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Lambert: A Lot Better Than at Preston
Monday, 22nd Apr 2019 18:13

Blues boss Paul Lambert felt his team’s performance as they were beaten 1-0 at home by Swansea was “a lot, lot better” than the display as they were defeated 4-0 at Preston North End on Good Friday.

“I think that the big thing was the reaction,” Lambert said when asked about the performance against the Swans, who won the match via Wayne Routledge’s 57th-minute goal.

“The Preston game was really strange because everything about us was so unlike us for one reason or another, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“Every stat that we looked at we were so low, with everything. And that wasn’t just one lad, that was everybody, everybody was way off their game for the way we’ve been playing.

“Today was a lot, lot better. There wasn’t too much in the game and we had one or two chances to maybe score.

“But it’s been the same all season really, we’ve had some good moments and just been punished at the wrong end of the pitch.”

Lambert reiterated that a goalscorer is the big thing his Town side is currently missing: “The way we were playing, I think it’s there for everybody to see, we create chances.

“But the lads have been playing with a lot of pressure for months and, as I always say, it’s easier to be the hunter than the hunted because all you do is look up and try and get the goal you’re trying to get and when that’s not there it becomes really difficult.

“That was taken away from us at the Birmingham game when we were relegated. So, the lads deserve a lot of credit for keeping going and keeping going and we’ve got two massive games that can, depending on results, it can affect two or maybe three teams.”

Lambert was pleased to see Will Keane back in his XI for the first time since he suffered his hamstring injury in February.

“Yes, very good,” he said. “A good hour for him. He’s not played for a long, long time. We had one or two little knocks before the game. Will came back, it was good to get him back, he showed some really good touches.”

Regarding those knocks, he added: “Myles had a little hamstring injury, Collin Quaner was just coming back from a little knock, so there were one or two there.

“Kayden Jackson played the whole game on Friday so I had to look at one or two changes. It was another game for Bish as well, I didn’t want to rush him, his time will come. And I just left Josh out because I think James Bree has been really solid for us as well.

“There were some good things there, I thought Deano [Dean Gerken] had a good game. Deano will play the next game and Bart will come in for the Leeds game.”

Did he want to have a look at Gerken with the 33-year-old out of contract at the end of the season? “To be fair, the two lads have worked terribly hard and they’re in a precarious position the two of them because they only have to battle with each other to try and get in the team.

“It’s difficult for a goalkeeper, an outfield player has a load of lads to compete with, while the goalkeepers have to compete with each other, so I wanted to give them something at the end of the season, that was always my intention.”

Does he envisage having two senior goalkeepers in League One next season? “I don’t know what’s happening until I speak to Marcus and see where we’re at. I’m pretty sure it will become clear in the next few weeks.

“We’ve got this week and next week left of the season and I’m pretty sure things will start to motorise and go quickly and we’ll see where we are. Once I speak to Marcus, I’ll know exactly where we are.”

Also back in the team was left-back Callum Elder, who last appeared in mid-January before he underwent hernia surgery. Might the on-loan Leicester man be a player he could look at for next season with another left-back on Lambert’s wish-list with Jonas Knudsen set to depart at the end of his contract in the summer.

“Obviously with the Jonas situation,” Lambert said regarding the upcoming vacancy at left-back.

“Callum’s obviously Leicester’s player, I thought Callum had a good game, he’d been out a helluva long time with a hernia but I thought he had a good game.

“First and foremost we have to get through this season, then a lot of the lads will go back.”

Regarding playing four loan players, Lambert says it was down to circumstances with games coming thick and fast over Easter and with a few players with injuries.

“Myles was injured, as I said, Cole Skuse, two games in three days I think is a big, big ask. Nolan would have played if he was fit, he was injured,” he added.

“Will, we wanted to give him a run out as well. There was a needs-must sort of thing. The loan lads have fitted in great, they’ve been good characters, good guys, so I was never really playing them for the sake of playing them but there were one or two little knocks from the Preston game.”

Regarding the lap of appreciation at the end of the match, Lambert said: “It was emotional because the support behind the football club is phenomenal really, it’s second to none the way the support is.

“That’s why I made the lads stand in front of the North Stand, they’ve watched us all season, it was their turn to watch them and I think that was important that we acknowledged everybody in the stadium and supported them and just watched them.

“The atmosphere’s incredible, it’s overwhelming. I don’t say that lightly, it’s true, it’s overwhelming.”

Swansea boss Graham Potter was pleased that his side ended a run of seven away defeats.

"I thought we did [control the game], but I've been in football long enough to know that while it's only 1-0 you can have a little action that goes against you and all of a sudden there's an opportunity and a chance.

"I thought we were the better team and I thought we did control a lot of the game and had the better chances but we still needed our goalkeeper to make a really, really good save at 1-0.

"We've had performances like this away from home, to be honest. Against Nottingham Forest we were really in control of the game and were winning 1-0 and then we ended up losing 2-1.

"I'm really pleased for the boys, pleased for the supporters who came and watched that we could manage to hold on and get three important points."

Regarding goalscorer Wayne Routledge, he added: I was pleased for him, he's had a tough season but he's handled himself impeccably throughout and he's playing a big part in our second half of the season.

"And he's been an influential person in the group as well, so it was nice for him to be able to influence the game."

Regarding man of the match Daniel James, he said: He was a constant threat. He had a chance early in the first half when we used him through the middle because the pitch was quite sticky, a dry surface and not the easiest on which to run with the ball.

"But Dan, when once he knocks it out of his feet he's so hard to catch. Apart from maybe his shooting decisions or executions, I thought he was fantastic."

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TractorCam added 18:19 - Apr 22
Well I should hope it was better than a 4-0 loss, still lost though.

jas0999 added 18:25 - Apr 22
Couldn’t have been a lot worse, but yet we failed to score again and lost at home. So, being better than the Preston game isn’t really an achievement.

shortmarine1969 added 18:30 - Apr 22
We were pretty much toothless no threat to speak off at all , 3 shot on goal maybe , and weak nothing shots at that..a poor but wearing thin now from PL.

Ipswichbusiness added 18:31 - Apr 22
The facts are:
We were playing at home
We failed to score a goal
We conceded one
We lost
All this with a load of loanees that won’t be here next season.

TimmyH added 18:38 - Apr 22
All we ever do largely under Lambert is talk about really shows how far we've fallen and yes against Swansea an away team that hasn't won since New Years Day.
Team selections too are baffling re: playing players that won't be here next season.

Suffolkboy added 18:40 - Apr 22
Interesting that we still continue to suffer injuries sufficient enough to apparently restrict the choice of players ( REALLY ? )
I think PL& co are being very careful in what they say ,and mindful of the timing too !There’s plentiful evidence that we are generally frail ,in more ways than one ; and some of our players do not seem either physically strong and well built , certainly not displaying either alacrity or athleticism .
There’ll be some hard talking and hopefully some really constructive ,objective , if difficult , decisions taken .Almost certainly we shall see some ‘unpopular ‘ departures ,but hopefully some very good recruits too !
Get to it PL ,don’t shirk the task ; let’s trust ME supports all and reads the situation well !

AYACCA added 18:40 - Apr 22
Gotta love the positive vibes from Lambert. Totally delusional though.

Dissboyitfc added 18:43 - Apr 22
the more i see of Dozzell the less impressed i am, wouldn't be surprised if he moves on! Might raise some funds for a striker or 2. Dozzell will be too lightweight in league 1

bluemike1969 added 18:51 - Apr 22
'it was a better performance than at Preston'"
Couldn't really have been much worse you clueless cretin!

MrTown added 19:01 - Apr 22
Wow that’s a concerning assessment.

“We create chances” - no we don’t, we look like a pub team.

casanovacrow added 19:08 - Apr 22
Better than Preston maybe but the rest of what he said made me question if I watched the same game.

Jim added 19:10 - Apr 22
The fact that lambert still needs to sit down with Evans so he can find out “exactly where we are” sums up the state of this club for me! We have been relegated for a long time now and could have really started planning for next season ahead of many others! Our manager doesn’t even know the state of play with his goalkeepers so it probably follows that it’s the same for the rest of the squad! Surely those conversations could have been happening weeks ago! I dislike Evans immensely for how much he has destroyed this club! And before anybody says it, no I can’t afford to buy him out, but he has still ruined this club!

TractorRoyNo1 added 19:13 - Apr 22
Wow Preston must have been bad because today was pathetic

busterjames1 added 19:18 - Apr 22
Why play any loan players ,Use some kids and see how they go ! Listened to on suffolk today Mills can see whats wrong why cant Lambert .Toothless up front ,Lightweight in midfield and a shot defence thats woefull including our keepers .We need a fresh keeper a good centre half and somebody who can bang some goals in .Build a team round Judge and we might get somewhere !

Jonnosdreadlocks added 19:21 - Apr 22
Lambert's PR is wearing thin. Contradicts himself with his lotto team selection bringing in 4 loanees. Scapgoat the kids, hokey cokey with them instead of giving them the last 6 games to see what they can do he panics after the Preston game, why not give them a chance but Captain Marvel can't be dropped can he? As for our powder puff attack he stills continues with 1 up top then changes it too late. Keane is an Aldi Andy Carrol and Quaner can't finish his dinner. Brings Bish on but plays him too deep to be effective and I can't see Judge's free role working he needs to be either a no 10 or a winger not someone who is allowed tpo wander because at times wen we do attack we are lucky if we have one player in the oppo's box. Maybe PL is taking the Scotland job...

blueboy1981 added 19:28 - Apr 22
He has to say no more, no less than what he does - he's had several months to, at least, arrest the slide - he has not looked likely to do even that.

He will coast until Scotland come calling, I will be surprised if it doesn't happen at some point.

What is wrong with the Managers that come to this Club - recent past incumbents seem totally focussed on not scoring goals, and play a lone striker.

blueboy1981 added 19:30 - Apr 22
Don't keep running on about 'playing the kids' - the one's he has played are blatantly not up for it - and they'll be up against a few crunchers in League 1 for sure.

Watch some of it - and you'll see.

harry7881 added 19:32 - Apr 22
Is our squad that bad that a new manager cannot win more than a couple of games. I want to believe lambert can turn it around but surely he should have done better since he has been here. I think he needs a really good start next season and I hope he gets it otherwise I can see a new manager in by November. I’m still hoping the good faith given by us to lambert will be returned with results next season COYB

runningout added 19:34 - Apr 22
We must say thanks and goodbye to more squad players than someone thinks to have any chance in League 1. We have made Good Championship sides look better than they are with our lack of firepower.

TractorBeezer added 20:03 - Apr 22
I love your positivity Paul but cannot agree with this: “Today was a lot, lot better. There wasn’t too much in the game and we had one or two chances to maybe score.

Swansea controlled more of the game, had more threat up front and a solid defence....especially Carter-Vickers. Some of our players looked lightweight.

Woodbridgian added 20:07 - Apr 22
Have been trying to decide whether to renew my season tickets or not. Listening to Lambert I think the best plan is to move seats from the SIr Alf to right behind the dug out. Based on his comments the standard of football is much better there than what I see week in week out. Taking the talk is great but in the end it all comes down to results and however he chooses to spin it there dreadful

nathitfc89 added 20:17 - Apr 22
Another lack lustre performance. You can tell the players didn’t want to be out there. One thing I did notice today, we get out muscled in every area of the pitch. Pushed off the ball too easy. Dozzell being the main culprit. Nothing else to say apart from being on next season and get behind the lads!!

Norwichbeater added 20:25 - Apr 22
I don't want to talk about the football. I want to talk about the brilliant fans. I have a season ticket in the SBR stand lower section but move my ticket to take my 3 kids maisie Ronnie and oscar. They are 14 13and 9 and have been coming for years. I have to move my seat so that I can sit with them in the cobbold lower. The last 2 games section 6 and others have been interacting with Ronnie and oscar and getting them singing songs! That has been fantastic and emotional. They are future hardcore supporters and will be following Ipswich for years! They love going. Thanks for making them feel great! We can't sit in cobbold for Leeds game but will be in SBR upper. It would be great. To meet up and have a drink in the SBR lower before the game. They will all be with me. Thanks gents for your great support!

Cloddyseedbed added 20:35 - Apr 22
Since the arrival of Marcus Evans we have built nothing except debt. The team has been rebuilt every season and managers have come and gone, with the same theme, underfunded playing staff.(Apart from Roy Keanes reign) Which leaves us where we are today, relegated with the poorest set of players imaginable. Anybody thinking div. 1 will be a walk in the park will be horrified next season. With the funding that will once again be made available survival will be very difficult. Forget promotion. Today was once again shocking!

heathen66 added 20:36 - Apr 22
Sorry Paul, didn't realise so many of them played so well and were so solid.
Perhaps I should go and stand on the touch line and you sit in my seat.
Skuse cannot play Friday and again on Monday....really ?
If that is the level of fitness of these premium sportsmen then we are in bigger trouble than i thought.

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