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Mansfield v Lincoln
at 20:30 18 Mar 2019

Yet again not massively amount of quality of display, no real chances, but it’s a very physical encounter.

Left Back - Malvida Benning I think
Centre Back - Ryan Sweeney (looks left footed aswell)

2 best players on the pitch at the moment.
We don't need a massive overhaul do we?
at 13:25 18 Mar 2019

I thought originally we needed massive changes at the club if we go down, but i think recent performances suggest actually that is far from the case. I think given the situation that occurred last summer the less the influx of players the better.

GK (dependent upon Bart moving on)
RB (competition with Emmanuel)
CB (add to Chambers, Woolfenden, Nsiala & possibly Ndaba)
LB (competition to Kenlock)
could argue another winger if Judge doesn't sign (but we do have Rowe, Ward, Sears & Lankester out at the moment)

Just really need to solidify and settle that back four.
Weird but enjoyed second half.
at 18:23 16 Mar 2019

Today I used the complimentary tickets so instead of seating in the SBL (Blue Action), was in the Directors Box, a bit of a culture difference. The view is the best in the house, no doubt about it, the people around you makes it a bit surreal (Butch, Milton, Burley, Sheepshanks) all just sitting one the left or 3 rows in front or 1 row behind etc, it's all a bit strange.

To sit about 4 or 5 yards away from Evans was pretty surreal, he certainly rides the emotion of the game to be fair to him.

But there is no doubt in my mind I would have much preferred to be in with Blue Action, he atmosphere from a far today was unbelievable in that's second half. Can see why people call for the Blue Action boys to go in the middle to pull both sides together to sing the same song in unison.

The game was a good watch overall, dream start, but thought Forest had the better of the first half, wrongly had a goal disallowed, don't know what the linesman saw with the Murphy goal.

Second half, the tempo put Forest on the back foot and to be honest could never get at us from the beginning of the second half to the end. Had a hatful of chances to score, scored a perfectly good goal and yet again wrongly disallowed. When you think Nolan should have scored, Jackson has 2 one-on-ones and they nearly headed into their own net how we didn't walk away with 3 points is staggering.

Another great performance overall, another well done to Lambert. What an atmosphere this club has around it at the moment. So enjoyable to be a part of.
Donny v Barnsley is truly awful
at 20:26 15 Mar 2019

If these are any sort of flag bearers for League 1, dear oh dear.

Real lack of quality on both sides. Barnsley seem to have the better technical players but good lord this standard is terrible.

And the crowd (Home and Away) is like a funeral service.
How good to Chelsea look against Kiev by the way.
at 18:52 14 Mar 2019

Flicks, tricks and one/two touch football just kills opponents whilst making it easy on the eye.
Huws back training
at 17:16 14 Mar 2019

Huws trained this morning for the first time since 1957 but how long will he last until he suffers a set back?
My plea to the Town fans
at 11:13 14 Mar 2019

Is to get PR rocking on Saturday. I’m not interested in abusing a failed manager who left 8 years ago and has spent to rest of his career being an assistant.

But it was interesting in reading his quotes that he made quite a point on stating how quiet
Town fans were, how they would never been a 12th man and wouldn’t push the team on that extra percentage.

Let’s show him Saturday that is exactly what we do.
Can’t believe people still drop an air of negativity around after that
at 07:12 13 Mar 2019

Really enjoyed watching Town yesterday, seems as though we have to go a goal down to start playing again, but even when we went 1-0 down I thought, we’ll created another opening here.

Great piece of attacking work from Kenlock for the goal, hope that shuts a few up, by no means the best left back in the world, but that is glimpse of what he can do, 22 years old, needs consistent game time!
Don’t think Emmanuel did anything wrong, the odd occasion a little bit Rooney with his feet, but he’s v athletic and his body strength for a young man is v good, will help him massively in the men’s game.
Thoughts on Nsiala/Chambers pairing? - not the greatest CB’s in the world, but they’re playing OK at the moment.

Attaching wise I think we are superb, so much talent going forward. Thought Chalobah was v good, think Skuse and him should rotate to keep it fresh.
Nolan and Judge Rudy but personally could see that they were tired tonight.
Dozzell superb, see his quality of the ball constantly.
Edwards as lively as ever, maybe didn’t offer as much in the final third today.
Jackson was v sharp again, his pace is causing top top championship defenders real problems, let’s get a striking coach to grab hold of him over the summer because there is a lethal player in him.

Overall chuffed once more, 8 academy players travelled yesterday, 3 started, 2 came on. So proud of the club when that happens.
As they say: “The future is bright, the future is Blue & White”.
Spot on from Stuart Watson
at 17:09 9 Mar 2019

Probably one of the best 45 minutes I've seen second half.
at 17:01 9 Mar 2019

Absolutely brilliant, some brilliant attacking play, looked dangerous, looked like a team with some certain ability in attacking areas.

- Nolan was absolutely superb.
- Bishop was v good, whispering quietly that he looks back to his best.
-Jackson changed our dynamic going forward and to be honest should have scored at leats one if not 2. Always think he could do with some 1 to 1 strikers coaching, just on his finishing, his pace gets him into some dangerous situations but needs to be more clinical.
-Edwards was all energy superb
-Judge as good as ever on the ball.

Back 4 and Skuse sitting was v well organised, a premier league team in WBA didn't really have a sniff second half. A big mention to Kenlock and Chambo, had some stick recently but thought both were defensively v sound today.
I feel like Chambers plays better when the game is at 100mph, almost as though he has no time to think and can play off cuff.

#BartIsBack - and his price in going up up up
Emmanuel tomorrow?
at 02:56 9 Mar 2019

Maybe a start for Emmanuel, absent from U23 where he probably could have got much needed game time.

Or just a spot in the squad.
Whats Lambert's great plan then?
at 18:55 7 Mar 2019

I'm a massive admirer of Lambert, 100% still he is the right man to bring this club back.

Just read his presser today and been talking about a plan he has proposed to ME and LO. He thinks it will benefit the club in the long run and says it will be revealed in the next few months.

What do you think it is?

Could it be:
% of academy products to be in match day squads.
% of academy products to be in the starting XI
Average age of the squad under a certain age.
[Post edited 7 Mar 18:56]
Team for WBA?
at 18:32 7 Mar 2019

WBA back to back defeats, we literally have nothing to play for, should completely play with the shackles off!

Bree / Chambers / Knudsen / Kenlock
Skuse / Downes
Bishop / Judge / Edwards

Think Bishop can play a wider role, the way he drives at people is fantastic, would imagine if he were to play wide he'd take up a more inside role so wouldn't effect the way he plays the game too much.

Probably our best team right now.
Anyone else think Arsenal going to struggle tonight
at 17:21 7 Mar 2019

Think Rennes are going to do a job on Arsenal tonight.
Just leave this here...
at 12:28 7 Mar 2019
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