handing the title to Narwich then I can see the Leeds fans kicking off big time. It's all unlikely to happen that way but another question is that if beating Leeds was going to hand the title to Narwich then would you want us to win? It would be a very strange atmosphere.

Nuggets added 14:11 - Apr 18
A lap of appreciation, considering the failures off and on the pitch this season, does seem a little strange and undeserving. It felt strange in recent seasons when we were applauding a mid-table finish, it'll feel disingenuous doing it following our relegation, likely at the bottom of the table.

ArnieM added 14:32 - Apr 18
Lol, “appreciation”, is a two way thing Nuggets. Ever thought it might be the Club showing their appreciation for us, the fans?

Nazemariner added 14:33 - Apr 18
I think this a a sensible move.

Mondays game will be better attended by Ipswich fans due to it being a BH and the ticket offers that are in place, therefore a better atmosphere for what will undoubtedly be a subdued affair.

The final will all be about Leeds. There will no doubt be some form of trouble, and at 4 nil down with 10 minutes remaining, most woulf of fecked off anyhow.

Moisha added 14:37 - Apr 18
Believe Leeds will be promoted by then.... shame it’s not our promotion party

Cakeman added 14:38 - Apr 18
At least we won’t have to put up with being treated as second class citizens by the likes of Leeds and Norwich next season.
At Norwich so many restrictions were put upon us and now Leeds looking to make Portman Road their second home.
Let’s just get this dreadful season out of the way.

mow_the_lawn added 16:03 - Apr 18
If we hadn’t just given Leeds another 2,000 seats, then surely this lap of appreciation would’ve taken place at the final game.

lightingblue added 16:59 - Apr 18
Although I will probably get shot down here, I can see the see the reasons for doing this. Personally I can see more than 4K Leeds fans inside the stadium, let alone how many will be in and around the town that weekend. Guess giving Leeds an extra 2000 tickets people are home that they may well be able to control them a bit easier given there history and reputation. You cannot help but blame the Leeds fans wanting to come down for their last game which if they are pushing for the title. We would be wanting to do something similar but without the trouble elimante from the Ipswich fans who in the whole scheme of things we don’t cause much if any trouble. Guess we can only guess the amount of Leeds fans will be in and around the town that weekend. It’s about trying to minimise the potential trouble.
In a way it’ll be nice to see Leeds win the title at Ipswich, just to get one of Norwich. I just wonder if there will be a ban on alcohol that day? With this in mind that may not be a bad thing.
Least the attendance will be good.

BlueJohn added 17:45 - Apr 18
Whilst I can understand the thinking behind this, I can't say I agree with it. Why should we let a bunch of possibly badly behaved fans from Leeds spoil our end of season day. If the authorities are concerned about Leeds fans kicking off why give them 2,000 more tickets.

janeb added 18:55 - Apr 18
Wish we didn't have the Leeds supporters in our seats, however can understand the reasons why, we need all the money we can get. Good decision to do this after the Swansea game, someone has actually thought about things and planned in advance. Love the lap of honour even if we are relegated, I've enjoyed the season, looking forward to August!

ITFCsince73 added 19:18 - Apr 18
Lap of appreciation?? Every player should leave the field hanging their head in shame.
A truly embarrassing season for our great club.

ThaiBlue added 19:36 - Apr 18
Do you think Leeds would have done the same for us if it was the other way round,I think not.

ArnieM added 21:58 - Apr 18
I wonder if Town had to give a further 2k tickets to Leeds fans to avoid thousands of them milling around the streets of Ipswich?

JewellintheTown added 22:36 - Apr 18
Hopefully the club will hand out free electric cattle prods to all ITFC fans for the Leeds game to keep them in check. Bunch of wild animals!

runningout added 10:43 - Apr 20
Give it a rest please. As for lap of appreciation. Don’t bother, it’s only patronising

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